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Thursday, May 05, 2011

exams? what's tt? haha

went for the canon product training for my s95. lucky i had yinling wif me. =)

cant u spot me? haha. probably not. but i'm half inside the white box. head's outside the box. tt's me!

learnt the functions of the camera. still v noob at it. took v noob shots. lol.


after! colour switching!
there's also photo stitching. cool. but got to use the prog to stitch. dun have to take v perfect overlapping shots. the prog will adjust for u.

and many more functions. the above looks normal. ya. tt's probably what u find in every other camera also. but i guess the thing about s95 is really the manual part where u play around wif aperture and shuttle speed and exposure all tt. so i really need more occasions to try them out and really learn how to use it. for now. i'm really excited bout bring my camera out to take pictures! the sweet smell of freedom~~~~~ =)

but today, i decided to forgo cycling wif my frenz cox it's way in the east and i've got tuition at nite. it would be so sian to go there and force myself to leave early so tt i got time to shower and eat dinner before tuition. it takes me about 1.5hrs travelling time from home to there and vice versa.

so i told myself to be guai and packed my notes nicely.


taming chaos was open book hence the separate file. after filing i did some laundry. then the rest of the time was monopoly deal wif my sis. such a relaxing day. =)

Painting a PRETTY mess.
12:25 AM

Monday, May 02, 2011

though exams are not over yet, i'm alr looking forward to the after-exams programs! USS then overseas trips. =) if u're gg overseas u'll definitely wan to capture all those beautiful sceneries. therefore i got myself a new camera!

yay! my new baby. powershot s95. haha semipro.

i was eye-ing on ixus 220 HS actually. then i was talking to my fren bout getting new camera. she told me bout this and tt her frenz who owns one are recommending this. but cox of the price i sticked to ixus 220 HS. but then i told my boyfriend bout it and he ALSO say this camera is good based on what his frenz told him. so okay~ i started comparing the two cameras. to me, i still think ixus 220 HS is good enuff. but since camera is once in a long while buy one and my boyfriend's helping me pay half regardless of which camera i was getting, so i got this! hahahahaha. haven really start using it yet. hence the shot of the box only. >.<

i'm supppose to be still studying you see. haha. tml the last day! and it ends in the morning thankfully. cant wait to bring my new baby out. =) signed up for the complimentary product training. cant be buy semipro and i use auto all the way rite? >.< need to go how to use the functions. there isnt any guide book except how to set up ur camera. so ya. if not kena scolding by boyfriend for wasting his money if i duno how to maximise the potential of the camera. haha. free training anyway. x)

okay. enuff said. hopefully the nxt post wun be jus on boxes. i rmb i did the same for my xperia arc also. lol. but hp also not much to show. oh well. wish me luck for tml~ =)

Painting a PRETTY mess.
1:22 PM

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