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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

blogging at 2.29am is definitely not healthy. but well. am jux giving myself a lil study break. quite drained out but still got to hang on. cox haven finish gg thru the stuff i wanna go thru yet. argh. had my FIRST ever uni mid-term test today! (haha. i make it sound like some big thing. jux trying to find out excitement outta it u see. studying cannot nv be more fun...) mcq is NOT easy. at this stage every option is a trick. and they can hav true or false question too! and u bet even if it's a 50-50 thing it'll still make u crack ur brain over it. and a short 1hr for 40mcq is jux not enuff... T.T

tml. math paper. the number-less module. where u learn to doing proving instead of calculation. but here's the interesting thing. you get to bring one paper in which u can write anything tt u wan! haha. they call it the helpsheet. shall take a pic to show how number-less it is and how tiny one's handwriting can get in order to fully utilise the precious ONE paper. haha.

but now. it's back to more mugging. so long....

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2:27 AM

Thursday, September 25, 2008

ok. jux as i promised. photos! hehe. so yup. tue nite. headed nyny at lot one for dinner... !! =)

food glorious food. yum.

then hh was given her (cup)cake. and especially at times when u're over-bloated. u will be glad ur "dessert" is small. hehe.

and not forgetting the photo-takings... hehe.

after dinner headed over to west-mall to meet up wif long-time-no-see de qw! she jux finished work. so we hang out at coffee bean. but of course most of us were too full to squeeze any drinks into our stomach. we jux chatted and chatted. was reminded of the good old times. shared stories and had great luffs. =)

till coffee bean was closing. so we decided to switch to toilet to take photo! haha. toilet is the best place to take photo can. (provided they hav BIG mirrors. hehe.)

and i'm sure u can see how much we love to cam-whore. X)

and we were taking turns to use our cam to take photo. diff cam. diff quality. diff position. diff effect. but i din manage to get the other girls de photo....

maybe except this? hehe. the phone i'm holding is 5 mega pixal. so clear! me wan new phone! my current phone kps giving me prob. T.T

there's more photos actually. but tt's all i hav in my phone. =x better than nth rite? haha. improve le ba... tsk.

6.oct it shall be. =)

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12:27 AM

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

todayytd is loveS!!! (currently time reads 1.30 am) meet up wif my girls. like finally! ALL present! =) mini belated bdae celebration for dearest haihui(oops. think we missed out the happie bdae song!!! okok. i bu3 shang qu4. happie bdae to you x2 happie bdae to haihui happie dae to YOU! ^^)

hope everyone enjoyed. dun forget our nxt date! =)

update wif photos tml. this time wun dua ppl le! and there WILL be grp photo. <3

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1:29 AM

Sunday, September 21, 2008

finally it's the end of the week! *cheers* mid-term test is even near now! hoho. been struggling to pull thru. seriously lacking of slp which leads to emotional unstable-ness. ytd i tear-ed over nthing-ness when standing at the busstop waiting for daddy to fetch me. so stupid can. blah.

weekend was burnt for tuition. though my exam is also soon to come. but i'm like doing more preparation for my tuition kids than for myself. i realise i'm doing more chem and phy then math! especially physics. maybe i shd switch over to phy major. hm. still thinking. think there's this possibility. cox i think i'm starting to develop some sort of interest in phy. and math in uni is really killing me!

now a days u dun see much numbers anymore. and i miss punching my calculator! much! and now we're trying to prove things which we've always assume to be true. classic eg which i like to quote to my fren. "prove tt if n is an even integer, n^2 is also an even integer" then ppl would be telling me like. hm. show eg? well. tt's not the way. cox the grader can always argue tt there exist an even interger tt it's n^2 is not even---though we know it's not true, but u cant show n and n^2 for ALL even to prove tt the proposition stands ma. jux like u say x.y=6 where x and y are integers. so u show 1.6 2.3 3.2 6.1 are true. but wat u din show is x taking values like 7 then y taking values like 4? it's the same logic. throwing in numbers is NOT call proving. so sometimes it really bothers me as to how to go bout proving something which jux looks like plain facts to u. and even if i throw in some steps, am i really proving wat i'm asked to? many a times when i consult ppl, i end up saying things like "like tt consider prove le arh?" "this two column of working is jux reverse of each other. like tt also can?" lol. math at uni lvl is pure nightmare! T.T

so i think i'll start my revising my econs instead. 100% mcq for mid terms and end term. plus there's much similarity to wat we learn in jc. so encouraging can. X)

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10:16 PM

Friday, September 19, 2008

it's quite crazy to be blogging at 4.49am.

but i've jux finished attempting my homework.

in fact. today not the first day le. been slping very late"early" recently.
hm. let's see. 4am.5+am.2am.3am and today 5am i suppose. slping at 5+ was the worst i encountered. the nxt day was lesson supposedly @8 lor. which means i'm suppose to get out of my house @7 i slept for like 1hr plus nia. and during lec i slpt for the longest time ever! think 1 out of 1.5hrs for my one lec. =x

bad as it may seem. let's jux say i'm trying to recover the time i wasted previously. mid term is like 1.5 weeks away! T.T

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4:49 AM

Sunday, September 14, 2008


jux wat does mid autumn means to u? eating of mooncakes? or burning of lanternti2 deng long-ing? or playing wif candles? gathering? moon watching?

me. nv go out. stuck at home wif sch work. and my mooncake=my dinner. how pathetic. zzz

pathetic as i may be. recently quite suay sia.

fri i kena ERP for the first time out of the many times i cab to sch. was quite shock to see the gantry in operation. i'm like. "since when??!!??" then i think i saw the timing was like 8.25 to 8.30. 5 mins of ERP???? for real? for one. i think quite true. cox i cab ard the same timing everytime de lor. how can i miss it wif a mth of cabbing? =x unless they jux started using it. but then again, how does 5 mins of ERP helps? ERP suppose to deal wif trafflic congestion rite? but 5 mins would only urge ppl to leave house 5 mins earlier or later nia. 5 mins not a lot lor. so they wun change their route also de ma. or maybe i saw the timing wrongly. seriously i duno how this ERP thing works. ZzZ.

anyway, i kena at bukit timah there. somewhere after the railway mall there. tt's the usual route i take. got any pro road navigator can tell me wat's the fastest way to reach nus from cck? =x

then ytd i bought my first 4D! waha. i think tt's the only legally-18-only thing i've done other than watching m18 movie. so shua ku la! T.T and gd try girl. dun try ur money la! lol.

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8:32 PM

Saturday, September 13, 2008

another busy week for me. i serious needs a break BADLY! but there's dun seem to be even a single day where i can jux stop and laze the day away. or at least half a day.

but at the very least, i finally manage to dig out some time to spend wif my old frenz.

then there was 090908....

dinner wif dearest yinling at popeyes at sg flyers. love the chat. love the food. love the company. =)

hope our friendship is everlasting. jux like the date. 0909. ^^

and i really fell in love wif the nite view. one nite when i'm free i might jux wanna train to city hall and jux find a spot, sit and watch the nite view. feel the wind and kp my mind at peace. BUT currently i dun hav the luxury of time. T.T

then ytd manage to catch a movie at nite wif the movie gang. haha. finally i made it to movie!!! watched mamma mia. i think it's a really nice movie. =) at least in my opinion. the songs.dance.actors and actresses.

i really miss the times wif my frenz. and there's still so many ppl i wan meet up wif! ahh.... i wan more time pls....

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10:48 PM

Sunday, September 07, 2008

i cannot make sense out of computing. T.T

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11:55 PM

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