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Sunday, March 29, 2009

only 1 tuition for the whole of this weekend. slack sia. lol. but tt's cox most of them postpone to weekdays. boohoo. this means everyday i'll be gg home late. ow. y am i still so busy when the semester is coming to an end le? zzz. exam in one mth's time. jiu ming arh~

collected my item from another online spree. wee~ sense of satisfaction. x)

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8:23 PM

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

yay~ today is such a great day~ haha. shortest sch day of the week. and dinner was seoul garden at cwp! haha. bumped into haihui and sitian at cwp. so qiao4!

din take any photo. this Is the the only one i hav. haha. cox i wanted to show that the meat is only found on one side. haha. and there's a reason for it. =p but at least i volunteered to take care of the soup lor. bleahs. hee.

before tt i went to post office to collect my parcel. first time~ lol. tot the queue would be long but it only took me 5 mins to get my stuff. and yup. it's an item from online shopping~ haha. so cute rite?!?

and i'm sure from the pic u can see it's for drying nails.(demo. =p) hoho. i shall give my nails a fresh coat of paint soon! haha. wait a min. isnt this phrase for painting walls or buildings or tt sort? oh well. nvm la. x)

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10:51 PM

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

tml need to go to sch by 8 again. =( hate 8am lessons to the max! ow~

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12:31 AM

Sunday, March 22, 2009

wat a weekend. ytd was mac for lunch+dinner! lol. but quite unintentionally actually. since i'm not a fan of mac. i prefer long john~ muaha. x) can yes there's long john at yew tee alr~ so convenient can. hehe. and yes! they gg to have mr bean too~! woot~ i'm starting to like staying at yew tee more and more. haha. x) except tt my hse v to the xtreme end of yew tee~ zzz.

anyway. was craving for foldover ytd during lunch. but the outlet i went to dun hav foldover. ow. how can this happen? so since i stepped in le might as well settle my lunch there. then at nite when i hungry i craved for foldover still! haha. so i hopped by yew tee mac and got wat i wanted~ wee. but then i think too much of mac upsets my stomach. woke up wif diarrhea today. =( then got 3 tuitions back to back. until i got no time for lunch today. today's quite a bad day for me. haix. and the week's starting again. sianx!

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11:25 PM

Saturday, March 21, 2009

so tt's the end of my weekday. busy busy one indeed. this week seem so long~ i do hope the nxt week would be better~ =)

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12:39 AM

Monday, March 16, 2009

how can i not post this photo up. it's veron's present from some of the peeps. it's a lamp~! so PRETTY! Xp (jux tt the light is not switched on when this pic is taken. =\)

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9:15 AM

Sunday, March 15, 2009

so ytd was a fun filled day for me. =) afternoon went down to suntec to see see look look haha. there was the IT fair and bodyshop warehouse sale. the decision to go suntec was quite last min though. lol.

look at the no. of ppl~!

after that headed to boyfriend's hse to try making fondue~! lol. first time hands on. but din really manage to get the chocolate melt dao v v soft tt kind. but oh well. it's still a nice try. =)
evening heading over to veron how's hse. sow'09 VD. it was her 21st bdae celebration. many ppl turned up. =)

there were too many cameras flashing at the same time we dun really know where to look at. lol.
short and simple update. at least there's a few photos. lol. shd be doing my work now. this week is gg to be a VERY busy week for me. T.T 3 tuitions during the weekdays. 2 meetings. 1 test. zzz. time to zhao.

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9:14 PM

Friday, March 13, 2009

a rather peaceful friday the 13th. glad nth bad happen to me. neither did i hear anything bad happen to the ppl ard me. =) great. tml would be a better day~ yay~ oh. yew tee finally has old chang kee and subway~ lol. not tt i'm a fan of subway. the only thing tt attracts me is the cookies! yum yum. double chocox is love! x) everytime pass by yew tee always v sian got nth to eat. is either waffle or bread. zzz. now got more choices! cox of the yew tee residence. the first lvl and basement they open up shops. haha. i hope they got mr bean too~ lol. ok. if yew tee dun hav can they hav one at buona vista? cox they gg hav buona vista xchange there. x) so random~ haha. jux too excited bout tml. meeting up wif boyfriend in the afternoon then evening gg my fren's 21st bdae party~ wonder how my 21st would be like. i think will be quite chui. cox it falls on the cny week~!!!! my fren who is one yr older than me is fretting over this issue also. so poor thing. ow~ cox our bdaes are on weekdays. then got sch. so we tot we might wan a belated celebration tgt on weekend or something. was thinking of holding a chalet tgt. BUT! sat is chu qi! ren ri! firstly. some families would have the tradition of eating tgt on tt day. if not, ppl might still wan to go house visiting~ ah~ chui. how? how? how? oh ya. so if u count backwards. it means tt v day and cny falls on the same day~! how cool is tt. imagine the couples wan spend time tgt but the restaurants are all closed! even if celebrate on day earlier, it's the nite where ppl eat reunion dinner. lol. then the streets would be so cny-ish rather than valentine-ish. day after v day is chu er ppl would wan go hse visiting also. and still. many places are not open arh. lol. so cool la~ i think it'll be interesting to find out how the individual couples are gg to celebrate this special day. woot~ at least tt's the info i got. i din really go check it out if it's really v day and cny on the same day. lol. ok. still quite far away. now only march. woops. haha. jiu randomly link dao.

oh i suddenly rmb why i wanted to blog. cox during jap tut we sang song again~ it's the ponyo tt movie the song. haha. co cutE~ i'm really falling in love wif japanese as a whole. cox i get to meet a lot of ppl. considering the fact tt i have three tuts + one lec a week. and all three tuts u see diff ppl. and the lessons are so interactive too~ not like other tut. i can NEVER talk to anyone tt i dont know for ALL the tut. cox firstly there's no reason for me to as the lessons are not interactive as there's lil discussion. and the lessons are face paced. so u literally hav no time to talk to anyone. even my eng class which is supposedly to be more interactive de. the only ppl i noe is also those from my debate grp de. =x but at least they are nice ppl. =) and oh yay~ there's no eng lesson for me nxt week~ it means i dun hav any 8am lesson nxt week~ woot~! my tue is shortened by 2 hrs! 3 hrs actually. cox the last 2 hr lec is used for mid term paper which last for one hr only. =) cool~ but then again. i got this feeling there might be meeting after sch on tue. =\ oh well. at least it's not as tiring. hehe.

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7:46 PM

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

reached home at 3pm today. tt's so early and so rare~ considering the fact tt i end at 6 on all other weekdays and sometimes wed i'll hav duties or other sort.

hope tonite would be a productive nite for me. cox my sch work is in quite a bit of mess now. =( watched half a webcast. since i watched the other half for mid term alr. i personally prefer watching webcast at home! cox can pause to write the notes and i usually watch at times where i'm less likely to fall aslp. i seriously hate the idea tt i always fall aslp during lesson. so. i've decided to come up wif a plan. i shall slp by 1 every nite and wake up at 8 regardless what time is my lesson. except probably tue and fri since my lesson starts at 8. =\

i need more(!!!) discipline. ow. i'm so tempted to repaint my nails now! lol. cox the colours are falling off le. but i think i'll probably go to slp after tt? nonono. so i shall spent my lil break on blogging then back to work le. ok. not really a lil break. cox was blogshop-hopping jux now. haha. quite addicted to online shopping recently.(so much tt i've got myself ibanking! received the device from the bank today. cool~) bought a few stuff le. waiting for them to arrive. woot~! but haven bought any clothes though. which i shd! seriously my small variety of clothes is making me feel like NOT gg to sch! if every lesson there's webcast i'll probably jux stay at home instead! lol. but then again. if every lec there's webcast then the lecturer is probably gg to find himself talking to an empty or rather quite empty de lecture hall ba. lol.

i'm so~ looking forward to the end of this sem. but then again. hols would still be VERY busy for me. i've already got 5 camps lined up alr!!! + 1 chalet aka seniors gathering. LOL. i rmb ranting bout gg to camp. but now. how come i'm got myself enrolled in these stuff i dun really noe also. =\(but all these boils down to two activites only. SOW+scamp) many at times i duno how things happens. classical example. entering math society. haha. i luff everytime i tell my frenz bout the story how i got in. it's so unbelieveable. at least for me. i still think it's quite amazing. but of course. i'm glad to hav met all the nice ppl there. so maybe i shd stick to my believe tt everything happens for a reason. and most of the time u'll find something gd out of it. =)

(edited)oh and i cant listen to radio online~ ow. y arh? =\ dl-ed real player but there was some prob connecting to radio online but i cant source the prob. and i duno how to play it thru wmp. zzz. and now my short cut key links to my real player. grrr. too noob for all these. =x

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10:25 PM

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

it's tue again~! the day of the week that i hate the most! and i'm sure i dun hav to repeat myself y. i've probably mentioned it a million and one times to the ppl ard me. and the day ended wif additional mid term paper. the paper isnt really much like the past yr paper which the lecturer put up for us to try. a lot of thinking is needed. simply not enuff time~! ow. one down two more to go. or rather 3 more. the stats mod got 2nd mid term nxt nxt week. lol. hope can do equally well. hehe. rmb i mentioned tt it's a paper tt it's quite impossible to fail? it's true! the whole cohort nobody failed! the min mark was 17 out of 30. and the median was 26! LOL. and i managed to do slightly better that. ^^ i think it's my best paper in nus so far! haha. but it's jux one of the two mid term paper and the each of the weightage is only half tt of the final paper? =\ oh well. better than nth. morale booster. hehe.

one less tue to endure. but at least today ended on a gd note. cox boyfriend came to nus to fetch me~ wee~ happie me. =)

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10:04 PM

Sunday, March 01, 2009

recess week is over~ and my revision is so chui~ T.T i really duno where my time all flew to. i din even have the chance to pick up my contact lens which was ready since tue. and the opticial shop is jux right at yew tee. some of the days is either i'm too early the shop haven open, or it's too late the shop close liao. zzz. and i din manage to find time to cut my hair too~ ow~ all the lil lil things. and not to mention. revision+tutorials! this is gg to be such a horrible week for me. =(

3 papers. 2 math 1 jap. math is giving me nightmare. jap is. er. hm. well. manageable i guess. jux tt i'm not v fluent. so got to pray hard for the listening part. jiayou le everyone~

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11:35 PM

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