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Friday, August 31, 2007

i'm here for one one post every other day! -.-" too lame. argh. nvm. today's another long day for me.but well. start wif ytd first. =D

well. expect me to talk bout GP. hmm. well. nth much to talk about la. essay-spent too much time re-writing. at one pt of moment i re-wrote one FULL PAGE cox i din plan my essay. turn out my intro become at the back. T.T so i decided to change. so behind no time lor. rush. makes no sense. gone case. paper 2. ey. philosophy in life? er. *blanks*

after tt was hello to mr rat. ratatouille! nice show ok. especially cox they got a female chef wif PURPLE hair and rides a bike!!!!! is tt cool or wat. ok la. but the story is quite nice la. except for a moment animal farm flashed thru my mind. cox the rat was standing on two feet and could read a bit like human and the bro was saying like the daddy rat noe le wun be happy. then the daddy rat oso got teach him how cruel man are.

anyone can cook.

today. canal walk. argh. muddy. hate it. performance? nt bad. =) and my class were like sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STAGE! lol. first time sia. and the girls were like sitting one the FIRST row. so sometimes the performers walk down the step. errr.. a little to close ya. scary. well the fashin show by teachers was great. should put more teachers in. y mrs wee nv bring her two CUTE son sia. pity. they really very cute lor.

after tt went back SWISS! saw part of 4e2 din get to eat my chicken spaghetti. T.T we missed it lots lor but today tt stall nv open. haix. and yup. me wan go mrs chua's house! when when? =D

lunch-ed at jack's place. nope. me no rich. cox when you're a student. there's always student meal. *cheers* then was some light studying. completed my specimen mcq paper for chem. but din score. T.T die. only got one week. and organic chem itself kills.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007









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Monday, August 27, 2007

first thing early mon morn came the most demoralising news. T.T dun wanna mention it cox it really is too painful a truth. well. guess i'll jux have to work harder. the first thing tt came to my mind was to close my blog. lol. then more time to study. cox usually come online is to blog hop. so some random blogging then chat chat. really. game is no longer one of my use-the-com motive liao. so come to think of it. nt using com is no big deal le.(i managed t survive the fri and sun temptation and kept to my use-only-on-alternate-day de rule) maybe i can kp it away till nov. haha. collect dust. =/ maybe nt. ltr i get too outdated. haha.

3 days to first prelim paper.... GP! my worst subj ALWAYS! T.T ytd while planning my sep study schedule. yup. the old school time table thing again. i browsed thru the a lvl time table too. wow. first paper phy sia. instead of gp. pray hard tt paper i can handle. gimme some topics tt i'm good at then poof. a good head start for a lvl! hehe. rather than GP which i'm so lan at. argh.

anyway. do start planning ur revision plan. a lvl nt far away le. which means party-ing is not far away too! hehe. cant wait. play all day!

i've got long fingers! pure random. XD

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

i'm chatting wif dearest melody on msn rite now!!!! *cheers* it's like SO long since i last chat wif her. cox she's been busy wif her sch work and exams. and now her exam is over! grats girl. and she's got two SWEET mth to enjoy. and me? TWO WEEKS to perlims! T.T

my plan to use my com on alternate day has been quite a success for the past week. despite ytd was a friday where i ALWAYS slack. i did nt use com! wee~! great step taken to curb temptation and find more time for work and rest. yup. plenty of rest. gonna get some work done tonite. =D

took a nap jux now. end up by the time i bathe it was starting to get dark le. and i found out my toilet de light blew! ok. expression problem? nvm. jiu no light lor. gotta bathe in the dark! T.T ok. mummy did get me THREE small candles. food for tots.

1. it was quite eerie. especially the mirror is jux a 20 degrees turn to my right. and it's like the seventh mth*touch wood*

2.the candles did not really light up the toilet la. (suddenly recall the story bout duno hu. the father ask his sons to find ways to fill up the house de. then got one clever son use light to fill the house. wonder wat candle he used. lol. ) so it's like i kp wondering how the ancient ppl survive the night last time. theirs mux be some SUPER bright candle. then they still study watever. maybe their room got 10 candles lit on their tables at any pt of time. =x

so we mux really tk einstein(right person right spelling rite? =x) for his great invention of lightbulb. hehe. =D

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9:25 PM

Thursday, August 23, 2007

whenever i blog hop. see ppl talk bout their shopping spree. me see liao always ENVY! haha. but today finally me accomplished something on a RARE shopping trip. it's really quite sometime since i last shop liao lor. really. now ppl all very occupied wif revision. hardly get to go out like last time le.

FINALLY bought a bag. which is like after 1 plus yrs(or maybe 2?). me qw and hh bought the same design bag. =D me and hh de same colour. cox only two colour available. but we're both fine wif tt. hehe. then the three of us oso bought TEE-shirt! spent quite a long time in the shop choosing but lucky the shop assistant v friendly so it din matter at all. finally me got one black tee shirt. lol. cant believe me no black tee shirt except 2 sch related ones(sec sch swixathon and o1 ogl shirt) =/

and i bought a PURPLE hair clip! ey. clip? duno how to say la. cox slip sounds like those small small kind tt u use to hold down flyaway hair. nono. it's the kind u use in replace of rubber band de. lol

managed to curb my temptation of using com ytd. cox me wan change my habit of using com EVERYDAY to every OTHER day. and cox i din use com ytd. i manage to get in bed at 11. =) but i rmb i did wan to blog bout something de. hm. oh well. cant rmb but tt's ok. lol.

my bro today went to the zoo! so good sia. second sch excursion for him. first was the underwater world and dolphin lagoon tt one(which i din even go b4. T.T so kuku) for a small boy like him i bet gg to the zoo has been one great experience. glad tt he enjoyed himself. cutie! hehe.

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8:53 PM

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

prelim's inching near. cant believe tt nxt week i'll be taking my gp paper le! ahh... T.T has my eng improved? *pray hard* a lvl is so near. i dun need bad results to tell me tt i'm not ready yet. cox it jux demoralise me.and language is definitely something u cannot improve overnite. no matter how hard u mug for it.

exam stress. hm. something bout exam stress is bothering me. ytd duno wat happen sia. during mcq test. 45 mins for 30 qn. 30 mins past liao i haven even complete half of the paper. lol. and of course in this critical situation. some of those u not v sure de of course will hav to tikam lo. last resort. but guess wat... i din even tikam! i simply left it blank! omg la... WAT AM I DOING? i'm not doing fast enuff le and i give up the 25% chance of getting the correct ans by leaving blank. and the blanks are not 1 or 2 ok. it's 4 or 5 or maybe 6. i rmb got quite a lot. T.T really can die. on top of tt. we've oready done 3 mcq paper in class. so there's even more reason to slaughter me. so scared to face ms tan. =x oh well. guess the only way to make up for it is to score for the nxt mcq test nxt week. which means i'll hav to study doubly hard this weekend for it.

speaking of study. i think i'm starting to pick up momentum le. =D and the best part is. i'm nt as addicted to my com as b4. one day dun use wun hand itchy le. hehe. means more time for studying. if nt. catch up wif more slp. at least like tt in class wun fall aslp then can hav more energy to absorb too. hehe.

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9:07 PM

Saturday, August 18, 2007

if one is to ask me what i do during sat morn. i'll say. i dun hav sat morn. haha. it has become a habit for me to slp till past 12 then wake up on sat le. lol. UNLESS. i'm gg out and the meeting time is like noon or late morn the i'll force myself to wake up. if nt. slp on. X)

so time is wasted. and ytd i din do anything either. then i was like asking myself. though it's the weekend ahead. but who said i can waste fri nite away? T.T so i guess i'll get myself to go to COE more often ba. so tt at least i'll accomplish something. or more nite study? hmm. but then duno my mummy allow anot. lol. y? cox the other day i ask her if i can go watch fireworks. she say cannot. cox now hungry ghost festival. if go watch duno wat time i'll reach home. (then i recall tt say i went watch ndp i reach home at 1.... oops. =x) but then is like so sadded la. cox me fren got the tix and i was told it's VIP seat!!!! omg la.!!!! now all i can do is wait for vid liao. haix. mon faster come.... nono. mon dun faster come. cox got test. 7 then can go home. then go home liao will v tired. then no energy do work. then fall aslp when doing work. argh. this has been bothering me since the start of this week. i kp dozing off while doing work. and eventually i jux go to bed. sometimes as early as 8!!!! it'a a sin. it's a sin. it's a sin....

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Friday, August 17, 2007

yay! friday~! i survived friday. and to think i din rush home immediately to slp is indeed an achievement le.tsk. stayed back wif some of the girls to COE. i target to master my last chapter of math. but then turn out i din. cox i was progressing slowly. but i did learn ok. haha. and i did manage to get my hands on lecture 1 de ans(big tks to YQ!!!! =D) and tut 1 de ans(which i used my phone to take picx of the ans. 18 photos in total.lol.)

assembly was uberly long today. duno wat i was doing at tt time oso. =x

my new addiction!

he's MINE!

dearest qw and wj din come to sch today. hope they're alright. girls. u are missed. *huggx*
my entry is getting no where. T.T

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

CHEERS~! finally got my i/c done after like duno how many yearsmonths. lol. got some helped. met friendly ppl and so it was indeed a fruitful trip. hehe. except for the fact tt my fringe i cut until so short liao is still unacceptable. so mux pin up my fringe. T.T showed my ugly forehead.

but today i totally blurred out again. =/ i noe since the start of the week tt today(THURSDAY) tt i'm gg to make i/c this morn i still rmb. in sch i still rmb. but it's only until when i walking out of sch then i realise i din bring my documents. LOL! so hafta call my sis bring to yew tee for me. lucky she at home. =) and is like when reach there they DID require my police report. and to think tt the other day i went report the police tell me i dun need a report to re-make my i/c. but then the report i think is for some xtra procedure. er. think if dun hav oso can make one ba. but got report better la. so nxt time IF(of course better nt to la. make i/c not cheap ok. then u duno wat the person tt picked up ur i/c would do) u lose ur i/c do INSIST tt the police report for u. hehe.

school has been rather normal for me. today pe played super scoop. finally got to exercise a bit. lol. two weeks w/o exercise liao. lol.

i've been taking cab for 3 days out of 4 le! lol. i'm SO in love wif taking cab i wish i can take cab EVERYDAY! lol. but tt's mad la. me not rich. -.-" but it feels so good to be in a car instead of bus cox it's so convenient. they drive u right to ur house there and dun need change bus or anything. but i noe always when u urgent for cab u always find them out of sight de. lol. sometimes end up bus even faster than taking cab. =x

jux some random tots.lol.

and tks for today. =D

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Monday, August 13, 2007

O.o few days nv blog liao. haha. guess i hav nth much to blog about ba. i cannot confidently say how much hw i've done and how proud i am bout myself cox over the hols i did nth but complete my gp essay. "GREAT JOB DONE!" and to think it's 77 days to a lvl. i might jux go die now. T.T

same old typical me. uponn reflection. i cut down my usage of com. i din do hw. so wat was i doing? haix. i only rmb me playing my hp game. watch a little tv. and try to read the newspaper. lol. so many days yet so little things done. ahhh.....

monday FLU is back. but this time nt as bad as the other time. so nope. no tears or wat-so-ever. haix. so throw face lor the other day. sick until cry. =/ vicks + panadol(cold) is losing their effect on me. i hav flu so often tt i think the virus is becoming stronger and stronger. jux like u take antibiotics. the anitibiotics tt u take jux get stronger and stronger( in terms of chemical effect or some sort) each time u fall sick and visit the doc. cox the virus would become "cleverer" and "stronger" to bring down ur immune system. but tt's all i noe la. no medical terms or in depth studies bout medicine and virus cox me no bio student. haha. me only noe molecules(chem) and forces(phy) lol.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

GREAT DAY TODAY!!!! *grins*

was out since morn. jux like usual. i was late... =x late to leave house but still need to go yew tee cut my fringe. cox was planning to make my ic today.(cox ic photo cannot cover eyebrow. so now u noe how ugly my fringe is. T.T) but then turn out there TOO crowded and the queue is SO long. decided to postpone it. but then to not make it a wasted trip. went to eat at beach road. saw mrs wee! and her cute sons. think her husband went buy food. (when i was about to leave tt time i did see her husband) she saw me too. =D tried fried ice cream there but then turn out like nth special. tot outside suppose to be hot de? hmmm. it's ok...

the cathy nxt. went to catch "secret". yup. jay chou. we din watch the time. after we bought the tix jux nice i asked bout the time and turn out it was oready 5 mins past the starting time! lol. blur us. then went in the introduction oready start liao. as in the cast and production crew tt part. lucky arh.

guess shdnt say much ba. since many ppl haven watch it yet. hehe. it's nice la. unexpected story. touching story.

after tt was marina square. was there for only like 15 mins? lol. din buy anything oso. then went suntec. saw the donut(yup. i'm VERY sure it's spelt donut. not doughnut.) factory. the queue is like SO long lor. omg la. stunning. then cox got one bend at a corner so if u see from the front is like aiya. short short only. u go past the bend u'll see the extension. but nope. me din queue. TOO long le. but the flavours are quite nice. they got dark choco too.

bugis nxt. walked ard. shopped but din buy anything. lol. but it's ok la. then took neos too!!!! *grins*

finally it was time to head home.

it mux be the BEST day ever. =D

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

short day today! haha. national celebration ended at ard 9 plus lor. er. close to 10? i forgot. anyway. one word. SHORT. sing song and see ppl dance only. haha. quite a lot of ppl turned up in red. even the teachers. good sia. support singapore. =D

so after tt we went lunch-ed at naked fish at plaza. me and hh's 3rd consecutive day to plaza. lol.

food was ok.

and today xy gave everyone this....

she means we shd all be(get) triple A. jux like the batt. =D very creative. tks loads girl.

it's HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SINGAPORE! haha. (now past 12 le ma.)

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

doughnut day today! yum yum. after sch when me,hh,wr went plaza i bought another one to eat. cox they had white choco de- FRESHLY BAKED!!! hehe. so tt's 2 doughnuts is one day.fattening. =p

today's been really a long day... but tml gg sch sing song only! hehe. then got long weekend. and er. ya. suppose to fully utilise. hehe.

i tot i had things to blog.... oh well. nvm. kp it short then. =D

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Monday, August 06, 2007

short week!!!! *grins*

today's back to sch. minus the phy test. but i guess i did ok ba. =) (mux try to be more optimistic. boost morale for prelims and a lvl. hehe. so pls dun let me fail. *fingers crossed*)

actually nth much to talk about. haha. except tt today after test at plaze there while queuing for doughnuts(!!!!) there was this SUPER CUTE baby in front of us.

if u're gg to say tt the baby's nt cute. tt's becox u din get to interact wif the baby. total cuteness ok. made us forget all about the dread-ed long queue. and lucky our effort not wasted. =) the behind ppl duno if they got their doughnuts anot. =/ cox tt time quite late le. and b4 it was our turn they oready stop making liao. choices were limited too. but then most of them still got wat they wanted. well tt's something for us to anticipate bout gg to sch!!!!

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

yay! today can upload photos le! hehe. so here they are. all no human face de. haha. jux some girly photos i would say. *grins*

thu i finally tried this doughnut. plaze de. is like everytime u walk pass u'll see queue. sometimes often wat's so attractive bout it. i guess it's the variety and the LOOK of it. nono. i dun mean nice-to-see-nt-nice-to-eat. but first impression counts ma. so mux make nice nice attract ppl. hehe. the taste? i only tried one. the white choco one. niceeeee.... but to explain the queue.... i need more time. *hint-try more flavours first. =p*

fri was last day of sch for the week. news kids on the block.....

and they are.....

we even tot of a "story"/ link for them. =D

and they are in love...... hehe.

actually still got more de. haha. but i lazy upload. =/

anyway. after sch went eat mac wif yq. met wif one strange uncle.... SCARY incident ok. shdnt elaborate.

then was back to sch to watch handball match! great match!!!!!

finally it was nite study wif dearest yq.... me bought this after we went mac so got things to chew on. yummy ok. first time buy mango de. the other time i bought the bugs bunny (grape) one. left tweety(strawberry) nv try... dinner was instant noodle....

see wat i mean by girly photos? haha. all cute stuff.

long day. but had great fun!!!! *beams*

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Friday, August 03, 2007

ah... ytd nv blog again. now a days i only randomly blog liao. nv blog regularly. hmm... maybe tt's a good thing? since now we shd be more focused on exam...

actually me got long entry to write. but since duno wat happen to my com. cant upload photo anywhere. neither here nor photobucket. guess i'll jux try again tml. T.T

i was so enthu to blog.... *sigh*

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