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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

happy mooncake festival everyone. try nt to burn too many lantern. XD

Painting a PRETTY mess.
10:03 PM

that's the ONLY pathetic pic i took. haha. wanted to sneak photos of the peeps playing the games but well. duno ltr got ppl protest anot so yup. decided tt i'll jux make do wif words. for more details. can refer to dav and ger(the guy who forgot i oso went.and hey. i'm one of the organiser lor. -.-" ) blogs.

so ytd. was late for meetupS. paiseh. =x and the morning mission failed. er. wat it is. only a few ppl would noe. anyway. nt much impt. jux a lil guilty over the fuss i made the day b4.(sun nite) srysry. anyway. i jux a lil lateness wasnt very bad since the happy hour thing for the boardgaming consisting of unlimited boardgaming and freeflow of drinks starts at 2 and we reach at ard 1.50? hehe. but taking bout free flow of drinks. we're so indulged in the games tt i think most or all(nt sure bout the guys) drank only one glass of drink. LOL.

the outing proved to be a success i suppose wif the guys having as much fun as the girls. cox initally we din noe whether to ask the guys along. well u see. BOARDGAME leh. we tot to guys it'll look like BOREDGAME. but well. i guess it doesnt hurt to have a lil fun w/o using the com and play some childhood game or something....

played many games. a lot which i forgot the game's name. most of it we nv play b4 de. =/ and lucky got the uber friendly and patient er. wat u call them. waiter? sounds quite wrong. jux some guys-at-work there to teach us how to play. if nt we wun discover fun games which we nv or nv would try in our whole life since technically we've grown out of the boardgame age le. =)
everyone went home for dinner. something u dun see often. and duno wat happen to me.

tummy's acting weird again. so slept early. tt's y my post came in so late. =x hehe. tml's back to sch. T.T meaning it's time to mug again. a lvl's jux a mth away. ow.

Painting a PRETTY mess.
12:26 PM

Sunday, September 23, 2007

daddy bought this from 'giant' ytd. LOVES! i simply LOVE drinking milk ok. especially HL. plus there's choco so it's TRIPLE LOVE! and first time try the strawberry one too. it's nice. =) but wonder how come they so late then come out wif the strawberry flavour. strawberry milk is SO common lor. to think banana milk came out b4 strawberry milk for HL. (i can imagine the ad wif the dancing cow for the banana milk. funny.*chuckles*) though i love HL. but i dun dare touch the banana milk. cox i think i'll taste weird. haha.

enuff bout milk. gonna catch 'constatine'(did i get it rite? =/ ) on channel 5 ltr. suddenly got quite interested in these horror stuff. since i watched "ghost whisperer" on channel 5 on fri. the last edpisode was good. touching story. =) sometimes when u look deep into the causes of the haunting. u'll realise it's not so scary afterall. and the story behind it is always very touching. hehe. tt's y till now i still love "shutter" the thai scary movie. 5stars to it. =)

more nice scary movie come out pls.... hehe. me wan watch! i think it's been a lot time since i last scream in a cinema. X)

Painting a PRETTY mess.
7:56 PM

Saturday, September 22, 2007

a lil update. well. life after prelims is great! though nt much of a happening. at least nt so stress. but yup. it's jux slacking, slacking and more slacking. so much so tt i hav time for imaginations to run wild. enuff time for quarrels. tt's the bad part bout having TOO much time. well. did tot of picking up the notes. kp the momentum gg(but in the first place was there? =/ ) but well. mind's too tired for tt. but i still couldnt slp well. i cant believe i slept at 2 ytd and woke up at 9 plus today. the day before oso din slp much. pig in? nah. din manage to. maybe the panicky mood tt kept me slp less during prelims has totally changed my lifestyle. from last time. no morn on weekends to i-noe-wat's-on-tv-on-weekend-morn tt kind.

maybe i shd try to tidy my table. it's SO SMALL and this HUGE MOUNTAIN of paper is so in the way. reduce my motivation for studying. but i no place to put liao. T.T some of the notes even have to reside on my floor. i wonder how come suddenly so much notes. and yet i cant seem to find my entropy notes. T.T i think i lost some math revision notes too. double boo-ness. i'm jux too lazy and tt's bad. argh.

Painting a PRETTY mess.
11:18 PM

Thursday, September 20, 2007

WEET~! prelim's over! *cheers* but tt's only half the battle gone ok. and since i noe this time round i'm SO NOT gg to score... the journey ahead is TOUGH! hang on peeps. one mth plus and it'll be over. cherish the time left before u regret. really regret. i've been thinking. if my results really dun allow me to go into uni. then where can i go arh? private?but it's ex and hor. does the cert u get really worth the money u pay? izzit really recognised and widely accepted? and how far can u go wif a private degree? i really duno. *shrug* but if i hav the choice i'll rather not noe cox me wan go LOCAL UNI NXT YR! i'm sure everyone wants tt too. jux. jy lo. =D

shall not elaborate of wat happened the past few days. except tt i finally see my IC again on TUE!. er. the NEW one i mean. haha. yup. though it's the exam period but i still went all the way down to lavender. after tt still went vivo walk walk. lol. but tue was a meaningful day ok. so all and all it's worth it. *grins*

and today's a great day! first of all. HAPPIE 18TH BIRTHDAY TO HAIHUI!!! *huggx* lucky ur bdae on the last day of prelim. ppl nt so tensed over exam... =)

morn. woke up late. cox today i'm suppose to go to sch on my own. daddy nt free to send me. then i woke up SO late. tt i'm SO GONNA be LATE!(for the first time+ got exam) panicked. rushed. gambled b/w train and bus. lucky nv late. X) but i was sweating like mad liao. and i din eat breakfast. =/ no time. T.T tummy started acting weird again. tummy wasnt well during phy paper too. which is in the evening. though physically unwell but at least i'm taken care of. hehe. i'm blessed! really enjoyed today. =D and i'm SO gonna pig in tonite. tsk.

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10:21 PM

Sunday, September 16, 2007

bad tummy. my tummy's nt feeling well today. T.T so terrible i think i can roll on the floor. haix. when u nt feeling well. ppl will tell u rest more. but the tummy feels so uneasy tt i can hardly fall aslp. went toilet a few times le. nt really diarrhoea. lucky today sun. if today got paper i think i can die. haha. speaking of paper. think shd go back study liao. thu faster come.... =) cant wait.

Painting a PRETTY mess.
2:21 PM

Friday, September 14, 2007

pretty long week. exams. nah. dun wanna talk bout it. except tt there's plenty of empty spaces for vandalising. haha. but NOPE. me nv anyhow draw. cox it's always the case tt i skip. do do do. last qn. TIME'S UP! lol. dun even hav time to go back to previous la. haha.brain isnt working well. and hor. ytd them mummy tell me got chicken essence in the cupboard. though it dun smell nice. but hey. believe it or not. i did felt more energetic after tt. which is when i was in sch. but a bit too late. cox morn i STRUGGLED to cram some things in and i only drank the chicken essence BEFORE i leave my house. lol. meaning only in sch then energetic. but since i STRUGGLED to cram in. got energy to think oso nth to vomit la. lol. hopefully nxt week will be better ba. after i get enuff rest. haven been slping well. everyday slp like few hours nia. where usually i'll pig in if i hav the chance. and is NOT my alarm clock wake me de lor. even though i attempt to set alarm early early so tt i can revise more. but i always wake up b4 it rings. which means i wake up EARLY EARLY. good? nah. no energy to focus. get more slp? I CANT FALL ASLP AGAIN! lol. if go slp. will guilty. dun slp. no energy to focus. contradiction? tt's y i will fail. and on top of tt. i had a pretty interesting week. lol.

tue was lunch at swensens. we were the FIRST customers! haha. we ate until full like siao. and tried this...

chocolate fondue! waha. i noe it's nth special le la. so common but i still love it ok. and it's $17.90 nia la. lol. compared to the $30++ haagen daz which till now i still din get to eat. so quite ok le la. but i accidently blew out the candle though. =/ then cox paiseh call the waitress so we had to faster finish the food before the choco hardens. lucky we're oready half way thru.

and thu was spent celebrating little jerlyn's bdae. yup. so you can see how busy i am on top of exam le. and i happily spent a lot of time on the card and casted my work aside. the tortise and the tiara's her bdae present from me. ok. i noe tiara's a little useless la. but she's a pretty little girl you see. cant resist buying pretty stuff for her. =)

more programmes lined up for nxt week and the week after nxt. wee~! i'm SO enjoying my life. but at the wrong time. T.T i need a miracle to pull thru my exam. i tot i would be able to survive this exam from the intensive studying in sch. i DID went to sch to study de ok. during the sch hols. but then turn out i'm still nt prepared enuff. and the I'M-SO-CONFIDENT de g field din come out for phy paper 3. lol. cox i rmb spending half a day on it. i noe it's nt the right thing to spot topic or watever. but i can only say. brain's working a bit too slowly. do revision slow. take exam oso slow. end up always nt enuff time. haix. practice practice. gonna need more practice. but would i be in time for the a lvl? i wonder...

Painting a PRETTY mess.
10:44 PM

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Painting a PRETTY mess.
7:12 PM

Thursday, September 06, 2007

more mugging ahead. energy's running low again! argh. everytime oso like tt. it's wat i call the cumulative tiredness. how i wish i can fall flat on my bed now. but then i still got a lot of topics haven cover! argh. actually. i'm quite prepared to flunk this exam. cox i'm really learning at my very own pace. BUT i do feel tt i'm very comfortable with this pace and i'm really learning. (gosh. should hav started revision earlier so tt even at my own pace i'll still be able to cover quite a bit. regrets regrets. when it comes to exams it's always like tt. but NOT for my a lvl pls. a lvl is no joke ok. no slacking allowed. now i noe why ppl say a lvl is the most fearsome thing in one's education journey. cox it really is! i can imagine myself studying EVERYDAY from NOW till END of the last paper. yup.even though i might take some time off after prelim to give my brain a break but no. slacking NOT allowed. cox jux one mth ltr is a lvl le leh!!!! so fast la. it's really impt to kp the momentum gg plus the fact tt i'm nt optimistic bout my prelim. lucky prelim result doesnt affect uni entry jux like sec sch would. so yup. now the motto in life is "mugging EVERYDAY"

i really see myself mugging k? cox it took a few incident before i finally realise today is thu. =/ i kp thinking today is wed. so i'm lagging behind by one day. and one less day for my revision. argh.

Painting a PRETTY mess.
8:43 PM

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

study study and more studying. today i decided to step out of my comfy ROOM ( yup. i stay in my room 90% of the time) and goes to sch for studying. i did things at a slow pace but at least i was productive ok? i din wonder ard the sch and neither did i touch my phone constantly. =D but then again. i'm still nt revising fast enuff. there isnt enuff time for me to cover ALL the topics so this time round i'm gg to focus on my weak topics only. the others jux briefly go thru liao. i noe this is NOT the right thing to do but i hav no time! blame it on my late revision. i noe i'm lazy and all. poor time managment and all. and i'll bear the consequence AGAIN. but no third time pls. i'm hungry for the distinctions for my A lvl. if i dun hav a beautiful testimonial wif good cca record. i'll need a strong academic qualification to back me up. i can at most(doent mean i am ok.i said AT MOST .dun stare at me wif the you-are-so-bhb de look) be a nerd and NEVER an all round. as theoretical as mathematics. T.T

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9:12 PM

Sunday, September 02, 2007

whenever exams are near. blogging becomes tiring. minus the rantings and u get no content. =/

prepare for the battle ahead... ...

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3:41 PM

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