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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

oh ya. forgot to mention my bro FINALLY drop his first tooth! on mon. haha.(my mummy say 7yr old then drop a bit late.) do u still rmb the first time u drop ur tooth? i rmb i drop one of my tooth while eating teletubbies chocolate. lol. tt's the only one i can rmb le. hmmm. maybe a few is pull out at dentist one ba. hehe. wat's ur story?

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5:39 PM

when the whole world is in sch. there's one me stuck at home.... ....

so many days nv blog le... so many things happened.

sun. quite some time ago liao. all i can rmb is my bro found my keys!!!! after i lost it like one week le. woo~! hehe. and he oso recovered some misc stuff of mine. then he keep asking me if i still got lose anything anot. haha. i told him dun hav le. but he still wan "dig" so in the end we spent the whole afternoon to "dig gold" from under my bed. cox is like my under my bed oso got the "drawer bed" or watever u call tt. so u can easily drop things underneath and not find it easily. dust flew everywhere. my bro was covered in dust too. maybe this explains for my SERIOUS flu on mon. =/

oso. my hp miracle-ly recovered. lol. now i can see missed/dialled/received calls again! =D no need for servicing! wee~! me hp nt noob lor. =p


mon. down wif terrible flu. suffered terribly. i mean i'm born wif a sensitive nose. flu is no big issue to me. but ytd jiu duno why felt VERY terrible. made a fuss outta it. troubled ppl. teacher "counselled" me. cox he say nobody cries when sick. he tot got ppl bully me or some sort. *shrugged* i really hav no proper explanation for tt. i only noe i felt VERY terrible. like i can jux jump down the building anytime. =/ wanted sign out but then cox need mc. cant find ppl company me so like tt lor. wait till 1 then choing home. zzz until nite. popped a total of 4 panadols in total. i grow up living on panadol. i dun rmb the last time i visit the doc cox of flu or fever. the last time i went to doc was probabaly to cure my rash. there was this period of time my rash grew until v serious. everywhere oso can come out. my toe my arms. and most common is my legs la. so yup. my mum nv believes in spending $20-$30 to see the doc for flu/fever cox this kind of sickness one day will recover liao.(usually) and she oso dun like to go polyclinic cox of the long wait. but neither do i. who would like. especially when u're so sick.(and it's worse if u're to go there alone. ) u'll jux wanna faster go home and rest on the comfy bed.

i'm jux a girl wif a fragil heart.
it's happie bdae to leonerd and zhuangyi.


tue. today. recovering. stayed at home. gonna lose out lots. haix. and since ytd i slept like duno wat. of course i din touch hw. today the hw is mountain high and tml still got econs. T.T

mr fat and little miss clumsy. XD

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12:39 PM

Sunday, July 29, 2007

ytd was indeed a long day. haha. finally i can blog. loaded wif photo. took a VERY long while. haha. aint gonna enable right clicking. so if u wan the photos pls get it from me directly. or u wan i can upload them for u to ur friendster FOC. jux tell me which photo u wan.

fri. significant. racial harmony performance. handball. bbq!

handball was great job done. =D cox we won! it was tough fight at the finals. won marginally by 1 pt! =D great game to s23 too. some injuries here and there. poor thing. all tks to some sore losers. argh. but let's nt let tt affect our mood. cox we're nt so petty as to argue who's right who's wrong. =p we got better things to do....
after handball went wj hse washup. by the time we reach leo's condo we're the last liao. =x

but the fun only start when we came. haha. i mean cox nobody sabo-ed leo. we did. haha. wj carried one coke bottle up to leo's hse and down. on the way we shaked the bottle. haha. (we did face a little difficulty explaining y we brought the bottle ard though. lol.) then ask leo help us open. of course he kena. haha. but it's ok la. shirt wet nvm. cox ltr tt he oso kena thrown into the pool by the guys. tsk.

but i bet the bbq would be even more fun if there wasnt a meeting nearby. cox we were asked to kp our volume down. ow. but at least EVERYONE including bel.sean.yh except xy. =/) was there. s24 re-unite!

tonnes of fun....

bbq's about food....

and cam-whoring....

she got her share of attention too. she's so pretty la. if only she's nt tt shy... we would hav taken more picx wif her!!!!

more cam-whoring... =D

we love to drink. =p
picx wif the lead.

and for some fun....


act cute.

macho(?) guys.XD


looking at the stars?


kungfu? tsk.

the ready-for-army two.

the friendly security guard. haha. xz took this while teaching how to use my phone. lol

we love ice-cream.hehe.

nt forgetting the bdae celebration for leoNERD and zy.

love always. s24! (missing. xiaoyuan)

i was one of the first few to leave.... but turn out. i lost my pouch. argh. so paiseh bring so much trouble to everyone. affect their mood. haix. me so careless!!!! mux tk everyone who helped. especially my girls. and wj's bro too. cox he helped me search her hse a few times to see if i dropped there. turn out nv. panicked. lucky i wasnt alone at the busstop. if nt i wun hav noe wat to do. million tks.
nt the first time i lose my things liao. T.T lucky go interchange ask and turn out i dropped it on 985. and got ppl return!!!! cox the other time me drop nobody retun me!!!! *cries* somemore tt time got i/c leh. argh. dun wan mention tt. but then the thing is the record shows it was found when the bus was travelling towards cck. when i drop it the bus was gg towards the other destination. lol.

and anyway i recently lost my keys too. =x one week liao. haha. my sweet bro helped my search my hse but cannot find. lucky mummy nv scold me badly.
but i guess she got better reason to scold me. cox today meet-the-parents. ct say i deprove. ask my mummy take away my com and hp.T.T bet she might do tt when my hp bill comes. haix. then attend the talks see liao. omg la. so difficult to get in. somemore my language so poor. they say even if get many A but eng nt good oso nt considered quality result leh!!! so i shall diligently read my newspaper THOROUGHLY from now on. i did bother to check dictionary recently though(if i got read newspaper la. cox i only got time then read. somemore the past week i every day eat dinner at 8 plus. by the time i finish v late liao. =x) and i taught my bro to use dictionary today!!!!! hehe. he's such a cutie. *huggx*
omg. took me more than an hr to blog. zzzz. late liao. time to slp. nitenite. =D

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12:07 AM

Friday, July 27, 2007

2 mins to 3am!!!! lol. i mean like i SELDOM am still awake at this time liao lor. only last time (last yr) play game or choing hw until so late. even audi i oso nv play until so late de lor. but seriously i miss audi-ing la. these few weeks hardly touch it. nt even on weekend. =/ and NONO... i'm nt up this late cox me play game. is cox i woke up only at 12 plus. =x haha. reach home 4 plus. i told myself to nap. then zzz until 12 plus! lol. was it 12 plus or was it nearly one le. tsk. anyway. jiu totally shocked! cox usually by 7 plus 8 my mum would expect me to wake up le. ytd oso got nap. but 8 sharp she got call me wake up lor. today duno y she allow me slp in. cox she noe if she nv wake me up i'll skip dinner and wake up like ard this time and she dun it.

i pig-ed for 8 hrs. -.-zzz

i think most sad is my bro liao. cox he failed to wake me up AGAIN. sry bro. he's SO cute de la. usually me nap he'll come sit on my chair(study table de chair.) and clap this hands. haha. dun ask me y he clap his hands. maybe he jux wanna make some loud sound to disturb me so tt i'll wake up. then eveytime i'll tell him okok. a while more i'll wake up. which. in the end. back to lala land. =/ then mux my mum come shout then i'll wake up de. ow. which means today whole day nv talk to bro! T.T cox he afternoon session. i 4 plus oready slp. i wake up so late liao. he's really a nice boy la. put in so much effort to wake me up.

but tml he no chance liao. cox tml got BBQ! wee~! so wun be home till late. OMG! means i come back wun get to see him again!!! ahh..... maybe tml call home talk to bro? tsk.

no ppl online siao. and i bet i'm one of the last to realise jh close/shifted his blog liao.(y close sia. sad leh.) and bet nobody will read my i-love-my-bro entry until tml nite or maybe sat? cox tml long day sia. think everyone go home. bathe. SLAM. zzz liao. tsk.

photos tml? i hope. my entry all so dull de. haix.

tml everyone jy for handball! BBQ's nt the only fun thing tt's happening tml lor. afterall s24 is one sports active class. =D (if u dare say we're nt. think of badminton. best eg liao. haha. how many class hav gone playing badminton TOGETHER? tsk)

still thinking whether to slp ltr anot. lol. actually me din wan wake up de. but then i realise i haven finish nuclear. =( but then oso good la. if nt i'll be slping for another 6 hrs....then jiu slp for 14hrs in total!!!! -.-" and to think i'm taking A lvl in 94 day's time. (i hope i got tt rite) slping is 14hrs is definitely a luxury. cannot. mux cut down on slp then more time to study!

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2:58 AM

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

came home. took a nap. it took my bro quite a lot of effort to wake me up. but eventually it was my mum who finally got me outta my bed. hehe. cox by the time she call me it was 8pm. LOL. i've been having late dinners recently. some how in a way or another. these past consecutive days i've been having my dinner AFTER 8. and half the time i nv finish my food. =/ waste. bet my disestive system is not working well now.

lesson was ok. except the part bout being trapped in sch tt made the day so wrong. cox we're so old le. yet we're FORCE to stay in sch-by closing the gate. lol. so some ppl tried signing out. and some challenged the fence. haha. of course none of us climbed the fence. hanged ard. tried the food. discussed bout fri. so looking forward! =D

tml. short day. FINALLY. and change of plan. no more gg of jap cemetry. shopping for food? or something else? hmmm....

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8:52 PM

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

tue shall be my most hated day. cox of gp remedial! T.T cox the grp is SO small. only 6 ppl nia. lol. so u'll get all the attention u wan. ok la. maybe like tt will benefit more ba. since teacher will kp throwing u wif qn and u'll hav to exercise ur brain a bit. good thing teacher today release us early. hehe. =)

after tt went lot one wif wr and hh to grap some food. really v hungry sia. on the way saw this couple. gossip-ed. actually din really la. cox none of us none them in person. jux noe of their existence. lol.

ms A was seen holding mr C's hand. wat's so unusual bout it was tt ms A USED to be mr B's gf. (they were still tgt this yr de lor.) and mr B and mr C are classmates! lol. so....
1. mr C stole mr B's gf.
2. ms A wans to revenge mr B so stead wif his fren.

and the thing is mr C is nt shuai la. -.-" so if u're gg to tell me mr B bring her gf to mix wif his fren. then duno wat happen ms A and mr C fell in love.... blah blah. i think the revenge part more likely. tsk.

but actually. other ppl's r/s is none of my biz. lol. especially since like i say. i noe none of them in person. lol. but jux so weird la. like 2 frenz. ur gf is now mine. so wat's gg to happen to the friendship.(actually if mr C cared for the friendship he wun jio ms A le ba. ) and the girl dun feel weird one meh? lol.

and if any of the "victim" or their fren happens to drop by and u wan seek justice for them my tagboard is waiting for u. but in the first place u cant be sure who i'm referring to. =p so unless u're guilty of it. then i got nth to say. haha.

i'm so running low on cash. argh. and the tot bout the other day jux made me real mad. but if i'm so gg to mention here. it's so gg to turn out into another quarrel. argh. so i shall be nice and kp quiet.

the never-ending homework is calling me again. lol.

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10:25 PM

Monday, July 23, 2007

long time no late lecture test liao. feels weird to leave sch wif the skp so dark. but maybe soon will get use to it. cox night studying programme starting soon ba. aug? sep? hmm...

piles of hw. NOT reduced. lol.

i need more time. i need more slp. zzz.

duno wat to blog about. too random liao. too tired. cant think. jux now got things to write de. but i forgot. =/

anyway today tks to wj and the YELLOW car. no need walk in the rain. =D

i forget. i forgot. i'm forgotten. T.T

random. ---> lack of slp.

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10:04 PM

Sunday, July 22, 2007

blogging time! though it's nt really the right time to be doing so. cox still got a PILE of hw to be done. =x

jux some random photo. no quality ones though. lol. i oso duno y i took these.

lunch-ed at sakura!!!! with uncle. haha. nt my uncle(relative). nt some 30+ 40+ uncle. jiu uncle lor. =p

at first tot a lot ppl cox downstairs got queue. then i was "blamed" cox i was late. bleahx. turn out bluff de. upstairs see quite empty lor.
was assigned table 72. told u my photo nt quality ones le. jux random photos. lol.
he ate lotsa prawns. me oso duno y. deep fried la. soup de la. w pasta de la. -.-" and this. cooked de. and he purposely(=p) use fork and knife to dissect it.
failed attempt! haha.

ok la. there are successful ones. he ask me to show this. lol. too bad i cant eat prawn. if nt i sure kop to eat. cox me lazy to peel the shell. tsk.

see the diff in colour of the drink? nt some cam effect or lighting of some sort. i poured green tea into his fruit punch. hu ask him kp bully-ing me. got one time i poured in coke on top of green tea+fruit punch. but he nv drink. =/ anyway i kp mixing his food wif weird things. haha. fun leh. =D who ask u bully me. =p

and the food i enjoyed most is mochi! yum yum. actually chawamushi too! i ate two bowl. tsk. but the bowl so small nia la. i could hav eaten more. but mux protect my image. tsk.

after tt was studying at coffee bean. but most of the time he was slping. lol. i did study ONE chapter of quantum though. =/ but i din cont cox he wan go hm slp lor! haha. pig.

smile..... it's a great day......

his head look so round in this pic. haha.

dun be stunned. we're still good frenz. *grins*

we'll always be more than frenz. jux nt in a r/s. -him

after tt me head down to marina. alone. and back home. alone. haix. but tt journey down to marina and back home. something happened. and i finally came to realise how he felt. 3-4 mths back. clingyness. definitely a no-no. and today's "outing". i really see the both of us grow up le. hope we'll stay this way always. =D

wan type more de. but then realise this issue a bit sensitive. ey. so put a stop here can liao. hehe.

read this somewhere few days back.....clingyness and jealousy. which is worse?

cant believe weekend's almost over. my long list of hw is hard striked off. T.T

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8:58 PM

Saturday, July 21, 2007

i woke up at 12.01pm today.yup 1201. how did i noe? cox my bro told me so. morn the two younger ones are oready in my room. sis using com. bro jux hanging ard. disturbing my slp? haha. no la. it's ok. since i oready slept for 12 straight hours. lol. actually wanted to slp on de. but then my bro tell me 1201 le. see like oready noon liao so i guess it's better to wake up ba.

helped my mum abit wif her stuff. attempting to read some newspaper. ltr gonna do some work. here's the things to be completed this weekend....

-sampling(for those haven do). hypothesis testing(?)
-g field & e field (phy revision package for tue lecture)
-chemistry electrolysis(tys. for those haven do)
-study for phy test.
-econs. (refer to class blog.)

so many things sia. -.-" and all the above are due on either mon or tue. and to think mon hav test until 7. so ideally all shd be done by this weekend le. haha. happie doing hw.... XD

anyway some peeps mention the catching ytd. haha. guess wat. even ns ppl oso got play lor!!!! the other day i hear liao i shock. =x and i think someone's gg to kill me for saying this out. oh-oh. haha. so i guess there's no age limit to this game ba. jux tt somehow u dun hear girls say they wan play catching. reason? maybe cox they dun like to run? ey. me oso duno sia. but it's v interesting la. really. =)

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8:04 PM

Friday, July 20, 2007

weekend~~~! finally can catch up wif my slp le! ( * wonder wat time i'll wake up tml.... hmmm. tsk. ) anyway. i manage to survive the day. the day. terrible day.

1. i forgot to bring my collar pin and class badge. lucky nv get caught. =/
2. i forgot to bring my QA notes for chem. double boo-ness.
3. i forgot to bring my HANDPHONE!!!! triple boo-ness. feels so terrible w/o my phone. argh.
4. i forgot to bring my ez-link. cox i put it in my hp pouch de. no hp = no ez link.

enough of my forgetfulness. other things tt made today a thumbs down day. after-sch game. elaboration? dun wanna say much though. cox concern my class. a bit sensitive. me nt in the position to argue oso. and me dun wan make things worse. i'm sure things would be fine after the weekend. everyone has the weekend to chill and buck up. lol. so many things to be done. all the revision packages and all. headache.

but we've got BBQ to look forward to nxt fri!!! wee~! mummy gave me the green light to go. =) i was thinking when to tell her bout it. jux now talk to her see her mood good so i shun bian say lor. hehe. nxt week tiring week sia.

mon-phy test till 7.
tue-gp remedial till 4(or izzit 430?)
wed-cip till 6
thu-excursion to some cemetery. jap cemetery?
sat-meet the parents. -.-"

busy day everyday. i jux hope cumulative tiredness dun come bother me again. argh. looks like nxt week is a no-life week. no after sch programme maybe except fri liao. handball and BBQ! hehe. cant wait! like they always say. good things are worth waiting for. sweetness comes after bitterness. so survive mon to thu and fri can enjoy!!!! except i wished tt sat dun hav meet the parents. y mux they make meet-the-parents compulsory???

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9:37 PM

Thursday, July 19, 2007

itchy itchy leg. i din plan to start off my blog today this way but seriously the itch is a bit hard to bear. i have this "scar" on the back of my leg. and it's been there for nearly a week le. dun see it recovering. =/ and now it's getting worse-itch. omg. wun really wan scratch it cox scared ltr make it worse then the thing become permanent or something. NOOOO....!!!!

anyway. sound a bit random. yup. today me v random. duno y. lol. since evening till like now ba. haha.

floorball today. i admit i not v active in it. cox me v scared kena hit. especially some ppl v hiong de like __ . siao one tt person. and did some stupid action and tot v funny. -.-" dun wan mention much more. kp it short short can liao.

tired tired. i need more slp. this week is all about fighting to get more slp. weekend's coming! jux survive tml can liao. me dun wan fall aslp in math lec again! so faster go slp lo. hehe. nite nite everyone. =D

today i had a great afternoon + evening. *grin*

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11:12 PM

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

today is suppose to be a short day. i mean the sch curriculum. but i din manage to kp myself wake throughout. one word. TIRED!!!! actually i only fell aslp during math lect. but tt was bad enuff le. cox me sitting at third row then in front of me no ppl. then the teacher was diagonal to me. at some pt of time i tot i saw her saw me falling aslp. =/ maybe she rushing or see me girl then dun wan scold me. will be damn paiseh la. haha. ok. think too much. maybe she din see me. is i blur blur see wrongly. haha. anyway i admit my mistake le. tonite will try to slp early. =D hehe.

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8:09 PM

update? nah. too tired for it. seriously lacking of slp. ytd slept at 2! do work hor. not play. i rmb spending ard 1 hr to write 1 testi. lol. and yet it's not some fantastic testi cox of my lan eng. argh. unfair! disadvantage for ppl like me. T.T no beautiful testi then mux hav beautiful result liao. but then again. pw oready got D liao. how beautiful can my results be? and my eng. cmi liao lor.

time to SLEEP... ....

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12:29 AM

Monday, July 16, 2007

ytd i blog bout sat. today i'm gg blog bout ytd! lol. ok la. nth much to mention except we went haihui's house to do phy project. and it was her bro's bdae! happie bdae.

busy weekend for me. so like usual. not much accomplishment for the weekend. but at least i din slack away ok. and i hardly touch audi now. usually weekdays wun touch. nan de weekend but turn out so busy oso nv really touch. lol.

nt used to gg back sch. weekend was SO busy and FUN!!!! (especially sat!!!! <333) tt i feel weird and tired gg back to sch. and to think today's the longest day of the week. double boo-ness. lucky tml sch ending early. or izzit? cox the source like nt v reliable. =p but it's ok. at least no gp remedial. then dun nid stay till 4. yup. me in gp remedial. T.T eng too lan liao.

my phone din recover. sadded. think really mux go service liao. jux now for one moment i cant charge. tot my phone really wan dan liao. cox is oready past red bar means empty bar. lol. remove the plug and connection but oso cannot. took me quite a while b4 i manage to get the charging to start. scare me sia. =/

so tired. me jux wan a good nite slp!!! these few days keep having dreams. got dream means not quality slp liao. tt's y so tired. haix.

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9:21 PM

Sunday, July 15, 2007

my phone's dying on me. T.T cant show miss call. so ppl if u happen to call me then me nv ans. but me oso nv call back u shd noe why le. cox i wun noe u called. fri was still ok de lor. until sat. haix. i tot is i go add games then become like tt. so i deleted. oso cannot. =/ then i deleted my inbox which was overflooded. cox i noe nokia de inbox can be a cause of prob. but oso nv recover. *cries*

backto do work. haix. =.=

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9:57 PM

time to update bout my WONDERFUL day ytd!!!!

reach there kinda late though. =/ but could hav been later if me and yq din cab down. lucky got ppl sponsor. *grins*

the ushers. b4 leaving saw one familiar face. yumei! she change lots. so now i noe the ushers are poly volunteers. tsk.

the bag of goodies aka goodie bag. lol. anyway i din get a purple bag!!!! too shy to ask for a change. =/ i got yellow. yq's green.

by the time we were seated the parade starting le. we missed out the pre parade talent pool show. oh well....

colour party! we were reminded of guides! miss those days....

the fly-pass of the flag during national anthem.

some airplane flew by. too fast to be captured. =x

this yr the army or watever de celebrating 40 yrs. so they showed a display of their "weapons" die. me duno wat they call. transport? nono. vehicle? aiya. me duno. =/ one good thing bout the new location is tt they can show their sea boats(???) oso. but i din mange to get any new photo of the "boats" lol. only the helicopter flying near the water and spinning on top it it.

*save time. tsk.
fullurton in the day. cant see clearly but many ppl hu din hav the tix were crowding there. the whole stretch is full of ppl lor....
lucky us got seats and great view. was told ours is like some sort of vip seat liao. cox quite middle. hehe. zuan dao.
fullurton at nite. and the "jellyfish" in the air. part of the show de. under "sea" theme.

singing the national anthem for another time. this time the flag is made of lights.

another light effects. and the "mouth" oso got move de lor. the face will sing song de. lol.

tt's kit chan. i noe cant see la. the lights too bright liao. and my cam really not tt powerful la. anyway she got long hair.

performances. again. make into picture grid to save loading time.

last but not least. fireworks!!!! pretty.

after tt we went marina. this is one ulu part of marina which both of us nv been b4....

then suntec. this IS inside suntec. i din noe got such place. is yq bring me de.

walk ard then finally dinner at DXO.

de right side.=p tsk. there got one stretch of food stalls. in case nobody noticed. only me nv wear uni nia. so of course cant go in to DXO. lol.

great fun great experience. thank YOU!

i reached home at 1! lol. it's like once in a million yr tt i got to stay out so late. hehe. might look like nth for anyone but it's really VERY rare for me to be able to stay out so late de lor. =D

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8:47 PM

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