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Friday, October 31, 2008

woot~! yet another friday. omg. time really flies!

the week ended late cox had dinner and short bdae celebration wif my SOW peeps. and i seriously embarrassed myself a lot jux now. hoho.

i miss dinner wif my girls! pls tell me u girls are free in dec k? and there's so many other ppl i wan to jio out too! i'm so gg to enjoy like mad in dec. and seriously. last time after A lvl say wan play like mad in the end all went working. this time it shall not happen. i'm.TOO.deprived! lol.

and this dec i'm more determined to learn photoshop. cox it's jux too un-professional to be designing posters wif [paint] lol. i did tt for my first SOW publicity assignment. lucky nv got rejected. x)

p.s links updated. any mistake pls tag. cox haven been blog hopping much so aint sure if some of the links are even valid anot. =x

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11:47 PM

Monday, October 27, 2008

longer weekend = more time to mug. ZzZ.

life is nth but S.T.U.D.Y! (for now)

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9:08 PM

Saturday, October 25, 2008

yay! i manage to tame CZ and 07:47pm is the golden timing! waha. no staying past 12 for me. and this time round i did every qn w/o any external reference! muahaha. first time do CZ until so shuang. haha. but then i think maybe got the lecturer finally got enlightened and provide us wif half the code for some qn? haha. seriously if he had not provide sufficient hint, i'll probably faint in sch. haha. ok. getting a lil excited here. oops. tt's not rite. i shd be. slping! wee~! finally the week-wif-MANY-dateline is over. this week there's my ONE and ONLY de bio assignment to hand in. got my one every two weeks de hw for one-of-my-math-mod. got my everyweek one de for my another mod. got once every two week de math lab quiz. got cz! can faint lor. everything jux so happen to clash in this week. haha. think it's not a lot? try doing cz and two math mod de hw. enuff to drive u crazy. workload for math is so heavy one of my fren is actually of changing to arts fac! well, the option is there, application is open. cox when she wif her fren from arts, she everytime choing math. but her fren everytime say no hw to do le. so she feel very dui2. lol. ming ku arh....

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12:48 AM

Thursday, October 23, 2008

i guess i'm too numb to cry over anything now. got back the last paper de result. and the rank list of the cohort. and apparently i'm at the VERY bottom AGAIN. and seriously. it's SO near tt i can jux reach my hand and touch the ground. yes. tt's how terrible i am now. and seriously i duno how it happen too. not tt i din try.... T.T

and if u're saying i still can choing for my end term. din i jux say i'm SO at the VERY bottom? i got 300+++++ over ppl ranked ahead of me. and less than 20 ppl behind me la. seriously this is no joke. tt IS how bad i am. haix. seriously. numb-ed. better off dead.(tt's my sub-nick in msn now)

isolation from the world?might help? i need to be more productive! need time. need to mug. HARDER! i did mug lor. =(

need.an.escape.or grant me a miracle pls.

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7:06 PM

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

CZ is bugging me to date wif him. he wants me to spend my whole afternoon wif him. but i dun want! but then again. he warns me tt if i dun date him by fri.24oct 1159, i'm SO gg to be dead meat! T.T but b4 u mistaken, i'm taking bout my computing mod. haha. i did mention b4 my computing code is CZ(CZ1102 to be exact). SIANX. i still got my FIRST bio assignment to do. lol. it's quite funny the assignment came SO late. no wonder i happilyaccidently neglectly my bio mod. and true enuff. it's my worst mod so far. but CZ also contributed la! can nv forget. stayed in sch till past 12 on fri nite and yet my bio paper on sat itself! argh. seriously hate computing to the MAX! rah.

i NEVER get tired of ranting out CZ. cox it's too horrible. plus the HORRIBLE lecturer. even my seniorS agree tt he's VERY lan4 can. blah.

and tml's there's still a rubik's cube com organised by math soc. and i'm asked to be the emcee! lol. imagine tt. i never been one b4 la! really a lot of first-times in uni. but well. like they always advice. if u dun try it now. when will u ever get the chance again? things like organiser of camps. nxt time go out work place where got camp liao? be emcee. i'm not gg to be tv host or anything. also no chance liao. haha. so watever activities there are for me i jux try lor. jux hope i dun screw things up can liao. and i hope there'll be shuai ge there tml x) though i think not so possible. =\ shuai ges are too cool to join such comp. haha. me and my theory. haha. =p

and it's time for homework again.... Z.z.Z

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10:33 PM

Monday, October 20, 2008

i went SHOPPPIINNGG today wif my lovelies. *grins* like FINALLY la! it's been SO long since i last shop for clothes and stuff. woho. happie happie me. cox of the satisfaction and the great company i had. ^^ left early to meet up wif my sisters who came over to bugis to find me. cox my mei came over from jb this morn and gg back at nite. so nan de got the chance mux really meet up a while. ps girls. but tks for all the advice given to me. haha. i'll find one day and wear tt dress to sch and i'll tell u all wat comments i receive. haha.

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12:14 AM

Friday, October 17, 2008

friday! ended wif a tuition from 1930-21302200. zzz. so tired! feel like slacking now. tt's y i'm here to blog! seriously i shdnt be slacking. especially when my results are like rock bottom(or watever the phrase is. my eng is bad. u noe it.) but seriously my brain is calling for a break. it's aching like it can explode anytime. =(

math paper was jux as bad as the others. call myself a math major. hah. wat a joke. and seriously math major teaching phy and chem for tut. is really weird lor. my seniors are moslty giving math tut. and one jux advice me today to get a math tuition kid. helps to strengthen my basics. if can i also wan arh. but everytime the tuition centre gimme de assignment all chem and phy! zzz. too many math-pro ard i guess. and i think i haven update my data wif them to state i'm a math major! lol.

anyway. here's my number-less helpsheet which i wrote wif for-ants-to-read de handwriting. haha.

close-up. blurred. me wants a proper camera! rah. so VERY determined to get one by the end of the yr. cox i'll need it for my camps during the 3 mth break in may. and for some reason i'm in the publicity comm for a camp tt is expecting at least 300 ppl to attend. haha. expecting and most probably wun be disappointed. cox i was at the camp too. lol. tt's the one and only camp i joined lo. haha. massive project can. more details ltr.

ok. back to the camp. haha. so i'm one of the 20 odd organiser of the camp. cool rite? Xp and ytd went for the second meeting. and b4 u say. blame urself for ur bad result cox u join so many activity. hey. tt's the second meeting only lor. and the nxt is dec 8 after end term la! i'm starting to get more and more enthu bout the camp thing. haha. nv been into such a massive proj b4. all along i'm in those low profile de activity or cca de. from girl guides which has only 10 odd ppl each lvl. =x to bowling which also 20odd or 30odd nia. to current de math soc also organised a board game event also for 10 odd ppl nia. now the project is gg to cater to 300 ppl! omg la! haha. but i'm definitely NOT looking forward to the fright nite trial run! cox we hav to go thru them! and there's gg to be like 5 complete route! i say complete cox eventually the actual thing one pair only need go thru one route. so imagine 5. and imagine me scream! haha. nxt day sure voiceless. or maybe i shd make myself tired like this yr then i too tired to react. lol.

well. it looks like the old me has come back to life. well. sort of ba. had a real tough time on wed. received many calls of concern. which i cried on every call. lol. until the workers ard the area kp staring at me. haha. and received many other consoles from other frenz too. thanks all. tks to my girls too. sun arh... =)

on a random note. i heart my new ripples flip flop! waha. 4th pair and counting. x)

now then i realise they name their slippers. my previous three was pretty strips, demure and flair! lol.

pardon my random-ness. i'm jux insane-d.

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11:30 PM

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

seriously i think i'm not cut out to study in uni. even the paper which i put more effort in, i din even get abv the ave mark. this is so crazy can!! i might jux run out on the street and let some lucky car bang me and die.

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10:30 AM

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

recently i picked up the pace to study. tot i was doing well. quite consistent. but one blow after another. i underperformed BADLY! and the tot of dropping sch constantly flash thru my mind....

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8:38 PM

Monday, October 13, 2008

some ppl nv change. ok. wait. i'm talking bout physical appearance. not ranting bout someone's character which is making me irritated or something.

so. some ppl nv change. +as they grow. or rather the change is minor. ppl like me? haha. i feel that i haven change a lot since when i was young. probably except tt now i'm wearing contacts rather than specs like b4. but guess other than that i din change much huh. cox jux last week. i found a pri sch fren! or rather she recognised me first.

was at the cca room then this guy's gf came in. she sat there and i din take much notice. jux found her familiar from the way she dress. as in she was wearing the same blouse which i noticed her in tut class. after tt i confirmed wif her tt she is in my tut class and was quite happy then. haha. cox i was telling the others i really find her familiar but cant recall where. but then ltr she popped the qn to me "are u from gps?"(greenridge primary school) then i was like "ya!" "omg. wat's ur name?" i totally cannot recall who she is la. she dun even look familiar to me! lol. (previous i said she look familiar is not the face. i recognise the blouse! haha. ) when she say out her name then i was like "oh ya! i rmb u!" haha. wat a small world la. considering the fact tt we attended many weeks of tut le but din even had any eye contact. and jux becox she's this particular guy's gf, she stepped into the cca room we got to ren4 each other back. cool. got her msn on the spot but till now haven really got a chance to chat wif her. kinda guilty bout tt. cox been trying to mug. (at least this weekend was more productive than the last ok. lol.)

time for another week of schooling. ZzZ

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9:41 AM

Friday, October 10, 2008

1123pm now, woke up from nap-since-8+pm(actually i dozed off on my bed unintentionally) few mins ago. it's gd nite for my family(my mom and sis were preparing to slp. daddy and bro already slp liao. ._.) but it feels like gd morning to me! the feeling is jux so weird!! ZzZ.

hate this feeling tt i have to wake up if i happen to dozed off too early. aint the first time. got once i jumped out of bed at 1am to do hw. -.-" was telling my fren wed nite i 12+am(thu morning le) JIU slp le(already slp) but she was saying "JIU"? i 10+ plus le. i hear liao i shock. haha. cox 12+is really considered early for me. sometimes is forced to stay up to complete assignment. i nv get a chance to slp at 10+ now a days. like i say. in the end i'll stil wake up in the middle of no where to bring myself to sit in front of the com and get some work done. zzz. sian arh! ming4 hao2 ku3... T.T

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11:23 PM

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

omg. my nails are super ugly right now la! *cries* they broke right into the pink part. (if u noe wat i mean) haix. was planning to paint them sometime soon de. now cant le. sadded. for once i'm ranting bout something outside of studies. haha. but i'm too tired to go on. i need more slp! argh.

mon nite was fabulous! met up wif my girls (+wj's sis) for dinner at newton. ^^
but the part after tt was not. seriously was feeling so VERY tired tt nite. reach home ard 12. struggled to stay awake to do work. but then realise i did all the way till morn. din slp and went to sch. torturous can! omg la. T.T i NEVER wan such a thing to happen le. so i'm learning to mug smart. play smart. =) jy le.

19 oct.... <3

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11:33 PM

Saturday, October 04, 2008

yipee~! mid term is over for me! hehe. quite a handful of my frenz hav test till nxt week. so mine ended today is considerably early le. but of course it also meant i had lesser time for revision and having to rush for my computing assignment definitely made it worse. ZzZ.

it seems like months since i last watched movie. lol.

and i believe i deserve my beauty slpa gd nite slp. nitex ppl. =)

it's impt to get plenty of rest. a piece of advice from the (elite) seniorS...

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11:57 PM

1.50am and i reach home for barely half an hr. no. i din go anywhere to relax.hav fun.enjoy myself when i'm suppose to be mugging for my mid terms. and yes. i'm TOTALLY drained out cox of COMPUTING! omg la. i spent like THREE days on it. well. 3 days in nth but it means ALOT during exam week la. and i really sat in math soc room for 10 hrs on thu trying to get something outta it. din manage to complete and today choing again. choing PAST the dateline of 1159 for submission was told might hav marks deduction. but well. nth i can do also. really tried my best le! and nope. i din hand in perfect ans. my program cant run well also. T.T but really struggled la. and i'm sure valerie too. we'll do better nxt time ya. =)

and so i left sch past 12AM. sometimes i jux wish i stay in hall. so convenient can! lol. ideal for mugging. cox help is within reach.

i'm so looking forward to tml's last paper. like finally! though i shd be studying now. but my computing totally drained me out! and i need to rant! it's really killing me. and the lecturer simply too heartless! expect us to come out wif prog wif we haven learn the commands to it, and even if it's taught. the eg he gave was jux like 2 slides(!?!) so lil can. slides lor. not pages. argh. he's the worst lecturer i've seen so far.

and it's back to studying again... T.T

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1:50 AM

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

two down. two more to go. struggling! and seriously cant see light in them. haha. and i shd go back to my old believe tt shd slp earlier the nite b4 the paper. seriously slping at 4+am on mon nitetue morning is NOT helping me. i need more slp so i can think wif a quicker mind. and NOT fall aslp in the lec AFTER the test. i slept a lot after tt can. which means i missed out a lot. so gonne suffer from all the catching up to be done aftre my exam. T.T

but at least i managed to reach sch on time! waha. FIRST time since the start of sch. =x and credit goes to the morning calls i got. tks a million! seriously it's really something big for me. (oh no. tml is another 8am lesson. zzz. fri too. wa. haix. tml one lec is cancelled. so imagine i'm late for 1hr like any other thu morning.... then i'll be attend lesson for one hr only! imuxbepunctual.imuxbepunctual.imuxbepunctual!!! lol...)

and i couldnt take pic of my number-less helpsheet cox i forgot i had to hand it in for my test. cox it can actually gimme 2 bonus marks la! cool rite? and another surprising thing was. before the start of the test, the lecturer actually said"u can start looking at ur paper(as in literally READ the qn. not check thru the no. of printed page tt kind) but not write anything yet." so cool can! lol.

and it's time to study again. ZzZ...

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4:08 PM

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