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Friday, June 29, 2007

finally it's over! wee~! *cheers* this calls for a celebration. lol. ok. not as if the big A lvl is over. but at least now can slp wif ease le. no more waking up at 5 plus for last min revision. which totally robbed me of my slp and i think my dark circles getting darker. =.=

today din do anything much though. lol. only went lot1 eat wif the class then walk walk ard jiu go home liao. haha. then i audi all the way until now. we. now 10 plus le. tsk. got stop for bathe and dinner la. lol. speaking of audi. the other day i joined the GM event. lol.

ok. image a bit small. but oh well. the top right is the dj. aka GM(game master) which u dun see everyday. only at events. and usually the dj is not outside de. and tt's the power of GM. lol. anyway. only got one room and one GM. so u bet there's a fierce fight for the space. lol. 6 ppl each rd. i only manage to get in during the third rd. when i tot hopes was lost. i got into the room! lol. but hor. so nervous la. in the end nv complete the event. -.-"(anyway for my grp only 2 out of 6 completed the event. =x) throw face. no la. more of wasted. cox it's not easy fighting for a place inside and everyone only got one try. after tt would be kicked out. it's an exp though. good la. haha.

fine. audi aside. tml cousin wedding liao. wish them a blissful marriage! =D

everyone get plenty of rest orh. get a good nite slp. especially if u've been getting slpless nites during the exam period. take care peeps!

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10:16 PM

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

time to update!!!! wee~! ok. i'm SO excited. but hor. no picx. =x i oso duno y i din take pic today. lol. it's ok. well. i think i owe someone an explanation though(for not making it to something). rite. i'll clear things up. jux cant find the rite time. really sorry.

hm. so anyway today met up wif yq!!! *hugs girl* another fun day wif her. of course we had the intention to study. some discussion bout sch stuff which made us feel really unfair. ow. but wat can we say. jux work hard lor. last paper le. jy!

we ate a lot too. hmm. mos for lunch and jap food in the evening. yum yum. and not forgetting the diluted green tea incident. made our day become even more interesting. hehe. and oso. the audi event which conned me. lol. we only spent 1.5hr on audi ok. cox there's suppose to be an event for an hr but turn out dun hav. duno y. so waited. still dun hav. -.-" and of course, not forgetting jerlyn cutie. hehe. a 5-yr-old kid. v smart and VERY cute. starting so shy de. haha. but after tt really v fun. will miss her. hehe. i think yq love her too. =p almost stole a snapshot of her but in the end nv. lol. mux respect ppl ma. hehe. think she nxt time grow up sure become chio bu. tsk.

today was great! looking forward to more great days! wee~! pc bunk(?) hehe.

i love my audi chio bu. tsk.

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10:19 PM

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

time to take a break again! lol. slacker me. =/ today's paper ma. 40mcq in 1 hr. tough job. guess many ppl din manage to finish either. tikam lor. i mean is like not really i wan de la. no time to think carefully. see which one possible then throw in le. =x i only got jux nice time to go thru all the qn once. of which the last few is rush de cox me still wan go back to the previous few tt me duno how to do. go back oso no time think and do calculation. so yup. pray tt lady luck is on me lo. and hope everyone's lucky today. cox i noe not only me need the luck *fingers crossed*

after the paper it was time to pamper ourselves! =D pizza hut at lot one. tempting rite? tsk.

the girls. attendance 8/10
the guys. attendance 7/11

after tt stoned outside for v long time. and yup. VERY long time. tsk. in the end all decided to go home. haha. catch some slp. maybe i shd go slp too. so yup. nxt two days me shall stay at home and study(?) lol. tml and thu audi got event! lol. but i will control de. cox i noe my phy. *shake head* cmi de.

plans up for nxt wed and thu! wee~! cant wait. *grins*

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2:54 PM

Monday, June 25, 2007

another week of battle has started! today's paper. hm. vectors killed me again. this time i revised more thorough for vectors lor. but then when the qn came to me. blank again. -.-" so it's bb to. hm. 10marks? ok. maybe more. i oso not sure. got one VERY long de maclaurin's 7 marks. din get it rite oso. was praying so hard while doing tt i'm not making the wrong choice of spending my precious half an hr. ok. maybe 20 mins on tt second part (7marks). haix. the qn so long la. the only qn which i use more than one page. haha.

enuff of math. it's ok now. haha. and speaking of math. i owe someone pastamania cox of math. lol. great job la. it's worth it. hehe.

anyway. today. nt a fine day for me. suppose to be a happy-one-week. turned out wrong. oh well. let's jux see wat happens this week then.

song removed to reduce lagging.

i'll teach u wat is neglect.

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7:50 PM

Saturday, June 23, 2007

actually me got nth to blog about. lol. but then i realise my recent post all so short de. short until i scroll down my right section (info and tagboard) is longer than my left section (where all my entries are). last time b4 exam still not so chan de. especially if got pic then will scroll until v long. but now. haix. i think i blog and nv blog like no diff de lor. cox all entry is only bout studies nia. lol. but then. i think many ppl's evtry revolves ard mye too. cox really no life sia. everyday after exam go home study. go lot one walk oso no time. lol.

on a random note. i lost one pencil. ey. i mean on this particular nite i was studying. cox got the habit to write out wat i studying on blank paper ma. then always use pencil de. so i was using tt pencil. after tt take a break go drink water. come back cannot find liao. -.-" i TOTALLY forgot where i place tt pencil. and pencil ma. where can u put. table lor. pencil box lor. but all oso cannot find. lol. jux 5 mins and my pencil is gone. nobody came into my room lor. not trying to say it's eerie la. the pt is. STM. study stress?hm. maybe part of the reason ba.

ey. guess i dun hav enuff materials to make this entry v long either. haix. too deprived. this is the new word for me. carry it whenever i talk to ppl. lol. one more week. endure. of course. cannot slack. mux jy. everyone jy! one more week nia. =D the tougher week oready over le.

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12:59 PM

Friday, June 22, 2007

so much for taking a break after half the battle's over. ytd din touch dao anything. *guilty* actually i expected it. so i told myself shd find something to study. then me plan to study vectors. cox really cmi for vectors. but then. i tot. sick. use com a while jiu go slp. in the end i ended up wif audi!!! omg. haha. v long nv play liao. =x

today more disciplined though. *grins* chem. haha.


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8:47 PM

Thursday, June 21, 2007

break! now half the battle's over. it's time to give urself a well-deserved break. okie. maybe i dun deserve it. but i'll dead beat! tired. today long paper AND i hav flu. ow.... morn during econs paper i had this mountain of tissue paper on my desk. ok. maybe a hill. but i think it's enuff to scare the teacher tt walk past my table away. lol. virus in the air.

had to endure wif the itchy nose until after phy paper. long torturous day.

but at least i was blessed. i was pampered. tks loads. =D

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9:02 PM

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

ok. i noe i shdnt be blogging AGAIN. especially tml got two paper. econs and phy. zzz. both of which i study half nia. lol. try my luck ba. cox i really duno wat to say liao. this time rd the exam all like no confidence de. today math a jux a little better than ytd's chem. i din manage to finish revising all la. and the most hated VECTORS. puts me to slp. attempted to wake up early to study. but actually not much earlier. woke up at 545. lol. try harder for paper 2 ba. guess after tml jiu less stress liao. since nxt week de subj we've done the revision to cope with this week's paper le. ok la. maybe for subj like chem which we selectively study JUX the topics for paper 3 this time rd will still need time to cover the rest for nxt week. at least the MAJOR organic chem can handle ba. i mean for mcq la. zzz. cox ytd de "story-telling" qn for organic chem. 14 marks. i din manage to figure out ANY of the structure. so it's bb lo. haix.

after exam. cant wait. *winks*

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2:46 PM

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

taking a break now. ok. actually is slacking which i shdnt be doing. cox still got a lot of things i haven study for tml's paper. =/ anyway this time haix. nth much to say. aint v hopeful. ytd paper. think too long nv touch eng liao. my newspaper reading oso like nv help much. maybe cox i read too randomly liao. all the impt one i nv read. oops. then today. first time do paper 3 for chem. 1hr30mins for 3 qn. 4 qn given to choose. read the qn oready waste some time liao. lol. all the qn v long de lor. at least one page sia. haha. in the end got one major part nv do. really done for. boo-ness.

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1:55 PM

Sunday, June 17, 2007

last day b4 the exam period. jy everyone. haha. dun wanna blog much. cox nth to blog about oso. =x

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4:07 PM

Saturday, June 16, 2007

i wish i can be shorter by 4-5 cm.

YOU promised. fingers hooked. *grins*

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3:29 PM

Friday, June 15, 2007

in exactly 2 weeks' time. exam would be over! lol. but 2 weeks is indeed a long time. i wun mind if i'm given another 2 weeks to revise. cox i'm really not progressing. i need 3 days to finish organice chem. -.-" gd news is i put aside 6 days for chem. tt means i still have 3 days for chem. after tt i'm jux gg to let destiny decide my fate liao. cox all other subj din finish revision. tt means only left the-day-b4-exam to pia. which is like siao la. where got enuff time to squeeze so much info in? lol. last resort. flip thru all the notes write formula in one paper and memorise the formulas. for math and phy. but econs. er. gone. =x

2 weeks. cannot play game. boo-ness. blog? maybe ba. cox everyday blog bout how bad i did will only con't to demoralise myself. zzz. and it's gg to be SO boring. leave my blog to hibernate. 2 weeks sia. so long. after tt sure the daily hit drop to 5 ppl per day? lol.

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11:15 AM

Thursday, June 14, 2007

added song. old song. but recently am hooked into it.

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9:09 PM

YAY-NESS! today me finally replace my EZ-LINK!!!! hoho. and i din hav to go the photo shop there take passport size photo! lucky arh. me hate to take those kind of photo le. cox me duno how to smile. -.-" cox of my ugly teeth. at least neoprint got other ppl. got deco. can play ard wif angle effect not so bad. passport size photo. zzz. i asked if i can use a print out one instead. (tt time submit OGL form print from sch portal de.) then the person say try. cox need to be some photo finish de then can scan. but lucky can! hehe. if not i hav to take 2 times leh!!! cox i/c de cannot cover eyebrow. and er. collar i think cannot hav pins or something. i rmb tt time i take the photo for i.c de i put a clip on my collar. (not purposely of course.) then the person ask me take out. so ey. i duno la. then ez link mux be in sch uni. and is like i.c u use until 35 yrs old then will change de ma. so think maybe cannot got sch collar pin de? ey. duno la. =x

anyway. happie i finally resume my identity. lol. can go watch m18 le! can go bar/pub. tsk. congratulate me pls. er. kidding la.

after tt go eat LJS. haha. then sit outside outside de seat. then jux so happen my class peeps pass by. lol. then they one whole grp stand there make me so paiseh. ok la. i think yq more paiseh. tsk. not i wan ps de lor. is cox me and yq go cut hair!!!

me and yq always go cut hair tgt de. =D the last time we cut was near new yr tt time. sw was there too. since sec sch oready got cut hair wif yq le. we've been to many places to cut. bangkit la. gombak la. storm la. (at JP there.) and today was jean yip! haha. i pity my hair dresser cox my hair so thick. =x but the guy make it until thinner liao. but noe my fringe looks even weird-er. haha. my fringe jux gets shorter and short each time.


*i attempted edit the pic to put something to cover my teeth it jux look worse. =x so nv edit.


i love her. do you? tsk. another great day wif yq. after mye go out k? hehe. me so tempted to put u and ur chio bu de photo!!!! but i think u'll come after me so i din. =p

still trying to get used to my fringe. lol.

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8:20 PM

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

today. sch. mock. cant do well. really doomed for mye. rmb tt time CT mock i din do so badly de. in fact after mock still can go out. lol. now. doom and more doom tml. chem. jux started. aint progressing either. and omg la. ytd i spend my whole day on statistics today the teacher say statistics paper 2 then will come out!!!! say earlier ma. then i can study my vectors and my integration. see la. now i'm really gg to die liao. WORST is phy liao. din even tell us the topics for paper3. or did they? i think din. i only noe got data analysis which might need some comment sense. zzz.

i noe my entry getting more and more boring liao. paiseh. everyday same thing de. complains nia. =x

today attempted to study wif haihui and qw at mac. tks for the trouble to travel. =D we did study ok. jux tt i progress v slow nia. blame myself only. so yup. time to go back study again le. tml gg cut hair! then make my ezlink. gosh. so last min. but if i dun make. nxt week exam i mux bring passport to identify myself liao. lol.

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8:18 PM

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ahhhh... cant help feeling emo. AGAIN. wat a bad timing. mux blog out! if not will die... ok la. not so serious. me dun wan die yet. speaking of death. today saw car accident sia. my bus so close to the vehicle being hit on the other direction lane. it was still green light so my bus ALMOST turn. lol. but actually not serious accident oso. cox one BIG truck. u noe those cement de truck. ok la. maybe not truck. i oso duno wat to call them. hit the back of a small van. so the back of the van dent lor. lucky the truck is big and strong. so the driver unhurt. no death. no link actually. =x even if my bus had hit the BIG truck i'll still be alive. cox i sitting at the back of bendy. but i wun wan to see a bloody driver. gross. bad mrt-run-over-a-man incident(i WAS on tt train. saw a part of the brain.gross.) enuff le.

emo. no more studying wif YOU. quarrel. boo-ness.

guy lies. girl cries.

u and ur lies.

hear me cry.

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8:14 PM

woke up early today for math remedial. MATHS REMEDIAL. i TOTALLY din noe bout it until YESTERDAY!!!! gosh. i was so shock to hear tt there's math remedial today. i was like "huh? math remedial? when they say de? how come i din noe?" mux thank wr a million. alright. ahe say zillion. haha. really. if she din come talk to me on msn and we unintentionally link there. i'll still be zzz-ing away when ppl are having lesson and went PIZZA HUT for lunch! wee~! quite a long time nv go le. ok la. actually not v long oso. =x but i love gg to pizza hut. ate baked pasta today. hehe. no pic though. i guess we were TOO engrossed in a CERTAIN topic. tsktsk.

aint prepared for tml's math mock. so far i've only covered set A of math revision.
still got-poisson.norm.binomial distribution

SO MANY SECTIONS NOT CONVERED!!!! omg la. and i only left one pathetic day to study my math. this time really GG liao. after today is ALL chem le. cox i've NOT touch a SINGLE chem. -.-" i can say bb to my results. say bb to my mem card le.cox YOU promise to buy me mem card for encouragement if i get NO C for my mye result.which is totally like NOT possible. my CT oready 3 C liao. there's so much to improve and YET i'm not putting in enuff effort. blame no one but myself. boo-ness. i tried to bargain le. guess it's more practical to save up myself. sigh. but it's really kind of YOU to tempt me to studyencourage me with this since i'm SO DESPO for mem card. ytd i tried to squeeze more songs into my phone. lol. 33 songs in 64mb card. up from 27.

Painting a PRETTY mess.
2:45 PM

Monday, June 11, 2007

blog hop. do u count it as a hobby? haha. i think it's one of my hobby. as in usually the first thing i do when i on my com is blog hop. then last time every nite on com until late late. oso spend most of the time blog hop. some times got interesting findings. sometimes i jux wan poke into other ppl's life. haha. see most of the ppl like having great life. ENVY! haha.

envy's the new word for me. envy ppl spend lotsa time studying. envy those who finish exam. envy those who are having fun. shopping. playing. gg to bar. (gg to bar is jux the part bout nite life which i'm envious bout. less bout the partying and the drinking part.)

my recent post all v random. haha. guess i too long nv blog liao so lose all the organisation. anything come to mind jux blog. and those which i planned to blog bout somehow din come. like er. my neighbour is moving out! boo-ness! my DIRECT neighbour lor. cox my BLOCK is rectangle de. so my door faces my neighbour's door.

so yup. since is DIRECT neighbour i hope the new occupant would be really nice peeps. the current one. ok la. not v close to them. at most see each other say "hello" only. but they got a REALLY cute baby girl! yup. i'm jux LOVE little kids. CCUUTTEE! and my neighbours are really nice peeps. from the interaction b/w them and my mum.

speaking of my future DIRECT neighbour. haha. of course if got sg then zuan dao la. haha. cox direct oppo only ma. haha. me oso will fa hua chi de k. but then only see see only la. ME NO DESPO. -.-" but if got chio bu oso good. then can look at her dress sense then steal some idea. haha. now my dressing is TOTALLY cmi. zzz. so old liao still duno how to dress. nxt yr go uni can die. everyday wear shades or cap to hide my face. lol. if not jux buy one whole cupboard of tee-shirt and jeans. haha. aiya. jux somebody who can dress up de can liao. if not i like saying only the chio and the shuai noe how to dress up. lol. which is NOT true la. of course.

aiya. jux hope my neighbour got teens. haha. dun wan kids le la. only my bro zuan dao cox got more ppl play wif him. haha. but oso good la. since i hardly play wif him oso. =x at most i give up my com let him maple nia. i mean tt's the norm la. unless i got more time then will pei him. the rest of the time i'll be inside my room or outside not at home de. but i still love my bro! lots! hehe.

wordy entry. no pic=boring life. stuck at home. wat can i expect. change colour for easy reading. lol.

Painting a PRETTY mess.
12:31 PM

Sunday, June 10, 2007

i noe i jux posted my previous entry like. 10 mins ago? but i cant help it. cox i jux happen to drop by a fren's blog and i learnt bout his breakup wif her girl. the girl initiated it. i pity them. both. i'm duno if u'll be reading this. i'm sry if u read this and feel the pain. but like i've said many times. i'm not one tt kps everything to myself. it jux feels so horrible. and i'll lose even more focus cox my mind would kp thinking bout it. ow. i cant believe how many unsuccessful r/s i've hear bout this yr. FYI. when i say many. it's more than wat u can count wif one hand ok. and last yr totally nv hear bout such things one lor. ok. maybe got. jux not as many. haix.

but i guess i'm not here to blog bout r/s and stuff ba. cox wat's more impt is studies. BUT hor. from those tt i heard from. not all from jc one leh. (jux like i dun only hav jc frenz. same logic) so u cant tell me cox ppl stress la. wan focus more on study la. so wat's the reason? i often wonder when i hear bout new cases. this yr a bad yr for r/s? for those taking A i believe so la. cox u'll argue tt cox mux focus on A lvl ma. but others leh? hmmm...

weird weird de. anyway this kind of thing oso not within our control. we cant control our emotions. jux like i cant control mine either. ytd for some stupid reason i cried. which made YOU worried. sry. =x totally unexpected la. maybe nxt week i'll cry over my studies. in the exam venue when i cant ans most of the qn. blame myself and nobody.

ok. jux another random entry. lol. i oso duno wat i message i trying to get across. maybe er. this kind of thing ma. part and parcel of life. let time heal the wound.

Painting a PRETTY mess.
8:50 PM

i miss blogging lots! i noe i've not updated for only a day. but the past few is all for entertainment purpose de. let everyone take a break from study. hehe. response quite good. tks peeps! =D wanted to do a ranking bout realise too luan liao. i oso duno how to gauge. and speaking of entertainment purpose. haha. i oso tried this....

You are The Moon

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Moon is a card of magic and mystery - when prominent you know that nothing is as it seems, particularly when it concerns relationships. All logic is thrown out the window.

The Moon is all about visions and illusions, madness, genius and poetry. This is a card that has to do with sleep, and so with both dreams and nightmares. It is a scary card in that it warns that there might be hidden enemies, tricks and falsehoods. But it should also be remembered that this is a card of great creativity, of powerful magic, primal feelings and intuition. You may be going through a time of emotional and mental trial; if you have any past mental problems, you must be vigilant in taking your medication but avoid drugs or alcohol, as abuse of either will cause them irreparable damage. This time however, can also result in great creativity, psychic powers, visions and insight. You can and should trust your intuition.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

the last sentence. i bolded it. can u see? hehe. trust my intuition... not sure bout this. cox ppl always tell me i think too much. =x

anyway. see ppl all mug so hard i feel VERY guilty. sigh. i cannot sit still and study for long hrs. sometimes i merely STARE at the notes. and PRESUME i understand. gosh. how i wish i can turn back time and NOT waste the first week. which i noe i cant. but but left ONE week. only! and i nv get to finish a lot la. so far only finish econs-micro(ALL), macro(until BOP). phy(only j2 topics) TT"S ALL! omg la. haven touch chem AT ALL. and math. haix. today try the set A. first two qn oready duno how to do liao. (manange to do qn 3 though).

these few days i hav no proper explaination to wat i've been doing. i realise i miss out a lot. in terms of studies. and in terms of reading blogs. haven been updating myself. =x and realise there's so many new posts i duno how i shd go about reading them.(there's time constraint u see)

the week ahead. let it be more productive PLS.

this is my 401th post! lol. so old liao my blog. maybe the 500th post i'll do an xtreme makeover for it. tsk. as in how lei. duno yet. =x now oso not the time to think. i bet i'm not suppose to be blogging in the first place. lol.

random. my chio bu become chou bu liao. sad sad. cox me only buy the clothes for a week only. lol. $5 only ma. wat u expect rite? but like tt oso good. can kp me away from my com for the nxt week. after exam i'll dolled it up again! haha. but actually i din play a lot oso leh. only morn play a while.evening and nite i guai guai sit at study table de. jux tt really la. i duno wat happen.... cant focus! ytd i sit for like 4 hrs? but only finish some quantum. zzz. wan dan le.

die. complain so much ltr ppl wan say me again. -.-"

fine. shall go back study.

tml YOUr last paper le. soon's it's my doom's day. =x

Painting a PRETTY mess.
8:13 PM

Friday, June 08, 2007


great response from "deathclock" ! hehe. now for something for exciting.... http://www.happyhub.com/network/reflex/ test ur reaction here! hehe. record:0.235s but it's not mine. mine is 0.267 T.T

and yup. same. rmb to tag down on my blog. maybe i can do a ranking! haha. but no cheating. if u're faster than 0.235s. er. take screenshot for evidence. =p good luck peeps.

today went "study" wif yq. haha. and yup. given the " " u noe we din. i miss this girl too much! we've got LOTS to talk about. tt we jux cant finish and move on to our work. =x had a great time wif her! meet up nxt week for haircut k? *huggx*

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6:51 PM

Thursday, June 07, 2007

http://www.deathclock.com/ when will u die? haha. let's see who live a ripe old age. if u try pls put ur result under my tagboard then we can compare! jux for fun only la.

me arh. will die in 2049. -.-" which is 41 yrs ltr. when i'm 59 yrs old. lol. i wan to live till 70 yrs old to see my grandchildren grow one leh! gosh.

Painting a PRETTY mess.
2:06 PM

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

today wasnt productive. but at least got study 2 chapters of phy. =x past few days only study econs. lol. tt's my achievement so far. aint fastanstic ya. but it'll get better provided i stick to my plan. which apparently i did not. cox my econs "eat" into one day of phy. which means ytd i'm suppose to start on phy le but today then i start. and i only did 2 chap. -.-" afternoon was wasted again. argh. lack of discipline again.

dad FINALLY came back! wee~! 2 weeks seem liked a mth! lol. ok la. maybe cox 80% of the time i'm stuck at home. trying to force myself to study tt's y it seems so long.

ytd did mange to go out though. EARLY morn. haha. 8 plus go out le. went haihui hse wif the other girls to make wj's belated bdae card.

looks familiar? haha. yup. we integrated it from the sauces de photo.

of course me not so hao ming. cox by 3 plus my mom oready call to ask me go home le. zzz. ok la. at least i still got to go out. initially she din allow de. say "u wan study still can go out?" -.-" ok lor. so i said i'll come home early early. so the early early is 3plus lor. lucky b4 tt the girls had time to play a while in the arcade.ok. it's tt candy machine again. lucky this time got control. we wasnt having much luck anyway. cant wait to play again! at least i noe after exam sure will. at least once. *grins* cox YOU promised. =D

might be gg to cut my hair! lol. actually i only wan to settle my scare fringe de prob nia. haha.

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11:58 PM

Monday, June 04, 2007

my chio bu! haha. u can say tt she's not v chio bu at least she looks prettier now. as compared to b4. oops. no b4 pic to compare. but those got play b4 de will noe how my character look like last time. wasted CASH. but then at least i'm happie. at least cheaper than maple la. cox $5 nia. haha. anyway since i din go for the movies so $5 is nth lor. (more bout the movies ltr). anyway. i sort of more realise y ppl indulge in the virtual world. cox they can get away from the cruelty of truth.

purpose of posting this pic. COX I WAS CRITICISED FOR MY LOOKS 2 DAYS BACK! can die la. i noe the person dun mean to hurt me. and it has always been a hard fact tt i'm ugly. but do u hav to be so straight forward? i mean we're all adults le leh. anyway. more than one ppl boo-ed at my looks within the short period of two days.(always like tt de. bad things dun come single) and nope. ME NOT SO CRAZY GO POST MY PHOTO SOMEWHERE AND ASK PPL TO COMMENT.... -.-" both of them i noe de. jux not close. maybe tt's y they din think b4 they speak. gosh. another emo entry.

ok. it's also another hard fact tt ppl DO look at looks. tt's y i really cant wait for after As then i can work for my braces! wee~! (FYI. i was criticised for my teeth.) and i'm one down-to-earth girl who noes tt even wif straight teeth me oso not chio bu. but hu cares. at least i look more NORMAL.

i cant believe there's so much things to drive me to get my braces ASAP tt i'm actually thinking of commercialise-ing my blog. jux tt i duno how. =x anyway i noe this kind of money oso not easy to earn one la. jux some wild tots. shoo~ shoo~ them away and i'm back to earth. reading my notes and awaiting for As to come to me. the worst fear of their life for those hu hav taken it. i guess it IS very fearful. been reading bout uni in singapore. find it actually quite hard to get into uni. they tell us to be safe at least get ABC. and i've heard stories tt ADD(fren's fren) and ABE(newspaper) tt they hav no where to go. ow. imagine getting in is hard. tt means getting into the COURSE OF UR CHOICE would mean it's even harder lo. sadded. and i'm not even getting ABC la. zzz. me not v clever de k. i hav every reason to be worried for my results. and i'm not kek-ing ppl ok. i'm speaking from where i stand only. pls dun get offended in anyways. i noe i'm bound to get into trouble.

i'm turning into more and more like a trouble-making. AND I DUN WAN IT DE K. not like i can control. jux like i din expect myself to stop studying for a day ytd and get stucked today. i SO WAN to watch the movie de k.

i've been anticipating la!!! such a disappointment tt i wasnt allowed to go out today. ARGH! ytd i was still watching pirates1 on channel 5 lor!!!! me wan watch. but i guess everyone in this world watch le except me ba. boo-ness! my life's so bitter. hols is the worst time ever. always stuck at home de. at least school days if lesson end early can go walk walk.

so many complains. i bet ppl would rather me nv update my blog. lol.

and yup. it's mugging time again.

sry i made YOU so disappointed cox i din study AT ALL ytd. =x

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will update ltr. =D rmb to check back. hehe.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

today was nth but studying. wat a saturday. haix. tml. gg stay at home again. lazy go out wif my mom. cox he's bringing my bro to get his flowerboy er. suit? ok la. clothes. at JP. bet he's gg to be damn cute. waha. cousin's wed on june 30th if i rmb correctly. tt means after mye le! lol. wat a great way to kick off my after-mye celebration. lol. me v long nv go wedding liao. dun really hav a lot of cousins at the marriagable age. guess it's been a few yrs since the last wedding le ba.

ow. currently life only revolves ard STUDYING.argh. BORING.

too much studying may er. give ppl bad mood? haix. jux now went outta my room drink water. happen to watch the tv for a while. then the show quite funny de. come back room. sian half. then was pondering to myself. like quite long nv luff so much liao. haix.

if i'm in a bad mood i prefer to say it out. kp it to myself i can jux die. then me will lose focus. kp thinking bout it. maybe cox me girl ba. i understand most guys tend to kp to themselves. oh well. nth's wrong wif tt either. haha.

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Friday, June 01, 2007

"leave out the hatred.jux free my soul from all the pain." finally changed my msn nick after like weeks? lol. but it's true la. only got inspiration then will change my nick de. the two sentence not much link though. haha. dun dare. wonder how long i'll take again to change my nick. hmm...

well i dare say ytd was quite pissed off by someone/something. but then i din expect such commotion. =x sry peeps. i'm still alive and jumping. tt'll all i can say. no blood no tears. jux angry-ness ytd.

i was totally in the bad mood ytd and jux no zhun3 a fren of mine came telling me tt he feels tt ppl ard him is dao-ing him. -.-" think too much. ok la. maybe cox the girl he crush on nv reply his sms for days le so he feel rejected tt's y link so far. at tt moment i was in a down mood so wasnt able to console him. it's always like tt de. whenever something's not right for me. something jux has to pop up to make it worse. i was so NOT friendly and it made me feel really guilty. argh. hope everything's fine now.

today i followed my study plan!!! as in i did follow my "schedule" which i drew up for june. jux tt i had quite a hard time trying to adjust the dates to accomodate MOCK EXAMS! yup. totally forgot bout it. and in case u peeps oso forget. math mock is on 13th june.wed. chem is on 14th june.thu. phy and econs dun hav duno y. so yup. start planning ur studies now. cox if u can score in the mock. it'll somehow boost ur confidence for mye.

my emotions are too powerful. am having a hard time controlling it. i need help! ahhh......

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