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Monday, March 31, 2008

haven been blogging reguarly. anyway my life's kinda boring. revolve round work nia. today is day 5 outta 6. not much mood and energy to work liao. since i haven been eating enuff. feel like i can faint anytime. =/

and yup. this time round i really start watching shows le. drama not yet la. jux movies. death note 1 & 2 and 200 pound beauty. ya. dun be shocked i nv watch them b4. i v seldom visit the cinema de. last time la. now got watch more movie le. hehe.X)

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12:47 AM

Friday, March 28, 2008

when i read gerald's blog i was like. "arh?!? so coincidental!" lol. was watching death note ytd tt's y din blog. lol. finished part 1. was waiting to see some action but to my disappointment. not much. =/ gonna continue wif part 2 today. hope it's better. =) sky of luv still rocks. X)

there's so MANY coincidence in the world sometimes u can hardly believe it.

one VERY GOOD eg. :my friend(a girl. older than me la.) had a bf for SEVEN yrs. sad ending and they separated cox of certain reason. of course. a SEVEN yrs r/s is hard to forget. jux when she was healing her wound, she received a wedding invitation. her friend's holding a dinner @ void deck. to her horror. her friend's place is jux ONE block away from her bf ex's house! so eerie can. s'pore may be small but we hav ALOT of flats la. =/

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11:38 PM

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

scenes of ytd's movie kp flashing thru my mind. i really love tt movie lots. and thinking back. i realise jap has got quite a bit of nice movies and dramas. O.o makes me a lil excited into jap drama watching now. the jap drama tt gives me the deepest impression i bet would be "Itazura Na Kiss" or wat they call "er4 zhuo4 ju4 zhi1 wen3"(pardon me if the pinyin is wrong) rmb watching it since i was quite young and really love tt drama lots. and after a while i become more of a computer person than a tv person. where i no longer watch drama on tv AT ALL. till now. i STILL din manage to finish watching ANY drama. except for princess hrs maybe, tt's korean drama i noe. other than tt. as far as i can rmb, i din finish ANY le. T.T how pathetic. i think i'm missing out a lot. might really wan to set my mind to start watching drama now. i now i've rant about wanting to watch drama for _ _ _ _ times le. but maybe now i really would ba. cox i'm starting to lose interest in watever-i-used-to-do on my com. mostly online gaming last time. sometimes i think i use com for the sake of using. cox if i dun, i duno wat else i can do. lol. usually nt long after i come home after work my siblings starts to hit lala land. so mostly i'll be alone. if i dun occupy myself wif somthing, my mummy would start nagging me to pack my room which i dread LOTS. =\ so drama for me maybe? but given the time i'm online everyday, think one day can only finish one or two episode. lol. so slow. like the bus tt crawled.

the bus tt crawled. is the bus i took to work today. kuku can. it seriously CRAWLED la. from green light can move until red light. and EVEN on expressway i think the bus din go beyond 40km/hr can. ok maybe 50km/hr when the limit is 90km/hr. exaggerating? guess not ok. cox i compare my bus and other vehicles exiting to non-expressway lane where the speed limit is 50km/hr, other vechicles are STILL moving faster than my bus can. this has to be the SLOWEST bus EVER! (all the other trucks or watever big vehicles were cutting into my bus's lane la. it's so VERY easy to cut in cox my bus was moving at snail's speed. and after a while u'll see the big vehicles a distance away cox my bus kp moving at snail's speed.)argh. and yup. dun need say i bet u oso noe wat happens nxt la.T.T i really had this urge to take down vid to show how slow the bus was crawling. and prove tt i'm nt bias in a sense tt i made the bus look like it's crawling jux becox i'm eager to reach my workplace in order nt to be late. =\

blah. enuff of ranting. and i FINALLY saw qw @ work today. =) but din get to go break tgt tough. =/ my break time too early. agreed to go tgt on fri. which is also my last day at paragon. lol. and i sure miss tt girl. hehe. hope all of us will get to meet up soon. pray hard.

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11:19 PM

my official off day for the week. went for more job hunt w hh. found and got selected for this job which the pay is quite attractive but duno reliable anot. it's nt like simple sales job which u stand in a shop and sell watever u're suppose to sell. the person say duno wat still mux demo. and when we went there for interview the place was still under renovation. then they really din give us much details jux tell us come for orientation then we'll get to know better. hmm. tt's y still thinking whether to go for it anot. =/

anyway. skip the part bout job hunt. boring. i've travelled from east to west for job interviews. it's nt the part bout passing the interview tt's troubling me. it's the part bout earning LESSER tt's troubling me. no luck at gd paying job. except for the above. shorter working hrs, higher pay leh! and another one is commission based where the person say one can earn $60-$100 per day after few days of training. but they got no basic leh. pure hard work basis. a bit risky. =/ and we'll hav to do campaigns for ulu ulu companies or organisation. ow. is the pay statistics for real?

so yup. other than tt. usually the hrly rate would be lesser than my current one or tt it's the same but the working hrs shorter which means i earn lesser. lol.

say dun wan mention still say so much. lol.

ok. nxt. university application. halfway done. FINALLY i chose my backup courses. tks to my fren. a million tks. if nt i'll probably still stuck until the last day of application? lol. jux wanna gather a bit more info b4 finalise my choices. =)

then it was movies at nite...

i saw the other pic from a random blog...

which i think is more meaningful can. cox of the snowBABY.

the movie is super touching la. rate it 4.5/5. nth's perfect. 0.5 is room for improvement. lol.

really love the movie ALOT! i guess tt's the BEST movie i've watched so far. no wonder my fren say he wun mind watching it again becox it's really VERY nice! ahh... so glad we(me and hh) still decided to watch it last min. =) the movie was at 7. we bought our tix at ard 6.50. hehe.

and if only i din had the urge to go toilet i would hav enjoyed the movie even more. and the movie is so good it's worth staying IN the cinema no matter how urgent i was. hehe.

the guy is handsome(when he is NOT wif his black hair. X) ) and the girl v chio oso. hehe. but tt's only one of the selling pt. the story itself is the selling pt. the love between them is so sweet and strong tt it is more of fairy tale than reality. if only the guy din die.... such a pity....

ok. i noe i'm a bit outdated. as in the movie was out quite long ago le. but better late than nv ma. glad i still got to watch it. *thumbs up*

fate and destiny. do u believe in it?

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12:03 AM

Monday, March 24, 2008

there's something tt i really HATE tt i feel i mux express it out.

bad escalator etiquette.

ok. i'm not sure if the word etiquette is too formal for it, but anyway. jux dun like the way ppl dun understand the meaning of keep LEFT!
this is VERY impt u noe. cox u mux empty the right side for those rushing for time to walk ma. i noe i'm one of those rushing cox i'm always late. tt's y i'm rather disturbed by this issue. ppl ALWAYS get stucked on the right side becox of ONE person who refuse to budge. VERY irritating.
another kind is they like to spread their arms wide. something like this....

cant find better pic le. jux try to imagine la. haha.

so they like to spread their arms wide across the two sides of the escalator like they own the escalator or something. argh. then ppl behind cannot walk past them. worse is if they listening to music. even if u politely say excuse me u're NOT entertained! but for me usually if i see either situation above i jux tell myself to be patient lor. no choice. cox sometimes even if u politely say excuse me, the person would give u a stare as if u're the one in the wrong. so i rather save myself the trouble. hah.

pls be more considerate and u'll be doing many ppl a favour. actually i dun think the ppl ard me got such habits. even if u do. no offence. jux trying to vent out my frustration. i noe i may nt be standing on the left hand side EVERYTIME i step onto the escalator, but at least i noe how to move away if i noe got ppl behind me.

every lil thing u do, makes a difference.

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11:22 PM

Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter everyone. i hope i din get the date wrong. and it's also happie bdae to sitian! =)

when u tell me bout easter, i think about easter bunny and easter eggs. but still. it took me quite some time to realise today is easter when me and colleague saw a grp of children surrounding a bunny mascot at the open space in front of my shop. din realise wat the occasion was until i saw the bunny giving out egg like candy/chocolate.

din take photo of the bunny and the kids cox the bunny is nt adorable de. =/ oh well. i'm too old for all these mascots (or watever u call them) anyway. haha. i'm more attracted to the candy/chocolate tt she's giving away. yup. i noe is a she cox my colleague bumped into the bunny in the ladies. hehe.

i can NEVER imagine myself wearing those "outfit" and wave at ppl. unless they pay me well enuff. like $50 per hr? X) i noe it'll nv happen. jux like i'll NEVER wear tt thing. though the "costume" would literally cover me from head to toe, but still dun like the idea of myself in those kind of "costume". lol.

ok. quite random. i guess tt means it's time for me to slp. =) nitex ppl.

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11:53 PM

Saturday, March 22, 2008

okie. so i was procrastinated. thinking tt i got plenty of time to slack ard b4 work. turn out i over-used com and was late for work. =/

i was so v tired can. at some pt of time i actually fell aslp!!!! omg la. think it's the first time i really slept dozed off during working time. mux be cox ytd slept at 2 and woke up at 8 today. haha. 6 hrs is NOT enuff for me de lor. plus i started to hav flu when i start work. so it made me feel even more tired. so for morning i jux hid myself behind the counter and rested.(aka dozed off) but my in charge din scold me. cox i was genuine-ly sick ma. and nt as if i slack the whole day. after noon i got do work le. and by 2 i was feeling better le. =) cox i took panadol earlier on.

actually i feel like falling flat on my bed after i bathe once i reach home. but then i feel like blogging oso. haha. pic supported post delay too long will become picture-less. lol. nt some fantastic pic but at least better than nth ma.

so ytd was good fri. my ONLY off day this week. went to visit my grandma in the hospital ard noon. of course mux respect her cannot anyhow take pic ma. so i took this inside.

the signs says"pls do not pick the flowers" and these are the flowers they were referring to...

made of balloons and some fake petals. creative leh. and some had wordings on them. think is those enouraging words ba. din really went over to read them. was heading to the coffee shop for some drink when the nurse "chase" us out cox they wanted to do something which i duno wat wif one of the patients in the ward. think is take xray arh.
and while waiting for mummy to come back wif drinks, i starting taking photo of my ever-so-cute bro. X)

multiple shots. hehe.

so VERY cute rite? *grins*
after visiting my grandma was job hunting wif hh again. yup. it may seem like it's a public holiday. but we still managed to booked appointment for interview. one for ytd, 2 for nxt week. and today hh's starting work already. but still will be gg for more interview nxt week cox the current one nt v appealing. and if were to work 4 mths there can die. haha. boring can.
after tt we went over to glass hse to meet up wif the guys. fish&co. is love! hehe.
had seafood chowder again. yummy.......
someone nxt to us was celebrating her bdae ytd.

and it was the cheer and song session again. haha.
these are the ppl who went ytd.

me and hh. =)

we were the only two girls who made it. the rest are missed. rmb our date nxt tue! <3

after dinner was crows zero. guess they really ran out of movies to watch le. lol. the show is bout fighting, fighting and more fighting. lil bit of friendship, lil bit of love. but 90% is fighting. haha. and the show is VERY long can. at least got 2 hrs arh. when we leave it was 12 le and the show was suppose to start @ 930.

and today was back to work again. *yawns*

on the way to the mrt saw this grp of i-suppose-they-are-scouts, judging from their pants. and they are actually doing punishment in the public la. so poor thing.

but like we always say, one for all, all for one. so i guess there really isnt much for them to be paiseh about ba. nt as if one person doing only.

so i guess tt's bout it. time to slp! tml still got work! T.T if u had a bad day like me, go look at my bro's pic again. his cuteness will make u feel better. hehe.

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11:21 PM

did u ever think tt i'll be blogging at 9AM in the morning? i guess nt. haha. will be back at nite. shd be gg to work now. ciaox.

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8:59 AM

Thursday, March 20, 2008

more random post ahead. cox boredom is driving me crazy.

so. ytd i bought mag to read DURING work. X) and i even read WIF my colleague. haha. we are TOO bored. but we read discreetly la. got ppl then we'll hide the book. haha. and then there was this page.

yes. purple pls! hehe. me love purple. waha. see this page only v excited. but actually none of it really attracted me lots. to the extent tt i wanna bring them home or something. but like i've always tell myself. i like purple doesnt mean need to wear purple from head to toe. it's so ugly can. i'm nt like pink panther la. tt one is so VERY extreme can. and i even think tt's childish. EVERYTHING oso wan pink. pls la. nt to tt extent can. grow up la. tsktsk.

and today. boredom made me do this....

yup. i scribbled on cardboard. there's more lor. but dun wan show all ltr u noe how slack i am. haha. actually i was in the midst of packing stock. at times i oso got do work de ok. but i still played ard cox i took things slow ma. here u finish ur work fast oso no use. cox then u'll hav NOTHING to do. really nth. except stoning maybe. and thinking of food? lol.

though it seems like i eat quite a lot but then i think i'm getting skinnier and skinner each day. T.T or izzit cox i haven been eating rite? all the junk isnt giving me the rite nutrients tt my body need to support itself. i think i like turning into one skeleton like tt. even uncle oso finally admit i'm skinny. X)

but skinny is no good la. argh. but i still choose to choose my junkie meal. and for once i ate VERY little.

today's breakfast was a piece of bread+oreo biscuitS+milk.

lunch was 1 box of biscuit (approx 8 pieces)+soy milk

dinner was one bread.

LOL. to think i actually survived on those. i mux be crazy. if this continues i will become as light as paper. hah.

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11:17 PM

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

realise my life is back to being SO VERY boring now tt i've literally nth to blog about. =/

last sat some of the class peeps went to eat lunch at tbp at a place call bie2 fu3. this was wat i ate.

it's VERY fulling can. the others struggled wif their food too. lol. i mean the girls la. i think the guys had no prob wif their food. lol.

anyway i oso duno wat i'm doing mentioning the food. lol. am mad.

oh well. how bout this. wedding shots @ raffles hotel.

took a sneak shot of the couples taking wedding shots at the open space outside my shot. hope they dun mind. at least the pic is nt ugly ma. haha. their photographer looked VERY young can. i kp telling my colleague the photographer look VERY young but she din really responded. cox she nt as kpo as me. tt was my in charge. i basically stationed myself openly in front of my shop door and looked at them taking photo. X)

tt's the FIRST time i see ppl taking wedding shots. tt's y it looked interesting to me. hehe. but actually half the time i'm looking at the photographer thinking how old is he. he really looked like ard my age lor. and he's helping ppl taking wedding shots already. i mean wedding is such a big thing can. and ppl sure wan as perfect as possible so i think he shd be skilled ba. or maybe he's nt as young as he looks. we all noe looks can be deceiving. tsktsk.

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10:52 PM

i'm so VERY angry rite now! blah. (dun ask me y.)

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12:17 AM

Monday, March 17, 2008

one thing good bout working at my place is i get great discounts! waha. not jux my product alone. but oso others. cox my colleague has got real good lobang. so today i got a fox jeans+edc skirt for only $50! waha. the seller got it at discounted price of 49.90 EACH.(retail price 80+,90+) but my colleague bargain until $50 for BOTH! waha. X) i admit i dun really LOVE the two bottoms. but well. it's such a steal i shdnt miss. and since i DONT hav many clothes. no harm getting them. hah. buy for the sake of buying. and if u wonder how come the seller willing to sell, cox she bought TOO much. trying to get rid some so no choice even if she suffer loss oso try to give in lor. haha. i zuan dao. X) and hopefully i'll get to buy some tops from her too. hehe. heard got mango de oso. O.o

other than tt. work is boring today. boo-ness. =( 3 more days to go before my off day.

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10:35 PM

Sunday, March 16, 2008

first it was 10,000 BC. then it was rule #1. now this....

the spiderwick chronicles! haha. THREE movies is a week! tt's quite an achievement for me le ok. tt's like every other day will go watch movie. haha. tt's y now like only every other day then blog. cox after movie tired. bathe le jiu slp. haha. and to think i'm trying to survive 6 days work week. haha. yup. this week is another 6 days work week. only fri off. T.T and this week is ONLY at raffles hotel. more cleaning for me. =/ if only everyday got big customer like today.

today got one big customer came in when my colleague went for break. (tt means i'm alone) see see nia jiu buy buy buy. bought 21 items in total! weet~ $3k+ cool seh. then do wrapping for every individual one. fun seh. of course we use gift box la. X) but still got to tie the ribbons ma. then he say dun need do indication which is which oso. i think he gg give to big grp of ppl and gg by lucky draw style i think. who lucky get wat lor. but i can say the things he choose quite nice de lor. got a few i personally like them. hehe. so gd la. and he paid everything in CASH. O.O

rich+generous. wa seh.

anyway. at least tt's not something i see everyday so tt wraps up my day at work. except i din mention my in charge was rather unhappy wif me bout my lateness prob. =( i really am trying my best. but i forgot today sunday. weekend= train come less frequently. and yup. i had to wait for 8 mins at yew tee and another 3 mins @ je. if norm days i would hav made it on time. argh. HELP! T.T

but NO!i dun make up stories to hide my lateness prob. ytd i din turn up for nus open hse cox i really xie4 du4 zi. yaya. if i'm gg to write tt in eng i wun noe how to spell AGAIN. and i DID mention how much i wanted to go nus to find my backup course. now i'm still at square one. T.T so yup. stuck at home and dated my toilet a few times. boo. even b4 we watch movie @ 9 plus my stomach still wasnt feeling ok. so b4 movie when me and wr and qw and david went food court for dessert, i had to settle wif something tt is NOT cold. and they din hav tou suan already. =(

ok. so about the movie. quite funny at times. exciting at times. i think it's a nice movie. better than rule #1. haha. becox it's not horror. X)

though everyday stay out until so late i still went out today when the shop closes early. haha. town-ed and got my belated belated bdae present. haha. still got one person owe me lor. but i tell tt person can leave for christmas liao. cox we too busy to meet. when i free my fren nt. when my fren free. er. actually my fren like forever busy. nvm. jiu. busy la. kp for christmas. hah.

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11:54 PM

Friday, March 14, 2008

shall make it as short as possible. tired le. and yes. i survived my 6days of work! weet~!

so. despite ytd being day 5 out of 6, i still went movies after work wif some of the class peeps. initially was told am gg to watch "step up 2" tt's y i wanted to go so very much. but only to realise when i was travelling halfway to west mall, they decided to change to watch this.

wat i wasnt told was tt this is a horror movie! T.T i noe i do watch horror in the past. but i've been telling myself i wun wan to watch one now cox everyday i walk home alone. and the path i walk ia rather empty. and my block VERY ulu. i DID hear bout this movie b4 but i forgot it was horror so i blur blur went to watch. of course i screamed. =x so paiseh can. so eventually i learnt to cover my eyes TOTALLY. lol. then the behind part nt so scary le so it's quite ok la. and throughout the movie was talkingsmsing my colleague bout how i got "conned" into watching horror and how scared i was. at least something to divert my attention. and she was kind enuff to company to talk on the phone on my way back home. really appreciated tt alot. thanks ALOT! =) (though i noe u wun see this.)

so yup. fell flat after reaching home. shared a bed wif my sis cox she gg on camp for 3 days. though we dun spend much time tgt, once in a while we do spend quality time tgt. and sisters will always be sisters. i'll miss her. hope she's doing fine now.

and on day 6. work was really VERY boring. cox the customer is so VERY little can. and i'll really appreciate it if u come in knowing tt u're looking at CRYSTALS. today one customer came in looking for diamond ring. -.-" tt's y she got a shock when i told her the price of one ring tt she was looking at. yes of course u CANNOT get many diamonds wif hundred over bucks. but u can get many sparkling crystals wif hundred over bucks.

oh well. and today's craving for KFC led me to go over to bugis. which means i can go sasa to hunt for my double eyelid sticker. and YES! it was there! been waiting for them to restock for quite sometime le. until my kuku brand oso finishing. lucky they came. and since i said i wanted to be kiasu and since i jux got my pay hand itchy wan to spend, i bought 2 packs at one go. which can last me FOUR MTH! X)

even the packaging is nicer than the kuku brand can. dun wan show pic ltr kena sue for saying their product kuku. =x but anyway u dun see much double eyelid stickers ard. only got this and tt. haha. so if u see on the streets u'll noe la. lol.

ok. off to slp. soon. tml gg nus open hse. i REALLY NEED some advice bout wat other course i can choose. and i've nt been able to get the info of diff courses from both ntu and nus website. i'm most interested bout the job prospect. like wat can i become if i take mathematics or science. but i cant seem to find the info. maybe cox i poor at navigation on the web? but i really NEED the info! help! and wat's applied physics? how is it diff from jux physics alone? i'm looking into this ard cox i do admit i'm quite a theoretical(or however u spell it) student. so maybe these courses would be gd for me? =/ but wat will i be studying for?

on a random note, i wanna watch sky of love and step up 2!!!! hehe. quite into movies recently. =)

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11:30 PM

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

i think u dun need to guess oso know the outcome of my attempt-to-reach-earlier. hah. i shd shut myself inside my room and do reflection. but er. i dun think i got the time to do tt. lol. everyday is work and com. X) today is day 4 out of 6. 2 more days to go! but i'm tired le. =/ i tot i'll fall aslp during work jux now. and today is VERY quiet(lil customer) due to the rain which came and stop and came and stop. weird weather. but i still ate ice cream even though it was freezing cold. tsktsk.

tot today would be kept busy for a while cox every wed is stock delivery day. need check stock la. do paperwork la. BUT. today de stock is so VERY little. it din take us long to finish. so for the rest of the day me and my colleague were like BORED TO DEATH! boo-ness.

now i realise y i so broke and spent so much money on food.cox when u're bored. u can only think bout food. lol. i realise when i at paragon i'm rather satisfied wif my one meal. but at raffles hotel i'll kp thinking bout wat to eat every now and then. my mouth is like forever itchy or maybe i'm jux trying to find something to kp myself occupied. everyday i do cleaning i oso do until sian. somemore the shop so small nia. clean a while finish liao. and oso dun need everyday do cleaning since no ppl come in to dirty it oso. hah.

aiya. talk about work=boring=make me wanna slp. tml still got to wake up earlier to go office sia. cox i wan take my cheque! X) my turn to take my cheque le. *grins* and i shall be broke no more and it oso means i can go shopping again! wee~!

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11:18 PM

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

it rained few mins before i wanna step out of my house and head for work. it nt jux rained. it rained HEAVILY! i can hardly walk to the mrt station wif those foldable umbrella. thus i had to wait for the bus. and since it was raining so heavily, i think traffic's gg to be slow and thus i decided to take mrt to paragon instead. which is supposedly the slower route. oh well. so there goes my chance to reach on time. yes ppl. i'm late for work. AGAIN!(for the 438732653 times le. ) T.T lateness is the WORST prob i'm facing now. i'm nv early now a days. nv early=reach on time/late. i've been trying hard to change but i CANNOT find out the reason y. i noe i'll be late if i wake up @ 9 on days i work at raffles hotel. so few weeks back i started waking up @ 8.10 or 8.30. but still. i ALWAYS reach on the dot nia. or maybe 1 or 2 mins late. OMG can. or maybe i shd say HELP! i seriously hav HUGE prob getting rid of this er. habit?but i dun wan it to be a habit can. i dun wan make it sound like it's a natural thing tt i'm ALWAYS late. i think one fine day i'll get kicked out of the company cox-"you're always late" =/

but sometimes is pure suay-ness la. got once i left hse so much earlier can. was so happie tt i'm finally gg to reach earlier.( since the new in charge came, every time i work wif her everytime i late for few mins. bad impression leh) anyway. so jux when i tot i can reach earlier, the frequency of train DECREASE. and instead of reaching 10 mins earlier, i spent 10 mins waiting for train. (at my station waited for some time. at je change train need wait again.) yup. and it made me realise something. weekends the waiting time is LONGER. really. i've been observing it for few weeks le. so i noe weekend nv leave hse earlier means die le. waste more time waiting for train. T.T and like today la. got chance to reach on time de. end up rain jux b4 i go out. then the transport cost me more time.

tml. i'll give another try. hope can reach earlier than the opening time of the shop. sometimes even customer(mainly tourist. locals dun come RH so early de) reach earlier than me. lol.

tml's back to raffles hotel. i survived 3 out of 6 days le. 3 more days to go.

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11:40 PM

Monday, March 10, 2008

time to blog. hehe.

so ytd was day 1 out of 6 days of working-non-stop

glad tt it's a short day. cox my shop closes @ 630. =) which means i get to join yh and jh who dropped by ard tt time! hehe. followed them to collect their cheque. b4 joining wr and qw ltr on for movie.

we watched this.

b4 i watch i was like telling my fren i duno wat the movie about sia. then he tell me "dinosaure?" lol.(cox he told me he planned to watch the day b4 so i tot he might hav some clues) so for one moment i really tot i'm gg into the movie to watch dinosaure. haha. turn out the story is about different thing la. haha. it's quite a nice movie. worth catching it. =)

after the movie was 11 plus le. so of course we plan to go home. but wat we din expect was tt when we reach the mrt station, there was this announcement tt says "there is no more train service at this station. good nite." diao. can say gd nite some more. no train service means we're stuck @ boon lay. ok. nt really. still got bus. ya. the others have. i din. my last bus went off oready. T.T so suay can. so for a long while i stoned. cox i hav no idea how i'm gg to get home. and i'm totally broke. blah. wat a bad timing to be broke. =( so much for spending ard $10 each meal. stupid me.

so i panicked. and stoned while thinking of solution. and yup. i called for help. ok. i din scream la. but dialled my fren's no. for help. and yes! i found help! waha. so happie can. cabbed home. =) tks a lot!!!!!

today. nth much. worked @ paragon. tml too. =)

and it's happie (belated) birthday to SHIWEI!!! (9th march)

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

and so the day finally came. and went. cant believe everything's over le. so wat's nxt? i'll still need lotsa luck to successfully get into the course tt i wan....

good things first....

i managed to get myself a swarovski watch! retail price $695. XD at least now i leave oso got some shou huo from working there. haha. but sorry hor. i din steal it k. i pay wif my own money lor.

ok. so i did PASS my gp afterall. so much for wishing for a jux pass only. haha. E for tt. but was told biz they do look at ur gp de. (i asked the person @ the ntu open hse today) shd hav wished for a miracle for my gp instead. lol. now i do need a miracle to help me get into biz course in local uni.

yes ppl. i CAN go into local uni. =)

and another great thing was tt the girls finally got to go out tgt! cox usually at least one will be missing. lol. and we went to this cute place. (again) to cheer us all up after the release of results.

this time i ate the macaroni(maybe i got the spelling wrong. ok. i admit my eng is wat it's shown to be.lousy is the word. and i know i DID spell cappuccino as cuppuccino. so kuku of me. lol.) w cheese. and apple juice. and it's only $8.(exclusive of GST though). got promotion too. so rmb to go on weekdays. haha. but limited choice la.go there enjoy the atmosphere oso nt bad. hehe.

and they were showing HSM2 tt day. din get to finish watching it though.

my food. i hav no idea why the lightings turn out this way. but it's nt dark there la.

after food was walk walk-ing ard. and of course how can we nt take a grp photo on such an occasion?

and i learnt an impt lesson at the end of the day. shall nt mention it here but i'll always kp it in mind.

and today was open hse @ ntu. er. actually we din really tour ard or anything. nv go for talks or anything. lol. see see look look nia. take the paper( i noe it has better terms for them but i dun hav to repeat how poor my eng are rite?) ask some qns and poof we're on the shuttle bus again.

din really found a back up plan for myself yet. as in where will i go if i cant get into biz. i need some advice... i'm sure many ppl are unsure wat step they gg to take nxt. this period would probably be quite a frustrating period for us. and guess wat. i'll try to numb myself wif work. tml's back to work. and i got to work 6 days straight. how "cool" is tt. T.T

on a random note, i'm advertising again! X) more passive income. waha.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

i'm starting to like working at paragon more and more. the ppl there are jux so fun to work wif. =) and it's definitely less boring there. though i still had time to do some cleaning. lol. i'm quite used to doing cleaning now.occasionally cleaning is ok la. cox when u wipe the things and see them sparkle, it really gives me a sense of satisfaction. and the things really look VERY pretty when they sparkle can. everyone loves to look at pretty things. =)

and to curb my craving for cake since few days back. today i decided to eat oreo cheesecake from mcafe(or however u spell it) cox i duno where else to go le. =/

this is wat i had for lunch+dinner today.

taking a closer look...
so cute rite? haha. tt's cuppuccino(or however u spell it again) (and yes i noe my eng is VERY poor. i jux hope i can see a PASS in my GP tml. i really wish i can pass tt subj. of course, other subj will hav higher expectation la. cannot jux pass only. hehe.)

but like we always noe, looks can be deceiving. yup. maybe cox i'm nv a fan of coffee, i din noe cuppuccino is bitter de. T.T the choco powder and the sauce aint enuff to sweeten it a lil. but i did finish it la. cox got my cake to "wash away" the bitter taste in my mouth ma. lol.

in approximately 14hrs from now, i'll be sitting in pjc once again waiting to receive my results. all the best to all. hope we'll all get to shed tears of joy. =)

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

the nxt working day after an off day is always tiring. ZzZ... but still i survived! haha. had a heavy breakfast this morn which lasted me quite long tt's y today lunch i manage to spend $4 only! wee~! so happie can. lol.

nth much to talk about. cox today is jux nth but work.

tml's working at paragon again. =)

been wanting to paint my nails purple. but i lazy. and my painting-nail skill is VERY lan. so i made do wif this instead.

but i only pasted on my left thumb. lol. if paste every nails but nv paint will be quite weird. this would look especially nice when i sms. can see my thumb-nail wif the stickers. =) and yup. i sms wif my left thumb though i'm a right hand-er. izzit norm? =/ cox i was told by someone tt's v weird. lol. ok la. at times i use both thumbs oso. but if i trying to hide then will use left thumb only. i'm quite retard at using right thumb only to sms. lol.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

so like i expected. i'll dreamt bout something relating to 'A' lvl results. i dreamt tt i got triple E can. T.T how horrible can it be. hopefully my actual results would be MUCH BETTER! haha. hope there'll only be As/Bs on my result slip. *fingers crossed*

as much as there's worries, i'll hav to try to relax myself. so out i went from my hse @ 4pm to meet hh after her piano lesson. wanted go for interview but guess the timing was right. =/ and there isnt anything on the newspaper tt interest us. guess maybe cox there's lots of supply(poly ppl are on hols now) tt's y many jobs hav been taken up. not much choice left. lol.

anyway. so off we went to jurong pt. hoping to catch a movie.

and i collected my popcorn card. haha. and since today is tue, wif this card i only pay $6.50 instead of $7 for the movie. in case u duno. nt only cathy got student price. GV oso got. mon to thu before 5. pay $6 only if show student pass. but since our movie is at 6.50 so we din get the student price. oh well. 50 cents is still money rite? lol.

dinner@ bentobox b4 the movie. food. no comments. real normal.

caught "L change the world" =) quite nice. been wanting to watch despite the fact i din watch death note. hehe. the L's actions are quite funny at times even though he stays cool always. =)

many weeks back i've been complaing tt i've nt watch ANY movie for LONG time. but now i've watch 3 movies within a mth's time. considered quite an achievement for me le. lol. so wat's nxt? hehe.

home after movie. cox 9 plus le. shop closing liao.

got home and saw this...

yup. tt's my mirror. looks kinda small this way but cox angle ma. if stand directly in front can see from top to toe, left to right. my dad decided to glue it(of course wif those special glue nt those u find everywhere) to the wall inside of drilling holes on the wall to hang it. i did say he wanted put in the cupboard instead of the wall which i wanted, but still NOT the wall which i wanted. lol. but i'm still ok wif his decision- to put it behind my door. and since i dun hav the habit of closing my door, this way i wun scare myself if i were to wake up in the middle of the nite. hehe. good oso. =)

back to work tml. ow.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

ok. as many would hav heard. 'A' lvl results coming out this fri. no exclaimation mark cox aint excited bout it at all. i knew i could hav done better if i had stayed more focus. the final verdict would be out on fri. bet these few days would be hard to endure. =/

shall nt elaborate more on 'A' lvl results cox everything has been finalised. nth i can do oso.

oh well. so reported @ paragon today. the ppl are are real nice i would say. and wif more ppl working at the same time. the place's much livelier(watever the spelling is). and yup. everyone there is a female so got along pretty well wif them. except the part timer there. she looks so cool. dun really dare to talk to her oso. =/ but i did say bye to her. hehe. mux be friendly ma. though will only be there for only a few occasion.

but i din get to eat the laksa tt i wanted cox i think i wun be able to make it back on time. dun wanna be late. today almost late. lucky made it in time cox i cabbed down. =x my VERY bad habit of late-ness is killing me. i really wanted to improve but i duno how. this morn i set two alarm @ 8. so i woke up. tot would lie in my bed for 10 mins. i kept my eyes OPEN! but to my horror when i check my phone. it was 845 oready! omg. how did time fly? i seriously hav no idea. but sometimes i late nt becox i wake up late. oso can be becox i take very long to prepare. paiseh. haha. lucky i nv really use make up. if nt i sure die.

i really pei4fu those who use make up. becox of tt they hav to wait up earlier so tt they hav time for the make up. do they even hav enuff slp? i guess the saying "ai4 mei bu yao ming" is somewat applicable here ba. lucky i dun need makeup for my job. (though it's a mux for full timer. ) if nt i sure everyday late like siao. and actually i hav limited knowledge bout make up too. maybe my skill is so bad i might jux make myself look like a clown. lol.

doesnt matter. and.... tml's my off day. weet~! =)

and i've been craving for cake since morn. X) dun ask me y. i duno either. haha.

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

it's past twelve oready. so late can. yup. it's very late for me le. cox i shd be slping soon. need to wake up earlier tml. cox i'm reporting to paragon tml!!! hehe. yup. same company. din managed to change job yet. but no i'm not transferred. jux tt they lacking man power so i'm gg over to help. i wun hav to go there if the manager there had agreed to take on a fresh part timer. hehe. ok la. cannot say anything ma. cox paragon is by far our highEST volume outlet. and yup. raffles hotel is by far the lowEST volume outlet.so they need someone who is familiar wif the environment de ma. so i'm gg from the extreme to the extreme. hey. nt becox here slack then they ask me go over de hor. my in charge did hav lots of trouble trying to find time for me to go over k. my manpower here oso nt enuff arh. now i one week only one break can. except this week la. i got two. tue and sat. and probably another day if i'm gg to get my results this week. =/ *nervous*

and nt only tt i have to go over to paragon tml. i jux came back from suntec today! lol. reported to work at raffles hotel in morn and received a call to help out at suntec after 6.30 since sun we close at 6.30. oh well. i doubt i'll ever hav the chance to work at suntec le so go over lor.

work's pretty good today. and i ate long john (again)! =) and clam chowder @ long john is love! tried the one at pastamania and mos burger but nt wat i was expecting. started eating/drinking clam chowder when the other day i had it @ fish&co. the one @ fish&co. is so VERY nice can. tt's y started hunting for clam chowder at other places. hehe. yup. i noe i hav allergy. but mainly prawns la. ey. clam chowder no prawn rite? =/ but i did rmb scratching my itch jux now which i cleverly covered wif plaster so tt i wun introduce germs thru my fingernails. it'll make it worse nia. but oso at times i'll break-the-"rule" and eat prawns. oops. hehe. (only once in a while la.)

ok. it's late. shall nt drag on. tml's gonna be a busy busy day for me. and hope i dun give them bad impression. =x will be gg there twice a week. the other day i was thinking bout the laksa @ far east. and now looks like i will get to eat there! lol. but then eating alone is something i hate. rah. and qw's nt working tml and thu. T.T me so suay.

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

so yup. today i went out wif hh to anchorpt+queensway shopping+ikea. yup. all three place within walking distance wif each other.

first up was anchorpt. cox we happen to see this shuttle bus for anchorpt which we din noe it existed but we boarded it even though the whole bus only 5 ppl. including the driver and the two of us. lol. yup. it's those big school bus or excursion bus tt ppl would call. quite a waste of resources huh. but nvm. we zhuan dao. X)

ok. so i had this impression tt someone tod me bout some food at anchorpt. but i dun really recall wat until at a ltr time i rmb is the subway there got students meal. lol. but we hav no intention of eating tt at all. cox wat captured our eyes was this disney theme-d restaurant. so VERY cute can. =)

everywhere is traces of disney. mainly mickey and frenz.

the big hand is actually the "tap" (or however u would call it)!

they were showing high school musical on the screen. everyday got diff movie. =)

even the menu is so chio.

and tt pen is free! X)

and i did say u'll see traces of the characters EVERYWHERE rite? haha. yup. even on the food itself.

and of course we cannot leave w/o taking a photo ma. =)

(i noe i look pale. cox i attempted to photoshop my dark eye circles away. of course the kuku me has ZERO idea how to do tt the correct way. but trust me. u wun wan to see how ugly my dark eye circles are. it's VERY ugly.)

after lunch it was ikea for us. nt much photo. jux this...

yup. i bought a new mirror! measuring 120X40 cm. hehe. din i say i was getting more and more vain? Xp

the brown part is only the cardboard k. i bought frameless de. got one measuring 90X40 cm only $9.90 nia. mine's $29 but the cheaper one got wooden frame.(and thinner) nt so nice. =x

cant wait for it to be moulded onto my cupboard's door. daddy's gonna do it for me. he din wan to put it on the wall which i wanted. =/ but tt's ok i guess. jux hope the door's strong enuff to hold the heavy mirror. it's seven yrs of bad luck to break mirror. lol. i did break one b4 when i was v small. but i'm 100% positive it's more than 7 yrs now. =)

though went out but was home by 6. cox mummy wanted go out. so got to come home watch after bro. if nt maybe i would hav gone to city harvest to see FIR!!!! omg can. i so VERY wan to go la. but cannot. T.T and tml i got to work. haix. but nvm. the day's still GREAT! =) great place great company great mirror(??? lol).

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