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Saturday, September 26, 2009

almost the end of study break~ ow~ looking forward to e-learning week~! haha. xp the best thing bout study break is tt i can slp in~! so shuang la. been slping like 10-12 hours per day? as compared to usual 6-8 hours? haha. and of course there's no reason for me to cab also. save money. ya. and now it's really v impt liao. cox one week le but still no news of my wallet yet. i think really gone for good le. maybe the person who got hold of my wallet see $2 inside nia then throw it into the rubbish bin le. =( grrr. i noe it's nv nice to curse other ppl. but still. especially if the person is a singaporean. u shd know i.c v impt de rite?!?!? argh. beware of karma k. my i.c cost me freaking three hundread sing dollars. xiao xin ar. u better dun bring a lot of cash wif u or wat ar. ltr become u the one crying.

then now no matric card also. need replacement then need wait for about a week to get it. this coming week exam also duno they'll check matric card anot. ltr i need to explain so many times i lost my wallet. zzz. tt time call to cancel card the person ask me a lot of question sia. ok la. i noe is for security reasons. but one of the bank ask like every possible question. ZzZ.

received my first green packet in my entire life ytd~! lol. so cool la. but a bit ps also. =x went to my ex-colleague's hari raya open house. she invite only those tt worked in the same company only. so quite a lot of familiar faces here and there. then some malay colleagues brought their family along also. then one of small boy kissed everyone's hand. haha. ok. kiss duno is the correct word anot. but it's the malay culture. the gesture tt they do when they meet an elder. so cute la~! and also my first contact wif such stuff. haha. i think this kind of experience is v cool~ once in a lifetime thing. =)

Painting a PRETTY mess.
8:41 PM

Monday, September 07, 2009

school holidays for the jc, sec students means
tue tuition
wed tuition
thu tuition
fri tuition
+normal weekend tuitions. zzz my whole week gone liao. =(

Painting a PRETTY mess.
2:24 PM

Saturday, September 05, 2009

went orchard on tue after school wif 4 other girls to buy 3 ppl's presents. 5 girls ate one whole chicken+rice for dinner! but we were cheated of drumsticks and it was only realised the nxt day. =\

i started writing my helpsheet for ma2222! haha. x)

had dim sum buffet ytd before school! so cool la! ^^

today there was a flattened lizard at my room's door de corner! yikes! is my didi saw it first de. i suppose is either me or my sis close de door tt time it kena flattened. =\

bought a new bag thru an ex-colleague! tks yanjun for companying me down to harbourfront to collect. =)

had swensen's dinner wif 13 other ppl to celebrate axg's bdae in advance. swee la~ =) (*bad resolution pics are kopped from fb. =x)

interesting week i had. =)

Painting a PRETTY mess.
1:04 AM

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