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Sunday, October 11, 2009

i think i got TOO much tuition alr. i'm so sian of giving tuition! =( wed.thu.fri.todayX2.tmlX3.mon. i still got tonnes of school work undone. rah. i really really feel like telling them pls can i take one weekend off? but they are ALL graduating this yr and 'o' & 'A' lvl are inching close~ boo~ jiu ming ar. i want 48hrs a day~

Painting a PRETTY mess.
1:36 AM

Thursday, October 08, 2009

boo-hoo-hoo. today went thru econs mid term and i lost a lot of marks cox of my carelessness! i chose the wrong option for at least 2 mcq(out of 12. so u can see the weightage is rather big can) when i've alr worked out the ans le!!! jux tt i overlooked wat i wrote. so upset! =( then still got one more question i drew out the graph le. jux tt i din noe how to translate tt graph into utility function so i chose none of the above! lol! well done. -.- boo~ i wan my A de~ i wan to be motivated to carry on my econs minor~ mux work doubly hard for end term le. 60%! hope there's still chance. since this time round nv score not cox i duno. is cox i careless. zzz.

Painting a PRETTY mess.
12:21 AM

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

decided to skip today's morning lesson simply cox i'm too lazy and my lesson would end at 11am where my nxt lesson is at 3pm? another 4 hours break. zzz. might as well stay at home and do more stuff first. =x i noe it's jux excuses. but at least i went for ytd's one hr of lesson ok. most ppl would hav finished lesson alr cox i start lesson at 4pm and ends at 5pm. so pro la. lol. but the motivation to leave house is cox i'm meeting w wif my girls for dinner~ haha. and yup. this time round all 5 of us made it. =) but ey. y ytd nv take photo ar? lol! nvm la. we happy can liao. x)

haven watch any webcast for the week yet. oops. nvm. at least still got thu and fri. since no tut le. wahahaha. i simply love my thu and fri cox it's quite relaxing. no hw to rush. jux two lec per day. finish jiu zhao4. tsk.

anyway i randomly logged in to my nuffnang acc jux now after many months of not logging in. and ppl stumbled upon my blog thru searches like "wanrong cox" and "shaox math" lol! wanrong u're so popular! haha. and shaox math. izzit my senior? cox everyone calls him shaox and he does math. and v pro at it indeed. top applied math student for for his lvl last yr! woot~!

Painting a PRETTY mess.
9:20 AM

Friday, October 02, 2009

oh! finally the end of mid term test~ haha. half the battle gone? not true. since most of the mid term test is only 20-30% of the final grade? =\ and it's e-learning week up nxt~ first ever as far as i noe in nus cox they wan to test out if something happens such that schools hav to stop.is e-learning feasible anot. lol. so it's self proclaimed made up holiday~! x) since recess week was spent mugging. zzz. tut still goes on during e learning though. but jux nice my tuts are on tue and wed only~! haha. tt's y the holiday mood is there. woot~!

today's paper was the last and the worst i guess. cox i dun understand the mod and i duno wat i doing either. and i din get any answers for most of the part also. T.T but other than tt i think the other papers should be decent. except probably my first test also. cox i din score well. result's out for tt since it was taken b4 the recess week. but tt one i not so upset. cox actually is can do de. jux tt i din expect i wun hav enuff time and out of 8 qn 6 they wan us give the final ans only. they also no space let us write working so no working mark. tt's y ended up doing so badly. oops. =x

so ytd i went to sch jux to take 2 mid term papers. both coded 2101. (ec2101 and ma2101.) and they're one after another. and they're held in the same venue! haha. (uni so big. got a lot of halls for exam lor. some more one is arts mod one is sci mod) so when i came out for my first paper, i stood at the door w my frenz for like 20mins? and i'm back to the same hall again~! so cool la! haha. and both papers are my fav subj. =)

seriously lacking of slp. so i shall go catch more slp now~ yay~! e-learning week here i come~! =)

Painting a PRETTY mess.
11:49 PM

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