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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i hav no idea why the colours turned blue but it jux did. it's not the original colour~ boo~

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1:52 AM

Sunday, June 28, 2009

ok. so here's the collages from the camp. haha. realise i din take a lot of photos. half the time i living in my own world. haha. 5 days is jux so overwhelming.

first day they played station games... dry games....

then at nite there was SP interaction. haha. i was one of the sp ic. the seniors made them do some weird stuff like lying on the floor? lol~

one of the days they had to make sp gifts also. the girls make cardboard dolls while the guys fold flowers. v nice la~ but i din take any pic of the doll. oops. =\ got batman, wolverine etc de. so cute can~ the flower is the one tt the guy is holding. each guy will make 3 roses. haha. this guy is one of my freshies btw. not i purposely wan put his photo but i jux wan to show the flower. the other pics i hav all hold one stalk nia. lol~

then there was amazing race in sch and out of sch. but no pics. in sch de i was the station master for the blending game. where u pick out papers from containers which states what ingredient to blend tgt and u drink them down. eww~ lucky nv kena sabo to drink. haha.

then there's wet games also. but nv take pic cox busy cheering for the freshies. cheering is really impt. boosts morale.

day 4 was sentosa day. lots of weird games. the watermelon held by the legs is not a game. is they playing wif the watermelon AFTER the game. haha. actually for the game itself they need to eat the watermelon using their mouth only at the start and hands allowed after some time. sandy watermelon anyone?

and of course. dunking is like all time fav. i also kena too. T.T but i'm not in the pic below though

went to Hortpark for dinner. they booked the function room for their SP revalation dinner. and yes i'm sure u can guess wat's the theme for the dinner. haha.

the other SP i/c. we went down earlier after sentosa to help out wif the deco. and u can see we're qutie dressed up. cox.... it's DXO after dinner which end at 9+. woot~!

but then again. no pic. =\ and since they din provide transport back to sch and it was the last nite of the camp le. my og decided that we'll stay out and spend some time HTHT which means heart to heart talk. we sat at the bridge outside fullerton hotel and started playing truth or dare after supper at mac. haha. it was a v interesting truth or dare. wif v stunning truth and v daring dares. tsktsk.

reached sch ard 7+am and caught some slp b4 heading off to LT for the last part of the camp. seniors vid showing and prize presentation.

then it was time to say goodbye~ 5long days ended.

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2:07 AM

Saturday, June 27, 2009

oh i'm back from scamp'09~ haha i survived 5D4N at camp! haha. would update more when i'm back from tuition ltr~ =)

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5:24 PM

Sunday, June 21, 2009

oops~! jux previous post the date is wrong~ haha. shd be june. but lazy to change. =x now late le. *yawns*

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2:16 AM

Saturday, June 20, 2009

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1:31 AM

Thursday, June 18, 2009

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4:02 PM

Monday, June 08, 2009

ok yes i'm here to blog like finally. haha. and along wif my i brought a few collages as usual. x)

starting from last sun, it was birthday celebration for ms tiffany. =)

met up wif qw ltr tt nite but she din wan to take pic. =\ earlier tt day we got the bdae girl to take photo wif some random ppl outside cine. hehe.

then for a while was busy wif SMO(singapore mathematics olympiad) stuff. first time doing inivigilations and some naughty ones use the rough paper fold paper balls, planes and frog. i bet those are forced to come or something. lol. then one day delivered the papers to the sch holding the exam at their own sch and another day was collection. we get to claim cab fee and we're paid! so cool la~ get to visit 21 schs in total! haha. but i only got 19 schs below i wonder y. =\

the job was relatively easy jux go to the general office say "hi we're here to send the SMO papers pls pass this to ___" and during collection "hi we're here to collect the SMO papers" and so on. haha. most of the teacher in charge would hav left the package wif the GO alr so it was quite smooth sailing for us. except there was one the teacher din prepare and was not contactable and it was near 5(where office would close) and we still had a few schs to run. lucky in the end everything turned out ok and we managed to accomplish our job. =)

some random photos. we even climbed the treehse in vjc! lol~ fun. =)

and the visitor passes. the ma fan part is the filling up of forms for visitors and sometimes we only stay in the sch for like 5 mins? -.-"

so tt's bout it. haha. quite a happening week. this week it'll be camps and more camps for me. lol~ i'll survive all the bathing in schs. scary~ =x

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12:05 AM

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