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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

today the "HANDICAPPED" stepped out of her house. haha. cox she decided tt she din wan to wear a ponytail to prom. so she managed to convince her mummy to let her go out wif her swollen legs. X)

yup. tt's me. haha. initially my mummy din wan let me go rebond de. she ask me wait till i get my pay first. cox now my funds are really LIMITED la! prom is costly me ALOT of money! T.T ok. maybe my work too. cox need to eat and travel ma. and the skirt and the LOUSY courtshoe. argh.

but rebonding's quite common i guess. maybe i'll stand out more wif my ponytail. lol. but still. at least now i rebond le dun need everyday tie hair. then maybe i wun be late for work. haha. so far. i've worked for 4 days and 3 of which i was LATE. not so good impression huh. but i'll try harder ok. am gg back to work tml. =/ WITH my swollen legs.( if u pity me can always come suntec company me for meals. XD ) i noe ALOT of ppl have been telling me to go tie2 da. but can i skip tt please? really very scared!!! boohoo. it's nt very fun being a "handicapped" i noe. like u hav to see kiasu and fight for seats everywhere ESPECIALLY the mrt so tt i dun strain my legs further. but i guess it's really no choice since i wan to skip the EXTREME PAIN. =/

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10:50 PM

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

it's STILL SWOLLEN! my LEGS! ahh..... stuck at home. i'm SO STUCKed at home can. home's nth but jux com, com and more com. hey. aint i suppose to cheer? nt really. cox i really wanna go OUT! as in go SHOP! my shopping for prom is NOT done yet la. dont tell me tt i hav to go wif only the dress. no accessories. no shoe. no hairdo?!? and shoe. omg la. my this condition. cfm cannot wear heels de lor... HELP! argh. pls gimme a miracle. i wanna go out TML! it's my official off day.... if tml cannot go out then only got sat liao. and it's a bit rush la. me dun wan! =/

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9:40 PM

Monday, November 26, 2007

my poor legs are SWOLLEN! it's so bad tt i can hardly walk lor. and i had to end my work early. and my branch manager gave me tml off too. tks. =D really needed tt. today i oready rush to clementi to buy those cheapo 10 dollars de plastic shoe to replace my heel-ed courtshoe le. but too late. the swell's there. and i dun think it's gg away any soon. T.T everybody's tell me to see the tie2 da. but i dun wan!!! i'll SCREAM can.(my screaming power is really powerful de lor. last time guides train cheering. haha. and all the watching of horror movies. XD) but ppl sure say "norm for ppl to scream. -.-" " but now i like tt oready enuff to make me cry liao. if i really go there i think i can jux FAINT lor. ah!!! pain..................

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8:10 PM

Sunday, November 25, 2007


and it's BON VOYAGE TO LEONARD.GERALD.XUANZHI.YOWRENN.ALWYN.(hm. hopefully i nv miss anyone out.)

enjoy your day everyone! =)

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12:54 AM

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I WAS CONNED! =) haha. wat's wif the smiley face u might think. cox it's definitely being conned in a GOOD way! rmb i say i TOTALLY regret finding a job so fast and INTENSIVE? cox it's not intensive! the HR con me! haha. so.... i DONT hav to work 10am-10pm like they say. cox the shop's NOT even open at 10 la. -.-" and i DONT have to work 6 days a week! XD ok. tt means i'm NOT gonna be rich but it's ok. i feel much happier this way. =) yup. i'm a p/t . nt f/t. conned but it's ok. will nt be as rich but it's ok. happie jiu hao. getting a job is nt to stress u out and spoil ur hols. hehe. AND.... the BONUS is..... the ppl there are SO friendly can. omg la. ytd i was LATE.(as usual. =/ ppl hav been telling me tt first day CANNOT late but i still din make it on time. oops) so. i paiseh-ly walk into the shop but guess wat. they say "no it's ok. i'm more worried tt u wun turn up." *phew* and the ppl are very friendly and approachable. they helped me a lot. they shared a lot too. hehe. i'm lucky for wat. hehe. they tell me tt i'm lucky to be at their outlet cox there de ppl all like one family. rules wise oso nt as strict as the others. I AM LUCKY! hehe. so it was really a GREAT start for me. but today will be like another first day for me. cox ytd de ppl today all off. so today will be seeing new faces. hope it'll be jux as good. though i was told they are as friendly. but then new faces ma. still will shy de. hehe.

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12:07 PM

Thursday, November 22, 2007

weet~! my feets are SO tired! hehe. tks to all the SHOPPING! <33> day for me la. er. but anyway. jiu. was late AGAIN. nth surprising. guess the habit's still wif me even after the break from going out due to A lvls. jux hope tml i wun be late. it's so fast can. i really hope i can hav more time off. TT but today i walk past the outlet at vivo. no ppl de leh. haha. maybe wun be so busy afterall. go there stone and get paid. tsk. maybe cox ppl haven get their end yr bonus yet so no money buy their goods. tsktsk.

one word to describe today's shopping spree-SATISFACTION! =D really long time nv spend so much liao. bought ALOT of things la. haha. i spent the most liao. cox i oso need to buy for my work de. manage to get my prom dress le. =) but still got a lot tt i need to buy la. nxt shopping spree pls. hehe.

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11:45 PM

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

my last post was on oct 15 which felt like MILLIONS of yrs ago can. haha. back to the blogging biz? guess nt really ba. cox will be BUSY! haha. when i say busy is really busy lor. so much for the you-hav-all-the-time-in-the-world-to-rot which they use to "motivate" us to study. nt the case for me. T.T but i had my share of fun. cox ytd a had a WHOLE day of fun! after sch.suki wif class. nite. back to SWISS for GUIDES camp!!! *loves* see wat i mean by WHOLE day of fun? haha. by the time i reach swiss was like 730pm la. haha. but then nite was jux getting started. mini campfire for guides ONLY. a lil cheering really hyped us up. and nt to mention the meeting of old frens. the feeling's jux SO wonderful!!! dinner was mac delivery. i went on budget. $2 machicken(watever the spelling is) cox after de BUFFET. ate so much and so ex la. i wan use the money for my PROM lor. prom is such a headache. very hard to find the perfect dress. and so much for NO-STRESS. i' so stressed up by prom can. cox i DON'T hav so much time to spend on shopping la. T.T i really don't and nt cox my parents dun allow or something. (i oready stayed out ytd de la. though my mummy was NOT happy bout me saying i was go camp. firstly. i'm so lost in touch wif guides le-she sees no pt in me gg back. secondly. i said i will be gg to swiss straight after all the outside activities and stuff-she's not happy tt i'm nt gg home at all b4 gg to camp.) but rather. ya. i found a job. nth to rejoice about. cox they wan me to start ASAP la. tt's y there really isnt time for more enjoyment like ytd.today.tml! hehe. will be gg SHOPPING(!!!) tml. *grins* i regret having this mentality of jumping at opportunity when it came knocking. tt's y i ended up here.(as in stuck to the job so soon) i told myself tt i wanna find a sales job at somewhere tt is reowned(correct spelling? =/). and i did la. i went for a few interview la. some haven response yet.(the i-will-call-you-by-__ is nt due yet. but doesnt matter now.)some responded. but i turned them down from the day i decided to take my current job. initally a bit tired of gg for interview le. tot. aiya. if nobody call then i rest first. though was afraid if now dun try ltr end up at some kuku place doing some kuku job. now i get it. REGRETS! T.T i wanna play more first. argh. ppl u can start luffing at me. it's ok. i'm expecting it. but oh well. at least my job's nt kuku can. is at a BOUTIQUE at suntec city mall. aint telling the name of the boutique cox i hav this feeling tt i'm nt cut out for this. i'm sure the expectations of me will be very high. and i'm nt experienced in sales. i guess i was lucky tt they accepted me though i dun look pretty.(a lot of these shops will see face de la. it's all bout packaging and stuff. though they dun really need the pretty faces to attract customers since their goods so high end liao.) though i was late for interview.(oops. hehe. but i did tell them tt i will be late) but i guess i did somehow soke up more that day and the person decided to hire me IMMEDIATELY. XD you can say they are desperate for workers. but then. one outlet they only hire one ppl lor. and some more the brand is reowned de can. let's jux say i'm lucky la. pay wise. my one day pay nt enuff for me to buy from the shop lor. haha. u can see it as the things very ex or my pay's lil. but the pay is NOT pathetic. quite ok la. worth my time. hehe. except the part bout having to make cpf contribution of FEW hundred dollars.(it's only today then i know tt wages>$1500 need make a contribution of 20% it's ALOT la. i'm still a student. i wan to see the money NOW! nt 50 yr ltr. =( boo.) saddening. lesser disposable income. enuff bout tt. nt impt. but work's intensive cox of festive season. maybe after this i go find p/t jiu hao le for the rest of the 6-7 mths. haha.
so. back to guides. nv regret gg back. though it's really tiring and tt i din like the ghost stories and walking
IN THE DARK. buddy hike ma. at 2 plus am. so yup. we din slp until AFTER the hike which was 4 plus am le. slp till 6 plus. i'm the LEAST noctural among all. i'm the FIRST to feel slpy. lol. but nt surprising la. usually study oso study until 12 or 1 jiu start falling aslp le. i'll tell myself to wake up at 4 plus or 5 plus instead to study then to read a few lines and start dozing off. i always get a shock the nxt day when i look back at the work i did the previous nite.during the period which i doze off. then force myself awake then doze off repeatedly. sometimes it really makes no sense AT ALL lor. like WORDS appearing in a chemical equation. T.T some of the ghost stories did make our lil juniors cry. but i'm glad they still carried on wif the hike. *applause* at least now after prime not so scary le. last time when we we juniors the building so old la. then u hear bout sch de ghost stories. really dont make u feel scared lor. we're girls ONLY k. so it's really natural for us to be scared.

wat an achievement for me. haha. so long nv type such a long page liao. ok. maybe nt very long but really. when ur typing becomes slow cox u're MUCH MORE familiar wif pencil then the keyboard. it's really quite an achievement le. wanted to put pix but. i'm too lazy for it. haha. now waiting for my hair to dry b4 gg back to slp. jux now after break camp went senglien hse wif xx and yq and yw then only came home ard 5 plus. fell flat until 9 plus. by the time my food oready a bit spoil liao.T.T so i only ate a lil. and wasted food. *guilty*

i HATE having meals ALONE. i'll NEVER and i NEVER want to get used to it. ppl come suntec pls. hehe.

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