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Friday, May 29, 2009

oh i finally finished watching boys before flowers/boys over flowers(see diff name at diff places. =\) very nice! *thumbs up* and i realise a lot of ppl ard me are watching it too! haha. nice nice. ow~ now i duno wat to watch le. boo~ jap version de? lol. the only realise i'll watch it is probably to test how much of it i can understand? haha. wif my lvl 1 japanese knowledge. lol. the actors are not shuai at all. lol. maybe tt's y there wasnt so much of buzz when it came out as far as i can rmb. =x results' out in slightly less than 8 hrs' time! omg! but how come i'm not worried? cox i alr know wat to expect? this is no good~ haix. how am i to face the world after the release of results? =(

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Monday, May 25, 2009

my memory is so poor now a days! i keep forgetting wat i'm suppose to do and wat is gg on and when. like few days back i keep telling different ppl i'll be busy on mon wed and fri this week but i simply CANNOT recall wat i hav on fri until this morning. -.-" but i think result release day is also fri? ey. not sure ey. =x

but i still rmb i had 4e2 class gathering and i went. haha. though it's sentosa, ms i-hate-the-sun still went cox i always belief tt it's the company tt counts. =) and she's got to learn to love mr sun more cox she'll be gg sentosa for at least 4-5 more times during the hols cox of the camps. T.T maybe i shd get myself a bikini soon. x) totally random. but actually i doubt i would. lol!

did a lil work. not job tt kind of work. but my SOW stuff. i started using photoshop and i'm getting the hang of it. it's quite fun actually. =) though many times i still not sure how to use the diff functions and stuff but at least i got the basics on hand alr. but then haven try out on photos. i think tt'll be harder ba. i'm only using photoshop to do programme booklet. haha. one more page to go. jiayous~

i cut my hair last fri and now it's super ugly can. b4 cutting i was thinking of dye-ing my hair de. cox see black hair until bored liao. and i also got the green light from my mom. but now see the state of my hair i decided to change my mind. go rebond! 1.5 yrs nv rebond le. some ppl chose the i-did-not-rebond-my-hair-b4 option in my fb quiz. jux goes to show how cui is my hair. boo. AND i'm gg to get grey contacts again! haha. heart v itchy. kp thinking bout it. ok la. like tt also good. imagine i dye my hair brown or red or other colours and i use grey contacts. it's gg to be weird~ vain vain vain. and jux in this mth itself i bought 2 new pairs of shoe! i think nxt sem it wun be slippers-everyday le. lol~

totally random post. lol. and it's time to slp. my eyes are c-l-o-s-i-n-g alr~

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11:47 PM

Friday, May 22, 2009

went for sow pre prep camp this week. these two days i've been camping in front of my com to watch "boys before flowers". lol. this was one drama tt i listed in one of the qn in my fb quiz and a lot of ppl picked this as my fav drama! lol. if i haven watch it b4 how can it be my fav? lol. there was this one day i walked past the living room and i saw this drama on tv. watched a lil bit and the korea version de hua zhe/ze lei is jux so shuai! haha. and most of the time he's dressed in white. like bai ma wang zi. haha. and as i watch many things ran thru my mind. i din noe how to organize them though. i jux knew. i cried. for some unknown reason when i was trying to psycho myself to slp. but wat i can say is. the reason is not cox of the drama. but something else.... ....

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11:30 PM

Saturday, May 16, 2009

oops! haven been updating. haha. but at least now when i update is lesser of ranting le. x) hols is G-R-E-A-T! been out almost everyday! i'm only home-all-day for like once a week? which is today for this week. haha. slept for like 12 hrs! and seriously i can slp more. lol.

here's the collage for the day....

so sun to tue was at chalet @chervon's for the scamp&sow seniors' gathering. day one we tried out the games to be play by the seniors the nxt day. did modification and stuff. but day two itself it rained.and rained.and rained. boo~ lousy weather. and we had to squeeze hundred over ppl in one chalet! cox the other one was used to put belongings and the food for bbq tt nite. but at least we were still able to hold the bbq. good. the committee members' bbq was much ltr due to lack of space. so some of us were in the chalet watching the telecast of michelle chia's wedding and amazing race-final three! lol!

home on tue after mac breakfast. slacked a big before heading out again! haha. met up wif mr bf to go to shop at queensway ikea and area ard there. =) wed was day out wif ms yinling! haven see her for very long le! she shared her cambodia cip experience and we chatted lots while sshhooppiinngg at bugis street! haha. when i say shop i really shopped! we both spent quite a bit. even if i din the other day, ytd i puller mr bf to bugis to get some stuff tt i saw back then. x) hope to meet up wif more ppl soon! haha. and am definitely looking forward to sentosa on 23rd may! 4e2 gathering! weet~! but hor! i failed to get myself a nice cap till now! not tt i v picky. seriously i saw a few v nice de and reasonably prices. but all dun fit my head. =( boo~ not fit as in dun go well wif the shape of my head. lol~ jiu ming arh. nxt wed gg sentosa also cox of SOW pre prep camp. go there try out games. lol.

ok. so back to thu. ey. wat did i do? oh! thu was meet up wif the uni og mates for wii! haha. we even had a bubble tea treat from the latest comer. haha. and surprisely it's not me! Xp had to leave earlier though cox of tuition. ow~

and for fri. it was my first kbox for the hols! lol. went all the way to kallang leisure park. the ulu shopping mall in sg. only 4 ppl so sang quite a bit. jux tt i choose to sing all the i-nv-sing-b4-at-kbox de songs and i know y i nv b4. cox all v hard to sing! lol. nvm la. only 3 other ppl ard ma. haha. sorry for torturing ur ears. oops! =x and yup. nite was bugis wif mr bf.

so happening la my days! haha. happie and satisfied. cox i've kbox-ed shopping-ed met up wif yl. chalet-ed.spend time wif mr bf in a week! haha. more to come.... yay~! another camp nxt week. tue to thu. ooooo....

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10:12 PM

Saturday, May 09, 2009

ok. i shd be updating since my exams are OVER~ haha. but i'm so LAZY~ =x especially when it comes to uploading of pics. haha. so maybe i shd do my fav stunt. do a collage! x)

it was one day after exam. met up wif the og ppl and we went on the sg flyer! haha. student price of 10 bucks only tt's y. x)

views from the flyer. haha. because it was off peak we had one capsule to ourselves. =) one capsule b4 us was a couple. two person leh! to one capsule. haha. who says u need to spend up to hundred bucks for such privacy and romance? timing is the key. hehe.

and i realise jux last week itself i visited city hall thrice! one three diff days. but the last one was unplanned though. cox i was searching for this dvd for a v long time and decided to try HMV since i was at town on wed. but turn out they din hav it and they have the LAST copy at citylink outlet. lol. if not got to order and wait for three weeks. but since we had the time so y not? they close at 11pm anyway. haha. yup. so imagine by the time we go there. half the shops are closed alr~

fri was purely slacking at home. but i guess i slacked too much until i din slp enuff and today feeling v tired the whole day and i had tuition at 8!!! so early can. jux like i din make it for my 8am lesson 90% of the time, i was late for tuition. =x dun fire me pls. i'm poor enuff alr.

but still. i treated my family dinner today(sat) in-lieu(is this the right word? =x) of mothers' day. cox tml i'll be away for chalet~ woot! but till now i still haven start packing my stuff. LOL!

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11:44 PM

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

oh! i jux realise the 10am thing is only for those who is staying in hall or residence. haha. oops! gd then. i'm too lazy for this also. =x i think i din realise the email properly cox i ALSO din realise we can bring own thermometer. cox in fact the queue for temp check would be MUCH shorter. but anyway lucky today LAST paper le~ yay~!!!!!!!!!!!! happy happy me. =)

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1:06 AM

Sunday, May 03, 2009

in 12 hrs' time i'll be a free person! yay~! but first! i got to survive the morning first. cox of the swine flu thing got to reach sch one hr earlier to take temp. -.-" and hor! every morning b4 10am mux record our temp online. zzz. wat if ppl tired and overslp arh? lol. i'm so gg to slp in tml nite~ haven had a gd nite slp since duno when le.... jy le! one last~ jap! no more helpsheet writing~ haha. i've been writing helpsheet non stop la. zzz. so many to write this sem.

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11:14 PM

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