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Sunday, January 24, 2010

still aint getting new blogskin. simply l.a.z.y. no-tutorial weeks are o~v~e~r boo-hoo. means more and more work coming up. plus one proj for my singapore studies. group aint even form yet. cox i'm taking with 4 other frenz but the group can only be 3-4 ppl. boo-ness. more bdae parties coming up too. jux came back from yinling's. happy birthday~!

ytd was boyfriend's 21st too~! and we finally went up the flyer together like we said we would. =) my second time up the flyer. but the feeling is so different~! probably cox of the company. =) but this time round though it was a weekday, it was quite packed. so we shared the capsule or watever it was called with other ppl. then there was this ang moh couple. whom we ltr see then at taka! lol! so qiao3 can. but they din see us la. yh spotted them though. i'm not good at recognising ppl's face. i mux see like 4-5 times then i can rmb a person's face. =x unless is like one-to-one like tuition la. spend 2 hrs together i think one lesson is enuff for me to rmb how my tuition kid look like.

love my this semester's timetable though lesson till 10pm on thu is er xin to the max. cox i dun hav any finish at 6pm day which means i dun hav to squeeze the public transport. x) and it's only 4 days week! no 8am lesson also! woot~! though 8am lessons are like history to me le. =x

cny coming in less than a month's time. but no new clothes bought yet. oops! shall go shopping soon~! lalalala

Painting a PRETTY mess.
12:32 AM

Sunday, January 10, 2010

school's starting tml~~~~~~~~~ 3sci mod @ LT26. 2 arts mod @ LT11. tt's pretty easy to rmb my locations for this sem. lol.

i'm still lazy to search for new blog skin~

i got to stand in front of 3 lectures this week to publicise my cca de recruitment. it's not math soc. it's the PYP team. and i'm gonna be giving my "speech" ALONE! omg la. >.<

new bag new slippers for the sem. yup. new slippers. footwear for the sci peeps(mostly). 6th pair of ripples~! lol


Painting a PRETTY mess.
11:43 PM

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


hoho. i know i'm late for like 6 days alr? and i haven been blogging for ages. haha. but i'm REALLY v lazy. =x the whole of my holiday is mostly filled with work. and work ended on 3rd jan. now i'm officially jobless. still hasnt gotten any new tuition assignment yet. T.T no more income~ *cries*

non-working days are filled with out-of-house activities. so i haven stayed at home for the whole day for a single day since work start. oops. so on the 4th i stayed at home and rest for the first time~ though i've only worked for less than a mth but it seemed like a long time~ maybe cox the journey to work is v long. and the job is v tiring for my feet. since it's been a long while since i've got a standing job. got to wear heels some more. and i'm sure everyone ard me knows i dun wear heels AT ALL. except for once last year for my fren's party cox she wanted it. no choice. and the last would then be my pjc prom which is history alr.

now i'm uni year 2.5 stepping into my 4th sem nxt week. 4/6 sem since i'm not doing honours. omg la. half of my uni life is gone~ and i'm stepping into my 21st year of life(soon). where ur bank acc dun hav $500 mux minus money. some govt cpf bonus i'll be entitled to it also. omg!

life has been great. got to spend more time wif my frenz. went for my sec 4 class gathering last sat. which was also my one year anniversary wif my dear. =) bought fir's new album. ok. quite random. but i'm happy i found it. cox i went to two cd-rama and i couldnt see it. and a lot of sembawang music store closed down. when i visited their website i saw the announcement tt they opened their 20+ store in dec 2008. when i go under outlet. it's left wif 3 now!!! omg la. izzit the power of piracy too overwhelming? until the music stores cannot sustain? cox i think cd-rama is really in a bad shape too. =x suddenly i really the advertisement tt we always see before the start of the movie where the boy would say"daddy, what are these?" and the daddy would say "these are movie tickets" then the boy reply "movie tickets are what u buy to see a movie at the cinema" ... ... ... ...

if u've been watching movie i think you would have recollection of it. and i'm happy i managed to catch quite a bit of movies despite my busy schedule! x)

i might jux get a 4day sch week after 3 sems in nus! hahahahaha. but my thu is till 10pm? :O

Painting a PRETTY mess.
10:43 PM

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