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Sunday, November 29, 2009

omg omg omg! tml will be the LAST tuition for the year! bye to all 5 tuition kid of mine.(2 o lvl de long ago finish liao. think now enjoying themselves to the max.) since all graduating this year. i feel like a mother! seeing my kids graduate and feeling v touched! haha. ok la. jux being exaggerating. no motherly feeling. sisterly feeling more like it. since i'm not much older than them. and i FINALLY decided to ask my tuition kid if he is together with another tuition kid of mine.(both not from same jc) haha. cox i suspect long ago le. and the answer is YES! omg la! so cool! but a bit weird in some sense. both having A this year y both also wan tuition. ok la. is cox their standard at diff level. =x but they abit young now lei. i think by the time they get married i would be long forgotten and will not be invited! anyway. think too far liao. haha. x)

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1:07 AM

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

and i mugged at the library! omg la. first time step into library for this sem. as in considering go library to mug. haha. i still rmb the other time when i wanted to go sci library i still haven replace my matric card so i couldnt enter so i din go. lol! ytd was mugging with yinling at woodlands library and today at cck library with her again! =) miss the time we used to mug together. and without the distraction of my lappy and a mugging buddy, i managed to finish my agenda for both days. =)

tml my first paper since sch ends. yinling's having a paper tomorrow too! hope we'll all do well. =)

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12:16 AM

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

and i shopped! online i mean. when i'm suppose to be studying. and studying started as late as 9plus pm ytd nite(mon) cox i was SO sick i slept for literally the whole day? =( sick since last week! omg la. it's like i'm always sick during the week before final exam but i've nv been so sick until one week still haven recover! boo~ it's not like i wanna toture myself. i wan to recover too! so i DID went to see doc last wed when i din recover since sick on mon. but the med did not work la! in fact it got worse cox there's blood in my mucus! T.T flu on mon and tue. stuffy nose since then. i TOTALLY cannot smell anything now. even for v strong smell. it is TOTALLY can. i even cried about it cox i got so scared cox it's so many days le i've been sleep early. had more than enuff slp since no sch le. drank lotsa water until stomach bloated but nv recover a single bit. cant smell a single thing!!! this morning i tried to smell ard again but still nth! of course not some disgusting smell la. i smell chocolate powder. perfume. scented lotion. argh. shall not trust the doc i see last week. hoho. anyway it's jux the clinic found in nus. ppl got tell me the med dun work le. but i still gave it a try. indeed it dont. but oh well. the only consolation is tt it's FOC. haha. so i now i understand better if u wan quality u got to PAY! go see private doc. zzz.

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2:24 AM

Sunday, November 01, 2009

haven been blogging. so decided to do some blogging today. lol. bought tix to night safari at a discounted price from school. tot would go fri night cox got the halloween thing but oh great. it rained. and it rained HEAVILY. the sky darkened when we were on our way to cck cox we went town to get some stuff first since my lesson ended rather early on fri. tot we might take a chance but b4 we reach cck the rain fell. boO~ so the tix are still sitting in my bag right now.

so yup. went to douby guat to buy p.Osh brownie for two of my 'o' level tuition kids. since my lesson with them are ending le. wow. time really flies. one of the girl i've taught her for over a year alr. now it's good bye. first time seeing my tuition kid to graduation. feels kinda sad. =\ hope everything will work out fine and they'll get to go to which ever post secondary institute they wan. 3 more 'a' level kids to handle. rah. i din plan for so many tuition kids. long story~ anyway. i'm so packed w tuition i've been seeing one of the 'o' level kid for 4-5 times a week!!!
a record breaking of 6 consecutive day from 22oct to 27 oct. craziness. but tt's cox she started tuition late. started in aug. but she 'o' level this year lei. cant say no to extra tuition if i am able to make it. no-life-de-me. boo-ness.

and the kid whom i've taught since last year, her mum made sushi! and she gave me some. yum. =) i think i'll miss them~ both pretty girls. x)

all my tuition kids graduating this year. i'm so gg to miss them la~ ok. maybe not all. nxt year. new student. new start. hope i meet with nice ones. =) or please let me strike toto so tt i can no need teach tuition anymore. waha. ok. maybe dec i'll buy toto and try my luck. $_$
finally i'm getting some time back for myself. jux in time for end of semester. which means exam! boo-ness once again.

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12:47 AM

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