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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

oops. haven been blogging since the last christmas update. lol. now it's gg to be new yr already! wa. so 2008 is going off and it's hello~ 2009! wonder wat 2009 is gg to be like for me. 2008 ma. i would say it's a pretty gd yr. work. get results. go uni. started my nxt stage of life. though the first sem's result is horrible, but i think i'm strong enuff to move on and not feel like backing out anymore.(well. i did wanted to back out of sch after i got back my mid terms results. but now no more. ) and it's great fun hanging out wif frenz. be it the og grp. i still rmb the outing after our exam... or be it wif the seniors. it's always fun! but i looks like now it's harder to meet up wif the older frenz. well. but i'm glad i made it to the guides' annual dinner at mrs chua's house. and occasional dinner wif my girls.and not forgetting movies wif the class too. (the v few which i made it. =x) but still din get a chance to meet up wif my sec sch frenz! T.T

jux ytd i went out wif my seniors to klunch. a treat from AXG and yj. tks a lot! =) enjoyed myself. and i finally got a chance to hear shaoX sing in k! omg. pro-ster can. seriously it's like he's the singer of the song la! but yes. the others sang well too. =) after tt went chinatown walk walk. explore like nv explore. cox we're more into our convosation then to be looking at our surrounding. hehe. so interesting can.

and the nxt thing to look forward would be the chalet nxt week! yay! so exciting. sun we're gg to visit the supermarket together and work on a tight budget. and discuss bout how to marinate chicken! haha. none of us did tt b4. lol. it'll be fun! we might jux come up wif a new secret recipe. haha.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

ok. duno if it's gg to be as long as i think it's gg to be. but here goes....

been gg for christmas gatherings recently. missed out the one wif s24 at david's hse. quite a pity. but well. the other one was arranged quite long ago. jux like wat happened last week to the e2 gathering. it happened again. oh well. but i still had fun. =) but no photos for tt yet. cox haven see any of them posting on their facebook. so yup. will show the others then...

it was meet up wif my girls on mon...

first it was dinner+present exchange! =)

then we headed over to great world. cox we was at a coffee shop near there for dinner... but there's nth much to see. since it was kinda late already. shops were closing and stuff. so we decided to cam-whore in the toilet instead. hehe. cox wr mention tt every lvl is a different theme. and indeed it is. is nice de lor...

wat's christmas w/o christmas tree? haha. we saw the shopping centre had this setting on our way out. and tot we'll cam-whore somemore. x)

actually there's another setting de. but the pics are wif hh... kop-ed these pics from wj's blog. took me a long time! lol. and now she's heading to kl already. so i cant ask directly from her too. hav a safe trip girl. hope to see u soon! =)

as for my tue ma. nth much to mention. bbq. simple affair. nice food. great games. haha. pictionary and improvised version of snap. no pic. except for this? haha. the present i got from the present exchange. a pair of mug. sweet.

christmas eve was down wif flu. wat bad timing. mux be the weather too cold for me. lol. but i wouldnt mind if i was snow. haha. random. yes i noe sg wun snow. but a white christmas is definitely lovely~ hope nxt time i'll get to travel overseas for christmas! hehe.

still went to work though. cox they'll really need the help they can get. and a fren came by after my work and gave me this present...

nono. this is NOT some engagement ring or attachment ring. but rather, was told tt the engraving on top was some old times(as in ancient those sort) script(using script cox it looks like some kind of drawings to me. definitely not some w.o.r.d.s in any language. not sure if script is the write word. but anyway. my eng standard. u noe la. quite cmi de. =\) which means protecting me always. tot tt was kinda sweet of my fren to gimme tt. i shd be guilty i din give my fren anything back! oops. cox well. i wasnt expecting anyone arh. it was not a planned thing. so last min! paiseh ey!

then today!(oops. i mean ytd. since it's past twelve already. ow.) yay! christmas! met up wif hh. went to marina square and suntec to walk walk.


then we also took pics at the fountain of wealth there....

cute rite? hehe. and the hunt for the last.... took us quite a while to find it near the exit of toys'R'us.

well. the thing was, we were walking at the e-life@suntec. then there was photos at one corner. and we saw some ppl's photos had this precious moments figures. we were able to recognise the fountain of wealth. but the toys'R'us de we can only guess by the purple background. not difficult. but still needed some luck in case we guess wrongly. haha. tt's y i said it was a "hunt" for the last...

random note:nus student gets 10% off for anderson's ice-cream! wee~!

and did some shopping today. hoho. i got myself a CUTE bag for sch nxt sem! haha. it's real cute de. x)

this yr's christmas was great. i mean the whole week. yay! me.love.to.have.FUN! *grins*

the worst present of all: my results! T.T came out on the 23rd. but i shall not mention further. cox this's the season to be jolly lalalalala lala lala~! haha. ^^ hope everyone's enjoyed their christmas!

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12:41 AM

Thursday, December 25, 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! yay! went for some christmas gatherings these few days. happie me! photos would be up soon. need time to gather them =)

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12:10 AM

Monday, December 22, 2008

*cough* *cough* still not yet fully recover. oh. did i mention i DID fall sick? previously it was the signs. but yes. wed i did fell SICK! omg la. one mth ago jux fall sick nia. now sick again. so yup. woke up wif a terrible terrible nose block. or rather the nite my nose was already blocked. got to search for tissue in the dark. cox basically i nv place tissue by my bedside. then fever and stuff. i think it was SO bad tt early morning when i still lying on bed my mummy already ask me to wake up to see doc liao. lol. usually she'll jux ask me pop panadol. so imagine tt. i din even wake up to show her how sick i am and she's already telling me to go doc.

even today. still coughing at my tuition kids' home. but lucky today the things tt i went thru wif my two kids are something i'm quite ok wif. not like usually. sure get stucked at some pt of time for v long. quite satisfied wif myself actually. =)

and dinner was on me! i treat my family! muaha. first time in history. despite me being VERY poor now. haha. some christmas shopping here and there. plus some huge amt spending. i need more income! haha. seeing none these two weeks. how sad. not sure if i'm getting any pay nxt week either. =\ there's so many sales gg on la! me wan shop for myself also! hehe.

it's meetup wif the girls today!(since it's past twelve already) <3

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1:11 AM

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a little update of my life. hm.. nth much. except i'm quite broke? haha. nah. tt's nt the main pt. the main pt is tt i'm falling sick. zzz. first it was sore throat. then cough! zzz. now feeling a lil feverish also. =( i'm hoping i'll get better. been guan4-ing myself wif LOTS of water recently. my stomach's aint giving much space to solid food la. i'm SO gg to lose weight. which. is not gg to be a gd thing. =x

few days back when shopping for some last min present, i shun bian looked at accessories. and i saw this!

one necklace 3 colours. so cute can. and it's only 10 dollars! haha. x)

dinner at mrs chua's house on tue was such heartwarming! *grins* hope nxt yr i'll be able to make it again. think last yr i missed out. =\

my to-do list is so VERY long. sianx.
1.more present shopping
2.book chalet
3.get assessment for my tuition kidS
n.STUDY PROBABILITY! haha. i borrowed a textbook from my senior. i cant believe i'm actually studying b4 the term starts! zzz. and i'm at page 9 already! muaha. jy girl.^^
n+1.dinner wif my girls nxt week! yay!

it was quite saddening to hav actually missed out 4e2's gathering! T.T but jux so happen i had other plans planned much ahead le. and where choices are concerned, opportunity cost is incurred. omg la! so econs. haha.

i think i'm gg crazy. last one. while looking thru my template for my blogskin jux now, i saw this
if else statement inside! omg la. doesnt matter if u duno wat is if else statement. it's jux computing stuff! ahh... gg crazy. if u're saying"gd wat. can apply wat u learnt" i'll say "sorry hor. but i din learn bout comeback, cometo. etc." so i duno how the condition works. cant modify. lol. and dun tell me to take anymore computing mod. it's a big NONO! ha.

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11:38 PM

Monday, December 15, 2008

wj!!!! ur tagboard is not working! haha. i wanna tag saying tt i think my height is the most ideal le. muaha. i'll lend u my shoulder! haha. (though i think i'm a bit late in this tag. ps. =x) i wrote an entry jux to tag u lei. shd feel happie ok? hehe. cheer up girl. =)

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10:35 PM

Saturday, December 13, 2008

yay! ytd went shopping wif dearest haihui. mango sale is love can! haha. but this time round the clothes are more ex. i buy 1 jacket and a top already cost me $74 le! T.T and i'm still on a hunt for bag! and i feel so poor this mth. somehow. lol. wat a BAD timing lei.

yay ppl. sale is on. go grap something! =)

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11:34 PM

Thursday, December 11, 2008

ytd evening was spent playing mj! haha. jux started learning recently. aint much of beginner's luck. cox i lost? haha. ppl are warning me bout getting addicted. but currently. still ok. hehe. jux find it interesting cox it's new to me! still as suaku as ever. lol.

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10:25 PM

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

boring day. *yawns* nth much happen to me. except tt i finally picked up the phone to call up my tuition agency to tell him i dun wan take the recently assignment tt he gave me. first time reject assignment after agreeing to take sia. haha. usually when i dun feel gd bout an assignment i jux rant and wait to get fired. lol. but this time round i made the first move! hm.. the first lesson was last thu. well. i think some communication breakdown ba. i was told is jc1 de. but then i din get the part bout the student being from international sch. their lvl and our lvl is different can! higher than ours. i see her textbk. and i saw calculus! omg la. my nightmare in UNI. yes. supposedly jc1 lvl but they doing uni stuff le. haha. i wanted to die the first 10 mins i was there. but i still pulled thru. haha. but i told myself no way i'm gg to take her. i'm not tt pro de. =( i jux wish i'm doing much better... sianx. and to do better, i think i shd start studying liao! omg. seriously yes. i'm talking bout studying BEFORE the term starts! lol. one disaster semester is enuff. i got to push myself harder for the nxt sem. but yes ppl. it's not uncommon to see ppl start studying b4 the term starts. tt's how high the stress lvl is. and tt's y end of sem exam is truely like A lvls once more! zzz.

my first truely math tuition kid and it turned out this way. =\ been encouraged to take up math kids to strengthen my math foundation. oh well. i'll jux wait then....

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Monday, December 08, 2008

it rained.and rained. and it rained.

woke up to a rainy day. wat a great weather to slp! lol. but still had to wake up early to go sch for meeting! yup. we know it's a public holiday today but we still had the meeting anyway since none of us is affected in any ways.

i woke up at 8 can! or was it slightly later? hm. but somehow i dragged a lil. and i was late... zzz. sounds normal ey. indeed. =x i guess my new yr resolution HAS to be "i shall not be late any more and NO more cabbing for me(or at least cut by 80%?)"

i bet no one would expect myself to kp a cabbing journal. haha. yes i did! since the start of sch. or rather since i start realising tt i've been cabbing quite frequently. intention was to remind myself not to cab so often. but then like nv help. and i totalled everything up. indeed. for a semester itself, i spent a few hundred on cab! omg la. seriously it IS enuff for me to buy a camera! now i noe why i cant afford one. =\

more drama watching for me? hmm... such a nice weather.... shd tell myself to slp earlier. been slping late and my face starts to pop out all the red spots! ahh....!!!

and did those spots make me look old?!? cox today when i on my way home at yew tee mrt. there's this guy, representative of sg heart foundation, came to talk to me. at first he spoke wif eng. then he look at my stunned look and said"u wan me to speak in chi? izzit better for u?" (ey. whenever got all these promoters approach me i always give the same look de wat. -.-") then he tried to explain stuff like heart disease and stroke is the no. 1 killer in sg, how ex an operation can be. and i realise he din try to explain in chi cox his chi was better. but rather he tot i couldnt understand eng well! zzz. cox he couldnt explain some terms in chi la!

then he also asked me if i noe of any relatives tt suffer from heart dieases. i said no. then he ask if i got frenz wif heart disease or their children wif heart disease. (then i was thinking. siao. my frenz mostly not married leh. wat children sia.) and i said no again. then he like quite stunned. how come "no" sia. then he asked bout the children thing again. i say my frenz all not married. then he tot i foreigner! DIAOX! i said i'm still a student la! then he stunned for a few seconds.then he sounded a bit disappointed. (i think i shd be the one feeling sad rite? -.-") cox yup. he's trying to get ppl to do a mthly contribution thing. and he finally asked if i got credit card. then i was saying no. and monthly contribution is not really possible for me. since i'm not financially stable. (my income not fixed de lor) if one time off i dun mind. then he say today they not accepting cash. and asked if i got cheque book. and again. i reminded him i'm a student! y would a STUDENT carry a cheque book?!? siao ey. izzit so hard for him to accept the fact tt i AM a student? =(

haix. sometimes it's jux so sad to hear ppl say tt i look like 20+ or got the working adult face. wo pa4 lao! T.T

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

today's a great day~! (despite the lack of slp. =\)

slpt for only 4 hrs and off i head to hougang where the sow committee is helping out rag comm to distribute flyers door-to-door, informing them bout the old clothes collection(occ) that they gg to hav nxt weekend which i wun be free to help out. =\

the houses there are not upgraded wif stop-at-all-lvl de lift which makes our job tougher. cox each staircase only got two units. so to cover all the units u got to take the stairs for many times. but eventually we got smarter and each person jux cover one staircase each. starting was feeling quite scared to distribute alone. cox we're expected to knock on every door to inform them. cox sometimes when u leave the flyer on their door they'll jux take it as rubbish like those advertisment or some sort and throw them into the bin. tt way they wun get the info bout the occ.

but things went quite smoothly for me. minimal dogs barking compared to my frenz. no door slamming too. hehe. one of them even met wif a door being splashed paint by the loan shark! i see liao i sure scared also. =x

i bet i burnt a lot of calories from all tt climbing of stairs. lol. but it's quite an experience. =) nv did door to door knocking b4. and this time is for a gd cause too. cox the funds raised from occ will be donated to an old folks' home.

after finishing distributing flyers, met up wif my two seniors. yanjun and ah xiang ge! haha. they came to hougang to find me cox initially tot i'll end quite late. so they tot they'll wan to lunch there first then we all set off to other place. and randomly we said we'll go exploring at little india! haha. met up wif chinfung at little india and we walked w/o any specific direction in mind. seriously we were like walking w/o a proper aim in mind. we.jux.walked. lanes after lanes. and seriously the traffic is so bad there tt we cannot jay walk AT ALL! not jux jay walk. walk by the road side also v dangerous. the cars jux come so close to u la!

in the end we din buy anything from there, nv try their food also. but the day was still fun! walk walk chat chat. and talked bout math!(a little here and there) lol. sounds crazy but it's still fun in it's own ways. x)

then home for some drama watching and yes. i shd be catching some slp now. tml's another brain draining day for me. sun=tuition day...

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

130am rite now. been staying up late recently. (though i tell myself i shd be slping early so as to get rid of my panda eyes. =x) life hasnt been v happening recently as compared to jux after exam. toned down a lil. i see myself sitting in front of my lappy more. watching drama and chatting on msn. yay. at least tt was something tt i told myself i would do b4 exam. to jux find one day and sit in front of my com and jux CHAT. haha, i did. for tonite(or rather ytd nite since it's past twelve) tot i wanna cont wif my drama. but the convo window jux popped up one after another. is fun de lor. chatting on msn for the whole nite. haha. x)

sometimes the smallest thing is enough to make me feel contented. =)

and i still hav active convo right NOW. x)

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

another day at work. new girl came. she looks kinda shy. hope we din frightened her. haha. and we wonder if she'll turn up for work tml. lol. not as if there hasnt been cases where ppl came to work for a day and ran away. haha. but i definitely din contribute to scaring the person off de part. cox i wasnt working on tt day. haha.

after work. popped into guess boutique. cox i seriously feel tt it's time for me to change my wallet. and yes i spent. haha. the salesman showed me a colour of the design which i like, but not on display. feels tt it's quite nice and tot i wanna settle on tt. then the cashier was like telling me"jux to inform u, this colour is not on sale" kinda expected tt since i've been popping into few guess outlets quite often recently to look at the wallets and haven see that colour for tt design b4. din hesitate to buy it. but when she scan, she said"oh. it jux went on discount" lol. zhuan/zuan dao. x)

when transferring my stuff over to the new wallet. saw my stack of movie tix. gave it a count and realise i din watch more than 20 movies this whole yr! so pathetic. zzz. me.nolifede.lol.

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Monday, December 01, 2008

finally finished kop-ing the pics from my facebook and uploading from my phone. muaha. shall summarise my past few days.

thu nite!!! the nite of my LAST paper! celebrate~! met up wif some of the og mates whom also finished their papers. either the same day or earlier. dinner-ed at seoul garden. tried mutton for the FIRST time. the smell is too strong for me. =x but the ice-creams are better then sakura de! haha. random comments. but the nite was fun wif all the jokes and stuff. really freed my mind from EVERYTHING! tks peeps for the great nite. ^^ after dinner was random walking. from esplanade to the merlion.

the ladies.

hoho. and i haven been on the sg flyer b4!

everyone! we haven got zai camera. lala.

the sat was wif the class. and my girls! yay! all 5 of us made it!!! =)

orchard road was indeed brilliantly decorated.

then was dinner at thai village. it's been a yr! i rmb last yr we went when it was near christmas too! lol. how time flies!

then sun was out wif my sisters. usual meeting place. bugis! haha. but i din spend much. mostly on food. nia. haha. we love gd food. swensens and starbucks. total enjoyment! x)
we were too engrossed in our convo to take photos. haha. our meet up is like half a yr once? my mei stays in malaysia u see.

i TOTALLY enjoyed myself for the past few days!!! <3

today was suppose to work but last min there's changes so end up i stayed at home instead. and watched some drama online. koizora is love! yay! watched the drama version de. but i think the guy not shuai enuff lor. =p but the cast there they put the same as the movie de lei. but i compare like diff. haha. but then again. i've nv been gd at differentiating faces. lol. i still think the movie de is shuai de!!!! hee...

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9:36 PM

the past few days have been rather interesting and FUN! i'm SO enjoying myself. still aint got time to blog. gotta run for today's stuff again! yay! i like being out there doing something. i'll probably NOT make a model zai2 nu. haha.

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