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Monday, July 28, 2008

no more cleaning. no more "hi.welcome". no more pushing of doors for customers. at least for now. will be back when my pocket calls for some cash. hehe. i need fundings for cab too. X)
tt's the view u see when u sit outside my boutique. and tt's stanford raffles's statue in the middle which u can always see tourist taking photos wif "it". tot i'll it too. but then realise it'll be too kuku of me to do tt. and i bet the ppl ard can recognise me. then they sure luff their heads off. haha. so i skipped tt idea.
it feels jux like another day for me. lucky today gt work to do. packing of sales item to be sent back to office. so the day past rather quickly and peacefully. camp nxt. argh. i got no red tee to wear to show support to my house. i got no beach wear to wear for the i-think-we're-going-sentosa-trip. (cox the pack list stated to bring beach wear) zzz. 4D3N. it's gg to be a torture to me. pls miss me! X)

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

weekends are usually looked forward to. and i mux say i had a great day ytd. wif two things off my to-do list. i FINALLY got my earpiece fixedreplaced. i've bee surviving on single sided earpiece for the past mth. i told the person(or who-ever u call it) tt i've changed THREE ear piece already and it's ALWAYS the left one who "died". she din exactly respond me. but it was gd tt they gave me and instant replacement. doubt they can do anything to the spoiled one either. hh brought her lappy for fixing too.

then we went for jacket hunting. something which i wanted since 2 YEARS back? haha. drag till now and i FINALLY got it! *wide grins* firstly, i've always wanted an adidas jacket. secondly, bought mine from limited ed shop. and it's damn chio-ness la. love it. ^^ nt sporty de. the bottom design make it a lil like dress top. but of course tt's another hole burnt in my pocket. T.T

then we met up wif some of the class peeps. stone-d. arcade-d. dinner @ waruku. cox we got 10 ppl, we got ourselve this "room" all to ourselves. cool neh.

then there's the happy ppl

and the gd food.

no grp photo again cox i failed to receive it from yr. how bout an outdated ones?
photos of the 4e2 girls during our last meet-up.

let's nt forget the time tt we spent, the memories tt we hold when we move on to the nxt stage in life. =)

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11:34 PM

Friday, July 25, 2008

my first bill in the morn:$18.10

u noe where i headed. yup. nus.

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11:00 PM

i think i'm suffering from wat i call cumulative tired-ness. haven been getting my 8 hrs of slp everyday. oh well. think mostly ppl now a days dun slp 8 hrs a day. my ave slp is 6hrs which i think is nt enuff. *yawns* tml no work but got to wake up even earlier to go for freshmen briefing at nus. hoho. every week also need to go there. jux hope tml dun need cab there. haha. am thinking of cutting my hair tml morn. duno enuff time ma. >< my fringe is covering my grey eyes. haha. yup. grey eyes. ms vain bought her monthly coloured contacts instead of daily de le. my colleagues tell me the colour nt obvious.(think cox of the black ring) tt's wat i wan ma. i dun wan it to be obvious. i jux wan try something different. i can nv imagine myself wearing blue or green. =x but today when i went to a make up store wif my colleague after work, the make up artist wore green contacts but it was TOTALLY nice on her can. i think cox she matched it wif her makeup. green eyeshadows i rmb. i couldnt take my eyes off her. usually if i see ppl wearing blue or green i sure say weird. but today is totally NICE! the power of make up. haha. vainty rules. X)

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12:23 AM

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

was browsing thru my nus email to see if there's any update on my application for second major. there was none. T.T well. the web says by end of july. it's near but nt yet end rite? haha. one bad thing is. they nv state EXACTLY when and ONLY successful de will be notified. grrr... i hate the waiting part. nv ending in such a case. anyway. then i saw this email bout volunteering for sinagpore fireworks 2008. (details found @ http://www.fireworks.com.sg/) free publication lei. shd gimme free tix. haha. kidding. anyway. in brief. got fireworks from international winning team from europe and asia coming. kinda interesting huh. wonder if i shd volunteer as usher. would be something different. i think it's better than paying $18 and sit there and watch. somehow. but duno y. dun mean tt i get to watch for free. jux the idea of sitting there watch fireworks dun really interest me. lol. sometimes i jux feel like kping myself low profile. but sometimes i do feel like getting into some actions and meet new ppl. oh well. maybe the complain bout nt looking forward to orientation is the camp ba. nt so into the idea of slping in lectures and bathing wif pails. ><

2 more working days...

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11:05 PM

Sunday, July 20, 2008

met wif a noob cab driver again. okok. this one nt so bad. not v noob. jux a lil deaf. i mean. literally. he kp telling me he cant hear wat i saying. and i do admit my voice is nt v soft tt kind. and he er. nt v gd wif the direction. luckily i vividly rmb the route my daddy took on the nite he drove me to pass my tutee something. i dare nt say i'm a good tutor. but at least i'm trying my best k. i rmb tt nite was 7 or 8 pm at nite le when i went over to pass her something, the nite b4 her exam. well. i know last min study is nt advisable. but blame me for being lazy. kp dragging the work until really last min. tt's y, i say. i'm nt a gd tutor but at least i'm trying my best. so yup. i cabbed. again. ytd was complaining to my colleague how often i cab and how much i've spent on cab already. but today i make the mistake again. =\

one day of rest is so nt enuff. T.T back to work tml. 5 more working days for me this mth. ^^

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9:40 PM

Saturday, July 19, 2008

and i was late again
and i cabbed again

boo-hoo. QET test today. realise some ppl accidently dawn-ed upon my blog through search such as QET seat no. haha. me is B502. doesnt matter now huh? tt's wat i'm trying to do. haha. y would anyone wan know my seat no. -.-"

anyway. overslpt. the story is funny. mummy woke me up at 7. then i was telling her 7 only wake me up le. i tot wat. i set my alarm at 7.15. nv ring i tot alarm spoil. haha. she say i tot u say wan leave hse at 8? half awaken, i say er. 830 ma. er. 8 arh? er. ard 8 to 830 la. thinking tt it's still early, i went back to slp. then when my alarm rang, i off-ed and zzz again. lol. luckily(would hav been luckier if i had nt fallen alsp. =\)i woke up at 8. haha. choing-ed to prepare myself to get out of the house. was out by 845. tot can reach on time. but then was told suppose to reach earlier. ohoh. then i tot of cabbing lo. =x waited but the queue looked long. so i took train to cck which is wat i usually would do cox it's technically easier to get cab there. turn out the queue was longer. T.T if i had stayed at yew tee think i got cab le. haix. kuku.

anyway. i gan jiong le. so i called cab. for the first time on my own. lol. and i got a kuku driver.(though it's a mercedes de. but doesnt mean anything. lol) who actually tot i was gg ntu instead of nus. and he wasnt familiar wif the road ard cck either. asked me for direction which i din noe which road to take too. haha. though this is the third time i cab to nus le. =x

still late. and guess wat. the kuku driver forgot to on the meter! haha. so i anyhow give him $20. bb $20. looks alot. but i rmb last week i paid $11.40 for cab. then this morn is peak hr, so got surcharge 35% and i called the cab de. then duno wat diesel fee also arh. think more or less there ba. so ex. T.T

and the best part is. when i wan enter the hall. i realise i forgot my pencil case!!!! haha. ytd i threw it ON my bag. today when i wan pack my water bottle in, i put it aside and then forget to put it in. how clever. -.-" so i asked ard for pen. almost got a no ink de. lucky the owner ask me back for it and tested and change another one for me. but then. the thing i dun like about ball pt is tt it always feels like it's running out of ink. make me a bit worried. wif only a pen in hand and nth else, i sat for the test. er. seriously. biotechnology. i noe nth bout it. =\ so i think wan dan lo....

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1:17 AM

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

this is such a random post.....

i heart my cheapo shoe!!! haha. last time i tot $8 shoe for work v cheap le. (though ltr i upgrade to $15.90 de) but this one is only $4.50! X) yup. is those kind of shoe mostly commonly worn by pri sch kids. but i'm only wearing it for 2 weeks anyway. lol.

after 4 days of rest(and fun) i dread gg back to work. 4.5 days this week and 5 days nxt week. T.T but work can nv be better if i have something to look forward to AFTER work. such as supper wif my girls!!! *double grins*

picture taken when on the train from gombak to yew tee. hoho. yup. they sent me to yew tee. tks girls. so sweet of u all.^^ *loves* meet up real soon orh. hehe.

random photos. back in sentosa. komodo dragon(ps if i spell wrongly. haha) spotted.

and spotted in the sky. er. smoke? (referring to the "ring")

and i'm back to slp. 3 more days to go. T.T and fri's my QET. essay essay here i come....

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

went to nus for orientation briefing today. was late. (as usual. =x) so i cabbed down(for the second time. and i've only been there a few times nia. lol). but the briefing lasted for 45 mins nia. -.-" waste my $11+. and today my tuition kid delay payment again. hoho. VERY broke now. T.T

ok. anyway. the orientation. er. nt so looking forward to it. got some secret pal interaction de. zzz. thinking tt there shd be more girls than guys, i hope i get a girl instead. haha. nt so interested in this kind of "blind date" and stuff. still got to buy present for tt person which i totally hav no idea at all. one present to fit all? tough ey. everyone got diff personality de ma. and i bet my pal will think he/she is v suay to get a pal like me. haha. i pity you(who ever u are). lol.

the only thing i wanna know thru the orientation is about the online bidding for the module tt's all. cheem seh. can faint. then after tt still need plan timetable somemore. hope i'm lucky enuff to fit all the slot nicely then i wun hav to idle for hrs in the canteen which is nt so attractive. haha.

anyway. after the orientation. went to explore the place a bit. but still cant find enuff info for me to choose b/w applied math or stats. and apparently i forgot to fill in the column on the form for my intended major. and i heard them mention will try to arrange us wif ppl intending to take the same major so tt we can know ppl tt we might attend lectures and tut wif. hoho. now tt i left it blank. pls dun put me wif ppl from bio or pharmacy. cox too off for me le. =x

then there was this part when i was gg home. this guy sitting beside me had accidently left his wallet inside an internal shuttle bus earlier on. he was asking me if i noe where the bus would head to or is there any "interchange" or something for the shuttle buses. i din noe. but i guess it wasnt written on my head or something. but my face gave him the look that i noe.( or izzit cox i look old? T.T) i was telling him i not sure. and he cont by saying he's a freshmen here. zzz i dun look like i'm new to tt place too? haha. i haven even step into the shuttle bus la. i oso duno where the shuttle bus can being me to. a bit sad but nvm. forgive him. for all i noe maybe nxt time he's in my tut group or something. lol.

u duno how small the world is. until u encounter them. i did. in the afternoon. haha. was gossiping wif my fren. tot she din noe hu. but turn out she noe! hoho. cool. gossip-ed somemore and now i'm so enthu to share! X) but er. this is within my gaming de. so dun think will be writing here. think write le nobody understand. haha. when i go gaming then i shun bian gossip a bit. X)

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9:23 PM

Thursday, July 10, 2008

super slack this week.work for 2 days nia. ^^ so now i get 4 days off. weet~! if only this is towards the end of the month it would hav been better. can enjoy to the max b4 sch starts. but no arh. nxt week and nxt nxt need work 5 days per week. =\ i see ppl ard me are stopping work already. but i haven stop ey. blame myself for overspending(mth after mth). aint earning enuff arh. T.T the word sales is simply TOO tempting. haha. and mango arh mango. i tot the sale really 5 days nia. tt time from up to 50% until now de up to 70% seh! and yup. u bet. i stepped in and spent again. =x

many things are coming up. things like QET(qualifying english test). speaking of tt. haix. i like duno how long nv write essay le. somemore need min. 500 words. i wan blog already a lil prob le still expect me to write in proper eng for tt long. pls let me pass arh! i dun wan to go for xtra eng lesson! boo-hoo. duno how to cont le. lol. anyway. jiu. gl to me. and others gg for the test. ^^

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

the past week had been a busy one for me. but i pretty much enjoyed myself. ^^

there was the health checkup on wed. which i took x-ray for the first time i can ever rmb. but then since i'm nt in the medical course nor i'm a foreign student, i din hav to take blood test. which means. up till now. 19 yrs after i'm born, i still do NOT know my blood type. =x

i shall start familiarising myself wif nus. will be gg back again nxt sat for my orientation briefing. my orientation is gg to last for some 8 days! =\ wonder wat they gg to do sia. got to many things to do meh? lol. i din join any previous camp. think i lose out a lot le. but then. i dun really like the idea of gg camps wif ppl whom i do not know. currently i only know ONE ppl in the same faculty as me. pathetic anot? T.T

but meetups wif old frenz really cheer me up. thu nite was gathering wif some of my secondary sch girls. dinner-ed at MOF and chilled at viar mar @ esplanade. we abandant harry's cox got this girl wif a bad attitude. we ask her a question. she rolled her eyes. flip the menu. put on the table and left. -.-" of course we are nt pleased by this kind of attitude and the 8 of us simply stood up and moved to viar mar. another pub nearby.

no pic wif me. haven ask for it yet.=x but the nite was well spent wif the lovely ladies. wonder when we'll ever get to meet up again.

random note1. to zai2 nu: we miss u! nxt time mux join us arh!!!! tsktsk.

but the nite din end well. me and cheryl and yl will noe. dun really wanna go into details wat happened. cox i dun wanna let the whole world know how suay i am. but did tell a few peeps bout the story and yup. i bet nobody can deny i'm such a one in a million kind of person to meet wif such things.

random note2. to uncle:tks for the company(thru phone) tt nite. though so late le. tt incident totally freak me out. T.T

oh well. shall forget the bad part and only rmb the gd ones. gathering! hehe. me love gathering. and ytd was another gathering wif my girls @ sentosa. but the weather din really helped usthem.

random note3. wo shi pa tai yang de mo gui.

a lil volleyball here and there. and luge ride was thrilling. could hav gone for 3 rides if we spotted the special rates earlier. we paid $10 for one. but actually u can get 3 for $18. lol. nxt time we go again k? hehe.

then there was dinner @ sushi tei wif our class guys oso. yr.leo.david.yx. forget to take the pic from yr oso. hoho. tt's y this entry is pic-less. =x then movie.watched wanted. nt a bad movie. jux tt i got a lil dizzy after watching. duno y oso. haha. and i realise when we were planning wat movie to watch the day b4, i haven watch any movie for quite a long while. think cox i busy wif gg to sales ba. haha. and now i quite broke. T.T pay faster come!hope this mth wun drag like last mth. if nt mux eat air liao. lol.

random note 4. left wif 13 more working days.

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