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Sunday, August 31, 2008

super outdated post. but still am here to blog. since i uploaded the photos like a week ago? =x ok. maybe 5 days ago. (self console. really quite gd at it. lol)

went for og outing. my first outing since 43137261 yrs? it really seems like yrs since i last went outing lei. sadded.

so we were out to celebrate out OGL's bdae. btw. OGL in uni is diff from jc de. jc everyone is call OGL. here. OGL is really the leader of the og. the others are jux called seniors.

met up earlier(though i still came late) to buy the gift. they decided on build-a-bear! so cool can.

first u stuff the cotton in. (no pic)

then u bath the bearmonkey.

then u dress her up.

and u're done!
still got birth cert de can...

then we dined at fish&co<3. bought secret recipe cake for her too. this one ma. duno wat cake. but very nice! i prefer this to the choco banana la. =x

tt's our happy OGL. xiuwen aka mummy.

and if u're wandering where's the group photo. (again?)

actually got one. but when i upload to blogger it's super SMALL.

and jux when i tot this would be the last time i blogging wif photos from my phone, my mummy suddenly change her mind bout buying camera!!! T.T so now i'm (still) camera-less. and back to my kuku k800i. i say kuku cox i think i dropped too many times until it's dying liao. often my msgs dun get sent out.(delivery report says sending failed) then sometimes no network coverage de. T.T

or maybe cox i use my hp too much until it's protesting? telling me "i'm tired! stop sending so many sms!" lol. cox i jux broke my own record and sent a total of 4029 msg in the mth of aug. and obviously the worst thing bout it is when u see the bill and at the back of ur mind u're v clear u're gg to pay the bill on ur own. *cries* this mth eat grass liao. haha.

lucky now i'm very busy until no time to shop. if not the hole in my pocket sure bigger. really VERY busy can. until i not enuff slp. today overslept again and missed lec again.(among my uni frenz only i skip lec nia. oops. bad image. haix.)and the no. of time i'm punctual for sch is probably 1/10 to tt of me being late for sch. (1 day every 2 weeks. lol)

today i received my FIRST successful online purchase! my first attempt at online shopping failed. kena con $20 for a super chio bag. (maybe the owner see too chio she kp for herself) she did get back to me weeks ltr saying the bag arrived and mine was out of stock. she asked for my acct and say will transfer me back de lor. she nv la. i email her a week ltr and she din get back to me. T.T reminds me of my tuition agent. tt one worse. now he owe me $100+ liao lor! now got the rights to rant de ba. tt time $45 nia. now $100+ le! FASTER PAY ME! (so i can pay half of my phone bill...) argh.

the ring is my second attempt.(since it was very cheap so i jux gave it a second try. not from the same web of course.) and am super excited when i receive it. ^^

can u see i doll-ed up my fingernail? i only paste alternate nails. (not the other nail de sticker fall off) i think doll-ing up my nail is my only relaxation now. no shopping. no gaming.(my audi is down la! sadded. everyone's suggesting me to reformat com. but tt's gg to take me like 4-6 hrs. and i totally no time. *cries*) then tt time when my mummy saw my nails she was like saying. "go sch need paint nails de meh? not as if u go dating or wat." go sch cannot paint nail meh? not as if i do until v elaborated or wat. and i do my nails only v gd liao lor. i nv make up to sch v gd liao lor. my cosmetics are left rotting at home. zzz. sci de girls mostly are all simple de. not vain de. but it might be a gd thing afterall. imagine myself being late liao still wan make up. lol. think i'll be skipping lec even more often le. ahhh... nono. mux tell myself stop skipping lec. no gd!

last mth jux started sch. end of this mth is my mid term exam le! so fast can. haix. no life arh...

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11:57 AM

Saturday, August 30, 2008

wanted to blog on thu de. cox i think my missing luck on wed all came back on thu. ^^ (probably if u minus the part bout being late for 45 mins in the morn. =x and having to attend econs lecture alone. T.T) but after econs was walking ard arts fac a lil and bumped into huiyin(scss) and michelle(s24) in the canteen! so happy to see familiar faces ard. =) dabao-ed lunch from the arts canteen(the best canteen ard). slacked a lil wif frenz in the math soc room b4 heading to comex. on a hunt for camera,portable hard disk and wireless modem. and mummy agreed to buy camera! *grins* portable hard disk am still thinking. cox i really dun need a big size like 160gb. =\ got no vid. no game.(except audition? but now my audi is down! my com cant run the file! *cries* and so far nobody is able to help me solve the prob. all ask me to reformat. =( it takes me whole afternoon to reformat de lor. haix.) jux picx and songs. hmm... then there was melody(junior) working at comex too. super happy to see her can. haven been contacting her for some time le. bumping into 3 girls in a day. aint i lucky or wat? X) then there was the meeting at nite. and by the time i reach home i was all slpy already. dozed off while i was chatting wif frenz. bth until i went to slp early again. it's the effect of cumulative tiredness again! boo-hoo.

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1:45 AM

Thursday, August 28, 2008

and history repeated itself. not exactly though.

my pathetic wed starts today. lessons from 9-10 ONLY. ytd my fren already offered to gimme morning call le. cox they noe i late queen. haha. since uni so free and easy. i'm late for ALL morning lesson and am always late for ave of 30 mins. =x

today i tot i'll wake up 7+ for my 9am de lesson. i DID wake up then. but ms-poor-time-management tot she's got a lil time to fix her audi since she failed to do so the nite b4 which made her sian half and slp at 12 for the first time ever since the start of sch, she fiddle wif the com so much until she fren chase her to sch but she wun budge.

thus when she finally step out of the house 15 mins b4 the lesson start, she tot she can chiong sch in cab. cab was plenty. but the road is nt empty. slow traffic on the way. in the end she's still late for 15 mins. zzz. 1/4 of the lesson gone. wat's worst was when she wants to settle down and start listening, she realise she left her stationeries at home. how clever!

past case. QET. cabbed.no stationeries.

lucky got my og mates in the same tut grp. if nt i got to beg for stationery again. T.T so paiseh can. if the one beside is guy sure say. "wa. wat a pick up line." lol. but lucky this din hav to happen. ^^ tutorial is every week also hav de lor. ltr see the person i ps sia. even if is girl also will ps de lor. late liao nvm still nv bring stationery. wat a gd impression to give. zzz and since my og mate already used to my late-ness after attending 2.5 weeks of lec. there really isnt anything for me to be ps about lo.X)

tot things are gg get more happening when tutorial starts. but i was wrong. the tutorial class all dead dead de. no ppl response la. u open ur bag the whole class can hear lor. =\ B-O-R-I-N-G

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12:07 AM

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i'm loving my new lappy. ^^

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11:40 PM

Monday, August 25, 2008

i'm getting my new lappy tml!!! so happy can. ^^ finally the wait is over! waha.

more gaming for memore staying back in sch to study cox i cannot give myself the excuse tt i nv bring notes or hw etc since i'm expecting myself to be bringing my lappy for days i hav 2 hr breaks or longer. such as the first math soc meeting on thu. sch's ending at 12 for me but the meeting is at 1830! omg la. faints.

my thu is quite pathetic actually.

sat i was happily planning a meet up wif my girls. since two of them are working so i tot we could change the evening out to nite out.

then my tuition kid tell me she want extra lesson on thu @1800. i tried to ask her for other days but she gave me wed which i cant make it either. ltr i tot i could still organise a nite out if i try to ask her for earlier timing.

but this morning the sms came"Hi, we'll be having our first meeting this thu, 26 aug @ 1830 in math soc room" ZzZ. WHY thu?!? if tue i wun mind cox i end at 1800. T.T (but lucky is on odd weeks only. even week is 1600)

one thing after another, is stopping me from planning a meet up wif my girls. sadded.

then today my fren reminded me to nego wif my tuition kid about the xtra lesson if nt i'm gg to miss out the first meeting. din think it's nice to miss out first meeting. but b4 i could sms her, the msg came saying tt she cant make it on thu and ask if wed or fri is ok. quite surprised to see tt msg. but was happy though. quite lucky here. but it also means i'm gg to be busy for many nites starting wed.

wed.serious work.
sat.farewell dinner.

O.o and i still got many tut to choing. oh great. blame no one but myself for slacking the past 2 weeks. argh.

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11:34 PM

Sunday, August 24, 2008

today is such a brain draining day for me can. 2 tuition for me then studying @ limbang mac in the evening. i miss studying there! i miss studying wif yl!!! yl i miss u!!! ^^

i drew a lot of smiley faces. =)

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11:32 PM

Friday, August 22, 2008

jux reached home not too long ago. ok. bout an hr ago. now. 1.25 am. been quite some time since i last reach home this late. used to stay out late when i working. now sching le hardly go out. T.T 12 may nt be late. but u cant get any ltr if u're gg one public transport. i strongly discourage cabbing. like real. cox i jux did. in fact twice today. =x shd really learn my lessons now since i wun be getting any more fat cheques. sadded.

anyway. was home late. cox went for annual general meeting for math society. i wan half conned there can.(the ex-pres is so gg to kill me. =x) and i seriously still cant believe i'm inside the exco. (but it wasnt really tt hard since we got two strong supporter. X) )lucky there's valerie. and we've been trying to console ourselves on the part tt we got conned in. lol. and believe me. we're doing a really gd job at it. haha.

and it's now time to print my notes. AGAIN. i wan a more pro printer! b4 sch start. my printer is there to collect dust. now. my printer disturbs the zzz-ing ppl ard midnite every nite. ps to my family and neighbour. maybe u can consider sponsoring me a more pro printer which makes lesser noise and prints at a faster speed? haha. X) my current printer v lok kok. and i realise i've been using "lok kok" so v often these days. lol. lot one's lok kok cinema. FoS de lok kok canteen. lok kok dressing. ._.

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1:25 AM

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ytd i was jumping wif joy tt tut balloting went smoothly. today bad news struck me. one of the tut i ballot was of the wrong code. same mod but certain coding was reserved for certain grp of ppl. wasnt told so earlier! din purposely went to ballot for the other code de lor. cox ALL other slots clash wif my lecture!!! leaving only the wed slots available. i'm SO WILLING to stay back later if i hav to de lor. rather than go sch for ONE hr and home. ZzZ. since ALL non-wed slots clash. bo bian. hav to take the wed de. and they very efficiently allocated it to me even b4 round 2 of tut balloting closes. *cries* pathetic wed. nxt time plan outing on wed. haha. X)

today ma. was late for lec for like 50 mins? haha. half the lec gone since it's a 1.5hrs lec. >< but at least i improve le can. nv cab liao. cox i noe cab also no use. morning jam. might be worse even. maybe i'll reach there 1 hr 15 mins late? lol.

after lec went for some last min planned interview. it was more of a casual chatting then serious interview. cool. but jux when i tot tt's the end liao. was told ltr on that will hav to make a speech in front of everybody during the annual general meeting this thu. omg. totally blank bout wat i'm suppose to say. i'll probably be the worst speaker there. ha.

caught journey to the center of the earth after sch. well. quite an interesting movie. the lead actor v familiar but i couldnt recognise who. i noe nth bout western actors and actresses anyway. u show me pic of brad pitt maybe i wun recognise either. =\

dinner was dessertS. yummy! desserts are ever so tempting. gd thing i dun grow fat easily. X)

and i bought whitening lotion today! waha. i wan be xiao hei no more! ^^

long day for me. but i enjoyed myself. since the (bad)start till home. cox the companIES counts. =) everyone of them. girls and guys from my og. wonder how things would change after everyone make new frenx at tut. hmm.... and once again. i'm reminded of my pathetic wednesday! T.T

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9:24 PM

tut balloting results is out...! me nv kena any tut on wed! wee~! so tt's jux gonna be a 4-day study week for me. but my tue is super long la. morning starts at 8 and ends at 5. 12-5 no break somemore. T.T

this week.started out fine.^^today is jux take-it-easy. i din fall aslp during lec lor. and this week is choose-cca-week. haha. lotsa welcome tea coming up. looks like i'm gonna stay out late often. but a lil bonding session after everything is jux so heartwarming. =)

meet-ups! wif my girls and swiss peeps. when when?

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12:42 AM

Saturday, August 16, 2008

first week of sch past and i've yet to pick up the momentum. sick.slack.slp.sms.

summary of my week.
mon.first lec.slpt thru.congrats.
tue.sick.missed 2 lect.
wed.no lec. wee~! supper was superb. ^^
thu.one lec.sms-ed thru out.then went out after sch. ^^
fri.2 lec. one of it i slept thru.

call this studying? NO WAY! and i've yet to touch ANY hw. gd luck to me. this is gonna be hard time for me. T.T

tks. for everyone's concern when i fell sick. sick and recovered. =)

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2:48 PM

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

12.35pm. shd be sitting in a LT now listening to math lecture. but now i'm at home.

i fell sick. T.T

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12:35 PM

Sunday, August 10, 2008

random tots:
#1. did stationeries shopping today after like 7 mths? and found out popular's giving 20% discount cox of national day. lol.

#2. uni ppl use facebook much much more than friendster. think till now i dun even hav one of my uni fren's friendster. they all add my facebook. (make it much much much more). and it's a signal for me to revamp my facebook. which all along the only thing i touch is the fluff frens app. lol.

#3. uni.adult.stomp it. dun think u're young anymore and ppl forgive ur wrong doings by saying"u're still young so jux learn from ur mistake and forget bout it." now. u do something wrong and u get stomp-ed. my og actually hit the stomp headline during my first stayover for watever reason i shall nt say.nt something to be glorious about anyway. and once ppl start discussing bout it, it becomes a catch-phrase. "ltr i stomp u then u noe"(jokingly of course) and i rmb the other day we were eating breakfast. then among the seniors they were chatting, one of them accidently dropped something on the floor then the other senior said" omg.omg. u littered! i'll stomp u"(in a playful manner). so funny la the way they converse and really. now everything we do, we watch out for cameras. haha.

#4. lecture-only week starts tml. i hope i wun be late. and neither will i fall aslp in lec. lol.

#5. i'm so tanned now. T.T i'm thinking of using whitening products which i v anti last time. lol.

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9:26 PM

Saturday, August 09, 2008


jux another gd old day for me... lol

something diff would be today is also my first day teaching my j2 kidS. twinnie. din realise they are twins. tot they were frenz instead. lol. me.too.noob. and i'm charging for one. -.-" firstly. i wasnt told is twins la. i bet the agent din noe too. noob agent. always kena con and con my money too. still haven pay me my money for the assignment i kena pok. $45 is still money can. T.T

and always nv tell me which sch the kids are from. then when i step in and saw PIONEER jc de diary. i sian liao. y i always kena pj ppl de. lol. tot if is diff jc de can xchange notes wif my another kid. now cant le. wan give revision notes. mine de source also pj lei. ZzZ. but i doubt i can hold this twinnie assignment for long. cox firstly. i heard the mother mention she looked for lotsa agent le(high expectation?) and the twinnie dun seem to understand wat i talking about. both la. after i go thru everything i asked the simplest qn and they din manage to ans. *cries* during the whole lesson i feel like i got communication breakdown wif them. nt as in language barrier. they are chi(though i din speak a single chi word to them). jiu. see them blur blur de. probably cant understand wat i teaching. and if i stop at something their face is like you-so-noob. nt like my another one. v understanding can gimme time to think.

anyway. after the j2 de i went over to give the j1 de tut. today's lesson was v fruitful i would say. really enjoy teaching her. ^^ i shared some of my sch stuff wif her too. my first and longest assignment so far. and the best i got.

lesson ended 6+. din get to meet up my class peeps after tt cox was like i'm so far and they already at the door of the makan place liao. =\ sry ppl. meet up soon.

and tml me wanna go for stationery shopping! haha. like so long nv shop @ popular le. gonna be a student once again. another turning pt in life.

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10:15 PM

Friday, August 08, 2008

B-A-C-K! voiceless and sunburnt. =\

enjoyed myself lots! (if only my eyes din hav to gimme prob. things would hav been better. T.T)

i'm starting to love sci fac. ^^ but well. i'll nt forget tt this is jux the fun part. cox lec.tut.labs are coming rite up!!! haix. i'm so gg to be a mugger! cox i realise my og itself there's like ppl from HC.RI.top student in other jc de. all so pro can. do double major de also got. do double degree de also got. i feel so er....common. as in nt outstanding in any way. and starts to wonder wat qualities i hav to fight wif these ppl academically. =\

but like wat all seniors advise, last lap of education le. while mugging. try to enjoy as much as possible. mug hard. play hard. so am planning to get myself involved wif more activities. ^^ details of my second stayover to be updated ltr. i'm TIRED!

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8:02 PM

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

did u bump into any ppl wearing orange nussu shirt carrying a tin ytd?

ytd was nus's flag day. long day indeed. but i enjoyed myself in a way or two. hehe.

will be away.again. till fri. till then... =)

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1:59 PM

Monday, August 04, 2008

haha. no time blog bout the camp. cox too much things to say le.why nt i leave it for a while and talk bout today instead? hehe.

today. freshmen inaguaration ceremony. late. as usual. formal wear. my one and only set. i fell aslp during talk. =x

can see it's quite a class place rite? tt explains the dress code lo.

then there was the intro of the impt ppl of the sch.(nt jux sci fac. but sch itelf).

some performance which i din took pic. but fast forward to ending. *cheers*

introducing da ladies. some din come though. =\
then we went to settler's cafe.
quite a disappointment i would say. mind's cafe is preferred. ^^
and i realise i'm so dark now. T.T
tml's another long day for me. flag day! will be flagging at bugis. pls come support! hehe.

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11:46 PM

Sunday, August 03, 2008

memories of the camp is so like a dream. cant believe it's over already. 4D3N looked long to me. was so NOT looking forward to it back then. but now it's OVER already! so fast la. maybe cox the days very packed wif lotsa activities ba. aint gg into details yet. cox i'm still half awake now. got more energy then talk bout it. grp photos i hav none. maybe go ask from senior. they took like thousand over photos i bet. really lor. they kp taking and taking. we do one thing. take photo. do another thing. take photo. lol. random photos got a bit. but it's TOTALLY random de. see or dun see dun really matter i guess. lol. i'm so tired. tt i fell aslp during tut today. =\ when my tutee was trying some example i jux dozed off. omg la. and this week is another week of activities. one for each day. haven rest enuff and i'm back into action. T.T

anyway. apart from funin the sun, managed to learn few things from the seniors too. i guess they ARE right bout how beneficial camps are. and the seniors are VERY friendly can. ^^ one thing tt i dun like bout uni. is tt they dun return exam scripts. T.T which means no model ans for past yr papers too. and unlike jc u can exchange wif other jc's paper for prac. now it's pretty much on ur own to mug hard. real hard. can sense uni ppl a lot are muggers. so much so tt ppl can suggest to go outing at the lib! omg la. the biggest joke i heard during camp.

cox one of my senior is actually the president of math SOC. well. to bond a grp of ppl tgt would be wise to organise outing outside cca time. so he suggested ice skating, snow city. etc.... but cox everyone have diff interest, they couldnt come to compromise. then one ppl actually popped out and say"y nt we go to the lib?" and the others actually agreed! omg la. faints. -.-" my senior almost fainted too. but by "force" he took them to ice skate. seriously everytime when i think of this it nv fails to make me luff. lol.

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10:19 PM

Saturday, August 02, 2008


and i'm super tired.
tue(day b4 camp) slept 3 hrs.
wed(day1) slept 4 hrs
thu(day2) slept 2 hrs ONLY!
fri(day3)slept 3 hrs.

omg la. i wonder how i manage to survive. and now i'm gg to fall flat....

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11:10 PM

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