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Saturday, August 29, 2009

it's satUrday agaIn~ bUt it's a bUsy satUrday cox i haVe THREE tuiTions toDay! and my firSt tuitiOn starTed at arD 9am. consiDered v earLy for me siNce i got NO 8am leCture this sEmester~ x) veRy haPpie boUt it coX
i wUn haVen to dRag myseLf out of the Bed
it's off peAk wheN i steP out of my hOuse so the mOre-expenSive-traNsport is leSs expenSive in a senSe. i've beEn cabBing lIke mad since schOol stArt. T.T bUt i reAlly triEd to tell mysElf to taKe puBlic tranSport le. theRe was thiS day i tolD mysElf to go pUblic and i tot i wUn be v laTe. end up i was 1hr+ laTe becaUse of all the nonseNse. waIting foR trAin la. oVershot my stAtion la. =x and waIt for 95. the pArt i dreAd THE MOST! the freQuency is SO~ loW can. zzz. gOing to sChool is so inConvient. boo~ =(

anyWay. thIs is suCh a rePeated tOpic for like dUno hOw manY tiMes le. oOps. =x so! thIs week tutoRial stArted. i haD my fiRst quiZ too. got a lil stuCk at the Last part. =\ bUt overAll i thiNk quIte ok. and my tUtorial is on tUe and weD only! whiCh someHow makE me a lil haPpy coX my thU and frI i can deDicate to mOre reviSion or stArt aheaD wif my nXt tutorIal! =) maYbe frOm noW on i shAll try to plAn my timEtabLe in simIlar way. hehE.

oTher than tut thIs week, we alSo celeBrated ah le jie's bdAe. cake+presenT giVing in schOol then chiCken riCe for diNner at noVena! wed and thU i be guAi kiA heaD homE strAight after schOol bUt therE waS no dinNer at homE. =( so i aimlessLy waLked ard yeWtee to fInd fooD. so sIan~ the fooD moRe or leSs the Same de. everYtimE eat the sAme stuFf. haiX. boRing~ bUt fRi was shOkudo wif mr boyfRiend! ^^ (thIs dInner was nOt eaSy to cOme by ok. shall nOt elabOrate. =\) salmOn and oNion omeLette is loVe! yumMy to the mAx. at leAst in my opInion. it's the fIrst diSh to be finIshed! heHe. theN weNt buGis walk wAlk b4 gg oVer to clark quAy to meEt up wif yanjUn and axg. bUt i felT abit siCk so afTer somE walkIng at lIang coUrt and mAc sittIng i lEft for hOme firSt. ps le. =\

and i recEive my firSt chEque frOm tuitiOn todAy! lol! as in 1.5 yrs of tUition. todAy fiRst time got pArent paY me by cheQue. i feLt quiTe shoCked. =x haVen reCeive cheQue for quIte a whiLe sInce i stoPped worKing at swaroVski. haha. i thiNk receIving cheqUe is quiTe coOl la. haha. jUx tt it's nOt instaNt caSh. nEed banK in fIrst then soMemore todaY weeKend. no cheqUe would be collEcted. =( bUt receIve caSh also quIte shUang. cOx caN see a lOt of $50 nOtes. X) whIch is the bAd-fOrce to psYcho mysElf into cabbIng. oOps.

ok. i shAll go gEt soMe woRk doNe now. tuitionS agaIn tml~ =\ why so maNy tuitionS bUt i dun see the monEy comIng in? raH~

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9:50 PM

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

sat was kUishinbo witH the soW'09 comm~ ^^ 20/22 maDe it. =) japAnese crUisine buFfet. yum~

*pardOn the pOor quAlity phoTo coX i koPped frOm fb. =x

and deSsert reAlly captUres gIrls' heArt. we tOok this mUch for 5 ppl!! =x bUt ok la. tOok a biT tooK muCh. coX we haD quIte a bIt of maIn coUrse earLier. teMpting seH. haha

ooPs. tt's all the piCs i'm shoWing. =x laZy to upLoad photOs. and bloGger haS beeN giVing me prOb reCently. the layOut kEeps changinG. -.- theN this cAnnot cLick la. tt caNnot clicK la. zzz.

aNyway... anOther weEk of schOol and tut stArts thIs week. sIanx. todaY oveRslept agAin. =x cOuldnt geT caB cox somEhow toDay a lot of ppl waN cab also. the roAdside was fillEd wif ppl waiTing for caB. so i tOld myseLf to trAin to schOol. in the enD i weNt into daZe aftEr the trAin lefT doVer and i miSsed buonA visTa subsequEntly. T.T so pro la~ lUcky todAy 95 din haVe to waIt for v Long. bUt i sTill dun liKe 95. =( cOx i neEd to waIt for v loNg moSt of the tiMe if nOt it's vEry crowdEd. especIally durIng peaK houRs. then the buS will jaM alSo. whIch maKes the jouRney v bAd. rah~

off to slp.

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12:29 AM

Saturday, August 22, 2009

fIrst my IE. nOw mozillA is giVing me proB tOo. =( it's laGgin liKe mad la. i wonDer wat is caUsing all theSe. maKe me So~ upseT. i seriOusly neEd to reFormat my lapPy soOn. and loCk my com wif my thuMbprint so my sibLings cAnt haCk in. toDay my brO messAge me sayIng he urGently neeD to do wOrk onliNe if nOt hE'll get maRks deduCted. end up hE do liAo dl maPle w/o my pErmission!!!! the wOrse thinG is. his dl wasN't succeSsful! so he dl-ed a few thiNgs whiCh i dunO waT aRe theY la! anYhow! mayBe tt's y my moZilla is laGging. =( and becAuse my bro is onLy 9 yeArs old, thEre's a hiGh chaNce he tOok the trIal and eRror approAch whEn it fAiled to inStall. so i thiNk he anyhOw cliCk! rah~ maKe me so anGry. and whEn i caMe hoMe he alr sLeep le! so i cAnt ask him alsO. T.T

evErything wEnt well toDay. nO elabOration coX i'm tiRed alr~ now is 0053 alr~ =x nIte peopLe~

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12:46 AM

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

bloGger is aPpearing v weIrd agAin. thE paGe layoUt is so oFf~! nvm. i'll sTill bloG anywaY sInce i duN reAlly do mUch to my entRy sinCe i'm so laZy. =x

i juSt boUght a teXtbook thru nus ivle foRum! therE's no piC to shOw the bOoks. juX descRiptions puT up by the sEllers. hoPe it's as gOod as wat waS stAted therE. cOx i saVe appRoximaTely $20 as cOmpared to bUying nEw bOok! and if it's rEally liKe wat was stAted, plaStic wraPped, no hiGhlighting, no pEncil maRking thEn i thinK it's suCh a fantAstic deAl la! haha. bUt theRe are caSes wheRe the seCond haNd booK is mOre expensiVe thAn nEw oNe! reAlly la. ALL sellErs are sElling it mOre expenSive thAn the co-op. i wAs so sHocked i douBle cheCked wif my freN who gOt her coPy fRom the co-op. iZzit laSt tiMe thAt boOk wAs selliNg at a v hiGh priCe? i tot thiNgs onLy gEt moRe expenSive? LOL~

wAs clEaring my emAil ytd anD i saW the recRuitment noTice fOr nus hAndball(leisUre)-ladIes. so teMpted to jOin~!~! thEy din stAte the reQuirement thOugh. and the fIrst traIning waS tHis mondAy. whicH meAns i miSsed it alr. bUt theRe statEd a contAct no. so i tot i miGht juX msg ovEr and enquiRe. bUt i'm reAlly quIte hesitAnt. cOx i haVen beEn exerCising, runNing espeCially. duNno i caN handLe ma. =\ hOw hoW? bUt i reallY waNt to be mOre actIve in schOol activIties. i thiNk it's inteResting in it's own wayS. and i'm quIte suRe i wun joiN any camp commIttee alr~ i miSs plaYing haNdball~ it wAs so muCh fun plaYing handbAll wif the clAss back thEn~ ~

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10:37 PM

Monday, August 17, 2009

my timEtable is Out~!~! and agaIn is quIte an ugLy timEtabLe. =( i haVe 3 hrS breAk on oDd weeK de moNday and 4 hrs brEak for evEn weEk de monDay~ anD moNday stArts at 10am and enDs at 6pm -.- is nOt i dUn wan slOt anyThing in b/w bUt is reallY the tut slOts avAilable jUst duN fiT intO the blaNk spaCe~ haiX and whiLe wed is a frEe daY for maNy maTh stUdent, my wEd is 10am to 6pm agAin. bUt thIs timE rouNd is 1hr tut. 1hr brEak. 2 hr lec. 1 hr breAk. 1 hr tut. 1 hr breaK. 1 hr tut agAin. -.- at leAst fOr my thU and fRi is onLy tWo leC eaCh day. so oVerall thoUgh the timEtable is nOt niCe lookIng but at leAst it's nOt taxing on me. not likE lAst semeSter. my tUe was 8am to 6pm wif Only 1 hr bReak!!!! lol. saMe old stoRy agaIn.

mAth soCiety AGM thIs fridAy and i'm goiNg to be the eMcee~! nervOus sia. i neVer be emcEe b4 lei.acTually goT. tHe onLy tiMe i wAs the emcEe is alSo for math sOc evEnt. bUt thAt onE is a reLatively smAll scaLe comp anD nOt as seriOus as the comIng one. hoPe evErthinG will go sMoothly fOr me and tHe AGM~ heHe.

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8:12 PM

aNd heRe coMes monDay agAin. =(

tOday weNt tO oRchard huNt foR a seNior's preSent. sInce the presEnt is fOr a gIrl and i'm the onLy girL theRe i triEd to contRibute mY opiNions. thE thiNgs thAt thEy boUght is vEry preTty~ hoPe shE'll liKe it. =) i'm sO tempTed to gEt onE foR myselF too la~ bUt is so ex. =x gOt moRe thAn 15 ppl shAring thAt's y the bUdget waS quIte hiGh. shoPping is juX so fUn~ x)

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12:14 AM

Sunday, August 16, 2009

baCk frOm homEcoming dinNer~ actUally for quIte a wHile alr~ haha. thE comPany was grEat! foOd was okAy. bUt the perfoRmance ma. the vOices weRe grEat. bUt moSt of thEm saNg sOothing sOngs. whIch kinDa damPened thE atmoSphere. buT honeStly. the voIces weRe greAt.

oNe weEk of scHool is ofFicially ovEr~ omG i'm goinG to haVe a louSy timEtable foR anoTher semEster. T.T balloTing resUlts arE not oUt yEt bUt caN alr sEe. coX i diN haVe muCh tutoRial slOts to chOose to stArt wiTh. =( minUs all thOse thAt clasHes wif lecTures. haix. bOo~

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12:58 AM

Thursday, August 13, 2009

dAy twO in scHool. onLy haD onE leCture toDay so it wAs qUite relAxing. and halF the tIme is iNtroduction to aStronomy liKe waT is a cOnstellation, blAck hoLe etc. sO haLf the tiMe me and yaNjun wAs plaYing soMe guEss the wOrd gamE on rh's iphOne. lol~ aftEr thaT waLk the baZaar outSide LT anD walKing bazAar reallY tElls me schOol is hEre~ haha. eVen thoUgh i waS in schOol durIng the hoLidays moRe thAn i am duRing scHool terM, appArently theRe's no bazaaR. so bazAar is v siGnificant duRing scHool tErm. especiAlly when u sEe theM likE 2-3 timEs a mth for evEry monTh unTil nEar enD terM. lol~ buT the Stuff moRe or leSs the samE. sEe foR twO semeSters le. lol~ the vendOr alsO morE or leSs the samE. =\ whEre's the thrIll duRing schOol teRm? haiX. =(

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12:23 AM

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

baCk to scHool~!~! firSt daY of schOol staRted off qUite wEll. excEpt thaT i kePt nuA-ing thAt's y i enDed up caBbing to scHool. oOps! =x din fAll asLeep in bOth leC todAy but i wAsn't lisTening duRing the seCond onE sInce theRe waS no nOtes anD whAt thE lectUrer waS talkIng boUt soMe compUting stuFf whiCh is nOt reAlly impt. i tHink. =\ camE hoMe rigHt aFter scHool. acT guAi abIt. xp tml sTill gOt lessOn~ it's my thiRd semEster in nus le yEt i'vE tO havE a foUr day wEek semeSter. bOo~ =(

thouGh i'm liVing in povErty noW. duN eveN haVe monEy to bUy textbOok. *cries* bUt i was So~ teMpted to buY coloUred contActs foR schOol todAy. ooPs~! monEy faSter comE~ raH~!

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9:31 PM

Sunday, August 09, 2009

happiE nationAl day eveRyone~!

i din reAlly camE to blog to wiSh ppl hAppie nAtional day thOugh. morE like i thInk i wAnna staRt bloGging agAin~! haha. aT leaSt i thiNk therE's quitE a loT in my minD noW whiCh i wanNa wRite iT doWn someWhere.

so~! TWO dayS to scHool reopEning!!! thRee monThs of Holiday is oVer~! OMG la~! 3 mOnths fillEd wiTh endlEss caMps~ bUt nOw thAt everyThing haS coMe to an End, i feEl abiT loSt~ foR the Past yeAr, sOw waS paRt of mY liFe. nOw it's ovEr~ theRe Were meEtings, eVents and dAtelines to mEet. tHe grOup of 22. I'll alWays remEmber everyoNe de~ and i'm thAnkful to eveRyone. coX throuGh all theSe, i lEarnt a lot. reAlly. i tHink i matUred moRe noW. aNd it reAlly brouGht me to sEe nus scIence faCulty more. nOw i hAve a greAter seNse oF beLonging to thE plAce becAuse it's wHere i met ALOT and honEstly ALOT of peOple and whEre i sweAted.lauGhed.cheeRed.criEd.slEpt.baThed.etc.... slEeping wasN't reAlly someThing i plaNned to inclUde. buT comE to tHink of it, 3-4 3D2N campS. 1 4D3N 1 5D4N anD feW staYovErs hEre and theRe. and daiLy schoOl travElling to heLp ouT and do sTuff. i'm in schOol longEr theN i woUld be duRing scHool teRm! LOL~!

it'S veRy heArtwarming to knOw thEre arE maNy sEniors whO aRe abLe to cAll ouT mY namE and woUld say hi and tAlk to me duRing sOw. maDe me feEl recogNised and it reAlly madE all the effOrt put in worThwhile. thankS. =)

anD the difFerent kinD of peopLe i met. it reAlly is an eyE openEr foR me. anD it reallY remInds me agaiN nevEr to judGe a booK by it's covEr. nobOdy saYs clUbbers caNnot cOmmIt tHemselVes. nobodY sayS guYs wiF tattOos cannOt comMit thEmselvEs. oNe saiD hE'll tattOo hIs dEgree to hIs hEad to sHow the woRld. lol. i reAlly hEard it k. anD hE commIted himSelf to bEing seniOrs in campS.

i alWays beliEve thAt thinGs happEn for a reAson. and agAin. i'm proVen rigHt. manY timEs peopLe incluDing mySelf woUld ask : y diD i joiN soW comM? esPecially whEn it'S noT becaUse i'm joiNing wiF frenZ. i oFten wonDers. buT noW i noE. becaUse i'm heRe to leArn. contRibutE and maKe frenZ wiF the otHer peopLe of scIence facUlty. liFe is sHort. livE lifE to the fuLLeSt. hOw oftEn doEs a chAnce liKe thIs coMe by? whEn Will wE gEt to go to cAmp.plAy.scrEam.haVe fun whEn wE joiN thE woRkforce? i oFten do thIngs thAt stuNs mysElf. siNce i do adMit i'm nOt thoSe outdoOr kinD of peRson. bUt at tHe enD of thE dAy. i'm sTill grAteful to mysElf and i do nOt regRet foR choOsing the pAth evEn if i'll bE aloNe. becAuse eveRy expeRience is Unique and pRiceless. evEn if it's sOmething likE takiNg up jAp unexpEctedly lAst sEm. at the End of it, i enjoYed the experIence too. i hOpe it'll bE the samE for my upcOming lvl 2000 econOmics modUle too~! takIng it aloNe aNd i din eVen ask whAt the modUle is aBout and the forMat of aSsignments and exAm. -.- greAt. hoPe i surVive~!

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8:09 PM

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