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Monday, June 23, 2008

and i managed to stop myself from gg to stop myself from stepping into mango on it's last day of sale. haha. went for second round of sale on fri wif yq. ^^ quite a last min decision cox i was having tut in the evening and b4 tt we din manage to establish the meeting time and all. glad tt things still went smoothly and soon we were there browsing thru the mountains of clothes. and i spent. again.

i think so far. tt's the only thing i managed to grab from GSS. b4 the GSS i tot to myself. this yr got income to support my shopping spree during GSS. turn out. GSS half gone le and all i gain from it is the mango sale. -.-" a bit kuku huh. GSS like no GSS like tt. seems like any other day for me. even when my shop got item on discount, the human flow is still VERY low sia. zzz. everyday i kp rotting and rotting. wait for time to pass nia. =/ weekend faster come arh....

these few days. started researchingasking bout lappy. i noe i got one at home le. but tot of getting one for uni. firstly. mine is approx. 3yrs old le. think got hear b4 they say IF possible, change every 2-3 yrs cox the things get outdated. secondly, mine is so heavy. 2.9kg sia. T.T if i were to carry it ard often, i think i'll suffer from backache or handache or watever. but cox i noe NTH bout IT ma. tt time the person intro this say gd so i buy lor. =x the others he say mostly no graphic card. then cannot see 3D de stuff or something like tt. initially i tot"i nt gg study architecture or wat ma. need too look at 3D de meh?" but then the person was telling me something like. even pictures like photos and all oso 3D de ma. so eventually u still need the graphic card. but then if tt's the case.then how come so many lappy tt they selling no graphic card de. then ppl wan tt lappy for wat? lol.

anyway. i did feel a bit cheated. but oh well. tt was few yrs back le. now grumble oso no use. so this time round i mux find a better one. so i mux survey the brands available. one of my fren was kind enuff to help me ask her colleagues bout the diff brand de lappy. and this was wat she gathered:

-compaq: ok but wif bare minimal function.(i noe this brand exist but i seldom hear bout it)

-HP: heated up easily and ex.(function wise gd ma? i duno ey.)

-IBM: sold to china. (no need to comment liao)

-Acer: dun think bout it. (but mine is acer lei. and i think so far so gd. mostly got prob is cox i duno how to solve nia. lol.)

-toshiba: not bad but no graphics card.(nt all model ba. shd hav some got de rite? but i heard their lappy can get electric shock too. =x)

-fujitsu: got case of battery blowing up.(hm. but it dun occur often rite? got ppl tell me this brand good lei)

-dell: no style(er. i tot quite style? all black ma. lol.)

-mac: most style.can install windows to it but need more prob. got to choose which operating system to choose from. can boot wif windows and not from mac... good after sales(er. nt sure wat they trying to say. except the part i noe can install windows to it too. but oso got ppl comment tt. wan buy mac then use windows. a bit wasted. lol.)

tt's all tt was given to me. need more opinion though. cox wat they say is nt really wat i heard from else where oso. oso duno which one is true. so need more opinion to actually verify the fact i guess. and i think got other brands oso rite? like lenova. packard bell(? LOL). sony. sumsung oso got lappy rite? i rmb got one red de. then they advertise say it's v light only. think 1.5 kg or something ba.

so ppl. if possible pls gimme ur opinion. tks. ^^ nt necessary it has to be lappy. maybe ur desktop is of certain brand and u wan praise or complain against it oso can say. afterall the parts they use for lappy and com shd be somewhat similar rite? hehe.

and the above companies pls dun come haunt me arh.... these are jux some opinions my fren help me gathered. it's individual's opinion only. nv say any of the com lan4 arh. all are gd in it's own ways i believe. if nt they wun be able to survive le. all would hav their own supporters ba. ^^

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10:58 PM

Thursday, June 19, 2008

i want my pay! rah. stupid. my company drag my pay for the longest time ever! i need shopping funds!!! hoho. ytd went mango sale. cool seh. first time buy mango shirt. at one go bought 4. NOT ENUFF can! heyhey. i noe i abit kuku. so old liao then first time buy mango. but tt's cox i've always been a supporter of zara can. lol. my first zara top dated back to when i was sec4. still nt so bad rite? lol. okok. still quite kuku. nvm. i'll try harder. will work harder at my dressing. less than 1.5 mths to uni le!!! ltr go there let ppl luff nia. T.T nv say mux wear got brand de then means got gd dress sense or something. jux trying to say i too limited clothes liao. wan mix and match oso nth to mix. ltr sure end up wearing the same clothes repeatedly. think ppl see me one mth can know ALL the clothes inside my wardrobe liao. cox too limited. will repeat TOO many times. lol.

anyway. i like crap too much. it's from 18 to 22. so yup. ytd was the first day. hehe. but the crowd still okok. nt really ren ji3 ren. probably weekend ba. when the word spreads. and when ppl are more free.

anyway. life's pretty much the same now. this whole week. nth interesting happen except for the sale. and lunch wif yl is still as treasured as ever. but tt's only occasionally. other than tt. my mood for work is 80% gone. i dun speak up as much anymore. i feel like i literally force myself to speak. whether izzit to my colleagues or to customers. =x


meanwhile.i'll con't to fight for my freedom. no matter wat it takes. i'll try. bruised but still determined.

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11:07 PM

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

jux when the bird-in-the-cage tot she can jux take a lil step out of the cage, the cage snapped shut and hurt her feet. leaving her in terrible pain. she cried. all nite. for yrs she yearned for tt lil freedom. when will tt day ever come? she wondered.

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12:14 AM

Sunday, June 15, 2008

nv update again. lol. life is pretty much the same until ytd. so will be blogging bout ytd. soon. =x cox i'm kinda lazy. and i wan blanko my face from the picx. waha. hair too messy. face too ugly. watever it is. haha. had fun cycling wif my girls. qw.wr.wj. ^^ and crash course for mj at nite wif hh along was cool. i'm ready to learn more. hehe.

i need more exercise!

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10:59 PM

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

back from training! lol. first time attending training....

learnt quite a fair bit. it was quite a nice exp. but i doubt i'll ever get to attend any training anymore since sch's starting already. ><
i could hardly rmb the last time i wrote notex. lol. and my handwriting totally changed!!! now become like ants crawling le. hoho.
and did not to mention the fight-the-slp-bug times. haha. it's quite a challenge can. so long nv sit down so long and listen to teachings le. i kp moving about my seat. cox it's the swivel chair kind. hehe.
and ppl in the office been asking me where i'm heading. for a moment,i dun feel so proud to say i'm gg nus FoS. =x cox no link to wat i'm working as now.

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11:02 PM

Sunday, June 08, 2008

hoho. random update. cox today's my sis's bdae! ^^

happy bdae sis.

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11:39 PM

Friday, June 06, 2008

din blog for many days le. lol. my blog is so dead now i think no ppl wan visit liao. T.T anyway. life's kinda slack. din really work much this week. but when i nv work i oso nv go out. i tell myself i mux learn to give and take. last week kp gg out till late mummy din really scold so this week try to stay at home as much as possible. =) hope this way i can gain more trust from her and get more freedom. X) i'm nineTEEN already!! only. (i dun wan make myself sound so old... NONO.) so instead of saying i'm old enuff to be responsible wif my life, i'll say while i'm still young i shd enjoy life to the max. nxt time old le no energy to enjoy. HAHA. lame lame. but no choice. ppl kp telling me i old le. so i mux learn to psycho myself to think tt i'm young. lol.

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10:42 PM

Sunday, June 01, 2008

so i shall nt be lazy and BLOG!

the past few days... rather happening for me. cox i the bird-in-the-cage reach home after 12 for consecutively 3 days. X) no big deal but like i said. i'm a bird-in-the-cage. limited freedom ey.

so ytd was ms wj's 19th bdae! happie bdae girl. ^^

the happie bdae girl.

the ladies. =)

wr e tallie.

me and bdae girl

more photoss......

can u see we enjoyed ourselves? =) sleepover nxt? hehe.

and the 2hrs @ bugis today wif wj and qw is short and sweet. ^^

and tml is back to horrible work place. *cries*

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11:07 PM

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