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Sunday, December 30, 2007

hoho.i'm here to blog @ 910pm. rare to see me blogging at this time. hehe. cox today sun the shop closes at 630pm! haha. so was able to reach home earlier and rest and blog!

okok. rewind to ytd. day started ok. then was LATE for meet up. did some stupid stuff which i TOTALLY regret. apologised countless times cox really v guilty. hope i'm forgiven. =/

the bad things shall be left untold. after tt went to IMM to find hh and shui bian buy something to top up for the gift exchange cox they say ard $10 ma. my gift wasnt fantastic and i'm guilty of it too. but then i din really hav the luxury of time to do proper shopping so : sorry yuwei! =x

after tt went giant find SOME of the guides. cox the rest will be gg straight to mrs chua's house. plan was delayed and we started cooking like ard 7 lor. haha. which means dinner started at 8 plus. everyone was FAMISHED! steamboat + other stuff. we din manage to clear the food though. =/ in the end everyone had to da bao something home.

but we still had dessert! haha. anderson's ice-cream(!!!) bought by mrs chua. belgium choco chip is new love! <33>

after dessert was gift exchange. and i got this...

actually nobody had any idea who these two singers are. haha. tw say she buy cox she thinks the cover is nice. lol. but tks anyway. =)

we oso got this from vanny. she bought them in japan!


if u're wondering where's our grp photo. sad to say. there's NONE! no la. jux tt we used YQ's 8.1 mega pix cam to take and she did warn us tt she duno when can give us cox her com died on her. =/ well. so dun be surprised if one day i suddenly post our photos one day. haha. but i had this pic....

the SUPER beautiful christmas tree! decorated wif purple. haha. also mrs chua's fav colour. XD

and it's hi to mr samsonite. X)

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8:59 PM

ytd was such a happening. both good and bad. more update when i get home tonite after work. =D

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8:37 AM

Friday, December 28, 2007

and it's 3 sales again. lol. but then at least today nt so bad. got some gossip stuff to kp us entertained. XD i find my colleagues can oso be crazy at times. they are a great bunch __ of ppl to work wif. (i cross out bunch cox my outlet i only got two other colleague leh. two ppl how to be a bunch? haha. say le ma. each time only two ppl in the shop. so off days are rotated among the three of us ONLY. =) so i leave a blank lor. cox i duno wat to put. lol. ) and jux becox there's only the 3 of us. it really gives me a sense of belonging to the place. something like i own part of it like it. great feeling. *thumbs up* and.... the company's doing something to promote our outlet!!!! WEET~! there's gg to be exclusive event for members ONLY on 19 and 20 jan. both of which i not working. haha. i nt experienced enuff to handle such huge event/crowd + office ppl would be there so i better kp myself at home. haha.

and i'm SO looking forward to tml! but gonna do last min shopping. pray i'll spot something nice within a short period of time. hehe.

tot i'll hav three gathering consecutively. but sun de is postpone le. meet up real soon k? =)

as for first jan ma. izzit confirm le? i do hope hav lor. =)

i miss all my frenz!!!

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11:34 PM

Thursday, December 27, 2007

my feet's almost done wif it's skin peeling. nt sure why it happened. but i guess maybe got to do wif the swelling of my legs previously. maybe cox tt time swell then stretched the skin or something so now they wan come off. lol. watever it is. wif the old skin gone. my leg looks as good as it was b4 i started working. still aint gonna risk working wif heels. so my NEW courtshoes will be left in the cupboard to rot. haha. and i really wan to buy new shoe for work! i'm SO STUCK wif the $10 cheapo kuku plastic shoe. guess mux wait until nxt pay liao. T.T my nov pay is almost used up le. work only for one week plus nia ma. so cant expect much. food transport. presents. gone liao. T.T so much for wanting to earn for my braces. lol. looks like i really got to push the plan back a lil. but i do hope can get it done b4 start of uni. so tt during the first few weeks which ppl say is the most painful period, i can stay at home and cry.lol.

speaking of crying. today i almost cried. nah. nt to tt extent yet but then today was suffering to this i duno wat. could be ulcer(but i SELDOM get ulcer lei. like once every FEW years) or swell at the left back of my tongue. it's so inside tt initially i tot it was my throat. morning woke up feel the pain le. had difficulty swallowing my saliva and morning cereal. bought herbal tea. ate strepsils. i could still speaking. it was until lunch time. when i buy food. OMG la. when i was chewing the vege. SO PAIN CAN! lucky i knew of my condition nv buy rice if nt i can NEVER finish eating tt w/o dying of pain. i only ate fried fish soup. i might sound exaggerating but then it's really VERY painful for me lor. T.T i was hoping got liquid food tt i can DRINK to make me full. lol. hopefully tml will get better ba. haix.

this morning while flipping thru the newspaper, suddenly like for the first time i started noticing ads. and guess wat. ALOT of SALES leh! omg la. SO tempted to go shopping!!! but then again. I'M ON A TIGHT BUDGET! T.T can wait until i get my pay nxt mth anot? er. but i think they all wrote "year END sales" not "new yr sales" boo-hoo.

other than sales. i also saw this....

i've always tot the name of the cafe was funny. and i always tot they only do sch biz. i mean like i noe pj's got one. nj's got one this cafe and duno wat other sch oso got. i din expect them to hav their outlet outside too. lol.

well tt was random. haha. too bored. the whole day i was SO bored lor. u noe wat. the whole day only 3 sales leh. =x not cox the product nt attractive or our service no good hor. is cox no ppl k? actually my outlet arh. like storeroom like tt. other outlet would always come ask us for stock de. then we do transfer. transfer so much until a lot of the display oso kena given away. =/ no ppl no stock no biz. but the outlet is still standing. lol. i get paid to stone. haha.

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11:46 PM

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

rest day for me. stay home day for me.

working for two more days.

looking forward to sat. =)

received a xmas card by mail from sitian. tks girl. tt's v sweet. =)

so much bout xmas shopping. work so much until it becomes post-xmas shopping le. lol.

i wan my log cake. X)

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11:57 PM

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

more christmas greetings:" MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!" hehe.

christmas for me = work. but lucky there was the vjc choir these few days to bring me the christmas spirit. hehe. (picture taken from the window of my workplace.)

and nt forgetting my fav...

candy cane! *grins* i always look forward to buying candy cane during christmas period. hehe. when i was young i used to buy a lot of mini-size candy cane. cute lor. and yummy too. =) many ppl dun understand y i like it so much and in fact i dun see many ppl wif the same interest as me. hm. i oso duno ba. maybe cox i was attracted by it since young. and christmas was nth beyond tt to me. my family dun celebrate christmas de. =x

well. heard tt ytd was v busy. but i was slacking at home! haha. nt many ppl was doing last min christmas shopping so the shop was rather quiet today. and the worst thing is today we met wif a VERY xiao1 zhang customer. er. eng translate the best i can think of is arrogant le. =/

anyway. back to this customer. well. he wanted to buy something tt's EXCLUSIVELY for our members only. then he say he dun bother bout membership watever. tell us to sell him the things. then my colleague who was serving him say we are NOT able to do tt. then he angry ask us talk to the manager. of course the manager say cannot la. then he talk out his wallet and took out his PLATINUM american express card. say"this card can buy me anything" and ask us call the manager again. of course still cannot la. then he say he own self talk to her. then scold her stupid and all. say thousand over dollar sale oso dun wan take. somemore say wan complain to the BOSS and make sure she kena. HELLO? though i noe ur PLATINUM AMEX card can let u since a boat/yatch(as i was told after tt incident by my colleague. i too kuku to know the "power" of amex le. =/ ) on the spot w/o any condition la. but seriously money CANNOT by u everything k? dun u understand wat membership's about? it is a PRIVILEGE given to members ONLY to buy exclusive item. nt for any rich ppl like u to buy and throw into the fish tank. tt's wat he said ok. and wat's worse is tt he added "duno whether will kill my fish anot" -.-"

enuff of this snobbish ppl. lucky it's only the first time i see this kind of ppl. if nt i'll faint. haha. and lucky is the full-timer serve him. if nt i TOTALLY duno how to deal wif him lor. me dun hav the experience and the courage to knock some sense into him. lucky no other customers ard at tt time. if nt sure kena stared de.

well. so much for the complain today. feel so much better now. =)

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11:13 PM

ALL! =)

may all ur wishes come true. =)

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12:49 AM

Monday, December 24, 2007

so it's one day b4 christmas. after this there will be no more jingle bells. no santa. and lesser gift wrapping! haha. cox i dun really like to wrap in front of customers. cox they kp staring at you then make me v nervous. then hav to try to wrap as nice as possible within the shortest time possible. i dun hav tt great ability lor. i can admit.

and after christmas. many ppl would be counting down to sch reopen. i bet it's gg to be very weird to see the streets filled wif students in uniform and yet u're working. others would be gg to camp one by one. it's really a big turning pt of our life. sching would always be the best period of one's lifetime. and i do hope i'll get into local uni. =)

i wan my candy cane. X)

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9:36 PM

so. my luck has ran out. today nv see any stars. =/ nvm ba. see liao oso like tt. i wun be gg up to them for autograph anyway. i dun believe in those things.

all i wan now is a good nite slp. i'm so gg to get my 12 hrs of slp lor. haha. unknowingly. i've been working for 6 days STRAIGHT. cox another collegue on mc ma. i hav every reason to slp for 12 hrs. X)

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1:24 AM

Saturday, December 22, 2007

i tot i could slp in for 12 hrs. haha. haven been getting quality slp for the past week. then when i woke up in the morn and decided to check my phone b4 gg back to slp. i saw a msg from my manager asking if i could go to work today cox another collegue was on mc. so i had to get up and get ready for work. work was ok today. no weekend crowd.=/ christmas so near le still nt many ppl. ow. i can totally imagine myself picking storybook after like 431427524 years to kill time in the future. i TOTALLY NEVER read de k? can see from my POOR eng result.T.T have always been my weakness.

and i totally forgot to charge my phone. T.T hai me today no phone to use. cox ytd i was thinking : "tml wake up then charge. since no work." turn out last min need go to work so i can only think of getting ready. only until i read my viod deck then i realise phone no batt. boo.

no entertainment on the mrt. but i did saw the lil boy from campus superstar 2. ya ya. how can i recognise him when i dun even his name? but i'm VERY sure tt it's him k. moreover he and his fren was talking when others are not. so can hear from their convo. they mentioned studio and all. makes me even more confirmed. and guess wat. this is the FOURTH day STRAIGHT tt i see someone famous le. hehe. the day before was chen han wei. ytd was some suria artiste( i noe cox my collegue is malay. she recognise him.) and peifen came again ytd! haha. so today is the campus ss boy. wonder who's nxt. XD

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10:53 PM

Friday, December 21, 2007

i haven been looking forward to today.

today is emo day.

worked. stoned. emo. my collegue kp asking me whether i'm alright anot. i dun really noe wat's wrong wif me seriously. but at one pt of the moment i almost cried. =x

today's date. i'll nv forget.

4 days to lonely christmas. one yr ago. i was working during christmas. one yr ltr. i'm still working on christmas. =/

random note: i wanna watch national treasure! lol

i'm blank.

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11:04 PM


wj gave me this website. it's really amazing can. try it and follow the instruction carefully. cox some noob din manage to get it turn out is he's own mistake. =p i'm sure there's some mathematical reasoning behind it but i'm too lazy to find out wat. hehe. try it. =)

hm. today work ma. nth much. stone a lot. it's PH but nt much ppl come out to shop. T.T and today got one customer wan to pay wif one 1000 note. then we nt enuff change. so ms scared-of-paiseh had to bring the note and go to the shop beside to ask for change. the shop beside oso dun hav. =/ then i walk further down. they oso dun hav. end up i had to go even further down which is LV to change. my first time step into LV turn out to be in working uniform to change money. -.-" me so kuku can. ahhh.... haha.

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12:00 AM

Thursday, December 20, 2007

yes 933 Dj peifen came to my shop today! hehe. she's VERY pretty la. and her voice is as sweet as it sounds on the radio. hehe. but then i wasnt the one tt served her. =/ cox jux nice i was serving other ppl. though i say most of the time i stone de. but at times still will have ppl de. so tempted to ask her take photo can. but i working so cannot.TT

today worked half day. morning was pasta cooking. long time nv cook liao. er. actually i was only the helper. i helped cut the button mushroom for the mushroom soup and do a bit of sauce nia. X)

work was v enjoyable today. except the part bout peifen coming into the shop. the rest of the time was some lil entertainment by my collegue. well. i think i nv mention. but at any one time the shop only got two ppl nia.(for raffles hotel outlet) lol. cox too ulu liao. wun be busy de so dun need so many ppl. so u've only got each other to kp urself entertained. and the full timer who worked wif me today is very funny can. i keep laughing non-stop lor. jux the part bout not much sales made us quite upset. cox during this festive period we get the chance to earn extra incentive and for us part timer, it's the ONLY chance to earn xtra money. we did manage to hit out target last week. so it's xtra $50 for me. XD but this week very hard to hit leh. though festive season but for the past 3 days the sales so lil nia la. so ppl. if u wan buy gift.(be it ornaments or accessories.) COME SWAROVSKI RAFFLES HOTEL. hehe.

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1:02 AM

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"last christmas i gave u my heart.but the very nxt day, u gave it away...."
"all i want for christmas is you...."

wat happened to "jingle bells" and "rudolph the red nose reindeer"?

haha. christmas songs are so creative now tt i can barely sing past the lines i wrote above. =/ so kuku leh me.

speaking of christmas. i STILL haven buy presents yet. oops. =x and the actual day itself i'm working! lol. (but actually i dun mind. cox i dun celebrate de. haha. any form of celebration wif frenz doesnt fall on the actual day itself so it's ok. hehe.)

it's been raining since duno when every evening. but nevertheless. i still brought my didi out ytd.(actually come to think of it. it's the FIRST time i brought him out leh! except sending him to sch and fetching him home la.) and i realise i VERY long nv take his photo le. so here's one.

still as shuai as ever can. *screams* hehe.

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11:45 PM

Sunday, December 16, 2007

jux finished watching "hong xing da jiang". for a moment i couldnt recall the eng name for tt. can only think of "star search" but i noe it's definitely nt the name for it. haha. anyway the result for the top 10 quite surprising lor. some v "re men" de nv get the prize. guess nth's predictable ba. jux like life. u wun noe wat's gg to happen tml. haha. sound sort of emo? hm. duno lei. maybe cox my mind's constantly filled wif some tots ba. some tots which i fail to sort out. some tots tt would affect my future life.


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10:01 PM

i'm so NOT looking forward to tml. i'm SO gg to stone for the nxt two weeks. lol. i haven buy any christmas present yet. =/ time to go SHOPPING! weet~! wonder how christmas's gonna be like for me this yr.... hm....

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1:29 PM

a final decision was made. i hope i'm making the right choice. =/

counting down 10 days to christmas. wat's ur christmas wish this yr?

i wish i wish... ...

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12:34 AM

Saturday, December 15, 2007

regret-a feeling of sorrow or remorse for a fault, act, loss, disappointment, etc. (source:www.dictionary.com)

i'm too afraid to try. now i'm trying to turn back. hope it's a right choice. i still am trying to work towards earning for my braces. but the goal seem to be a lil further away now. pls bless me wif an opportunity to reach for my goal. i dun wan to live in this shadow anymore.

anyway. it's goodbye to david and zy for now. hope they'll adapt to their new life soon. tc!

one of the part timer at RC is gg to RJ for first three mth! tt's SO random of me. but then. envy leh! lucky she nv ask me back which jc i from since i told her i waiting for 'A' lvl result. if nt so paiseh can. haha. and i totally REGRET not studying harder for my 2nd half of my 2nd yr in jc. the most impt period and yet i screwed it up. T.T but tt's nth i can do now but kp my fingers crossed.=/

and i FINALLY got a visitor today! haha. tks. =D

hear me whine. i've got a troubled mind.

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12:20 AM

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

outdated photo. haha. but then too lazy to upload. haha. no other photo le. me too ugly. rah. I WAN BRACES!

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11:28 PM

so much for changing job. and i did succeed in finding my nxt job. so it's good bye to swarovski and hello to fox. but then i still duno wat outlet i'll be assigned to yet. the person say will call me these two days. but these two days i still working at swarovski. lol. nvm la. now they put me at raffles hotel. VERY LITTLE ppl only lor. ok. think i mentioned it ytd. haha. go there stone for 3 more days then nxt week new working location liao. was quite sad bout leaving cox the working environment is good. pay not bad. ppl very nice. but then if i stay on i can never earn enuff for my BRACES! tt's y i had to leave. but then fox de pay nt very good oso. lol. and since other company like topshop and adidas come under the same agency. so tt means their pay is the same. oso v lil nia. lol. i really din expect lor. tot would be more. =/ but it's ok. if got better job opportunity i jump again. haha. though the person did say she hope i wun jump. ltr like swarovski like tt work one mth nia. haha. hopefully wun ba. =x if i hav a choice i wun leave lor. too bad they dun accept temp full time. haix. nth's perfect i guess. and did i mention i was accepted on the spot? hehe. maybe cox i hit the bullseye. as in she ask me wat i think retail is about. then i manage to give her the ans she was waiting for. XD

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10:33 PM

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

*cough* *cough* ow. the cough bug hit me! T.T cough i so aweful can. (though i noe in any way it's aweful to be sick) but then cough very draggy de le lor. haix.

ytd was day out wif classmates. i wonder y no grp photo sia. lol. wonder if we'll still have any more of such outing. more ppl are getting engaged wif work and stuff. some heading to ns soon. izzit time to say goodbye?

today. back to work. stone stone and more stoning. cox one whole day only 18 ppl stepped into the shop(not i count de. is the full timer count de. cox need make record. lol.) and only 3 ppl made purchases. lol.

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10:50 PM

Sunday, December 09, 2007

after this week i'm gg to be SO free i can literally rot at home. T.T not cox i got fired. jux tt i got a super lan schedule. reminds me of the days i jux starting working last yr. boohoo. me wan a second job. i'm SO poor la. =(

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4:03 PM

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

and the zhu jiao wore HEELS to prom! lol. picx to be uploaded ltr. =D

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12:37 PM

Monday, December 03, 2007

pjc's prom nite tml! waha. sound excited? er. actually no. to me. prom=last nite tgt. take lotsa pic. other than tt ma. nth much i guess. and especially when i'm NOT in the right condition. i jux wish prom's a few days more away. ow. till today. i still have NOT buy my shoe. (if i dun get them i'll hav to go in slippers or barefooted. leg still swollen la! how to find shoe to wear?!?) and neither hav i bought my accessories. lol. and i DONT know how to make up. so if there's any "worst dresser award" i sure get liao. lol. so much for paying 85 dollars. =/ no wonder a lot of ppl nv go from prom de. haha. and thinking back. swiss's graduation tea is nt so bad afterall! haha. at least u dun hav to dress so formally. and it's nt as ex. XD

the last goodbye.

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11:50 PM

Saturday, December 01, 2007

seeing the tags from the "Taiwan s24 tour grp" really makes me envy sia. jux now blog hopped a lil and make me start wondering. "what has become of my life?" hey. it's after the BIG A lvl ya. and here i am sitting in my room wif my SWOLLEN LEGS(oops. there i go again.) i shd be enjoying. i shd be jumping ard happily. i shd be enjoying freedom. i shd be.... i shd be.... few days ago i had this feeling to take out notes to read! lol. i noe it sounds funny now. but it really feels weird to cut off ties wif all the notes TOTALLY. life after a lvl-not enjoyable. maybe except for the first few days ba. if i get fired from my work cox of my leg. i dun blame them. and i'll take some time to REALLY ENJOY myself before gg on a job hunt again. if i'm nt cut out for sales. then maybe i would go for admin. at least it pays well. XD then i got money for BRACES and SHOP and GOOD FOOD! waha. mux prepare my wardrobe for uni! hehe. i'll NOT want to be seen wif the same clothes over again like wat i am now cox it really makes me feel like staying at home lor. so paiseh to face ppl. >.<

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8:49 PM

i'm here to rant bout my legs AGAIN! T.T jux went one leg is feeling better. the other's getting worse! ahhh......... and prom's like only a FEW days away la. today i did went to see doc. but NO! it's not the chi doc where i'll hav to endure excruciating pain. rather. i choose to go to see the western doc. well. ppl might ask. wat can they do? er. nth i guess. except giving me painkiller and some muscle cream. =/ doc say i'll need ard 5-7 days to heal. while i only hav 4 to prom. =/ called my boutique manager today and told her bout my swollen leg. got my off for tml. mon she say tml then confirm. gosh. i'm such a trouble maker. =/ cox mon she jux gave me half say off and last min off for tue. now i'm taking off again. i'm messing up all her roster. i'm very sorry k? it's nt fun walking ard wif swollen legs can. now i realise the importance of our legs and nxt time i'll be kinder to my legs. ytd was a TOTAL nightmare for me. VERY pain la. i kp limping and everyone on the street was STARING at me! cox i limp and scream at the same time. =x in the end i even had to cab from yew tee mrt to my hse. tt's how bad it is ok. i think the cab driver was busy reading when i board the cab so din see me limping. so maybe he tot i was very rich. so near oso wan take cab. lol. or tt i'm wasting his time. so near still take cab. some more to a ulu part of yew tee where it's nt quite possible tt he'll find the nxt customer. anyway. speaking of cab. reminds me of thu night. attempt to cab home from suntec but it was so IMPOSSIBLE la! stood at the taxi stand for an hour still haven reach my turn. MOST of the taxi were on call. in the end. had to call the cab company and pay $4 more. T.T lesson learnt:nv take taxi from suntec unless u're patient enuff to call cab company and pay extra. cox everyone would be busy trying to call on too. =/

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8:25 PM

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