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Monday, April 30, 2007

haha. one day back in sch then break again! woo~!

during gp was doing in class work again. teacher call us focus on this. lol. then wun so distracted. -.-"

after sch we played wif sweets. from this...

to this... (too much reflection. =x)

to this... (colour chosen by random.)

to this...

and finally this. (but i think the sweet was sort of missing. =x)


so after tt went help out for napfa test. haha. nt many ppl i noe de lor. cox today only guys and the classes are like ulu ulu to me de. lol. thu cheer for our class guys ba. haha. we're still helping out. =)

so the thing ended quite late like 6 plus. then we went bp eat. saw ALOT of dogs la. first one was at the busstop. a black dog wif a dogtag but no owner in sight. the dog keep wondering about...

then at bp there got a lot of dogs again. like mini dog gathering like tt. duno if they plan de or cox when dog owners pass by see got ppl bring their dog so they oso go home bring theirs. attempted to take photos of some of the dogs. but then. oops. failed. haha. cox i scared the owner dun allow so mux hide far far take. then hide far far liao the dog keep moving about so cannot get good pic. so deleted them. lol. only 2 left. but still can see it's jux some futile attempt. so small nia. -.-"

dinner was quite pathetic. cox we dun really noe wat to eat. so end up buy from bbq express and sat by the open plaza of bpp. which is also where we say the dogs gather. but no. they sky not tt dark from wat u see in the first pic. it's bout the lighting. lol. now i noe tt there's more than jux pressing the camera button for a photo. lol.

the sky actually looked like this...

lol. such a big diff rite? i noe. haha. so now i realise it takes skill to use even the simplest cam phone. waha. shall take more pic then! tsk. but then by the time we left which is ard 8. the sky oso really black liao. lol.

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9:41 PM

Sunday, April 29, 2007

one whole weekend. i only managed to finish phy. omg. can die liao. -.-"

think i'm suppose to do er. chem and math oso? oops. so unorganised sia.

ok. but i still rmb i hav many tests coming up. i rmb the dates clearly. 3rd and 7th. but then. haven draw up my plan yet. =x

somemore econs no tut on fiscal policy till now leh. die. 3 weeks no econs.

hello? since there's always this thing bout teacher reading students blog and "invading" their privacy. then y ppl talk bout studies they nv response de. argh.

i've lost trust in teachers anyway. not jux 1.not 2. but 3. gah.

today was listening to radio then the dj mention something bout april coming to an end. for me ma. april wasnt a good month for me. faster go away ba. i pray for better may. june ma. study for midyr. so MAY pls be a better month for me... pls. minus all the tests. i pray tt many good things would come my way. no more heartaches. no more lies. no more dark secrets. no more things gg the wrong way.

oh well. MAY might jux be a good month after all. cox there's 4e2 gathering to look forward to and i'm starting may wif a fat wallet! wee~! means got money for food and presents! ok. at this pt of time i can recall may as the bdae of 2 pretty girls! wee~! dun wan let the guys noe who. =p

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11:13 PM

i'm suppose to blog. like er. ytd? haha. (cox now past 12 le. =x)

anyway. stuck at home ma. nth much lor. jux tt today got pack my room. haha. cox me planning for something.... 4e2 gathering! everytime go out my mom nt happy will scold say u still got a lot of things haven do (eg.washing.packing.hw.) still wan go out. as in. wan go out sometimes she will allow de la. but then if go out until late she sure say CANNOT. then is like 4e2 planning a dinner. meeting at 6 leh. so mux eliminate everything tt my mom can use as an excuse. somemore miss 2 previous outing le. this time miss again i cry 3 days 3 nites arh. lol. but s24 one. if wan go no prob de. cox got reason one ma. collect class tee. jux tt i wun get mine. haix. another story. so now having second thought whether to go anot. i feel so guilty. cant bear to see ppl's happy face and 2 other disappointed face.

i wun pt at whose fault. take it as my fault then. cox i din call the person personally. as in. i quite familiar wif it de then shd be i call de ma. so there. cox i felt blahblahblah then so i asked another person to call. no reasoning to others needed. watever. many say i'm silly to feel guilty bout it. ok lor. change. i feel sad i anticipated it. the collecting of class tee and all. so there. conclusion : i feel sad. dun feel like gg on tue. guilty + sadness.

morn was awaken by the other 2 kids in my house fighting to open the doreamon magnet. then i heard. "cambodia". lol. was reminded of the cip.

din really take much notice but my fridge got so many magnets le. lol. still got one more but my bro bringing to sch to change wif his fren. haha. so cute. i mean my bro k. tsk. =)

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12:25 AM

Friday, April 27, 2007

short short fri. after school headed novena! omg. it's a hidden gem. seriously. cant wait to go again. "square 2" v nice to shop! a lot of small small shop like bugis tt kind but the shop slightly bigger and more organised and more class. then there a lot of variety of stuff. as in novena as a whole not jux square 2. sports. surfs. food. fashion. caters to all. *grins*

see wat i mean when i say caters to all. even the little ones. hehe. and there's a kitty palace. yup. KITTY not kiddy palace for the little girls who love hello kitty and frens.

went eat at mos. then "vandalised" the paper on the tray. tsk.

US.(but wj din go.) we had a hard time taking the photo cox we had to put it on self timer mode then no flash we oso duno whether the pic take liao anot. then is like we "vandalise" so dun dare ask ppl help us. and some nearby sec4 (cox they were doing 'O' lvl tys) students luff-ed at us. funny meh? we had fun ok.

three of us bought this. cox is 3 for $5 ma. we mixed it up and mine's the middle one. left is qw's and right is hh's.

the best buds. spongebob ROUND pants and patrick. lol.

close up for spongebob ROUND pants. tsk.

tt's my day. fun. =)

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10:45 PM

Thursday, April 26, 2007

ok. am facing some trouble wif uploading the vid tt i took today. nope. it nt xz and gerald's vid. cox their shot not successful then i deleted thinking they might wan a reshot. -.-" cox b4 tt they actually PLANNED wat actions to do sia. then they so fast give up liao. lol. but then still got the picx to show here...


ok. maybe i shd hav uploaded it on class blog. but then i'm still working on the vid so work here first lo. i wanted use photobucket de. cox i more familiar wif tt but then duno y the vid cannot show on blogger. then change youttube which apparently i forgot my password. then the uploading speed duno y v slow oso. so... wait lor. and blog. for now.

took more random photos. ltr post on class blog ok. haha.

other than tt ma. day was boring and LONG. but then. thinking on the brighter side. though will be totally drained out at the end of the day. but at least dun nid rush hw! hehe. though i almost forgot to do my SPA skill A. =x

looking forward to collecting class tee and having dinner wif my classmates. and sry ppl if i din make it clear enuff. actually the class tee only cost $21. but we paying for mr lim and mr wahab so everyone hav to pay $23. then cox class fund oso no money liao so collect $30 easier. cox got a few ppl ask me y the class tee so ex. hehe. of course it cant be more ex than adidas rite. but then. hopefully. and am quite sure our this tee would be nicer than the adidas one. haha. adidas one was a mistake. but but. it wasnt wat the class agreed on initially la. the design we chose design too new liao. not yet the season. then we din wan wait so end up like tt lor.

and finally. me. din really wan post the pic de. cox me so ugly. -.-" but jux wan show my fringe. haha. even though i din really got positive comments except ppl say i v daring go cut my own fringe and say i din do a bad job.(they din say it was great either. so i tot it meant ok then. =) positive thinking.) and nope. i din get bad comments either. so am proud to show ppl my "work" haha. i guess wif more practice comes perfection. and since this is only the first try. so even if ppl are gg to comment badly behind my back or watever i shall nt be upset bout it.

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10:07 PM

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

and i guess i forgot to mention. i CUT my own fringe. omg. -.-" usually trim still ok la. this time i CUT leh. lucky got consult my mom. if not i bet it'll be HUNDRED times worse. nope. no pic. cox too ugly. maybe tml trim again b4 i go to sch. hopefully no bad comments. *fingers crossed*

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10:33 PM

today got to see loads of kids. firstly. morn. the teck whye pri sch children came to our sch. cox ltr the afternoon they got sports day at our sch. (too bad wasnt in sch to watch.) some were there early in the morn. duno is cox of their heats or warmup or something. so after pe i took a photo of them run. tsk.

200m alone got a few rounds liao. looks like pri sch kids are indeed more enthu.

then after school went for cip for the first time.

FYI. it's nt something to do wif church de. if i'm not wrong they rent the place from a church then they'll hold services there too. but nth to do wif the cip and kids and all. and cox we're nt allowed to use phone during cip so as to concentrate fully on the children. tt's the only pic i hav. lol.

the place not v fascinating one la. a bit old like tt.

they call us big sisters. haha. (7 swiss gals went for cip.) like tt oso good la. cox my name a bit hard to pronounce. in the end i was known to my kid as T. lol. derived from my surname. anyway. i was put in charge of a small boy who i think have some prob de ba. i heard he's easily stress de. jux now oso had a hard time getting him to do worksheets. so much to the extent tt i tell him i'll teach u and give u the ans then u write k. oready like tt le he still nt happy say i nv help him write. lol. then give him the worksheet got 6 pages he see liao jiu stress say he sure cannot finish de. even though i tried to tell him tt we'll do it slowly and it's possible to finish de. but he still was quite unwilling to do. in the end the in charge say he can play game after he finish 2 pages.
playing wif him was ok. and kids jux love helping u roll the dice and make the move for u. so literally u jux sit there and watch him play and respond can liao. lol. but then trouble came when another boy came to join us. cox the boy kp cheating. nv throw the dice properly always make it '6'. then my boy see liao argue wif the other boy then they start chasing.pulling.pushing each other. omg. i din really noe how to react. cox we're suppose to be "angels". no scolding or shouting allowed. only praises and gentle reminders are to be given. so a bit shock la. in the end the in charge ask the other boy to not disturb my boy.

anyway i do see tt the boy i in charge quite hard to handle de. mux be xtra careful. he keeps gg to the incharge to while others guai guai do their work. of course the place not only got 7 children la. nt all is one to one de. the older ones do in grps then oso got other ppl there ma. then the incharge oso got tell me tt not everyone can click wif the boy i incharge so ask me leave my name in his file so nxt time maybe attach him to me liao. i dun mind actually. cox he's a very nice boy. jux other ppl dun come disturb can liao. then dun give him a lot of work can liao.

every children there got their own file then after every lesson the big brother or big sister mux write positive comments in there. actually i'm more often called the big sister la. T ma. sounds so nan ting. only when we did colouring then cox the boy ask me help him ma. so we divide then write initial there. anyway my boy is call david. lol.

so busy day today. tired but still got lotsa hw to do. =x tml's the every lesson oso hav xcept econs day. and yup. nxt tue. labour day. another econs tut gone. lol. 3 weeks without econs tut and there's a econs test coming up. dun scold us if we fail. cox we're only partly at fault. no relief no make up lesson. wat can u expect? one whole class go consult other teacher? weird lor.

last but not least...

my fav kid. *grins*

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9:31 PM

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

once again econs was freed up cox teacher din come. she din come last week either. and the absence of a proper relief teacher means tt we've hav no econ tut for half a month le! lol. we're so laggin behind. (evil bifen says: but u've always hate econs tut. oh-oh. =x ) ok la. maybe not hate. jux the dry nature of econs and 1.5 hr long tut really puts me to slp sometimes. but then. i guess it's necessary. cox sometimes tut can be more efficient than lec. considering the fact tt some lecturer reads WORD FOR WORD from the notes. and the missing of tut means tt econs would hav to depend on ourselves liao. haix.

congested tue again. din mean to be late for class again. but we tried to avoid the crowd by bringing our own food le...

it still din work. as in. we were still late for lesson. can the school pls do something? as in. other than telling us not to cut queue and telling those with longer breaks to wait till the crowd goes.(which has limited effect. as in TOO MANY classes liao. not many got long breaks de lor. and if ur stomach is complaining. wat can u do?) if like tt if we kena green form for being late. can u really blame us? we din even go to the toilet la! u wan find seat eat oso difficult. eat cup noodles noodles v hot. so many constraints.

alternative. 1.eat more in the morn. some ppl's stomach jux cannot take in so much food in the morn. 2. bring bread eat. i oready eating bread every morn liao lor. my mom encourages her children to eat bread EVERYDAY! 3. wait for the nxt break @1100. some ppl can. some ppl jux cannot. thu break at 11 oready hungry like siao liao. like tt oso nt good lor. ur stomach kp disturbing u then u cannot concentrate on lesson oso. haix. trouble over food. waste my energy. (evil bifen says: yup. u wasted ur energy and time on this post. )

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9:06 PM

Monday, April 23, 2007

and so it rained again on a mon. so much for mon blues.

mon=wear tie day.

first lesson phy. confused. teacher tot i wanted fall aslp. =x

and the day went on wif me constantly checking the clock for time to pass...

lessons are so routine for me.

after sch got trapped in sch. played. over reacted. boo-ness. i'm mad.

where's the rainbow after the rain?

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9:37 PM

Sunday, April 22, 2007

i got to noe tt today's Earth Day. thru... my bro! lol. his teacher told him bout it few days ago and he excitedly came home and tell me he wants to surf the net (for the first time!) for info on Earth Day. and yup. i had a HARD time explaining wat an Earth is. i cannot stress enuff how BIG the earth is and wat's global warming is all about. global warming ma. too cheem. so i simplified it into. dirty gas like car exhaust will dirty the air then trap heat and cause the temp of earth to rise. so on earth day there may be some green projects to cut down emission of gas or projects to increase awareness of the harm we're doing to earth. but for one moment he told me. earth day is going to be a very hot day. lol. i think he interpreted it as all the effects of global warming is gg to take place on earth day. cute. so i had to correct him. but seriously. generation gap u might call. for someone at the age of 18 telling a p1 kid wat's global warming is a tough job. even telling him bout earth is tough. i rmb last time teaching him bout the Sun. and again i cannot stress enuff how BIG the Sun is. and kids can hardly visualise the size.

so Earth day as it is. therefore i shall use my com only for <1hr. cut down on electricity. cut down on amt of fuel burnt. tsk.

i've done my part. wat bout u? dun u cherish our Earth too? we all noe a little can go a long way...

jux now when i went eat dinner at near my house there. i said thank you to the auntie who cleaned our table. my bro followed too. the auntie smiled happily at us and nodded her head repeatedly. cox having been in the service line. i noe a simple thank you can really make ur day as u noe ur effort is appreciated. moral of story. every gesture counts. =)

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9:00 PM

Saturday, April 21, 2007

11.24pm according to my com de clock. so late liao but dun see much ppl from my class de online. they mux be having a whale of time somewhere. even if u say maybe they all reach home le then too tired to come online. well. there's this possibility. but not possible like none of them de arh. and if they v tired oso means they had a great time lo.
but for me. i guess this time being "caged" at home is not such a bad thing afterall. becox...

yup. i bought my phone! wee~! so unexpected tt i bought this phone. the story goes like this. cox initially me budget $200 ma. so was planning to buy z610i. ms tan tt phone. then the person say long time no stock liao. sad. then nvm. i ask for nokia 6233 white. cox white is music ed. then the person say no white. boo. then ok lor. backup. nokia 6288. sitian tt one. i ask got white anot. since black so common liao. tot i'll buy tt phone. the person tot i wanted buy white phone.then the person ask whether wan buy w810i. cam better and walkman phone ma. after thinking. i tot. ok lor. even though the model quite old liao. then was seeking option from my father. my dad at first say buy w810i lor. but then he hear the model quite old liao then he look ard somemore. we were sitting at the first counter so was near the promoters. then he saw k800i then ask y dun wan buy tt one. i say cox more ex ma. initally my dad say help me pay the xtra. in the end become he help me pay then i return the full $268 after i work! wee~! my dad's the best! and of course. my mom wasnt happy when we got home and tell her tt we bought a $200 plus phone. then keep saying i anyhow spend money etc etc.

so after so many things i'm settled wif k800i. initially i tot i'll so call for sure buy a slide or flip phone de. in the end this. lol. 3.2 mega pix WITH ZOOM! haha. XUAN ZHI ME NOT ENVIOUS OF UR PHONE LE. cox urs 2 mega pix CANNOT zoom! =p and ppl if u think i v mean or wat. this is a joke la. so serious for wat. jux after my ytd post change ur perspective of me and think i'll one bad girl? here's the story...

cox tt time me and wj no proper phone to use ma. so tt time we see xz buy his w850i then v kek. but then see his instruction book write w800 instead of w810i then we tease say he kena con. pay $600+ for the phone but then cam at 2 mega pix cannot zoom. then he v sad oso. haha. we were so convinced tt he kena con then xz go take his phone de box show that it's w850i. got "i" de. can zomm but the zoom is only applicable for VGA quality. lol.

so yup. if u din noe the story i bet some will start saying "this girl so mean de go luff at his classmate." RAH!

i love my phone! wee~! doesnt matter even though it's not slide like 5300 or it's a older model than 5300. i'll take xtra care this time. as the saying goes. once bitten twice shy. if my phone ever kena stolen AGAIN. i'll jux jump down the building la. lol. kidding. but i'll still die in my mother's hand anyway. she did WARN me jux now. -.-"

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11:24 PM

ok. i seriously thinking i jux wasted like one hr doing my post for NTH! so waste my time. cox strolling down. the pic all crap lor. haix. sry ppl. wasted my time and ur time too. this entry is written jux 2 mins after i published the previous one. so if u're one busy ppl. dun waste time scrolling down.

if u think i'm using the reverse psychology or something. ok lor. dun say i din warn u. if u wan curse me after tt. write on the tagboard ba. dun wan write name oso nvm. better than u secretly curse me behind the back. at least if i noe maybe i can do something bout it.

i attempted. i failed. but i'll try harder. i'm jux not born wif the genes to make ppl luff. even though i luff quite a lot(not at the picx i mean.) maybe cox i din luff much at the picx either so before i got any comments i hav this feeling tt i fail liao. =x

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4:23 PM

got some response to my previous post. think many ppl were quite shocked. lol. ok la. maybe i was a little too extreme. now looking back. omg. i really like v mean. so lei. today i shall dedicate my entry to entertain ppl.but then. sry u wun see any obscene pix cox it's simple SO NOT me. jus like i cant bring myself to say vulgarities. at the most i'll say is "go and die" or "idiots" maybe? if u noe me well enuff u will noe tt i dun scold vulgaririties. in fact. got one incident me hit someone ox tt person said some vulgar.=x but i've learnt to be more open towards it now. jux tt u still WUN hear it from me. no matter how i hate one person. i still nv use vulgar de.
so here goes...

Myspace Graphics
Myspace Graphics

Myspace Graphics
Myspace Graphics
does this pic reminds u of ur Tuesdays @ the cafe? tsk.

Myspace Graphics
the photographer mux hav something against nemo.

Myspace Graphics
wat happened to all the legal age

Myspace Graphics
Myspace Graphics

Myspace Graphics
Myspace Graphics

Myspace Graphics
Myspace Graphics

Myspace Graphics
maybe this helps to explain the appearance of UFOs.

Myspace Graphics

Myspace Graphics
Myspace Graphics

Myspace Graphics
Myspace Graphics

Myspace Graphics
Myspace Graphics

Myspace Graphics
Myspace Graphics

Myspace Graphics
Myspace Graphics
i bet they call this the idiot test. =x

Myspace Graphics
Myspace Graphics

Myspace Graphics
Myspace Graphics

and this is for me... pic of da day.
Myspace Graphics
jux ate my third cake for two days. and adding david's bdae cake. omg. i ate 4 cakes within a week. so much la! fattening like siao. =x

ok. i admit some or maybe most la. the pic not v funny or wat. but then. i tried my best le. hehe. nxt time will find better source for picx.

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2:54 PM

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