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Thursday, February 26, 2009

half the recess week is gone~! omg. and how productive i am i seriously dun wan to put a gauge in it. cox it's not gonna be a nice one. went to kbox on mon. ecp to cycle on tue. had fun~! woot! haha. and seriously cycling on a sch day is quite a different experience. everywhere is empty~! haha. u literally hav the whole cycle lane to ourselves. cool~ tot i'll stay at home for the rest of the week but cox my internet was down since tue nite so wed i went over to bf's hse to study. hehe. mugged tgt since he's having paper too. =)

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2:26 PM

Saturday, February 21, 2009

it's the recess week~! omg! so fast la! mid term is coming! oh wait. i mean it already came technically. cox i had my first mid term paper ytd! lol. it was a mcq paper and it's more like a nobody will fail kind of paper. cox we're tested the VERY VERY basic of statistics. the paper din even cover conditional probability! lol. so yup. i would say it's a gd start here. at least i'm not demoralised and not hav the will to study on... this week is impt! lotsa catching up to do. so mux jy le~! =) but there's still bonding session to go for. kbox! weet~! they sort of make it compulsory for the math soc ppl to go so well. one lesser day to study~ oops. =x


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11:19 PM

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

another stage of life. now i'm no longer 1X but now is 2X le~! ow. but still at the early stage so mux cherish my youth~! haha. so yup~! had a great day ytd and received lotsa wishes thru sms and facebook and in person and not forgetting the phone call i got at 00:00:15 =) thanks a lot! to everyone. and also thank you~ to those who gave me presents/cake love them ALL. ^^

the only pity is that my birthday had to fall on tue. my MOST chui day. yes yes. i repeated this to MANY ppl and MANY times le. but i jux wanna rant. tue is from 8am to 6pm (gozen hachi ji kara gogo roku ji made desu-hope i got it rite. recent jap lesson we've been talking bout time....) wif ONLY ONE hr break. T.T how pathetic. so not much chance to take photo. but i did take grp photo wif my og mates after one lec on mon. cox one of the girl is one day older than me~

they made a personalised tee for her. and they got me many bottles of nail polish+nail buffer+sticker+nail balm+remover. nicely packed in a purple box~! haha. ok. the purple box is trivial but it's a great gift! tks.cox i always like dolling up my nails. hehe. but i haven got the time to paint my nails yet. =\ for now. most impt is study~! i mean. study has always been impt. jux tt this fri i having my first mid term paper for this sem. so. jyjy le. =)

once again. tks everyone. =)

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11:25 PM

Sunday, February 15, 2009

happy (belated) valentine's day to all~! this yr valentine's day is SO~ happening!

it started on fri when me and sun1 xiao jie decided to walk ard bazaars like we always do whenever there's chance. then since it's valentine's day we tot we'll wan to buy gifts for our seniors to thank them for anything and everything! lol. then we saw a few ppl holding balloons and since we din see any booth selling balloons, sun1 xiao jie went up to one girl wif the balloon and tapped her to ask where she got the balloon. she said biz and yup. off we go on the shuttle bus to biz~! lol. so cool. but we found out the balloon was quite ex. =\ so we settled for one for the pretty ah le jie! headed over to central lib(my second time gg in la! haha. so li hai can. x) ) so tt we can "surprise" her. but apparently she spotted us first. =\

took photo wif her and we left. cox we still got lecture ltr on and we need to buy gifts for the other seniors too. but then nth at central lib tt caught our eyes were of affordable price range. considering the fact tt u're buying for a few of them. so we headed back to sci and bought lil ribbon roses instead. and we had to run! cox we're late for lesson le. oops. quickly made our purchase and quickly go back to msr to give the roses away.

after lecture went to the bazaar once more to hunt for yanjun's present since both of us are v grateful towards him for all the things he had done for us. so we tot we wan to get him something better. and he's got the most expensive gift of all~! lol. we also personally headed over to his LT to pass him the present. hehe. we went all out to show our sincerity. hope he's happy to receive the present and tt he'll kp it properly~! =)

jux when we tot tt the excitement has ended, our normal dinner time ended wif mini ice-cream buffet! lol. cox there's a comm selling ice-cream and since it's the last day of bazaar le. so they got to clear the stock and sell them cheap. so we got the remains of the chocolate tube(imagine the BIG tub u see in those ice cream shops. plus other flavoured ice cream added too!) 4 of us ate but we din manage to finish everything cox it's simply too much! lol.

so much for friday the 13th! lol. i din really realise actually. i jux tot it was v day eve tt's all. and it's so fun! wonder wat's friday the 13th gg to be like the nxt month. something interesting too?

we had so much fun i really wish i had pics to post up but most of the photos in xiaoyu's phone. i only got one pic tt i took wif yanjun(and his present~). but cannot post la. ltr my boyfriend angry. =x

haha. i suppose this is the first time i use boyfriend ba. but i think it's like 80% of my fren noe le? so might as well say it out in this valentine's post. meaningful rite? =p yay! i love my boyfriend lots! =)

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1:01 AM

Thursday, February 12, 2009

whoops. haven been blogging again~! cox i've been busy~! tuition hav resumed since last sun. ow. lesser time for playingstudying. but tt also means money coming in~!(since one kid paid in advance and one kid jux nice 4th lesson le.) waha. i'm outta poverty for now~ woot~! so happy sia. ^^

other than tt, met up wif some frenz on sun for dinner and dinner wif yinling ytd! yay~! haven see them for like mths! =\

so ytd headed down to marina square since there's a lot of makan places there. eventually we settled for changing appetite. weekdays ma. jiu not packed. the atmosphere there quite gd. the food also not bad. then we got sofa seats also. so we jux chatted the nite away. =)

and i really like the dessert alot! icecream mudpie!

ok. quite a random photo. nvm. x)

lotsa stuff on hand left undone. and mid term is inching near. oh. the mugging season~

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11:11 PM

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

attempted to sing do-re-mi in jap today~! lol. u noe the song tt goes doe.a deer a female deer~ haha. so like nursery la! but it was kinda cool cox we had our sensei playing the guitar! she's a female ard sanjusai to yonjusai. tt's y we all cheered for her when she played the guitar. so cool~! haha. loving jap more and more. ^^ jux tt the workload is really killing me. today i had vocab quiz. tml also got! and it's two different sets of words! zzz. somemore got homework. which some of the words i dun really understand cox everything's in jap. =x

today is like the longest day ever~! by my 4th lesson i'm almost dead le. zzz. and then there was a fifth lesson and tuition at nite! zzz. and now. i shd be doing my jap. oops.

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11:50 PM

Thursday, February 05, 2009

today. i went into the wrong class~! waha. wat a joke. it all started when i reach sch at 9. then i went into s14. and searched for 01-16. by then the teacher had started teaching on how to use MATLAB. a programme for matrix de. the room was already full. wif ALOT of PRCs(i got nth against them. pls let me cont the story first.) there's only two com left. one at the v end of the room so i took the one nearest to me. but it turned out tt the com was locked and i couldnt unlock it. but the teacher was talking so i din wan to stand up. so i stared at the demo she was doing instead. then a while ltr someone went over to the other available com cox his had some prob. then i tot to myself. oh great. now i'm stuck wif this un-useable com. after a v long while when the teacher or rather what we call TA(teaching assistant.) finished her demo then i seeked her help. she cant unlog either. so she went out to get help from some technical assistant. the person helped me unlocked the com le but then i cant log in to the programme! the thing show max user exceeded. so i got to call for help again. eventually it took me a long while before i really hands on on the MATLAB thing. then the TA took attendance. and i realise all the names are chinese names! and eventually my name was not called. then i sort of like doubt myself if i'm at the right place. and i went online to check my timetable. and it turned out to be 01-19 instead! lol. great. but i was too lazy to move already. after so many incident. and it was like 20mins till the end of lesson only. and it's also MATLAB ma. so i stayed on lor. but the TA also din realise i nv raise my hand for attendance at all though i've called for her a few times le. lol. so paiseh~!wat a way to start my day. lol. and p.s this is the FIRST lab so if u're thinking sch start so long le still can go wrong class then u're wrong. i'm not THAT blur la. =\

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8:52 PM

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

happie birthday to the magnets! x)

happie (belated) birthday to wr~! more and more mature le~! hehe.
happie bdae (in advance) to qw~! (ok. u probably dun look like this anymore. prettier and prettier le~! haha. but then i cant seem to find newer photo of the both of u. is either grp or one w/o the other. =\)

misses. <3

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9:57 PM

Sunday, February 01, 2009

bifen is here to blog again~! though she's got a mountain of work yet to be done. =x but then cny ma. it's a time to gather wif frenz and hav fun~! muaha. so these few days were fun.fun and more fun~! =) so she decided tt she shall NOT be lazy and kop photos to post on her blog. sry to the photo owners! cox i din ask b4 koping. oops.

starting from fri... it was steamboat IN SCH wif the sow comm. cool huh.

so healthy can! look can the carrots! there's more vege de lor.and more food of course i kp eatin vege until i feel so healthy! haha.

then we also had yu sheng! yay~! xue2 ye4 jing4 bu4!

there's also some photo taking of the individual comm. pub comm only got me and my pub head! ow. and yup. she was in the nus bash pageant representing sci fac de! so proud of her. =)

the other comms de peeps....



marketing... they also had two ppl only for the day...

standing comm...

then we had this game. call lucky or suay(or was it something else) where each one hav to choose a red packet. 3 winners gets pringles each. some are jux commoners. and i'm in this grp!

while the suay ones hav to perform a lion dance wif the hand made props. hehe. but of course u wun spot them so easily in this pic cox it's a grp photo...

this is the screen thing tt i was talking about for them to sing k. so cool~!

then they had a bdae celebration for the jan girl.(the girl in white nearest to the cake) but tt's after i left le. =\

then it was steamboat (again) the nxt day at laoshi's hse! =) it's an annual thing. so cool~! some of us played mj and some played cards.

then today. sunday. i'm out again! muaha. x)

today is xiaoyu's hse!

and since it's chu1 qi1 aka ren ri4 we had yu sheng! the yu sheng is probably the nicest i've ever ate lor. serious! and she and her parents were v gd host.i feel very thankful towards them. tks~! =)

then we had pizza and kfc for lunch and fruits for dessert! yummy. ^^

after tt was wii~!

yanjun joined us after yuming and maxiao left...

soon they set off for weihao's hse while i left for city hall for other stuff.

TOTALLY ENJOYED myself to the max! yay! but now. time to go back to reality. it's time for sch work~! ow. but still. here's wishing everyone a happy cny~! better late then nv. and today chu qi1 happy ren ri aka happy bdae~! lol.

and tml is another day i'm looking forward to. serious. not being sacarstic cox obviously i'm NOT referring to sch though i AM looking forward to seeing my uni frenz again~! but rather it's the programme after sch tt i'm more looking forward to. ^^

oh ya. almost forgot to credit the pics. tks to veronica how.wenjun.xiaoyu for the respective days. and sry for not asking... =\

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10:14 PM

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