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Saturday, May 31, 2008

oops. lack of update again. =\ been busy recently.

ytd was great time spent @

wif dearest yinling! hehe

din i say i'll dedicate a post to u? =p

and it's was kuku me's first time there at cafe cartel. LOL. really kuku can. and today was my FIRST time @ crystal jade too. >.<>

anyway. ate pork ribs. yum. free complete meal too. so it's really worth it.

we missed out the cakes. (after 9 half price everyone grab we too slow le. T.T) so we ate more bread. but the bread nt bad i would say. jux tt i had prob spreading the butter cox it was too hard. =x

chatted all nite long. saw cheryl.sijie.sihui.chuishan. even though it was nite already they still v hyper. but when u see them all silent when they eat u really think they're one interesting grp of frenz. =)

stayed till 11 plus and train-ed home. surprised to see cheryl when we reach yt so the 3 of us chatted some more. nice chat wif the both of u. i really had a great time. BIG tks to yl. cox was really having a badTERRIBLE day @work. argh. 2more mths only... jy arh!

i nv wan to admit defeat. i'll NOT fall to ur trap. stay strong.

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12:42 AM

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

haven been blogging. been indulging in virtual life. lol. real life. too cruel. sabotaged again. yup. all those politics at work.(+immature KIDS) now i'm free ALL weekends. more movies for me i suppose? haha. decrease income increase spending. i'm gonna be broke! lol. and i've yet to start my spree yet. GSS ma. how can i miss it. =p

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12:24 AM

Saturday, May 24, 2008

do u still rmb the days when u used to sit in the LT and listen to the lecturer chant?

it's been quite a while. ard half a yr. tt's kinda long.

and honestly i dun like the feeling of sitting in the LT. especially alone. so boring can. T.T and the whole string of talks tt they lined up for us today, was what one of the professor said to be a stimulate of uni life. Zzz. guess i'm nt so looking forward to uni huh. and the modules thing is kinda headache. =/

well. i din stayed as long as i shd hav been. left to join some of the class peeps in the afternoon. these two days was feasting wif them. lol. ytd was zu chao at bb central. and of course the only attraction is the crabs. lol.

then today after kfc for lunch, we went swensens for giant earthquake. hmm.... enjoy leh. hehe.

then evening was movie watching. indiana jones. quite a gd movie i would say. except for the part tt we had to sit the first row. made me feel giddy a bit. T.T there's always something for me to complain about everytime i watch a movie. haha. i mux say nth's perfect. X)

random update. no group photo though. *cries*

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11:41 PM

Thursday, May 22, 2008

and my ear piece is dying on me AGAIN! third time within a yr. T.T

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10:52 PM

random post again. haha. these two days spent some precious catching-up wif dearest yl during lunch+after work, b4 work+lunch. simply made my day. =) tks a lot girl.

and today halfway during work they ask me go centrepoint help out. lol. another experience for me. and i mux say i really enjoyed today lots. =) from morn to nite. xcept for the part i forgot to bring my ez-link card. T.T

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12:00 AM

Monday, May 19, 2008

so my weekend was spent @ the movies.

sat. i was like telling everyone i'm quite sure i'm gg nus but i still wan go ntu de computer engineering talk to take a look. it's actually the venue tt attract me to go. haha. BUT. in the end i din go. haha. cox i noe i'm gg to be late. =x so off i went to lot one instead to meet up wif some of the class peeps and we caught speed racer.

it din look so unrealistic in it's ads. lol. lots of computerised effect. and i'm nt a fan of rain either. storyline wise. a bit too complicated for me to catch. lol.

sun was tut. so din get to watch accuracy of death wif the class peeps. but still i went to watch it after my tut at the cathy. can see the movie quite hot. we had to sit at the first row. T.T or maybe cox both of us reach late so no choice lor.

the front part a bit dumb. lame jokes and all. but eventually until the end it all makes sense. a lil nt like wat i expected. but still a good movie. prefer takeshi over rain. haha. but takeshi a bit old liao. >.< (his fans dun box me. =/)

i do say i'm NOT gd at giving movie reviews. haha. cox duno wat to write and wat not to write. cox sometimes ppl jux prefer to see it for themselves ma. =)

and today was home all day wif a good old flu. T.T

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10:01 PM

Saturday, May 17, 2008

haven been updating much cox life's been the same.

been working the past few days. but i get to rest for three days straight! wee~!*cheers* well mine is sales line u see. no fixed off day(except sun cox i giving tut.) and dun really go by the public hols=off day thing.

few days back. something unpleasant at work. me.so.innocent.can. T.T dun wish to elaborate. cox it's really UNpleasant.

on a lighter note, i got into FoS. like i said. am willing to go there now. at least better than computer sci ba. but still will go listen to their talks ltr. =p i v 3 8 de. haha. wan go see see look look. somemore is at marina mandarin hotel,vanda ballroom. looks cool. haha.

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11:18 AM

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

realise quite a bit of ppl hav popp-ed by my blog thru searching words like nus discretionary interview, ntu, smu and all. so i decided to give it a try too. well. started wif searching for blogs whose owner went for Fos interview. well. none mention anything bout being accepted. so the i suppose they still pending the admission? but... smu... i've... lost... hope... in... waiting... T.T there are ppl who went ltr then me and got accepted already. their letter only took 6 days to come. me? more than two weeks already! death sentence. *cries*

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12:13 AM

Sunday, May 11, 2008

happie mother's day to all the mothers out there. =)

my weekend was SLACK! hehe. it's been quite a while since i stayed home so much. lol.

good-news-letter pls come soon. tsktsk.

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9:43 PM

Friday, May 09, 2008

i realise ytd i forgot to publish my entry. -.-" so here it is...

rmb. it's ytd's entry.

i kp procrastinate until it's fri already. still nv write a proper post for last sat. >.<

actually i did attempt to. but i failed to photohop my grey eyes. so i gave up. lol. but i had great fun wif YONGQI! =)

misses! hehe. wif her we can do the craziest thing in the world. including stalking ppl. X) tt was one cool experience. nxt time mux find a better target. tt one quite gong gong. haha. =p

and i MUST mention. a lil sadness tt day prompted us to eat good food. and yup we did. a random choice of some jap restaurant. A___ sabo or something @ marina square really serve fantastic food! yum!

no pic to be posted though. i did take pic. but photography skill too lousy. dun seem tempting enuff. haha. and wat i took was jux the dessert. the main course is oh-so-nice! the hungry us gobbled it up before we rmb to take pic. lol. definitely to go back there again. =)

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11:54 PM

PLEASEEEEEE......!!!! i wanna go FoS! i'm WILLING to go there now! really! so far no use from nus. T.T if anybody who pop-ed by who hav attended the discretionary interview, pls tag to tell me if u've received news yet. at least if i noe they haven send out news yet i feel more at ease. if nt, at least i wun hav to be so worried and can plan my nxt move. tks.

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12:15 AM

Thursday, May 08, 2008

there's quite a few things i wanna blog about. but then. no energy. i fell sick. did u too?

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12:19 AM

Monday, May 05, 2008

i'm so lazy to update. >.<

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11:24 PM

Sunday, May 04, 2008

i noe i'm suppose to update. but there's something i wanna do but cant get it rite. T.T

anyway bout the interview, it was quite a free and easy one. the ppl are v friendly(which some say it may nt be a gd thing) it was rather like pure chatting. lol.

nope they din ask bout current affairs.

the first thing they ask: tell us a lil bout urself while we digest ur info.

then talked bout y i choose FoS.

i notice tt u chose acct in the two other uni u applied for. also for nus. so tell us y acct?

not so relevant huh? yup. my conclusion for my interview: i showed more interest in biz than FoS. they can see for themselves. i mean it was a requirement to indicate what u chose for other uni while booking the time slot. so nth to hide.

and we talked a lil bout leadership skills. they gave me senerios and asked me wat i'll do.

yup. tt's bout it. for nus interview. in case anybody drop by today. 5th may 4 their interview. hehe. today's the 3rd and last of the interview day. but then again. they can always give different ppl different qn. purely for reference only. =)

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8:24 PM

today i was a grey eyes stalker. X)

more updates tml. hehe.

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12:59 AM

Friday, May 02, 2008

quite many things happen within a day. i would say. nt a v gd day for me. =/

my ezlink expired on 30/4/08. did urs too? so actually ytd i couldnt tap my card. it says"card expired" check wif control station. they say cant do anything. mux do ticket office. ytd ph. so they nv open. or at least yew tee de wasnt opened when i was heading to work.

waited for today. to see wat the ticket office can do. tot they'll help me extend till august. but no ey. they tell me cannot use liao. mux buy the adult ezlink. and i can only get the refund of my student ez link when i get my new card(tertiary student card). inside got $10+ T.T

so now i'm officially paying adult fare wif adult fare with adult ezlink card.

and the pic they gimme so kuku can. >.< no offence to lovers of lion dance. it's jux aint my cup of tea tt's all.

the day crawled on. and evening i received sms from my sis saying i got letter from ntu... din noe wat to expect. though i noe i dun hold much chance in getting into biz cox of my eng. but i really wasnt expecting this...

computer sci!!! T.T my 5th choice. was quite confident tt i might get my 3rd choice or something. but nt this.... cox of my eng again arh? zzz.

the only thing tt can make me feel happy is tt my contact lense arrived at the optical shop today! =) cant wait to wear it tml. after my interview i suppose. i dun suppose it's appropriate to wear coloured contacts to interview ba. =/ jux wanna be safe.

the colour ma. i duno wat to comment. will only know when i wear it lo.

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11:03 PM

happy labour day to you ppl out there. not me. i worked. T.T

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12:19 AM

Thursday, May 01, 2008

hi ppl. can u see i'm troubled here? guess nt. lol.

guess wat. i got myself a date wif nus faculty of sci this sat.

how did it happen?

received an sms from tt i was invited for a discretionary admission interview wif faculty of sci(FoS).

first thing tt came to my mind. WAT? faculty of sci? no biz for me(acct/biz)??!!?? *cries* (fyi.no real tears. jux an expression) even nus oso dun wan gimme a chance for interview. sigh.

then the nxt thing was.interview for sci? wat to do arh? i anyhow choose de leh.and sci so popular arh? oso need interview. but i like nv hear ppl mention they choose tt. lol.

the nxt news i receive was. the interview is for those who din make it.(for direct admission into tt faculty)

arh??? sci oso wan see eng izzit? T.T

pjc shd hav told us eng is VERY impt!

got home and checked the email. yup. they did mention something bout "for those who din meet the cut off pt but hav showed interested in entering tt course"

then they gave us a link:


and this is wat was written : for admission into the course where factors other than academic performance is considered.

ok.so since when i got such great achievement? Zzz.

and they say : if u wish to be considered under this, mux provide details under the DA section and provide supporting doc.

i NEVER write anything under this section during my application lor. =x

oh great. so now how am i suppose to handle this? i bet my counterparts would be bringing stacks of doc to show. me? empty handed arh? i oso din take the duno wat test back in pjc. where they paid certain amt. phy and chem de. then they say useful for uni admission nxt time into duno which uni for sci faculty. =x

and the interview is jux 3 days away.

wat's also strange is tt. the booking period for interview started last fri and ends tml lor.(1st may) and i only receive the sms and email today(30th april). somemore when i access to the booking website. today itself got interview le lor. only two other days for me to choose. weird weird de.

oh well. i'll jux take things as it comes. watever it is. jux do my best lo.

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12:24 AM

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