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Saturday, November 29, 2008

omg!!!!! it's FINALLY over la! ok. i'm one day lag. cox ytd was out wif some of my og mates. it's indeed a crazy nite. fun! more updates probably ltr. cox these few days would be jux purely enjoyment! tml's day out wif the class. and sun's day out wif my audi sisters. my mei coming over from malaysia! yay!

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12:49 AM

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

and it's down to the LAST paper! yay! but bio.... jux.so.NOT.my.cup.of.tea. =(

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9:47 PM

Monday, November 24, 2008

logged in to my nus email after blogging and saw an email from my super cute tutor. haha. his email has always been v funny. a fun tutor to have. but ow. the sem is coming to an end. no more such funny emails any more! sadded. time.flies.in.uni!

"Dear all,

kindly note that all uncollected scripts will be burned and the tutors will run around the camp fire singing "Yay! exam is over!". so try to collect your script if you have absented from class ya.

and ya, I am in lab playing game now, just drop by if u need to see me.

there was once where he said" i'll be in the lab playing game... oops. i mean computer programming." so cute can! haha.

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6:50 PM

half the battle is gone! wif another two papers down today! econs and computing!

econs. i spent lotsa effort in it k. i did a total of 235 mcq in a day!!!(4pyp) madness can! but indeed it's quite an achievement. prepared me well for the 80mcq qns wif only a time limit of 2hrs.(the past years de were like. 70 mcq or 45 mcq or 50 mcq for 2hrs. this yr de so much! zzz) and this is not the worse. thu de bio is a freaking 100 mcq wif a time limit of 2 hrs! lol. but tt would mark the end of the tough battle so i'm still looking forward to it! waha. and there's no past yr paper to try out. =\ i'll.jux.force.the.facts.in.

cox i did so much econs, i din spend enuff time on computing. =x but hopes were all not lost. since it's an open book exam! Xp could hav done better though, if i had spent more time familiarising myself wif the text. instead of gg everwhere to find the ans.

felt so much lighter now.

3 down. 2 more to go! and bye computing monster! *waves*

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6:28 PM

Sunday, November 23, 2008

yikes! computing is TML!

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2:36 PM

Saturday, November 22, 2008

one down! four more to go. zzz. indeed it was a BAD start. doom-ed! din really expect it to be THIS bad. haix. but i shall still move on... i mux tell myself it's until thursday ONLY. lol.

and i totally regret cutting my hair. T.T

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1:21 PM

Friday, November 21, 2008

jux came back from the doc. stupid flu is killing me! day3 of sickness. zzz. messed up all my study plans. i'm totally in a rush of time! (but yet i'm here blogging. lol). TO-MOR-ROW is da day! omg!!! one week ltr and i shall be FREE!

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12:16 PM

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

day2 of trapping myself inside my room. i think i can go crazy anytime soon! lol. ytd took a peek at past yr computing paper. seriously it wasnt v much like wat i expected. and yes i'm starting to panick already! zzz. now my routine is morn econs. afternoon one math mod nite another math mod. now it looks like i really hav to start pick up my "bedtime storybook" and read through it every nite before i slp le.(am referring to my computing text btw. cox tt's the only mod tt i bought the textbk. lol.) revision of 4 modules a day. zzz. oops. so where shd i slot my bio?!? in my dreams? haha. or probably when i eat? this is so crazy!!! why do ppl say A lvl is the worst nightmare? i think uni is jux as horrible! lol. and i'll hav to go thru this for another 5-7 times(excluding this time) i'll jux make better plannings from nxt sem onwards...

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7:06 PM

Monday, November 17, 2008

din even took one step out of my house today. whole day spent on trying to mug. well. at least i managed to go thru 2 chapters of econs. two chapters of math plus EVERY questions for one tutorial of the same math mod. and now trying to push myself to start on another math mod. zzz. i can foresee i'm gg to stay at home for the rest of the week. something tt i haven done for the past one yr probably? haha. there's always a reason for me to be out somewhere. even the reading week for the mid terms i went out for dinner la. interview in sch la. etc. haha. but this time round really no reason for me to go out le. i've stopped tuition too. so i'll be zai2 nu for a week! haha.

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9:13 PM

Sunday, November 16, 2008

lagging! i'm so way behind time now.and my first paper is THIS sat! imagine tt. so fast la! and my last paper is next thu! omg. it's so near it's s.c.a.r.y! i still rmb telling uncle not v long ago tt my exam is nxt nxt nxt week!(cox i simple refuse to say it's 3 weeks ltr to show tt he's rite. xp) it really feels like NOT long ago lei. seriously. omg. time flies at the speed of light. haha. (too exaggerating but i happie can le. x) )

soon it'll be over... !!! i miss all my frenZzz.

bifen wants a big hug!!!

and friendster jux deleted more than half of my frenz on my list! ZzZ. even my girls are off my list. where got such thing de! omg la. and ppl if u realise i'm not on ur list pls add me back. i nv delete anybody! -.-"

yes ppl. i got friendster de. i duno how to phrase this. but jiu. ever heard ppl comment that friendster is for those.... (ok. dun wan beat bout the bush. ppl say friendster for those ah lian ah beng de. tt's y u see uni ppl all facebook-er) i personally got no comments k. i din hav facebook till i enter uni. previously only friendster. but tt doesnt make me an ah lian either rite? so yup. nth wrong wif having friendster too. =) and i'm still VERY bad at facebook. so it dun make me a lan4 uni student either rite? haha.

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3:11 PM

Friday, November 14, 2008

06.37pm! i handed up my LAST computing assignment! *cheers* last question was a killer can! and most prob would hav handed in an empty input if hasnt gotten help. phew. tks. loads! waha.

but then there's still the final exam to go. which is a written de. (tt means i dun even know if it's compile-able la! =x) and exam can ask ppl for help ey. jux hope it's not another killer jiu hao le. *praying hard*

ytd spent my precious thu afternoon trying to figure out the last question. seriously it's TOTALLY new to us can. and even our senior wasnt able to help.T.T cox last time they din hav to learn this. but it's ok. tks for trying though. v much appreciated. haha.

and like always, it's really hard to get into the condition to do computing. so boring can! so i started to vandalise the multi-purpose whiteboard. haha.

first draft. valerie commented tt the two ppl too ke lian le. skinny until like tt. haha. so i tried to improve.

still ugly but hu cares. haha. jux for entertainment sake. and i realise i forgot to take the final draft! final draft got purple moon and black stars de! haha. (we got limited marker colours u see. in the first place the markers are not for us to do drawing on the board de. oops. haha. now they will now y they always run out of marker inks. lol.)

dinner in sch then left home le. cox got to collect my contact lense b4 the shop closes. it's back to clear lense for me! T.T cox my eyes' been very dry due to lack of slp and too much. no more grey eyes for me. (but only for now. =p vanity rules lor. waha. and i got a box of brown lens in my drawer! x) )

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6:50 PM

Sunday, November 09, 2008

and the curtain fell (on shaoxuan senior)...

and u can see the nite sky. oh-so-nice. lol. proof of me and valerie staying back in sch till late. to do computing of course! T.T and we only managed to finish 1.5 out of 3 questions. zzz. but we sure am glad a hav a place like math soc room to hang out and study.especially we hav the super useful whiteboard!

and these are some brainstorming for our programming.

so fri was pretty much an interesting day.

started wif me reaching the earliest recorded time for 8 am lecture. probably 8.05? i only rmb tt was slide 5. but minusing the cover page and announcement page. nt bad le la. =p

then there was the breath-taking calculus. why? cox we're afraid the teacher might give us the marker to present our ans on the board. (especially when u see the volunteers taking the easy qns already. u noe u wun wan to get tt magic marker. lol.) and he DID stop in front of us wif a few markers. lucky none of us kena. really breath-taking ey. lol.

sch ended earlier since our bio lecture stopped already. so we tot we might jux go over to NUH to buy mr bean! but the thing is. none of the 4 of us knew where it exactly was. and we ended up touring the basement of NUH! lol. quite thrilling. like walking maze. haha. finally we managed to get a lift up to the first floor and asked for direction. all tt effort jux to buy mr bean. (but it's worth it. xp)

then back to sch for computing battle. but since dateline was still one week away we wasnt so tensed yet. me and valerie can still chat on msn even though our lappy are back to back and we're literally facing each other! haha. many others brought their lappy too to do their own stuff and once again math soc room was jux like a com lab again. haha. it was towards the evening the the curtain fell. and suddenly the room was so bright even w/o the lights on. and during dinner we had to hide our lappy for fear ppl would peep in and see so MANY lappies and wana break in. haha. usually we jux let it be plugged in there standing in hibernation mode or screen saver cox we trust all key holders. =)

indeed it was quite a day. and now. back.to.study.AGAIN.zzz. dec.much.anticipated.

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9:03 PM

Thursday, November 06, 2008

no more graded math assignment to rush.(for now) yay! but there's one last graded assignment to rush for this sem. computing! argh. jyjy. mux believe tt it can be done. =)

shared a lil of uni stuff wif my j1 de tuition kid jux now. eased the atmosphere a lil. and life's definitely been very different. but i believe there's a reason for everything tt occured...

why did i ended up in sci fac when it was nv in my consideration for courses.(i jux randomly dumped it as one of my choice, thinking tt i most prob wun end up here... lol.)...
why did i accidentlyend up joining math soc...
why did i joined SOW committee...

managed to give myself pretty gd reasonings for the first two qns. but the last ma.... it takes time to find out. afterall there's still a long way to go... x)

on a random note, i'm falling in love wif economics! everything jux makes sense to me.... haha. jux hope it's not another disappointment. my A lvl econs was below my expectation. T.T if possible i wanna take lvl 2000 or even lvl 3000 de econs! Xp

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11:35 PM

Monday, November 03, 2008

yay! jux finished setting up my wireless for my house. the modem arrived today! and now i can use my laopo lappy at home! ^^ my laopo lappy is purely for sch work de.(though last time got play audi a bit when i bring to sch. haha. but now i nv patch liao hor. so it's un-playable now lor. x) ) at least if i'm gg to study wif my this lappy i'll be less distracted! cox er. i cant find minesweeper inside la! haha. recently been trying to revise my bio. but then too dry le! and bio has nv been my cup of tea. so every now and then i would jux click on minesweeper and play! oops. haven been able to focus ey. =x i did try. but some how jux cant get things nicely into my head. and recently quite restless. always feel like slping early. and i think i noe y. cox i haven been eating rite! and yet again. i din eat rice for two days! zzz. i ate things like old chang kee for lunch. pizza for lunch. and skipped dinner for two days. unintentionally though. normal days also eat a lot of junk. mux start get condition myself for the war ahead le. 3 more weeks... ah!!!!

and yes ppl. my laopo lappy supports file sharing! waha. if got things to share wif me i'll jux switch to my laopo lappy to retrieve it. wee~! ^^

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9:44 PM

Sunday, November 02, 2008

15 mins more and i'm gg to sneak into my bro's room and place his present under his pillow. ey. probably not. since i'll most prob wake him up. hm. by his bed shd be fine. =)

was so busy tt i only managed to find time to hunt for his present today. tt's like SO last min la. =x and was totally lost bout wat to buy for him. combed lot one once and din noe wat to get. lucky uncle was feeling bored at home and decided to join me in my bro's-present-hunting. haha. if not i'll probably end up spending the whole evening there not knowing wat to buy. =x

oops. make it sound like i'm a bad sister not knowing my bro well enuff to know wat to get for him. but well. i do admit i have lesser contact time wif him since sch started. life has been SO VERY busy. T.T but then again. u cant deny(or at least tt's wat i think) tt it's quite hard to buy gifts for guys lil boy(my bro is only 8 btw)

buy for lil girl. anything cute can liao. and worse come to worst jux whack any soft toy lor.(rite wr? =p) but boy mux consider tt the thing mux not be too girlish la. not childish la. mux be play-able la(i believe girls noe how to appreciate non-play-able things like photoframe or figurines better than guys as long as it's C.U.T.E/ P.R.E.T.T.Y x) )

alot of other things to take into consideration also. but finally managed to settle wif billabong wallet. not girlish.nt childish.(since no cartoon character on top) and not too mature since it's not the leather type. jux hope he'll prefer it over his current wallet which-i-forgot-is-which-one. lol. he kps changing wallet de lor. got more than me la! sadded. (reminds me tt i've yet to change mine. zzz. i wanna go shopping!!! rah.)

and while i was waiting for uncle to come, i randomly popped into popular bookstore and happen to browse thru a series of pretty notebooks(i did mention girls are easily fascinated by pretty stuff ey. lol.) then i saw this phrase which i find it quite meaningful.

"To love is nt to look at each other, but to look in the same direstion"

dont u agree it's true, take for example. one shuai ge and one chio bu look at each other. they may be attracted to look at each other cox of the looks. but does tt mean their character is gg to compliment each other? but two individuals wif the same dream in mind, i'm sure they'll be able to go along wif each other better than those who paints different future in their mind rite? haha. jux some random tots.

ok. time to go back to study lo.

and the cycle repeats. it'll soon be friday again...

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11:45 PM

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