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Friday, February 29, 2008

ok. i hav like 26 more mins b4 the end of feb 29. the day tt only comes once in every four yrs.

so happie leap yr ppl! hehe.

actually i nv tot of wishing ppl this. it's cox jux now i saw cheryl.sijie.sihui. or rather they saw me first cox i was buying food. the three of them said happy leap year. i tot the three of them's v sweet. =) it's so heartwarming to see them so close tgt. and cheryl, dun feel bad bout nt making it to the dinner on tue. will hav other chance de. mux come orh. =)

and on a "special" day like this.... it's none other than another working day for me. lol. but work's ok for me la. and today i finally got to talk to the lady working at samsonite.(the shop nxt door) she's really friendly u noe. i feel guilty for nt taking the initiative to greet her last time when i see her in the toilet or something. and she's pregnant for FIVE mths le! tt means even b4 i started work she oready pregnant. but then only recently me and my colleague realise she got tummy lei. lol. she's really v nice la. =)

i'll cherish my off days even more now. soon u'll noe y...

and tml's my off day! hehe. shall catch up wif more slp provided tt the mosquito or mosquitoeS dun come disturb me. ytd the mosquito bite my nose lor. and arm or leg i cant rmb. ytd nite quite cold so i tot i'll skip the fan. (fyi. my hse can be VERY cold even w/o fan or aircon can. cox my window faces "buildings" tt are MUCH shorter than my flat so technically my flat's NOT blocked by ANYTHING. wind can blow in as hard as they wan) anyway back to the fan thing. so was awaken by the itchy-ness all over me. tried to hide inside the blanket. but after tt i had this tot. "maybe i shd on the fan. the mosquito so light the wind will blow it away from me." lol. how true is tt i duno la. but i still did hide under my blanket la. and it lasted me till morn.

but maybe cox i din slp well, when my alarm went off at 8.30, and my mummy woke me up at 9, i felt tt half an hr din existed. i mean like i tot my mummy change to wake me up at 8.30. i din hav tt feeling like i usually would when i lai4 chuang, tt i'm staying half awake for the half an hr.

ok. maybe some ppl wun get wat i say. nah. it's ok. nt impt. jux some triviality of my life-less life. X)

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11:34 PM

Thursday, February 28, 2008

ok. if u're bored reading bout my daily rants of my work. how bout this?

when honesty goes wrong.

ok. i admit i'm nt good at coming up wif titles. afterall it's been ages since i had to come up wif one. gp essay oso dun need title de ma. only narrative needs title.

anyway. enuff of the titles and watever.

so. it all started wif me having to wear stockings to work.

and within four days i tore two stockings oready. tt's really serious u noe. cox if i kp having to buy new ones. it's really gg to make me broke like siao.

and since tml i got to work wif the in charge i knew i had better buy new ones today after work.

so off i went to guardian hoping to buy some real cheap stockings which din last me for long. but since it's cheap so sui bian lor.

saw two kind: 1 is 3 dollars plus for 3 pairs. (which was the one i had. i tore two and threw one tt i wore to work on the first day thinking i wun need it in the future.) the other one is 6 dollars plus for 2.

was hoping to find one guardian staff to ask how come the price so much diff. though it's obviously cox the more ex one is suppose to be more lasting, less prone to tearing. but i jux wanted to make sure u see. u nv know wat other reasons there may be. lol. (wrote suppose cox i dun really noe if it's really gg to last me cox my fingernails are long. tend to hook onto the stockings and tear it. but i dun intend to cut my nails for some stupid stockings u see. haha. and i'm planning to paint my nails too. X) )

anyway so came this staff who explained to me tt the material is diff and shd be less prone to tearing. oh well. no harm trying. if tear again i go back to the other cheap cheap one. and now buy 2 pack get 1 pack free. which is like 9 pairs of stockings for the price of 6. come to think of it. even if it tears, still quite worth it. lol. but they din hav black anyway so it's ok.

walked ard some more before gg to cashier. the cashier was a trainee. cox she was assisted by the staff who attended to me, to settle the payment for a lady in front of me. then the staff who attended to me went off to do other things. ok. since i din hav enuff cash wif me i paid by nets. and the trainee actually charge me for the stockings ONLY. i bought another thing too. realise it after i was checking the nets receipt. so i went back to tell her tt she forgot to charge me for the other item. she say she asked me to hold on and she went off to check wif the staff who attended to me wat to do. then the staff came back quite irritated and "chased" the trainee out of cashering to do other things. before i left i saw the trainee arranging some stock. i seriously felt guilty. she sort of got scolded becox of me. in a way or another, like if i had enuff cash maybe she wun hav made tt mistake. even if i were to go off nt admitting i wasnt charged for the item i'm sure they'll be able to trace tt mistake when they do settlement at nite.

everybody makes mistake. i'm sure she'll be more careful after this. =) lucky tt time she missed out was only $4 plus. haha. if for me arh. i charge wrongly i die. cox my shop de things quite ex =/ i'm too poor to top up any discrepancy of money collected. but then again. this is unlikely to happen la. so no worries. =) nt trying to say i'm fantastic at cashiering, but for one. there's lil customers here. two. most of them pay by card and b4 we swipe the card we'll enter another page on the system which shows the total amt only. so u cant really get it wrong.

finally it's down to fri. one more day and i'll hav my off day. for a day only though. =/ but better than nth. today i totally din feel like gg to work. since ytd i was doubting if i could work today. cox i suffered from swollen gums.(at the place where we hav our wisdon teeth) so bad tt i couldnt bite well. and i couldnt slp well either. i'll wake up once in a while to "check" if the swell was getting better. tt's y this morn wake up. v tired. *yawns* and i tot i was having slight fever. a little swollen still(my gums), so i bought herbal tea to work. haha. been drinking lots of herbal tea these past few weeks. all buy from yew tee de medical hall. brewed wif diamond water. haha. u noe the one they say the water molecule is v small and thus more easier for absorption by our body. well. duno it's true anot. but i really like their herbal tea. not bitter de. and they put in fridge so it's cold... hehe. and they got ALOT of variety. to suits diff needs i guess. but so far i only tried two. one the the luo han guo which i duno eng is wat and the winter melon de which is super yum! hehe. but when i drink the herbal tea in public ppl tend to stare at me lei. wat's wrong wif drinking herbal tea though i noe the bottle they use is nt nice. ? weird weird de.

oh well. at least my gums' getting better. but b4 it fully recovers i'm back to my junks again. =x and i bought food from the pasar malam after work. sinful neh. oops. hehe.

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11:16 PM

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

too much enjoyment makes me feel like NOT gg to work.

ytd's dinner after work.

today's movie b4 work.

during work: no energy to do anything. dun even feel like talking to my colleagues. paiseh. but i got better ltr tt evening. and i finally ate the ice-cream @ raffles creamery. yup. another first time i noe. but at least this one i bet many ppl din try b4 either. hehe. and it's VERY ex lor their ice-cream. it's more ex than andersons or ben&jerry's can.

ok. so i caught JUNO this morn. nt v nice. =/ at least it wasnt wat i had expected. oh well.

somehow i'm feeling VERY tired. and can u believe it? it's such a once in a lifetime thing for me now. i'm gg to bed! and it's NOT even 1130 can. O.o

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10:58 PM

pastamania for lunch. nyny for dinner. how cool is tt. =) and kuku like always. this is the FIRST time i stepped into nyny. haha. but i can say the food's nt bad. and like everyone know they give free candy floss. i'm nt a big fan of candy floss but the fact tt it's purple today did look more appealing. X) but i seriously aint gd at eating it. cox i ate it REAL ssllooww. haha. was last to finish the candy floss in the grp. even when all our food come le i still half like half on the stick. lol. thus a second serving after the meal was a no-no for me. haha. if u're expecting pic. sry. there isnt any. i only rmb helping bw take a lot of pic on her cam but no grp pic or anything. haha. it was jux a short and sweet dinner wif them(biwei.yinling.yongqi.). *loves*

and ytd ts ask asking me if i knew who was this particular blogger to blogged bout seeing him hop ard his hse during the period he hurt his legs. then i was like saying i hav no idea. after much investigation..... it turned out to be none other than ME! LOL. cox when ts attempted to search his name on google. they gave him this para tt i wrote wif his name on it but the url was infinityfragments. having ZERO impression tt i once change my url to tt of course i din realise at the once instance when he told me wat the blogger wrote. lol. watever it is. tt's jux to explain y the change of my msn nick. lol. like after another duno how many mths i finally change my nick. =/

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12:26 AM

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i think i'm growing fatter and fatter now. i kp eating and eating can. these past few days i eat a lot la. ok. i noe wif the new in charge ard i cannot snack but tt din stop me from eat AFTER work. and since today i din work wif her... yup. i ate ALOT during work. and hello? last time i DUN eat after work de la. but now everyday(except ytd since i off) after work i confirm will buy something to eat de lor. so not healthy. and the things i eat during break AT work is so VERY NOT healthy. T.T (and so ex can. i spend ave $10 per meal and it's nt even something fantastic. it's jux junks,junks and more junks.)

ok. shall stop complaining bout my junkie meals. few lines enuff le. enuff to remind me tt i've NOT eaten ANY fruits for MONTHS! yup mths. i DON'T eat mandrine orange(or watever the spelling is) during cny. so yup. mths w/o fruits. plus all the junks i eat @ work. one day i'm gg to regret. my healths gg to suffer. oh-oh. =(

on a lighter note. i found a new savings plan. =) like the saying goes. action speaks louder than words. so i shall start saving for my braces NOW.(and stop ranting tt i wan braces BADLY!) (ok. i noe it's VERY late to start now and i'm nt gg to make it in time to put on braces b4 uni starts. =/) it's better late then nv ma rite? hehe. shall visit the bank asap. =)

tml will get to meet my sec frenz for dinner! weet! =)

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12:07 AM

Monday, February 25, 2008

it's really VERY rare to see me stay in my hse the whole day since few weeks back. yup. i din step out of my hse AT ALL today! so proud of myself can. nv go out means i dun need spend money on transport+food+shopping. nv go out means i get to play monopoly wif my siblings! omg. tt's like SO long since we last played tgt la. *grins* played two rounds. one in the early afternoon and the game was cut short cox i was complaining i v tired, i wanna nap. =x then once at nite which ended cox my didi got to go slp le. evening my meimei went out watch "L changes the world" or "L" for short. ah.... i oso want watch leh! she faster than me. boo-hoo. any kind soul wan jio me watch? though i only free on sat. =/ got to work mon to fri this week. (wed half day) then sat then jiu sun got to work again. lol. ok la. actually sat oready got plan to go out le. (again i noe. haha.) i think my bro's gg to miss me a lot. haha. i like so lil chance to talk to him for the past weeks. tt's y today he got SO MANY things to tell me. hehe.

back to work tml. one day is jux NOT enuff. T.T

more cleaning tml? hope not. i'm not there to be a cleaner can. haha. i think tt's y sat i so tired. did ALOT of cleaning can. cox was working wif the new in charge ma. dun wan ltr give her the impression i v slack.X) and cox she got her own paperwork to do. nan dao she do work then i jux stand ard and stone meh. lol. ok la. say until like i v act like tt. but usually i oso got do cleaning de ok. cox got ppl complain(not customer though) tt the shop quite dusty. tt's y now mux do more cleaning than last time le.=/ until everyday my hands smell of the soap tt the shop use. and initially was thinking of painting my nails de. but think again.... everyday need soak my hands inside tt pail of soap water. ltr my nail polish oso bye-bye. so forget it lor. my nail polish leave there to rot. waste my money. =(

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12:18 AM

Saturday, February 23, 2008

i'm so tired can. i jux wanna fall flat now.... =/

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11:10 PM

Friday, February 22, 2008

ok. so today the new in charge came. no. she's nt a manager. she's a retail executive(RE). somewat higher in authority than retail assistant(those norm full timers) and of course part-timers like me have zero authority this one dun need say de ma. but she dun report to any manager like she would previously in her outlet. she reports to the OM directly. yup. the one wif ALOT of authority IN the COMPANY. now really got to watch my EVERY action and the words i speak in the shop le. =/ looks like tough life for me. and for one thing. i cannot use phone like i used to when i'm bored( so now i'm even MORE bored. can die. T.T) and cannot snack as and when i'm hungry. and jux today my stomach grumbled like nobody's business can. somemore they put my break until 3 plus la. so late lor. i did say my lunch time is flexible de. but today got three ppl ma. and since the RE so strict dun let us snack so everybody fight to go for break la. of course. me being the one wif ZERO authority din get to choose my break time and so earliest me can only go at 3. last time the guy wun go for break so i can go anytime and the girl would usually ask me da bao so i'm still free to go anytime. now... i got to learn to eat out alone( which i HATE!!!) and i can only step out of the shop strictly once even if anytime my stomach goes grumbling.

now it's not only bout the lunch time arh. i dun even has my right to choose the date i wan off can. the RE plan WITHOUT asking when we wan request for off. part timers have this right de lor. how can like tt de! and she din even notice one of the week she plan me EIGHT days STRAIGHT. HOW CAN LIKE TT! totally gimme ZERO respect. i noe i dun hav to authority to quarrel wif her but how can she like tt. when i talk to her bout this THEN she realise her mistake can. BUT she still din gimme off la. at most gimme one half day and cut down by one day. tt means i still got to work SEVEN days straight. (and the cut down of one day is i suggest a swop de lor. if nt she din wan to change and was hoping i'll be fine wif it. u pay me 7 per hour i work 8 days straight for u la. argh. ) though it's ur first time planning of roster oso cannot like tt de ma. (cox say le ma. last time she work under a manager. roster planning is manager do de.)

today i made some plans. duno she'll allow me to take off on those days ma. but i doubt so la. =x jux hope my off day and my plan tallies. pls....

and now i oso got to wear stockings liao. =(

Painting a PRETTY mess.
11:30 PM

Thursday, February 21, 2008

wat's the best way to grow fat?

curry puff+sardine wrapped in bread+crab nugget+mash potato w cheese sausage from chippy+mushroom soup+crunch ice-cream?

to me tt's quite a lot. i guess it's double wat i eat for norm working days. haha. tt explains my current weight now. definitely WAY BELOW 50. nah. not 48 either much lesser. yup. I LOSS WEIGHT!

and i noe i'm not eating right either. all i ate are junk food. lol.

and i shdnt be eating crab nuggets either. i'm allergic to certain seafood like prawn and crab. though i do once in a while break the "rules" =p and now i'm scratching my rash le. serve me right. boo. i noe it may nt contain the whole crab or watever la. but i think got some elements of crab meat inside somewhere ba. i can even eat crabsticks la. =/ though i know tt one is VERY fake de crab. but jiu. duno lei. weird. but like i say. sometimes i stick mouth itchy go eat de. so if possible, persuade me outta it. lol. me got lil discipline. i CANNOT resist temptation de. X)

work's tiring today. i so feel like falling flat right now. cox tml got stock count. sure tired. and sat i still got to work. ow. tml the "new" ppl coming. "new" cox she's jux new to RH outlet. she's been wif swarovski for MANY yrs le. and she's one wif authority can. cox she taking over RH outlet. heard she quite fierce. or at least she was told to be fierce to us cox WE cause too much trouble althougher. lol. but me not so bad le. only last time noob noob always get into trouble now nv le. =)

tml's like a new beginning for me and my female colleague. hope things get better. but if possible, i still wan a change of environment. =x and u noe wat? i jux applied for relief teaching! lol. duno they'll wan me anot. but i can imagine the students laughing at my teeth oready. =(

but still. the pay is attractive. and i miss gg to sch.( even if it means i hav to teach at a "foreign" sch) and i wan to try teaching! though i'm VERY afraid if i'll be stumped by bright students' questions.

but still. i duno if i made the right choice. lol. in the first place i dun even noe if they'll wan me. kuakua.

and today got another visit from yl!!! =) really made my day. cox today isnt a v good day. busy wif cleaning la. packing la. tired can. and the short chat wif u really made me feel SO MUCH better and happier. =) tks again. *huggx* hehe.

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11:28 PM

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

i'm back from another round of shopping! *grins* did i tell u i've been gg out on my EVERY off day?(since the start of this mth) i'm so "proud" of it can. haha. it's no gd la. like tt means whether or nt i'm working my physical body is nt at home. which is kind of sad cox i miss talking to my lil bro. cox i wake up he in sch le. at nite when i come home he slp le. =(

tt's y all the more i shdnt make my trip fruitless. and i bought a new bag today! waha. dun really sound like a big deal but then it means i can totally get rid of my kuku "_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _" bag. haha. did receive a bag for bdae gift but tt one is white. dun wan use everyday ltr dirty heart pain arh. ya. i admit i dun hav many bags at home tt's y u always see me carrying the same bag. i'm trying to change tt fact can. will buy more if i hav the chance, plus most imptly, i mux hav the ability too la. haha. $.$

and despite the fact tt my nails aint strong(as in gets chipped easily), i still bought a few bottles of nail enamel- base coat. top coat. PURPLE nail polish! X) waha. i'm getting more and more vain. which is inversely proportional to the $ in my bank. T.T

actually today went out wif the intention to go for interview wif hh de. but end up spending ANOTHER 2 hrs queuing @ robinsons jux to sit there for 2 mins for the interview. -.-" yup. when i say another, it means we did it once le. but tt time none of us. qw.hh.wj.me. got selected. but this time we tot got more working experience le maybe got higher chance. haha. jux try lor. and we din make it in time for another interview @ vivo. =/ tt's y end up shopping. X)

and yup. i really got to mention this. ytd yl dropped me a visit after work!!! so surprise can! but tt's so nice of u la. happy me. =) and we ate waffle @ er. i forgot the cafe name. where they every tue waffle half price de. but of course. only waffle half price. ice-cream is still orignial price hor. but i think i maybe few yrs nv eat there le? haha. and waited for yl's fren. then walk walk ard. great time spent. tks girl. =) hope to c u nxt week. hehe.

Painting a PRETTY mess.
10:54 PM

waha. i'm getting more and more lazy to use com. which i suppose is a gd thing? cox it means tt i will slp earlier and tire my eyes less. lol. actually i hav so many things i wanna tell i noe i'm nt gg to hav enuff time. i wanna slp! haha. sry i aint a pig can. i slp an ave of 7hrs per day. if u say u slp lesser than me, well 7hr per day isnt a lot either ma. we shd be slping 8hrs per day ma hor yq? haha. ok. i think u'll be shocked to see ur name here but it's totally random. the tot of slping VERY lil ur name jux popped up. hehe. slp more play less hor. =) and c u nxt week. hehe.

Painting a PRETTY mess.
12:10 AM

Sunday, February 17, 2008

ok. i'll kp this short. cox i've been having fun and enjoying myself i dun really hav much energy to blog now. if i can i'll blog EVERYTHING out. cox i really appreciate wat my frenz did for me. =) but tml got to go back to that place. T.T u shd noe wat i mean. haix. if u rmb i mentioned they're having a "showdown" today. yup. nth gd came out of it. i'm so gonna get drown-ed by all these issues. argh. shall nt let it spoil my beautiful weekend....

saturday.16th feb.
meet up wif my girls. (missing wj)

dinner at hongkong cafe/restaurant @ cine. my first time there la. me so kuku as usual. =x and they bought me this SUPER YUMMY cake. =)

and i stunt-ed. ate cake using chopsticks. X)

they oso got me this v chio balloon. still flying in my room. the sales person din pump the air v well so the balloon din fly v well. so when i hold it it kps hitting ppl on the street. oopx. paiseh. =/

they got me other things too. took photo wanted post de. but like i say. i trying to cut down time. but i really LOVE them LOTS. *grins* tks girls.

we took neos too. but paiseh. quality nt so gd in my phone. cox of reflection and stuff. (our neos got glitter de k? so pretty la. =) ) so no neos to show.

but we also left our footprints there at the neo print shop. hehe.

after dinner and neo we went to find jh cox jux so happen he end work. tt day is also his last day at ralph lauren. and we all chilled at starbucks.

when we parted. i met up wif another fren. and i ate cake again.

he said he couldnt find a slice of cake. (cox i did say i v full le.)

of course i only ate a slice of it. haha.

sunday. 17th feb.

met up wif dearest yq+yl. last min changes to the plan cox another girl couldnt make it.

we ate at swensens.

and chilled at starbucks(too). great chat wif the girls. more meet-ups pls. hehe.

i may nt hav flowers on v. day. but flowers from my dearestS is still as sweet. =)

they oso gave me somthing else and a card. tks. a lot for the great day. =)

there's a million thanks a wanna say to show how much i appreciate all that my frenz hav done for me. i'm really touched and happy. i'm blessed. hehe.

and oso wanna thank those who wished me happie bdae. the list is long. so i'll cut it short and thank all at one go. THANK YOU!

oh my. 19 oready. like yq say. one more yr to 2x. like so old like tt. ow. time to find a bf. haha. kidding. i'm jux as blissful now. cox i noe my frenz are here wif me. contented. my only sadness now: got to go back to that place in 10.5hr's time.

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10:24 PM

Saturday, February 16, 2008

ow. my half day became full ytd cox the person who's suppose to work the other half day took urgent leave. then the colleague working full nt feeling well took half day mc. =( so manager got a colleague from sunte over but she say she cant be left alone so i din manage to go home earlier. ow. was so excited bout gg home early ytd cox my mummy agreed to cook for me leh. think she few days nv cook le. then i ask her was cook anot then she was like saying "u come back eat i cook lor" so happie can! but turn out hav to work full. i called home then she say she dun wan cook liao. =( i tell her i many days nv eat the food tt she cook( i admit her cooking is nt fantastic. but nth beats home-cook food:made wif love. tsktsk.) cox even off days i've been gg out quite a lot so no chance eat dinner @ home ma. was asking her to cook then i eat for supper or something she say dun wan. and ytd the shop was v quiet lor. haix.

and the nv-ending work prob is back again. i work up this morn to see many miss call from the shop. called back and yup. u cant be expecting something gd. boo.

Painting a PRETTY mess.
2:56 PM

Friday, February 15, 2008

this yr valentine's day is jux plain work. and can see many ppl quite last min arh. haha. today i wrapped presents like it was christmas. hohoho. i think other outlets many times worse arh. comparing the sales figure. haha. maybe they'll station one person to become the "wrapper" lol. ytd went taka the department store got provide free wrapping. they stationed two ppl there. wa. i see the girl wrap like so fast like tt. she mux hav gone through a thousand wrapping. pro. and her wrapping is nt those norm kind. hers is like flip here flip there then fold here fold there tape here tape there.aiya. v hard to describe jiu v diff from wat we norm will do de lor. haha.

it's gd to be busy. time flies. but after today like no occasion for ppl to buy present le. =/ it's back to boredom again. haix. and i heard sun there's gg to be a "showdown" between my two colleagues and the manager. omg. duno wat will happen. lucky i nt involved. i'll be elsewhere enjoying myself. X)

and my colleague treated me to mac today! waha. i'm easily contented can. tks! =)

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12:29 AM

Thursday, February 14, 2008

i love off days! X) ok. actually i think 90% of the ppl love off days. 10% are workaholics(watever the spelling is). and off days is best spent shopping! waha. actually i din shop. i see see nia. see cannot touch cox no $$$ T.T fetched my bro b4 i went out. =)

happie: great company(hh). plus i saw melody sweetie!!! omg. i'm nt seen her for like 8-9 mths le! really miss this girl lots. =) all the best for ur exam ya. meet up after ur exam. *grins* and i also saw my suntec colleague. she went shopping too! popped by to say hi to qw too. another girl which is missed. aiya. always din make it to outing. this time rd mux come hor. hehe. and the best way to end a day is none other than a great chat wif dearest yongqi! hehe. yup. am looking forward to seeing u soon!

sad:cox i got no valentine for v.day. haha. nah. still ok la. hm. attempt to find new job-FAILED terribly. first we went to great world city for an interview we saw on newspaper. then we realise the company sells books de. -.-" they nv write on the newspaper ma. it din came across our mind when we look at the company name. only when we reach there then see the logo then we noe. er. actually is hh realise. i too kuku liao so i din recognise. lol. then off we cabbed to bugis. went to interview for OG. the newspaper write 5 or 6 days work week. tot can choose. turn out is 6 days work week plus it's only $5 per hr. -.-" not so attractive huh. so mission failed. and i'm back to swarovski tml. ok la. actually i din plan to start immediately. if possible try to work until end of this mth.

yup. got to work today. (14th feb) ow. one day off is jux nt enuff. boo-hoo.

so it's happie valentine's day to all. (+happie bdae to zjh and david wong) may all those attached stay blissful and singles find their valentine soon. =)

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

leave work aside. i tot things were getting better but nah. fat hope. leave i will. soon.

today woke up wif fever. and i had no voice to call out to nobody. (cox nobody at home ma. lol.) ytd nite was freezing to death. was it cox i'm sick or was it really tt cold i duno.but i knew i hid myself under my blanket from head to toe. and at one pt of time. my mind woke up like it has been slping for a v long time. aiya. jiu weird feeling. cannot really describe.

i can blame no one but myself for falling sick. cox i nv take care of myself. ytd got lil sore throat le i still went ahead wif long john. LOL. but herbal tea tt sooths the throat did the trick. now i'm getting my voice back oready. =D and i couldnt resist the temptation and bought chocolate waffle on my way back. waha. if tml i no voice again i'll noe y. X)

ytd's weird. hope tonite it'll be better.

i can hear the wind blowing through my windows....

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

today ma. lil customer as usual. but wat's diff from norm is today they got this "amazing race" for the (supposedly) newly employed office ppl. lol. y i put supposedly cox the grp tt came to my shop. one is the girl who interviewed me. which is like in nov la. now feb le still considered newly employed? and one is intern. will only be there for 3 mths and one first day at work(ok. this IS newly employed). but their stay was short. but at least had some fun. haha. office ppl jiu shi office ppl. they do paper work de. seldom come in contact wif the product. u'll hear comments like. "wa. this ___ need $700?!?" and "arh? they only got ONE type of cufflinks(for men)?!? so pathetic!" lol. indeed. men's accessories the boutique only got one kind of cufflinks. other than tt. "watch for u sir?" though i dun say tt la. -.-" seldom got ppl ask for guy's accessories. and u dun see guys gg into such shop(alone) often either.

kp things short. i lazy to blog. lol. one more day of work then i off one day. then work one full, one half, off THREE days(*cheers*) then half days again. wee~! slack schedule. gimme my pay and i'll go enjoy myself. X) angpao money? 80% went to my bill liao. T.T (1. my bill is ex. but this mth i cut down ALOT le k- cox nobody wan msg me! *cries* can bore me to death when i'm at work. yes ppl. i CAN use hp at work cox lil customer ma. X) ) 2. my angpao $ v lil nia. lol.)

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Sunday, February 10, 2008


back from work! *yawns* one whole week break from work really makes me feel like NOT gg back to work. today work is so VERY SIAN can. boo-ness. nt only i sian hor. the other colleague oso complain v sian. =/ and grats to the male colleague. i was told he's offically a confirmed staff. oh well. dun think he'll be reading my blog. and i shd sms him instead. but i a bit lazy. =/ tml will see him tml then congratulate him again ba. lol.

shall nt talk bout work. so. back to ytd. great day at mr lim's hse. =)

we had steamboat for dinner. haha. tt time no chance to eat. now finally can eat. tsk.

look at the spread...

and they bought this super cute star shape de i-duno-wat. fishcake?

some ate v lil. some ate alot. eg them... lol. i think they sat at the table for the longest period of time.

after food we hang ard the living rm... to play cards...

and mahjong. in fact there were two tables of mahjong. one wif the normal tiles....

and another wif the mini tiles....
see how small the table is... look at the tiles...

if it looks normal to u. look again...

it's jux slightly bigger than a dice! cute neh.

mr lim oso gave wj, me and hh these... he bought them in korea.. tks mr lim. =)


he say i look like ghost in this pic. -.-" i think he dun look any better. =p (i noe u wun kill me de rite? X) )

grp photos wif the girls. (missing:xy and mich. they left)

and for the guys... it's the army guys....

against the not-yet-in-army guys.

pikachu wants to take photo too. tsk.


got the class photo from mr lim. and we all got red eye.(except leo cox his eyes were closed. lol.) it's nt v obvious here though. (most obvious is alwyn's eyes.)

and since i say i'll learn to photoshop, lesson one. reducing red eye...

and now it's like this. nt much diff but if u get the photo u can really see the diff. nt perfect la i noe. will try harder. but the tutorial for photoshop is VERY wordy. T.T (think it'll take me mths or yrs to master. more trail and error for me...)

the nxt time the class meet i guess it'll be the collection of a lvl results ba. all the best peeps. c u all soon. =)

let's hope tt in the future we'll still hav the chance to meet up in such a big grp again....

and congratulate me for advertising for nike. X)

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Friday, February 08, 2008

every yr i'll prepare at least 2 sets of new clothes cox usually both the first day and second day of new yr we'll be gg hse visiting. but this yr diff lei. i stayed at home on the second day of new yr. =/ wif my whole family of course. though there's the weekend to so call lengthen the holiday but then ppl like still nt free lei. cny is so much diff from any past yrs. nt jux within my family. it oso extends to my other relatives too. wonder wat new yr would be like in the future....

when i was young.... i ate reunion dinner wif all my father side de relative.
now... i eat wif my family only.

when i was young... we used to wake up at 6 in the morn for hse visiting.
now... we leave hse at 12 we're still the first to reach. -.-"
fyi: for my family, the father side relatives will gather at one hse and mother side family gather at one hse. so when i say first to reach, we're really the first out of many families. so u see how big is the change?

when i was young... cny eve is one of the few days i get to stay up till past 12. cox my family got bai4 shen2.
now... everyday i stay up past 12. lol.

wonder how the sentence would be like on 20 yr's time....

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

back from hse visiting. meeting my relatives is such a once a yr thing so nth much to mention. will be looking forward to sat. =)

and once again. happy chinese new yr to all. hehe.

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zwani.com myspace graphic comments
yes it's happie chinese new yr to all. =)
i spent the LAST FEW HOURS + FIRST FEW HOURS wif my com. no wonder i still aint getting the festive mood. lol.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

it's chinese new year eve! haha. and only on rare occasion like this would u see me blogging in the morn! oops. i mean noon. (past 12 le. =/ ) and speaking of chinese new year eve. the first thing or one of the things tt'll flash across ur mind would probably be reunion dinner ba. one of the few times tt the whole family would sit tgt and eat. but where's my family members? lol. the hse is empty except me can. lol. tt's y currently i dun hav to help out in anything and can sit in front of my com and blog. lol. sis still in sch. bro went shopping wif dad. mummy went ntuc to buy apples. this yr's reunion dinner is definitely gonna be VERY different from previous yrs. but i aint telling y. it's a sad story of mine. nope. nobody past away or anything and choy it's nt appropriate to talk bout such things at this time of the yr too. so ya. hope everyone enjoys ur reunion dinner tonight and hse visiting tml! =)

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

more shopping today! X) first it was city link.then marina square.then orchard. then bugis. sg sure looks small huh. it's forever the same few places tt u visit. oh well. but today's trip was better than ytd's. =) i brought home wif me a dress. a pair of boots. bangles. pouch(given buy hh. tks girl. =) ) and other misc stuff. it's been yrs since i last bought a dress. oh wait. my mummy reminded me tt i jux bought one for my prom. =/ i totally forgot bout it can. haha.but anyway the prom one i oso cant find many occasion to wear so yup. think tt one is waste money nia. lol. then the boots is quite unplan de. though i did say i wan a pair since i duno when. i'm quite very satisfied wif today's shopping. except for the fact tt i cant find my double eyelid sticker @ sasa. sold out again.2nd time le. T.T now i got to settle wif some kuku brand. which is v lan lor. =( got use b4 le tt's y i noe. nxt time when the stock come again i mux be kiasu a bit and stock a few packs at home. X)

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Monday, February 04, 2008

ok. i guess i'm the last to blog bout sat. paiseh. =/ okok. so it was wr's bdae.... met as marina wif the intention to go steamboat. but it was said tt the whole stretch of steamboat stall/shop close down to make way for IR. we wasnt sure if they've closed yet. but for one, unlike the usual where the mrt station would be crowded wif ppl giving out flyers for various steamboats, the mrt station was EMPTY! (except for us.) two, NOBODY boarded and neither was there ppl on board the bus 400, though there were other ppl at the busstop. (i did say the mrt station was empty but i din say the busstop was empty. XD )ok. so we ended up at marina south pier which i suppose none of us went b4.... nth much. so we ended up on this....

some riverboat. well u see. even the platform was shaky... ok la. i think part of the reason for the blur pic is also cox of my lan photography skill. was feeling giddy then ma. took this on our way out.

me and wr took this pic during our break from seasickness. haha. we came out of the boat halfway thru dinner. too giddy for us le.

this is wat i had. but no. i din manage to finish. aint feeling so well-seasickness. and maybe wat hh said was right. din choose the right food. this one. too much flour. flour makes u full. which makes u even more wan vomit. and see the 5 chicken pieces on my plate... i gave on to jh. oe to wr. one i din finish. =/ i gave the corn to wr too. and neither did i finish the fries. lol. so much for paying 20 bucks. T.T

i think wr's food looks better than mine. lol.

during me and wr's break-from-seasickness, we saw the security shouting at this group of ppl who jux came back from some party boat. (judging from the blasting of clubbing music and screaming of the ppl. think they too high le. ) so we knew we had to find a corner to do the bdae singing...

in the midst of preparation...

finally done. the person who sold the cake to jh forgot to give him more candle stand/holder. there were enuff candles but nt enuff stand/holder so we had to make do wif this...
bdae girl cutting her cake. =) did u realise she dressed differently from her norm? yup. pretty~!
attempts to take photo at the toilet. but it was too dark. =/ on flash cannot take reflection. will only come out the flash in the pic. lol.
and wat's an outing w/o group photo? first attempt. (slightly to the right)

second attempt. perfect. =)

great day we had. (minus the seasickness) looking forward to sat. =)
ok. so much for sat. now for some cuteness of my bro... X)
he took this pic by himself some days back. cute can. =)

then today i found this in his rm. i tot it was v cute of him to put a "hang" a calender in his room. when i was young i nv tot of a calendar of my own. if i wan to see the date i'll jux run to the kitchen to look at the big big one.

wat's cuter is tt he actually marked out my bdae!!!! ahh. so sweet of him. but i din managed to ask him where he got the "happy bdae" sticker from...

so sweet can. at least he got the right date. someone actually tot my bdae was 7th instead of 17th. lol. it's ok la. but uncle! how can u say my bdae is 15th instead of 17th! i kill u arh. rmb my cute present hor. and u shall be forgiven. X)

no. my bro's cuteness dun end here. so some days back my mum bought sea asparagus. when my bro saw it. and two packets of mac garlic chili. he pretended to hold the chili and say he'll pour the chili in and we're ready to eat the "fries". lol. he actually said sea asparagus as fries! but hey. obviously he's joking right? he's 8 la. nt 4. and from his tone and smile u are VERY sure he's jux kidding la. he's v cute can.

the so called "fries"...

and today i went to fetch him again! =) fetch him b4 i went to town. supposed to buy my new yr clothes. end up is my fren do all the shopping and i came home empty handed. T.T time is running out le.... ahhh....

but then again. it wasnt a total wasted trip. cox i caught sweeney todd!!!! *cheers* overall ma. quite ok la. 3.5 stars out of 5. would hav given 4 if the blood looked more realistic. lol. but half the time when they singing i hav to look at the subtitle to catch the meaning. =x yes ppl. it is a musical.

by the time we want to go home ard 10 plus le. initially had the intention to cab home. turn out nv. cox the queue was long. no AVAILABLE cab in sight. yes i say available cox 90% of the cab in sight was on call. so having previous experience i knew it can turn out to be a one hr aimless wait. so y wait if taking train is gg to bring u home faster. though there'll be no comfy seat. but considering the price and the time saved. it's worth it la. and yup ppl. cab is NOT everything ok. there was once i cabbed to raffles city cox i was running late. when i board the cab and told my uncle my destination, guess wat he told me...."how come dun wan take train? the time taken is the same" i hear liao i diao dao. i was thinking like "wat is this uncle talking about? i give u money to earn u dun wan? ask me take train? isnt travelling by cab suppose to be faster than travelling by train?" so i replied"cox i in a rush ma."(though he said the time taken would be the same) i chose nt to believe him but turn out he was right! T.T and i spent $19 instead of $1.60 if i had taken train. so now i think THRICE b4 i take cab. 1. cab is ex. 2. fare increase. 3. maybe i'll end up wasting time(i still rmb the day my leg swollen. waited for one hr plus but no available cab. if take train i would hav reached home earlier) or money. i've got so many BAD cab-ing experience until cab-ing is no longer a luxury to me. public transport seems better. lol.

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

i noe i'm suppose to blog bout ytd.(SAT) i'll blog tml.(MON) i promise. =)



stay pretty~~~! =)

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Friday, February 01, 2008

chinese new year is more than jux about the goodies-sweets and tarts etc. it's also more than the buying of new clothes. it's also about spring cleaning! lol. the not-so-gd part bout cny. cox u got to do all the chores which u hate. oh well. so i did a little cleaning packing today....

i cleared my cupboard cum shelf and my floor. =)

and i finally tossed this out...

ya. the phone was stolen like a yr ago. yup. ard feb near cny i rmb. cox i was doing my cny shopping when it got STOLEN. to think i kept the box for a yr. it's finally time to say goodbye.

and then it was more slacking at home. haha. looking forward to tml nite. =)

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