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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

now i change my mind. i dun think things are gg to be any much better. 3 papers down but i still got 3 more to go! sadded. though freedom is 6 days away. but the path ahead... cleared another stats paper today. 2 stats down. 2 more math coming. ah!!! this sem i got like FOUR helpsheets to write. a total of 6 pieces. cox two of the mod can bring 2. write until i tired. wan to try past year paper also mux wait till i write finish the helpsheet first. so tiring. last sem i only had one to write. lol. so big diff. jux like how terrible this sem is for me. last sem got computing but i think this sem also not much better. though no need stay in sch till VERY late but the time i spend in sch is equally as much. or maybe i shd say much more! since every sch day my timetable is so pack. T.T ahh. jiu ming arh~

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10:04 PM

Sunday, April 26, 2009

it almost din feel like exam period~ lol. but i DID study ok. even studies at mac today.for some reason of course. but i was alone la. i can smell freedom! one week one day more. =)

and i'm hoping to get a new chair for my study desk soon~ like NOW if possible. but i noe it's not possible. T.T my current chair is so uncomfortable. ow~

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8:43 PM

Saturday, April 25, 2009

oh yes! 2131 is over~ i din slp well last nite la. in fact i din slp well the day b4 also. b4 my first paper. but ytd de was worse! i dreamt of disgusting stuff like ants the size of a baby(!) and somemore duno who bring in front of me la! of course i screamed. i dun rmb wat else i dream about bout i rmb i kept screaming from time to time. =(

the paper ma. haix. dun really wish to comment. but i realise my helpsheet i din write sufficient examples to guide me~ instead i wrote too many proofs. oh well. we duno wat the teacher's standard also ma. nvm la. over le. but i cant believe that some ppl left ard half an hr after the paper! as in we can only leave earliest half an hr after the paper ma. then when half an hour le got like 4 ppl leave? omg! was it cox the paper was too easy for them or they gave up? or i see wrongly? but i noe got ppl leave la. was quite sure. ow. seriously hoping i can pass it. gimme more working marks~

and after all the bitterness and consistent ranting bout wat tough times i had trying to understand it during my revision period, mr boyfriend came to nus to fetch me! yay! tt's so sweet of u~ =) lunch-ed at jp and wow! i'm feeling more refreshed alr! now for more studying. at least i can now say i dun dread revision as much le. hehe. cox the rest are not as bad as 2131. still tough yes, but jux somehow dun feel as lost. or maybe cox 2131 de prof is also the worst among my mods. bleahs.

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7:38 PM

Friday, April 24, 2009

and the battle started this morning at 9am and the WORST mightmare is tml. and i really got no motivation to study for it. and i got real bored. and i decided to give myself a lil treat. and i took a random pic of the mini ones.

and after more chocolate(+blogging), it's time to go back to probability. =( tml faster over~

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4:17 PM

Thursday, April 23, 2009

and it's morning again~ my days are such a routine. morning wake up ard 9. eat breakfast fb a bit. study japanese. lunch. study math. evening go shower. slack. dinner. and more math. midnite. go slp. and the cycle repeats. T.T so no life can. there's so many things i wanna do! like go zoo(?) wif the girls.meeting up wif my sec sch and jc frenz.(gathering gathering!) shopping! (GSS! X) though still a distance away. but it's still during my hols anyway.) chill at starbucks wif my uni frenz(but tt's only one of the things we said we wanna do. lol.) go kbox wif the mathsoc girls+seniors.(and other places too!) be able to sit in my front of my com and fb the day away~ lol! and of course spend more time wif my mr boyfriend! haha. i realise we NEVER had a proper day out since sch started. so ke lian can! serious! cox my tuition always pops up at the wrong timing. =x sorry~! T.T tt's y i'm really really looking forward to gg out wif him. especially then i would not consistently be thinking bout sch work at the back of my head also. the feeling is jux SO horrible. zzz.

but fun aside. though 3 mths looks long. but not forgetting my 5 camps and 1 chalet all for sch events de. and mathsoc de stuff. it's gg to be such a fulfilling hols. =) at least for once my hols is not jux work work and more work. yay~!

back to reality. tml's my first paper. T.T

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10:28 AM

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ah~ cant believe that i'm taking my probability paper this coming sat~ which is like 3 days away?!? 2131 is killing me~ T.T i wonder how would i survive the paper. i dun dare to think bout the grade tt i might get. and if lvl 2000 mod alr like tt. wat bout lvl 3000 de?!? ow~ =(

life is so hard~

on a random note, lee soo teck is teaching LA2 nxt sem~ woot~ at least i noe i'll hav at least one nice prof nxt sem. =)

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12:28 PM

Sunday, April 19, 2009

when i was about to study for my probability, i realise i left my eraser at my tuition kid's house. oh great~ and i realise i ONLY got ONE eraser~ =\ so i got no backup and i'll have to borrow from my sis on my test dates till i get mine back.

and it's the time of the sem again~ where i'll be "locking" myself up in my room 80% of the time. hope this time round i wun fall sick like the other time cox i stay at home or rather in my room too long~

jux now someone said something so touching tt i teared! =x shall not name cox ltr he paiseh. but it's quite obvious hu though. =p

and few minutes ago i say this email for the alumni. past vs present day. got handball lei~ i miss playing handball la! s24 peeps anyone up for it? need 7 ppl~ max 4 guys....

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10:08 PM

Thursday, April 16, 2009

jux finished doing doing the online students feedback thing. where we would evalutate our lecturers and tutors and it took me like freaking 1.5 hrs to complete. zzz. why cant they put such stuff after the exams? =\ but if i dun do then i dun get 100 cors pts. which i can use for bidding modules. haha. i'm kiasu de lor. i wun let such opportunities go away. cox i wan take hot modules like econs and acc~ lol. at least for acc i wanna take the very fundamental de since i got poa background? haha. the other day my fren was reading his notes on acc which i forgot the code but i noe it's the most fundamental de. and i was able to ans his doubt~ so cool la. haha. i wanna take something tt i would hav chance to score~ though i noe it's not exactly the same tt i learnt but at least there's similarity?

tml's the last official sch day~ i've got lesson from 8-10 and 5-6! T.T wat a gd way to end my last day. i totally HATE my this sem's timetable. and today itself i was in sch for 9 to 10 ONLY! (ok. though i could hav chosen to stay back to study. but tt's another thing le)

oh yay~ he's back! =) and i'm back to more studying~ -.-"

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11:31 PM

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

met up wif some of my jap classmate (including my partner for my oral test) early in the morning. did some practise and tt somehow helped a lil. cox one of the dialogue which me and my partner went thru was one of the task given to us. haha. so we had no prob re-iterating tt. well. for jap oral u go in pairs. the sensei would ask u some qns individually first b4 giving some materials for us to perform dialogues. of course it's not exactly the ones we did in class. but somewhat similiar since they've got to us the stuff we learn b4 arh. tt marks the end of my jap lesson le~ the nxt time i see my classmates is probably during the final paper le. ow~ and i probably wun see everyone also. =\ seriously i like jap class. it's jux so fun~ and conversing wif the classmates wif are as ignorant as u, it jux gets v funny at times. gimme a gd grade pls~ so tt i'll be motivated to take jap 2~ woot~ now it's back to math math and more math. T.T

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9:53 PM

Monday, April 13, 2009

last week of sch alr~ technically all lectures shd hav ended and it's suppose to be a tut-only week. but cox of gd fri so the fri lectures din end and they cont this tue. (since tue and fri same lec. twice a week tt kind) so when ppl are having easier life wif their tut-only week, my tue is STILL from 8 to 6 wif only one hr break. *cries* i think this is gg to be my chui-est sem ever~ somemore this week still got eng de CA2. jap de kanji quiz+oral test and math de lab quiz. sadded to the max. and boyfriend's away from sg for 4 days too. ow~ wat a week! T.T

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10:07 PM

Saturday, April 11, 2009

i got myself a pink c905! x) and i got it for only $298! wat a steal. initially i tot it's gg to cost me $498. but turn out the price was $398. plus i had a $100 voucher. woot~!

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10:20 AM

Thursday, April 09, 2009

today is such an interesting day~! had to go sch earlier than i'm suppose to cox went to 2108 make up tut since i missed mine on tue. then went com lab to do a bit of math b4 joining xiaoyu and weihao for lunch. we lunch-ed at sun bistro! haha. my first time there. so kuku. =x but then again it's not somewhere many of us visit often since it IS a restaurant in at nus staff club and the meal cost us a total of ~$75 lol~ but it was a nice lunch wif nice ambience nice food and nice company. =) then short dinner wif bf after sch. but the best or maybe i SHD say the worst part was tt i realise i lost my wallet after quite a while after i reach home! panicked and called up my bf and he rushed to search for me at ljs where we had our dinner.(since he happen to reach interchange after sending me home) lucky it was at the counter. whoever found it really THANKS! cox got a lot of impt things inside and i've alr lost my ic once le. if i'm to remake it AGAIN i think it's gg to cost me $300?!? tt's wat i heard. well. the first time u remake can cost u up to $100 le so $300 sounds feasible. dashed out of hse. half run half walk to meet up wif him at yew tee mrt! ow~ i'm SO lucky to have u! thanks lots!!! and he walked me home AGAIN~ =)

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10:14 PM

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

it's wed alr~ so fast!!! and exam is inching even closer. ow~ i guess nobody looks forward to exam. but after exam is THREE mths hols! so fun~ cant wait can wait. hope for more meet ups! haha. miss everyone~ on mon FINALLY got to meet up wif the girls after mthS. =) pics are wif the others wif the cam. ah! i cant wait to get SE c905! 8mega pix. woot~ friday friday it shall be. =) nxt week i'll have my japanese oral exam! lol. oral exam. the last was probably 2 yrs back le? wow. pray hard tt the words my partner use i'll rmb wat it is. pray hard tt i dun stutter. pray hard tt my sentence structure is correct and of the correct form. がんばって !

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9:02 PM

Saturday, April 04, 2009

i JUX realise tt ALL my jc tuition kids are my juniors!!! ok. actually i only hav 3 la. taught one new one today. intro-ed by one of my tuition kid. she say is her secondary sch classmate. then today i saw the kid wear swiss cottage de pe shirt!!! ow~ i miss~ then i saw on the notes "while i live i learn" wow! same sec and jc as me de!!! haha. so cool~ but then nv really chat. sit down fast start teaching le. =\ if this kid is another's sec sch classmate, tt means tt girl also from scss! currently in sa. and my third jc kid which is also my FIRST tuition kid which i managed to hold on till now(and i'm proud of tt. hehe. well. it's not as if i nv get fired b4. T.T) is also pj de. which makes ALL jc kid my junior! wow~ how cool is tt. ^^

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12:19 AM

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