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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

slack day for me. nt in serious mood to work. somehow still bothered by ytd's stuff. =x but i still did some cleaning ok. and the best part of the day is when i met up if hh at bugis during my lunch break. =) tks girl. hehe. she lend me a makeup book tt she borrowed from the lib. like tt i can learn to become more vain. X) and guess wat. at nite i went to buy coloured lense! waha. daily disposable though. cox me nt allowed to wear during work. the sales girl say she'll call me once they get the stock. waha. wonder how i'll look like wif grey eyes. tsktsk.

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11:18 PM

Monday, April 28, 2008

i put a fullstop to it.

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11:24 PM

the day.

smu interview day.

met wif the snail bus driver again. how suay. this time. we were even overtook by ANOTHER 190. proves tt i'm NOT bias k.

so i cabbed at lucky plaza. lol.

lucky nv late for interview. =)

anyway the interview oso behind schedule.

they schdule one person per 15 mins interval and there was 2 interview rooms.

which means the ppl who came for interview mux hav said ALOT of things.

mine only lasted for 15mins. T.T

and the professors DONT look convinced at all. watever i say they rebutt. one even say i shd go ntu instead cox the environment there more chinese. more suitable for someone who-is-poor-in-eng like me. haix.

i really wan to go acct badly!

and from the start till end. we NEVER mention ANY thing about acct AT ALL! O.o wat is tt suppose to mean?

anyway. wat else but wait.

at least i got to lunch-ed wif yinling. =)
meet the candidates.... hehe.
she too got interview wif smu today. but hers is biz and at a ltr time.

and as wat she said, hope we'll get to become uni-mates. hehe. all the best to us. =)

then it was home sweet home. tot i wan to go town walk walk. but the weather is killing me! *screams* so i went back and slp instead. lol. tml's back to my sales job again. lol.

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9:27 PM

wish me luck for watever's gg to happen in 9.5hrs ltr. >.<

and tks for those who showed me concern bout my emo post. indeed am emo. but now am better le. we shd always look forward shdn't we?

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12:27 AM

Saturday, April 26, 2008

you dun hav to tell me how cruel reality is. i TOTALLY understand.
you dun hav to tell me how unfair life is. i TOTALLY understand.
you dun hav to tell me wat a failure i am. i TOTALLY understand.


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11:52 PM

Friday, April 25, 2008

outdated-by-one-day post. haha.

so on thu nite dearest qw and wr popped by. hanged ard my shop and waited for me to finish work. then we headed to bugis street for dinner @ this new hk cafe. (previously teenage cafe)

the food was nice. free drinks and free soup too. X)

nice food make ppl happy. =)

but they got too bloated cox they ate something on cox they too hungry while waiting for me. =/ paiseh.

after dinner we walked ard. kinda aimless cox many places where closing le. but still. great time spent. <33

this time, i rmbed to take pic wif wr....

but where's qw? =(

nvm. still got grp photo. hehe.

u dun hav to remind me of my dark circles. T.T

and ytd i tried the ZA dark circles mask le. like the same like tt. =/ but maybe it's only the first application. it takes one mth to show visible result.(u only use two a week anyway)

so yup. simple and sweet meeting. loves. hehe meet up real soon again! =) and bring the other two too! hehe.

a plan is brewing.... but how successful will it be? hmm...

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10:34 PM

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

wat can i say. pure suay-ness today.

it's not tt i dun wan to be early but sometimes lady luck jux turns her face away from me.

today i left my hse EARLIER than usual.

tot i'll get to reach early today.

but i was wrong.

tough today isnt weekend, but i hav zero idea y the train took so long to arrive @ yew tee AND @ jurong east. total delay was about 15 mins.

is actually a lot lor. cox for us we dun need report half an hr earlier ma. 10-15 mins b4 shop open can liao. tt's y 15 mins delay makes a big diff.

and i'm so suay la. T.T

i seriously hav problem making frens wif punctuality. =(

but at least now i nv late as much le. hee.

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11:11 PM

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

one thing gd bout working at raffles hotel is tt bugis is so near to me. haha. which means i can shop! X)

but shopping means burnt a hole in my pocket. i spent $60 within an hr. NOT inculsive of food.

din intend to buy so much de. only wanted go over get the ZA dark circles mask cox raffles city sold out le.

but then m.industries was doing their clearance sales. too cheap too resist the temptation.
below$42-now $9 nett
$42-$98-now$15 nett
$99-now $19 nett

so i bought 2 shirts and one skirt. X)

and when i got home, they stood wif my new-clothes collection corner.

it's really a collection....

i started buying so many clothes i kp getting broke. espirit.mango.zara.m.industries.outfitter.mexx.alano.

of course i bought them at discounted price. X) like espirit.mango.zara got them cheap cox my colleague got lobang. her fren bought at manequin sale. so it's as gd as new. tsk.

but i only noe how to buy. duno how to wash. haha. as in no time. so these are the only ones i've washed. haha.

pathetic 4 pieces. so the rest are still sitting at the new-clothes collection corner. lol.

and u still see me dressed like this so ever often.

except maybe wif diff accessories? haha. i really love tt butterfly necklace. oso my recent buy. simple is the best. =)

and i'm still as broke as ever. T.T

more income=more savingsshopping! haha. braces? it's a faraway dream. =x

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11:51 PM

and i finally got the call tt i've always wanted. smu sch of acct. *grins*

ntu i noe no chance le cox heard interview period over le. T.T jux hope i'll perform well during my smu acct interview nxt week. =)

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12:39 AM

Monday, April 21, 2008

argh. it's another 7 days ahead. boo-ness.

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12:04 AM

Friday, April 18, 2008

aint in the blog for much blogging recently. jiu. VERY tired. =.=

the only thing i look forward is shopping during my lunch break. yes shopping. haha. suddenly i realise 1hr is quite enuff. enuff for me to walk all the way to bugis, to eat AND shop. haha. though i HATE eating at food courts, but food junction @ bugis is love! first of all, they do hav jap food there which i craved for few days back. well u see, neither bras basah nor raffles city(food court) hav jap stall. only suntec got. (but i SWEAR i'm NOT gg to suntec for lunch break. both my colleagues noe y. make me angry only. no matter wat is there to tempt me over cox i admit there's ALOT of food there, but i'm NOT gg over. NO WAY! p.s.*applicable for working lunch break only. haha.)

anyway. jiu was praying they'll hav la. and yup. they do! wee~! happy me. hehe. one less excuse to go suntec now. X) and more reason to go bugis. haha. and the seats at bugis food junction is so VERY comfortable can. cushioned seat. =) call me sua ku or watever. say le i dun like to patronise food court of course this kind of thing i wun noe ma. eating there is so shuang can. and they got more variety compared to RC and brasbasah(where i go for budget meal. lol. they got western food for $3.30 la.)

after food. shopping! there's SO many things i wanna buy if i nv control i could hav easily spent hundred over dollars. =x in the end i control until i only bought one necklace. cool huh. =) more shopping when i get my tuition de pay. X) but first mth the agency cut 50% commission seh. T.T

on a random note, i'm SO VERY addicted to soy bean milk. unisoy.vitasoy.pinle.mrbean(!!) at least one EVERYDAY! X)

especially when it's small(it's actually a v small in case the photo is quite misleading. think my mummy buy for my bro. i kop-ed it. X) ) and cute like this...

how can u resist? haha. actually i got my own unisoy but nvm la. one is nv enuff for me. tsk.

still no news from any uni. *cries*

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11:58 PM

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

was told ntu biz sch's interview (or was it ALL interview?) ends this week. and i din receive any call for interview!! T.T neither did smu or nus call me for interview too. *cries* blame myself for doing so badly for gp. blame partly on ___ for doing so badly for my pw. blah. i cant believe u left me to die for my pw. u DIN mark my workS and said u duno how to help me. how can a JC teacher say duno to a student? i seriously hav no idea how u managed to find ur way there. u're there to do harm than gd k. but i cant blame u totally cox i shd ha taken the initiative to get help from OTHER teachers. i was too ps to ask help from them since i duno them. and now i'm stuck wif this mess. blah.

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11:12 PM

Monday, April 14, 2008

everyday is working day. =/

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11:47 PM

Sunday, April 13, 2008

i'm getting the hang of teaching. haha. guess i did better today than the other day. =)

but i always prepare the wrong stuff. T.T think i need to communicate wif my kid more. i mean the jc de. tt time i prepare more chem she wanted do phy. today i prepare thermal physics end up doing chemical bonding instead. lol.

and it really took me lotsa effort to piece everything together. dipole moment. polar molecules. H-bonding. etc. think i sort of confused my kid. ohoh.

my new kid was much easier job. normal tech. but she's nt as motivated as the jc de. so i duno if she can absorb anot cox i taught 5 chapters of maths today. lol. cox is her last yr topic but she tell me for half a yr her teacher din teach. din come for lesson or something. and her workbk is 80% empty! how can the sch give up on them like tt? shd give them a proper teacher ma. zzz. nvm. at least now got me to get her do her workbk. if nt i oso no material to let her practise. =/

and today i reached home at ard 5pm. so happie can. hehe. and i had a heart-warming dinner wif my family. blissed. =)

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11:53 PM

Saturday, April 12, 2008

today is TOTALLY a bad day for me. *cries* it started as early as 5 am.

woke up wif a terrible stomachache which led to diarrhoea. T.T

back to slp which eventually ---> overslept. blah.

and though i did say i wanna study thermodynamics ytd, eventually i din. =x so i oso din search for my notes. so today late liao still CANNOT find my notes. i totally think i'm VERY suay today lor.(wanted to study the notes during my break.)

rush-ed. and like always, weekend=lower frequency of mrt. =reach EVEN ltr.

somehow, i suffered from backache too. =/ kp hitting my back until i sort of over do it and i tot i felt it swollen a bit. =(

tml's giving tuition again. hope this time it wun be as bad as last week. but then again. i've yet to find my thermodynamics de notes. i hav a bad feeling i lost them. T.T

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11:09 PM

Friday, April 11, 2008

so ytd was my day 4 out of 6. today's 5 outta 6. one more day to go and i'm free still busy working. haha. sunday is give tuition day. yup. i work 7 days a week. cool huh. -.-" guess nt. it jux means tt i hav to give up my social life. blah. lucky for me. life is nt totally lost. i still hav my girls to sing go kbox wif me at nite! X) tt's was wat i was SO looking forward to. but sadly, qw din made it last min. T.T misses.

and so we sang....

and cam-whored. X)

let's jux say i forgot to cut my fringe. haha. or simply i was too busy to visit the hairdresser. =x will go. soon. if not i'll be blinded by my fringe. lol. kuku.

din had a chance to take photo wif the lead singer. =p u can easily figure out who. haha. she too busy singing(and dancing.). tsk. dun kill me arh.... X)

and we still had group photo. =)

gathering wif the girls is love. and hope we'll get to meet up again real soon!!! =)

totally enjoyed myself. great company and all. even the ride home is enjoyable. (though it was another crawling bus. this time i have the girls as my witnesses hor. and also ty wj and her bf for the remaining journey home. though i'm one kuku hu duno how to give direction. =/)

zzz-ed @ approx 2am. lol.

and so today was back at work. worked wif a colleague from raffles city since both my colleagues have something on. but tt's nt the main pt.

the main pt is, i lunch-ed wif yinling!!!! =)

missed this girl lots.

but we din take any photo. =(

was busy chatting(+eating).

miss all the times tt we had. hope we'll get to lunch tgt again! =) and prob dinner wif the rest too. those nv reply my msg faster reply hor! i angry liao. haha. no la. kidding. in case u forget and u happen to read this. pls reply me asap. cox sw's flying off to aust nxt thu... so envy can. 8days somemore. i oso wan go overseas!!!! i wan a getaway~!

and it's HAPPIE INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP DAY TO ALL MY DEAREST. (though i'm 6 mins late. ps. =/ as in the day over by 6 mins liao. lol. better late than nv. tt's the best excuse. =p)

guess i shd be off to study thermodynamics now. yes ppl. physics. i've lost touch of it so long i think i really need to put in some effort to STUDY arh. lol. it's for my tuition of course. and their topics are nt in the same order as ours. =/ frankly speaking. my thermodynamics nt v gd leh. oh oh.

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11:20 PM

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

today. boring. full stop.

but meal wif my family is bliss-ed. =) u'll may nt know wat i mean. but i meant a lot to me.

and nv-the-less, bumping into frenz brings a smile on my face too. =)

cant wait for tml20hrs ltr. =)

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11:35 PM

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

mood spoiler:

was told today the OM and the big boss will come down say hi to me. haha. nah. kidding. i not so big shot. was told they'll be doing roundings. as in go round the boutiques for routine check or something. and ask the full-timers questions. bout work and all.

wait.wait.wait. but they din come . -.-"

and my in charge kp telling me i hav to use makeup.


me no use make up cox am a noob at it. =/

and me no grooming allowance even though i work MORE than full-timer. blah. so unfair. hmphx.

so i insist of NOT using. X)

mood pamper:

i'm SO looking forward to THURSDAY!!!! *grins*
i pray tt thu would come smoothly as planned. =)

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11:53 PM

Monday, April 07, 2008

and so i went to smu during my break today. lucky smu is near my work place. or at least the admin building is near. haha.

i din wan to go there in my working clothes. so i put on my cardigan and changed out of my skirt into my pants. but i din take out my stockings. haha. look so kuku lor.

it's weird wearing stocking underneath the pants. but hu cares. it's only for a while. and i do hav limited time u noe.

and time becomes even more limited when u get lost. =/

ok. so how did it happen? i noe i cannot be worse le. i oso dun wan to be like this de. T.T

when first step into the building, i was kinda lost. din see any signages to show me where to go. wanted to approach the security but he din wan to entertain me even though i had the i'm-lost-&-i-need-help look. blah. so i own self explore. until i finally saw a directory wif small wordings tt say"lvl3:office of undergraduate admission"

bingo? guess not. i dun really noe wat happen but i vividly rmb gg up TWO flights of escalator. but i saw no office. but plenty of discussion rm. and i explored ALONE. no one was in sight. =x until i finally reach the lift. yes the lift. which says tt was storey 4. how was it possible? i hav no idea. =/ so i hurried down the escalator. cox it's really scary to be alone at a foreign place. and after few turns i finally saw the office. phew.

so i got assistance to change my grade. then i had to go back to the security to change for pass(u need the pass to tap the door open. cool huh.) to go up to office of finance @ lvl 12 to pay my application fee. this time he finally talk to me. but he wasnt clear wif his words. when he tried to tell me ...... at lvl 12, i tot i heard him say eleven twelve. lol. so i asked him to repeat. haha. took lift up. and down again to outside the office of undergraduate admission at lvl 3 to drop my doc.

and i took ONE flight of escalator down to the exit.

explanation? once u step INTO the building, it's lvl 2 oready. but it dun seem like it. =/ or izzit b/w lvl 1 and 3 no escalator? i din find out. but i do say the escalator is weird. it operates randomly. one moment u tot it's nt moving. the nxt moment u see it it's moving again. the first time i saw an initially not moving escalator move after i came back, i tot is some spooky occurence. lol. specially after being lost for a while in tt building, it really made me shiver for a moment. but i finally understood how the escalator works when it stopped moving when i was halfway down to the exit. lol.

kinda interesting experience at the smu admin building. wonder will i ever get to step in there again? tsk.

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10:55 PM

wat a pleasant surprise before i went to bed last nite to realise tt i submitted the wrong grade for my 'o' eng for my smu application. *cries* to think i spent hourS on the write up. now everything went down the drain. T.T i duno if there's anything tt they can/are willingly to do. one possible way is to void my application and ask me apply again? but i din save the draft for my write up. kuakua. congrats to me. zzz. jux nt my luck. somehow many things aint gg the right way for me. =/

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9:02 AM

Sunday, April 06, 2008

today was practically slacking slacking and more slacking! waha. din step out of my hse AT ALL. lol.

and after much procrastination, i finally decided to apply for smu. but i'm SO stuck at the write up. T.T help...!!!

currently it's showing death note on channel u. are u watching it? i find it a bit weird translated to chi. =x

quite a random post. shows tt i'm quite bored here. yes i am. in fact. VERY. boo.

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8:23 PM

i hate to quarrel. it's not gd for health seriously. gah.

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12:13 AM

Friday, April 04, 2008

time check. now is 1210 according to my com.

i noe i'm suppose to write a long post...

but i forgot everything i wanna write after a good nite slp... =/

so i'll take as long as i can to finish it. before i go out to meet my tuition kid.

yup. u din see wrongly. i'm gg to teach! haha.

so do i look like a teacher dressed like tt? haha.

actually tt was wat i wore few days back. when me and hh reported to work at this place which i previous mentioned. the one which the place was still under renovation when we went for interview. the person finally explained to us tt it was their new office. they are one established brand (which i nv heard of. maybe cox i'm un-interested in their product) and they are selling something tt is worth thousand over dollars. aint gg to mention wat. anyway. we din go back after tt. cox my family and relatives aint supportive. (yup. relatives too. cox i met them on the v same nite.)

yup. and u're rite again. i'm back to square one. back to my raffles hotel. cleaning my crystals once again. there isnt anything wrong bout tt. but if there's better job opportunity. y not? haha.

so i took up the job of a tuition teacher. requested every sunday off to give tuition. and my request did gave some trouble to my colleagues and once again my name was mentioned to the OM. how "cool" T.T

so far only one kid though. jc1 de. lol. dun even noe i'm up to the mark. maybe today first lesson then nxt lesson dun need report back liao. haha. yup. i did say every sun. but this week we start on fri.

preparation? dun ask me bout it. =/ i'm trying to do my best le. i got no experience ma. hope they dun kick me off. haha. it's easy money. $35/hr. X) but if i do get kicked off. wun blame them la. i myself nv pay $35/hr for my tuition last time. of course got some expectation one ma. and i myself dun haf fantastic result. so today jux try lor. wish me luck.

ok. so other than the tuition thing... let's see.

so before me and hh went to "work", (since tt day was suppose to be orientation day) we went back to pjc! lol. the last time we'll ever step in there?

i hav no idea wat the january 2008 means. means tt the pass is renewed in jan? hav no idea. *shrugged*

and i saw this on the noticeboard outside the general office.

it's a GC design competition! lol. and they hav to come out wif something tt has to do wif the sch values which....... apparently i hav no idea wat it is. do u? =p

and i bet the person tt did design nine spent hourS dating his/her GC. lol.

and since it might be our last visit there, we tried to take pic tt might be significant. but for one. we both forgot out locker no. so we tried the LT instead. but hand too short la. haha. tt was LT1. we could hear teacher talking on the mic instead. haha. was worried lesson might end and ppl see us doing such kuku things there. lol.

and there was this mirror near the locker area there, which wasnt there when we graduated. for us students to check their attire? lol. foyer got liao not enuff? teaching us to be more vain arh? haha. X)

or for us to take photo? =p

these few days was back to norm. work.home.com. (+ants)


yup. been rather disturbed by ants these few days. hav no idea y they are so VERY active now a days. weather hot so they wan come out and exercise? haha.

they are EVERYWHERE la. my com they oso wan. my study table they oso wan. dining table i dun say la. got food to attract them. but TOILET they oso wan! i hav no idea y they are spotted by crawling on my basin/sink. nt as if got toothpaste tt is sweet to attract them. cox they dun head in one direction. they jux blindly crawl ard. -.-"

they shdnt be seem in the toilet serious. for one they DUNO how to swim. and toilet is the place tt water is most abundance in the house. so usually i jux drown them. =/ sounds evil huh. but better than i squash them wif tissue rite? si4 wu2 quan2 shi. lol. and i really hate the idea of squashing ANY living creature. like i CANNOT imagine myself "clapping" mosquito to death. i only shoo them and ask other ppl kill for me. =x the other time when my study table was infested wif ants for no reason i oso got my brave bro and sis to clear for me. X) haha.

time check. 2243 according to my com clock. haha. ok la. din blogged all the way. stopped half way to do other things and of course. out for tuition.

and guess wat. my tuition kid is also from pjc! lol. wat a coincidence. and i met her father in the lift when i was heading to her hse. see wat i mean by coincidence? u can jux bump into anything and everything. lol.

and did u noe? our batch helped pjc gain value added-ness! or however u phrase it la.

and becox of tt they get half day off from sch. lol. cool seh.

guess pj is getting better? hopefully ba. like the vp has always emphasized, the name pjc stays wif us. no matter which stage of life u might be in ppl will still ask u bout ur jc. so if it really becomes a gd sch we all benefit! hehe.

and i do admit i'm nt a gd teacher. haha. still managable la. considering the fact i haven touch my notes for >4 mths le. hehe.

teaching tuition is great. haha. i guess i can get used to this. =) i dun mind if i get another kid. hehe.

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12:10 PM

Thursday, April 03, 2008

heard a few things bout uni interview here and there. mostly biz de. but i got no news for myself. does tt mean tt i no chance liao??!!?? T.T i SO VERY badly wan to go there lor. if nt i wun hav volunteered to study principles of accounts aka POA in sec sch. i think the part bout me applying late oso played a part in it ba. *weeps* nt purposely de. is cox i couldnt decide where else to go other than biz ma. and it's nt jux cox everyone go biz then i wan go is i REALLY got the passion for it de! boo-ness. i guess now i can only pray for miracle liao. =/ plsplspls at least gimme an interview. i need some hope i wan to see the light.

jux some ranting. and today is thu. i DID say i'll write a LONG post. but tt'll be fri. X)

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10:59 PM

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

ok. haven been updating. but my life's a mess now. so many things are happening at one shot. nth seems to be gg right for me. =/ will update again soon. wif a lil picx. most prob fri ba. cox fri i off and only got plan in the evening.

p.s it WILL be a LONG post.

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10:31 PM

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