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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Prelim’s finally over… woohoo… watched lotsa tv today… including those that I seldom watch… like heartlanders and shooting stars… heard some lines which I find kinda funny so I’m quoting it… here’s wat olinda thought of saying to a guy name jack: hey jack, have u got a plaster? Cox I hurt myself when I fall in love for u… ; hey jack, have u got a map? Cox I got lost in ur eyes…

Hahax… enuff of the crappings… long time nv blog… and today’s jux the right day to get it updated… today was a maths paper 2… din noe how to do the i-j question… so dumb… morning jux taught biwei how to do then exam I dunno how to do… think should go bang my head…

After the exam, went for dental check-up… all the boys in 4e2 all pon… the dentist said that my teeth quite clean… so happy… all along my dental visit has nv been so pleasant… after that went for 2e2 gathering… today there’s 10 ppl… not bad le.. compared to our last one… we even numbered ourselves from 1 to 10 starting from the tall to the tallest… I was no.8…. we meet up wif Vanessa at gombak mrt… in the end we went to causeway pt to eat pizza hut… had fun chatting and gossiping wif my frenx… oso found out earlier that Kenny scored 37 out of 50 for his ss… highest for our class… sure a lot of ppl sure shock when the paper is returned either tml or thu… after the pizza, we intended to go sing karaoke at the woodlands library building there but we all thought it was too expensive so we ended up chatting in the library… spent a long time there… I had fun… looking forward to the nxt gathering on Christmas… hmm… not sure wat present to buy to exchange.. wonder who picked my no. … …

Painting a PRETTY mess.
9:04 PM

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

it's jux passed midnight..
shd be studying for my chemistry..
but somehow nth seems to get in...
kinda worried...
good luck...

*condition for haber process:450 degree C, 200 atm and iron as catalyst

Painting a PRETTY mess.
12:05 AM

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

was late for ss remedial... sian... lucky nv get any thrashing down from her... oready did my best to make it on time... stupid 188 made me wait for so long... nxt time dun wan take 188 to sch again... shd stick to my mrt... somemore faster... but sometimes i lazy to change transport mar... take bus easier... i realise something... but time i attempt to take 188 to sch the bus sure take very long to come... even though i dun seem to see the previous bus go off.. sad...

thu going back to sch for more ss... gonna go through sec 3 topic... great... the chapter 6 is like greek to me... think last year i oso nv study tt topic for sa2... hope it dun come out... maybe gonna skip tt chp...

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8:50 PM

Monday, September 05, 2005

White Angel Full Wings
White Full Wings-Innocent and pure..kinda..you
enjoy chatting on the phone....eating chocolate
and writing love notes that you never
send..*Sigh* You are normally always in love no
matter what, you enjoy spending time with your
friends and going shopping with them!

What Kind Of Angel Wings Would You Have? (Anime Pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

Painting a PRETTY mess.
10:48 PM

took english prelim today... think i've jux flunk it... no hope le... but i'm not gonna let it pull down my spirit... will work harder for my other subjects... even though i'm not going for the first three months...

wrote the topic on emergencies... so far haven heard of ppl wrote on tt topic... except for david... but then... my content like no link de lei... so risky... might even fail... i'm crossing my fingers...

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10:17 PM

Saturday, September 03, 2005

yesterday was like a dream to me. Why? Because my memory of wat happened was very faint. I fell sick when i got home yesterday. I practically slept through the whole evening and the night. Not sure why i got so sick suddenly. Ran a high temperature of 39.2 degrees and am stil very warm till today. I was felling quite alright during the day except for my sore throat.

went to school as usual, but yesterday was teachers' day celebration. did some exercise in the morning then went to the hall for concert. the concert was great! in between there was quiz for the students on: how well we know about our teachers, where photos of certain features of teachers were shown. there was also the award ceremony for the teachers. mr koh was awarded the Handsomest Teacher! 4e2 voted for mr ravi... we want mr ravi... hahax... mrs chin got the Lightning Fast award. she does live up to her name... she always marks our accounts at lightning fast speed.

at the end of the concert,the teachers sang"lean on me".mr wee was sabo to perform an xtra item but ms tay called for an end to the concert. wat a wet blanket...

after that, lili, yongqi, david, yinling and i went to Lot 1... yongqi and i went to purchase clothes at giodarno... finally the first thing on my wishlist is cancelled: purple v-neck tee... hooray! then they went to eat at the basement, i ate HONEYDEW! yinling ate her bread which she brought from home.... both of us were quite poor that day.

at first, al the five of us wanted to watch a movie together. yongqi wanted to watch "sharkboy and the lava girl",which all the other four of us objected...then they change to "herbie fully loaded"which david objected. he wanted to watch "red eye" cox he wanted to watch horror movie.(i think he nv watch horror movie b4 so he insisted on "red eye"). in the end, onli david, yinling and i watched "red eye". "red eye" is a THRILLER movie, not a HORROR movie. no ghost, no alien, nothing supernatural... "red eye" is the name of an airplane... stupid sia... waste my $8... and the movie onli lasted for 1hr 15 mins...

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1:10 PM

Thursday, September 01, 2005

it's the 1st of september today... which means that it's teachers' day! haha... holiday for the students... but... for the graduating classes... it's another revision day... and a day to ctach up wif some slp... slept for 13 hrs from yesterday... so shuang... haha... haven started on my revision... guess i'm gonna be the slowest... other ppl long ago started... i'm still slacking... slap myself arhx... today i'm having bad hair day... haix... lucky not going out.. actually wanted to go for physics tuition that yinling's church ppl conduct... but in the end nv go... it's okay... on second thought... izzit? my physics is so lan... got chance to learn physics and i let go of the chance... haix... i think i goona start wif ss since it's the first subject after english.... starting wif secondary 3 topics... but am skipping merger and separation since mr kamal say the topic is not coming out for prelim... hope it really dun come out... sometimes teacher words not very reliable... like that time during SA2... mdm tang told us SEQ onli 1 qn... but it turned out that there's actually 3 choices... if i had known earlier i would hav jus focused on 1 or 2 topics... then i wouldn' hav scored so lan for my ss...

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2:02 PM

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