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Saturday, March 31, 2007


is so CUTE! haha. jh say read liao eyes blur blur @_@ so mux put some pic. haha. actually i agree la. think many ppl would oso. words too crammed tgt. haha. maybe it becomes a push factor for ppl to come drop by my blog. hehe.

anyway. the pic. dun think too much la. seriously jux v cute lor. i'm jux like any other girl. love cute stuff and all. and i simply love little kids. (bet i mention this tons of times le.) so it become a pretty common sight to see me staring at kids on the street and once in a while pop out wif "tt child so CUTE!" haha. :D


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7:28 PM

Friday, March 30, 2007

something's v wrong. not me. the internet. my internet. cox i see other ppl like nv face prob de. duno wat's wrong lei. restart a few times le oso cannot. out of desparation i went to restore my com to an earlier date. lol. well. the thing is. i used my com for ard 20mins for so le then suddenly got prob duno y. cannot connect. then is like even if i manage to get back my connection it'll only last for 1 min. lol. tt's y. so the fear of losing connection made me type out my entry on notepad first b4 i copy paste to blogger. if not ltr press "post" then the window come out "internet explorer cannot display the webpage" then will be damn sadded. encounter a few times b4. sometimes is type v long de lor. then the whole thing gone. frustration and sadness. so now i learn to be more cautious liao. haha. but quite dumb la. maybe shdnt blog in the first place. maybe cox nth to do. no internet. then today fri ask me do homework i oso too lazy. but today i dare say not v wasted cox i read newspaper. quite enriching. then again. face the prob of lack of time.(aka running outta patience) so jux read as much as i could. realise "home" section interest me most. less political. more close-to-heart topics like every yr got ard 3000 ppl go missing.(but 80% would be found. only a matter of how long it takes to find them.) in singapore wan live in 1-room flat cannot live alone. mux hav roommate. even if it's gg to be a total stranger to u. MUX hav roommate.(today then i realise got such policy. lol.) the political issues i only read up on the N. korea nuclear thing. but read a while oso nv follow up liao. lol. and the south thailand there a lot of killing cox the muslims there wans a separate state. er. somthing like tt la. this one not counted racial remarks rite? haha. so much for freedom of speech in our blogs. ltr kena sue like tt time duno hu. news got report. news bout blogger de oso will interest me. hehe. and speaking of blogger. ytd nth to do. went xiaxue's blog. like once in a long long time then i'll read her blog de. out of curiosity. as in. how come her blog so successful lei? she say everyday got 30000 ppl read her blog. so many la. i like nid 200 days then will get 3000 hits lor. but she one day 30000 hits. 10 times more in 200 lesser days. well. din get much enlightenment. haha. i bet i'm one lousy blogger. bore ppl wif my words and my crappy and dull life. see. another wordy entry. -.-"

but then. dun blog and bore ppl i nth much to do for slacking liao. lost interest in online games. no i dun watch videos. (youtube or drama) and i seldom watch tv either. haha. no life. no life.

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11:58 PM

friday~! marks the end of our first week of official lessons for term 2. short short day.

no programmes after sch. nope. but i'm fine wif it. cox i jux wanted to get some sleep. badly. 6 hours of sleep each day. enuff? not enuff? but i bet everyone's ard the same. so i guess i'm not the only one suffering from lack of slp. oh well. better get used to it fast. if not nxt week gg to start falling asleep again. nxt week fri no sch(yay-ness). but then. fri is the shortest day lor. only miss out 2 lesson. if miss out thu everyone sure cheer de. math chem phy pe. almost every subj. and the day ends at 5. tired-ness. and. nxt fri is the ONLY public holiday for the mth of april. omg. april is going to be a tough month. see the calendar so white(as in. PH or SH is usually marked wif diff colours de ma.). sian-half liao. too much of grumbling. haix.

hm. engaged myself in cip. gonna last for ard half a yr. haha. so when ppl's cca step down liao. have their wed off and all. i'll be somewhere doin my cip. the cip's initiated by yl. gg to teach pri sch kids from poor backgrounds(not jux financially poor. but pitiful backgrounds oso). reminds me of teaching my siblings. bro-p1. sis-p6. helpfully this helps in me coping wif pri sch kids. haha. but then pls dun ask teach sci.... pri sch sci i alot duno de lor. sometimes my sis ask me i'll duno how to ans and ask her check encyclopedia or something. nt tt my sci is v lan. but they dun deal wif molecules and forces at pri sch lvl de la. they ask bout animals wif weird names and maybe some bio stuff which i din study b4. (yup. i'm not a bio student.) but teaching math can also be difficult sometimes. as in u hav to think-the pri sch way. sometimes i read the qn. then i think to myself. simple. use algebra lor. but then again. pri sch haven learn algebra. -.-" then sometimes they use this method call guess and check. which i think it's uncommon in our pri sch though we did use tt concept. so er. haha. hope i not to retarded in teaching them. or ltr i say some cheem cheem term they oso dun understand then oh-oh. haha. looking forward. =)

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5:58 PM

Thursday, March 29, 2007

today's entry came in v early. haha. was thinking of slping early tonite.. quite a tiring day. first long day since CT. almost fell asleep during phy and chem... =x bad habit of mine is coming back again. but lucky i manage to fight bad the sleepybug or sleephead or watsoever de and din doze off. haha. got improvement v good le la. was talking to michelle during chem bout staying optimistic. cox w/o confidence we'll nv be able to do well. tt's y i decided to stay optimistic bout my result. i noe if i complain bout my results ppl would start cursing me liao. cox given the low passing rate for some/many subj. i managed to pass all. haha. something to rejoice bout? hm. guess not. cox my standard dropped. oh well. guess many underperformed too. not jux me. tt's my observation. generally speaking k. dun ltr think i pin pointing hu. can see one wat. from the passing rate and dist rate. er. nt gg to write out my grades this time. ppl might. i say might only. diao me. my results aint fantastic la! and we're nt competing wif our class only. so maybe they not diao. they see liao they luff. cox their class might hav done better. anyway. enuff of grades. marks the end of CT i guess. nxt up is mid yrs! midyrs during last week of june or earlier i think. but quite sure it's after the pre-u sem. hehe. quite hopeful bout becoming SLO now cox the criteria is mux pass all subj for CT. those who din pass all dun feel depressed. cox still got chance de lor. u think will hav so many ppl pass all subj de meh? as in. i nt cursing ppl. or neither am i luffing. jux tt maybe got others underperform oso de ma. then oso maybe they quite weak at ONE particular subj or something so din get an all pass... so. stay hopeful. =) all pass oso doesnt mean sure get in de wat. they say got see our performance during the o1 oso. hmm... well. hopefully they announce the shortlisted SLO soon. cant wait.

omg. so hard to express my thoughts w/o the fear of offencing ppl. i seriously dun mean anything de. jux dun take me seriously if u think i v qian bian or watsoever.

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6:50 PM

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

-i lost weight! now underweight again! am happy cox i lost 1.6 kg! a lot neh! haha. then ppl were like. arh? CT u'll lose weight de arh? er. i duno lei. maybe cox mostly eat at home. then oso got cut down on sugared drinks oso. determined to stay this way! i'm under 50 kg! haha. can change my profile to UNDER-weight again! (though tummy still a bit fat fat de.lol.)

-i got an A for math! really din expect it. haha. hu say study wif boyfriend sure die.(FYI. boyfriend pei me study math the day b4 the paper.) as in. though i agree would get quite distracted. but if u are determined. u can still get it de lor. or maybe cox got the foundation? i mean. mr ngoh rox la. all 4e2 peeps would agree rite? wee~!

-went out wif boyfriend! haha. went cwp ate pastamania and watch "the number 23". simple storyline. no ghost no monster. but i think shd be rated nc16 lei. cox got a bit of vulgar and sexual scenes. a little only la. but i still feel not appropriate for younger children. especially now many pri sch children oready start watching lotsa movie le.

-saw vanessa(swiss guides de) after the movie. still as pretty as ever. envy! haha.

-today pe ran.crunches.tuckjump.incline. so long nv exercise le. perspired like siao. haha. v long nv so wet le.

-house meeting. no comments. but the exco shd be more organised. as in. the flow of presentation not smooth de. then they said"compulsory for all J1 to donate blood." then dun donate think nid write letter or something. -.-" where can force ppl into such things de. some ppl got medical prob ma. some parents worry dun allow. some scared of needles ma. until got many commotion then the teacher talk to the captain then he change say "volunteer but STRONGLY ENCOURAGED". then they oso contradict themselves. say got one house tee.cotton de. black. "an alternative to the dry-fit house tee" yet they say MUS buy the house tee and the black tee cannot wear for pe. LOL. omg. hopefully no exco see this. gerald dun bao toh! ty. if not i die a horrible death. freedom of speech is mine in my blog.

mood for today-happy! (simple eng. simple vocab. no wonder gp so lan. lol.i bet delighted isnt a much better word either.)

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9:13 PM

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

haha. here to blog again. guess my blogging passion is back! good news? bad news? i think more of good than bad ba. jux tt it's still gg to be word-y and sian-y. lol.

anyway. today's was quite boring la. can see many ppl still nt in the mood for studying yet. haha. maybe cox still worrying for our results? hm. din manage to get back many papers. sianx. got back gp. manage to get a D from a missed-out-mark. as in. initially my totaly only got 49 but then when teacher go thru compre then realise teacher forgot add one mark! yay-ness. D has always been the best i can get for GP le. eng poor. hm. reading of newspaper regulary has not shown it's effect yet. =( or maybe cox i only do selective reading. only read those of interest to me. but like tt i oready take ard 1 hr to finish reading le lor. haix. then we only got to noe ans for chem mcq. lucky got the habit of circle-ing my ans on the qn paper. so got to noe i pass! haha. if chem fail i'll be v depressed. but but. phy lec go thru ans. not v optimistic bout it. cox like 80% wrong. -.-" hopefully tml can get back math! haha.

econs lesson was v hard to endure. even 10 mins feels like 1 hour. then the classroom v stuffy and warm. argh.

after sch went bp wif qw.hh. wr. quite long nv go there le. ate and went to NTUC. haha. ya. NTUC. well. not some aunties go there do grocery shopping la. even supermarket is fun lor-and educational. haha. tested wr on veg and fruits. got many amusing ans. like old cucumber vs new cucumber. and dragonfruit=sweet corn. =D and we bought ice cream to eat! yum!

speaking of icecream. haix. ytd when we went orchard and ate the icecream outside lido.,while standing there i realise y i so broke liao. as in. where all my pay go to. i often fail to figure tt out. now i noe. cox i always splurge on un-necessary stuff like food. last time me and my work buddy always buy icecream. $5 + oso call cheap. -.-" then is like u eat so often yet u dun feel the pain. then go eat Han's. eat swensens.(jux go there for dessert only spend $20+).even tot of high tea.(i'll rather spend the money elsewhere now.)like tt where will hav money. argh. no wonder now so poor. mux go do some reflection. maybe starve myself a few days then i'll noe even bread can be heavenly. haha. can shun bian lose weight. lol.

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9:34 PM

Monday, March 26, 2007

finally something more than rotting after the CT. haha. today sch ended at 11. in celebration for the good 'a' lvl result tt the previous batch achieved.(lol. like tt oso can? but nvm. we got to enjoy!)

sch started with morning. boo-ness. had to squeeze into the hall wif the j1s. during pae we had the whole front block to ourselves now we had to share wif 4(or was it five) j1 classes. lol. then now stand nearer to the stage. dun like. speaker so loud oso.

loads of announcement. then phy prac. ms tan still quite cheery and like she said. cox she haven collate our marks. haha. hopefully she wun storm into the class on thu. pray hard. then break then econs for a while day end liao. haha.

then our class peeps went to lot 1 to hav lunch. mr lim joined too. simple lunch. then the guys went off for TMNT. which some of the girls din wan watch. tt's y we separated and the girls headed to town. shopped ard and chatted lots. more bonding today. =) took neoprints too! haha. but then cannot upload cox scanner spoil. =x

had loads of fun. and i bought new pencil case! haha. finally can say goodbye to my old one le. cox i lazy wash it white again. haha. then now look like dirty dirty de. lol. and today me got new plans to get my parents to buy me phone. haha. hopefully can work. but hav to wait till april. haix.

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8:49 PM

Sunday, March 25, 2007

yet another day spent at home. lol. so much for life after CT(not equals to chyeteck. haha. see i got mention ur name in my entry! lol.) tml's school starting. boo. studying again. haha. but hopefully tml after school would get to enjoy myself abit. =)

ytd was a nitemare. but am glad things turned out fine. =]

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11:54 PM

Saturday, March 24, 2007

aww... sentosa's musical fountain is closing on 26 march. which is like mon! totally forgot bout it. cox tt time i read bout it was nearing the CT then was thinking after CT faster go see but today 24th liao. looks like not much chance le... sadded. it's performing it's last few show tonite and tml nite. 26 itself duno hav anot. at 7.30 or 7.40pm and 8.30 or 8.40 pm....

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5:09 PM

stayed at home. ya. wat a day. especially it's after CT. well. jux dun hav the mood to go out. so i'll jux stay at home. tml most prob stay at home again la. slack lor. waste time lor. realise my unread newspaper piled up to a whole mountain liao. =x

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4:52 PM

Friday, March 23, 2007

end of common test. but no celebration mood here. boo-ness. more disappointment.

Happy 18th Birthday sitian!!! =)

i had a plan. was really looking forward to it. even put an alarm to it so i wun forget. but y mux this happen. AGAIN.

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6:08 PM

Thursday, March 22, 2007

woot! one last paper to go! phy. after tt finally can rest well and play to the fullest! these few days hav not been slping well. maybe cox i noe i hav not been working hard enuff. then got all the worries in me. then ytd i dreamt tt i did v badly for chem! omg. nitemare!

today ma. the paper. 3hr. but not really enuff. only enuff to finish all those i noe how to do. no time think thru those i dont. lol. then some qn look so foreign to me. i think many ppl oso duno how to do one qn. as u find forth root of -4 where p and q are real. ok. THIS IS THE QN! so how to start? lol. so gone are my marks. and of many others. nvm. think wun fail this paper either. =) so far. think i can pass. chem and math. think my gp and econs cannot make it. see. i'm rite. i'm more of a mugger than a thinker. econs mux know how to APPLY concept. i cant. i only noe how to memorise equations and throw them in. lol. so if tml phy not v conceptual i hav hopes of passing de. hehe. jiayou! one last day!

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1:07 PM

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

after reading gerald's post bout y blogs shd not be closed. and having a few tagging say i shd not close. hm... think i not gg to close afterall! hehe. cox when i have a great day i'll always hav the urge to blog it out. mark it memorable or jux spread the joy.=) jux like today. hehe. more bout it ltr. anyway. quite true tt it's saddening to see ppl close their blog. cox got one recently experience of someone's blog closed down. which i visit quite often de. sometimes it's jux plain exciting to read bout ppl's blog. some blogs i visit the blogger i dun really noe de. or not close de . haha. jux go cox wan kpo a bit. lol. interesting blogs would be those wif picx and vid of course. and mine is like 90% words nia. sometimes i see liao oso sian. but no choice. seldom serve for vid and now lost phone liao(think tt time wif phone the no. of entry wif pic think got increase to like 30-40% ba)

not gg talk bout ytd. cox my carelessness has caused me to lose some marks. pass or fail is uncertain. econs the result always v unpredictable de. u think u can pass... turn out fail. think u flunk it? ltr get a B. lol. but the get a B part is only once la. most of the time is marginal pass vs marginal fail de.

anyway. bout today. wee! happy day. cox went study wif boyfriend! hehe. ok. is i study he read comic. haha. but it's better than studying at home. alone behind close doors w/o sound. sianzation. realise tt i can actually absorb better w/o music! lol. latest discovery. cox last time i study always got on music de. ( but not as if only phone can play music de ma.) jux tt i happen to "forget" to on music tt day while studying chem. then realise. ey. i got everything in! (except that hateful aq NaOH!!!!) then all this while jiu nv on music le. hm. maybe wat dennis yeo said is true. i rmb him saying something like some dun realise but actually they can study better w/o music or something like those who think who can study wif music actually cannot study wif music. aiya. forgot liao. jux something ard there la.

back to studying at je lib. quite productive. though i only like really study for 70% of the time. hehe. manage to finish 5 chp of math. cox din really attempt much tys again. but math i super dun feel like doing the tys cox only got ans no working. wrong u oso duno where wrong. can ask ppl la. but graph lei? 1/f(x) this kind of graph use gc oso cannot check. qn nv give equation. lol. i dare say i'm like mr hou tt kind de. study mus hav ans to refer. then go back do again. last time sec 4 i do math always check ans de. no ans dun feel secure then dun dare leave tt qn. but like everyone would say. exam oso no ans to check against. better get use to it ba.

when we about to leave it started to rain. then we had to run in the rain a bit. a bit drench only but i shivered quite serverly. omg. i was quite scared. think he oso a bit xia4 dao. nv really shiver like this b4. then is like only run for a short distance only la. duno wat's wrong wif me. even made me into thinking tt i got some illness or something at tt moment. lol. think too much.

then went jp for a while then went lakeside a while he had to leave for work le. so sad. haha. one week nv see him le. and. and. today's 21st! haha. tt means we tgt for 3 months le! woo! ok. dun sound v long but actually it's v long. especially after quarrels and all. 3 months is actually v long. haha. ytd made him something but turn out the thing v girl. lol. oh-oh. haha. but nvm la. effort mux appreciate ma. haha. will try harder nxt time. =)


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8:49 PM

Monday, March 19, 2007

oh ya. forgot to mention. actually today i really v chan de lor. cox i realise i lost my ruler. lol. lucky nv ask us draw graph for the kinetics qn. if not i die. and the axis of small graph sketch. i used my i/c. -.-"'

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8:11 PM

am here to blog again! haha. though i say i dun feel like blogging liao. maybe cox today too many things liao. so wan write them down. hm. ok. so it was studying for chem the past 2 days. cramming of reactions into my head. tot i handled them pretty well... but today. guess wat was the killer reagent? aqueous NaOH!!! argh. everything else i could recall except this! then somemore a lot of qn came out on this reagent. first thine b4 the exam oready quite suay. cox no test paper on my desk! lol. first time meet such situaution leh. sign of bad luck? after tt. start. tot 1 hr quite enuff. given past experience. then do do do. realise time still enuff. i think. the do somemore. ey. how come nv reach section b de. nvm. think got 30 qn. do again. AH! got 40 qn! left 10 mins for the last 7 qn. then somemore behind a lot organic chem qn and lot a few got NaOH de!!! sian dao. manage to at least reach the last qn though. jux tt not enough time to think thru thoroughly. see the ans possible jiu write liao. lol. but i dun think i'll fail! hehe. even though paper 2. despite given 2hr 15 mins. it turned out to be tight too. spent too much time in front again. then behind gotta rush again. lol. think i nv experience such lack of time in a subj b4. -.-

after sch went eat wif yl. long time nv eat wif her le. =) then we saw... hehe.

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4:40 PM

Sunday, March 18, 2007

tml's the start of one week of nightmare.... lol. ytd seem like the most productive liao. managed to finish a few chapters of chem and did my TYS. lol. my TYS is still v new de lor. dun really touch it de. cox for me i believe the most important thing is to get all facts into the head can liao. most of the time it works for me. haha. tt means i'll nv become the TYS gang no matter how hard i mug. =)

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3:02 PM

Saturday, March 17, 2007

so long nv blog le. lol. guess the passion bout blogging's dying down. am thinking of closing down my blog. maybe all this leave till after CT ba. CT is a nightmare! and holiday is a test for discipline. i miss having fun.

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2:13 PM

Monday, March 12, 2007

slpt v little late nite. now my eyes feel kinda heavy. hm. anyway. woke up early today. and so. was able to reach sch early. so not me. had a chat wif melody. nice seeing this little girl. hehe. always so hyper. busybusybusy and havin fun. envy neh. hehe. anyway. was in sch for chem lesson. saw jh. he's back from cambodia. he bought souvenirs for us. ty. =) he bought something else for his gang. lol. refer to gerald's blog for more detail. after tt went lot one eat then a few of us went david's house. my first time there.-.- so noob. but his house really big la. private housing at bukit timah area. imagine how rich he is. hehe. i still duno understand wat's so interesting bout "heros". played DDR and all of us lost some weight! lol. but overall my weight still increase. =X still cant get over this "everytime i step onto the weighing machine my weight increases thing." then jux now the news say drink more milk will lose weight leh. i drink so much liao. haix. *shake head*

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9:38 PM

Sunday, March 11, 2007

ytd this werid topic jux pop-ed outta duno where. then boyfriend was saying he plan to die at the age of 60. then i was telling him. siao arh. so early. then he asked. then shd die at wat age. i said at least mux see the grandchildren ma... haha. cox i simply love little kids. and i specially love the one at my house. *grins* so anyway. i told him i wan live till 70... and...

You Will Die at Age 70

You're pretty average when it comes to how you live...
And how you'll die as well.

lol. so conicidental. or maybe the results would be the same for many of us since the question quite general. haha. recently i've been seeing ppl posting these kind of quiz ans on their blog. wasnt expecting myself to do the same. lol.

edited:anyway the link for the quiz is not working. dunno y.

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2:27 PM

Saturday, March 10, 2007

nobody understands.

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4:47 PM

Friday, March 09, 2007

today.significant day.the first paper of our common test.GP.it's also.... SHIWEI's birthday! hehe... happy birthday girl! u're legal! (like me) which means u can do many many things without parental consent.(which is often not true for me. -.-)

first thing first. GP paper. er. not sure wat i wrote. jux wrote watever that crossed my mind. yup. this means tt i din plan. haha. can expect my grade liao. haix. *shake head*

haha. then after the paper....

went to boyfriend's house!

oops. not sure if i can say tt out. anyway. oso nth one la. jux tt his parents saw me liao. but then think they still duno our relationship nia. haha. or maybe they'll noe ba. jux tt they nv say anything. cox maybe they not prepared yet? er. or cox in front of me then even if they angry or something mux control first. haha. lol. mux see how ba. cox boyfriend went to work liao.

or maybe they'll be angry tt her son got himself a crazy girlfriend. cox... er... haha... i so call screamed a few times inside his house. once was cox i looking for the dusbin then turn ard saw his HUGE tortoise/turtle. then i shock. then me jiu scream liao. haha. the other time is i using his com. oops. throw face. waha. but still me v happy. hee. =D

but then. oops. today not productive! even though i brought my TYS out wif me... haha... then come home jiu play com wif my siblings cox they holiday le ma... time to enjoy. to say it in a nice way is tt they occupied the table so i cant study but to say it in a not-so-nice way would be tt i'm distracted by the com... com is one big temptation! even though sometimes i may be lost at wat i can do. lol.

anyway. i jux cant seem to get into the STUDY mood. haix. i can sense death. argh. i lack discipline!!!

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10:49 PM

Thursday, March 08, 2007

focus is the word tt i need. i can hardly stay focus wif so many things ard me... not jux one or two but many many.... ahh...!!! jiu ming arh!!! aint ready for common test yet... not much revision done... and i cant seem to get them done either...


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2:31 PM

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

sian. retyping of post. din realise i typed in boyfriend's blog so deleted the post and now i have to retype... -.-

chem SPA over! din manage to do a perfect job cox calculated the Mr wrongly... =X
but then hopefully tt one mistake is not gg to be fatal... gonna woke harder for my written paper!

new batch of j1 came today... lotsa familiar faces... the batch v big... heard got 1060... even bigger than the dragon babies batch... which a bit dun make sense cox the dragon batch got the most no. of babies born not the horse batch more babies born leh...

finally can get enuff slp lo! haha... my brain's been working quite a bit these few days... especially the chem SPA... all the memorising killed quite a bit of precious brain cells...


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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

i bled! omg... ok.... the bleeding came from inside my nose... so i guess it's quite serious? think my nose's gg drop liao... lol... been having flu since last thu... but then recover liao... but still hav stuffy nose... terrible feeling k... can hardly breathe... think half the time i'm only breathing through one side of the nose if not thru the mouth... sry to my classmates cox they hav to endure all the disgusting blowing of nose sounds tt i keep making but i guess other tt they're disgusted cox i'm a girl... the rest shd be fine... since we hav xz hu blows his nose constantly throughout the yr de... lol... anyway seriously feeling v terrible... got one pt of time i couldnt really breathe... tot i would suffocate... er... a bit exaggerating here? but then... REALLY V TERRIBLE LOR... and to the extent tt it bled... haix... looks like i'll still hav to suffer a few more days of stuffy nose liao... anybody noes how to cure a nose?

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Monday, March 05, 2007

ytd was my 300th entry... lol... my blog so old liao... but then considering tt i blog almost everyday actually 300 entry not a lot... dun even make up to one yr and the fact is actually tt my blog's been ard for about 2 yrs liao... seriously i think shd cut down on blogging le... soon will put it to hibernate.

cox common test coming soon... real soon and i've gotta start mugging... shall be more disciplined... i MUX work hard in order not to disappoint myself again... maybe if i do well can bargain to buy a phone? really miss my phone lots... today boyfriend took back his phone le...

everyone mux jiayou wor...

somehow today got the urge to faster put on braces again... shall work harder at saving money too... like tt can shun bian lose weight... am getting fatter each time i step onto the weighing machine... =X

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

dad bought a new printer...

cox it's white so it's nice... haha...

though it's single function... as in no scanner but... can print jiu hao le la...

flipped through the popular most current newsletter and saw this...

lol... packard bell... haha... bad experience associated wif it... not me i guess... cox i backed out... oops...ppl from s24 shd noe wat i mean...

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

excountered(had? wat's the word to use sia?) dejavu today... ok... actually not exactly dejavu but jux some v werid coincidence tt occured... this morn woke up... suddenly i tried to recall the tune and lyric of a song... sort of missed this song but i din hav it in my com or anywhere so is like really long time nv hear liao... then the song oso a few yrs liao i think... then while eating lunch the radio station played this song!!! omg... the thing u mux see is- the database of a radio station contains millions/billions of songs... and this song was not recorded in any album or neither is it some soundtrack of any drama... so it's like the chances of this song being played is one in a Zillion... lol... eerie...

anyway... so i tot today's a good day... to study... ok... seriously usually i'll waste my sat away de la... so today got touch a bit of work v good liao... though still not v productive...

my mom was telling me bout his pic my bro took for some membership card... haha... quite funny.

*i blurred off the info... haha... simple photo editing i still can la... more pro one cant liao...=X

anyway... back to my bro... his eyes open wide wide de then nv smile... lol... maybe cox i always say his eyes v small when he smile... oops... hehe... but i still love him lots... today played wif him quite a lot and taught him spelling!!!

tried using marshmellow to motivate him to study hao hao for his spelling but he said he dun like pink pink de... lol... nvm. i get to eat all! love marshmellow lots... my fav. (besides choc.)

mini-marshmellow... so cute la... can eat a whole lot of them... haha... my bro eventually couldnt resist the temptation and ate one too... yum...

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Friday, March 02, 2007

today's a bad day for me... dun really wanna tok much bout it... jux tt morn felt v terrible... din really recover from my flu even though i slept at 9 plus ytd... which means i had plenty of rest... but lucky got sitian's miracle medicine... haha... actually it's jux 2 panadol cold tablets(which my house has ran out of) tt made me feel better in the afternoon... but i still "suffered" in the morn la... lol... then afternoon release of "a" lvl results... the dragon batch was the best batch in pj history... (but then actually pj quite new la... -.-) the percentage of As in each subj not v high though... makes me starting to worried... cox realise this could be harder than i thought... especially when history repeated itself... i've disappoint my chi teacher AGAIN!... the other time was 'o' lvl... seriously under performed... then and now... felt totally upset... din manage to hold back my tears... felt really lost... called up boyfriend and yongqi during my depression... yongqi sounded v strong which gave me strength to face up to reality... i'm more motivated to work harder now... started doing some reflection and realise the past few weeks i really slacked... as in i now longer sit at my desk and do homework for hours... start to worry for my common test too... omg... i nid more time!!!

too late to realise...

some picx...

tt day at mrs wee's house... ALL the s24 girls were present... in the pic oso-mrs wee and her sons...

today assembly some guys from duno which unit of SAF came to sing... i think everyone enjoyed their performance cox it was totally entertaining and impressing... actually got 6 ppl de... hehe... but dun dare hold the phone high so only manage to capture 4... lol...

our(the girls of s24) handphone charm! michelle gave it to us on v.day. nice.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

COLD!!! today is freezing cold. anymore cold jokes and i'll probably be frozen to death... lol.

been sneezing the whole day... terrible flu... think one of the most serious ones i hav this year... usually by the end of the day i would be quite alright le... but totally is really terrible flu... totally feel sick... plus my sore throat.. feel so horrible now... how i wish tml can dun go sch then stay at home and rest... but then... tml's the release of 'A' lvl results... cant missed it cox hav to take my chi and pw result oso... *pray hard*

today's totally not in the study mood.. but... today my study plan's suppose to start! how unlucky... maybe today slp early then tml wake up early study a bit ba...

had our pe theory test today... i actually passed! and wif quite a good grade... probably the best test result i hav this yr! omg... considering the fact tt i'm not sports-inclined...lol.

reach home quite late... saw the calender and realise today's my lunar bdae! lol... then i asked for my mian sian from my mom... but she say she cant cook cox the kitchen light spoil liao... so my dad went out to buy the light so that my mom can cook for me... (p.s. my mom oready cooked the proper dinner for the family b4 the day darkens)... *grins*


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