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Thursday, January 31, 2008

tml's fri. back in sching time(omg, i sound so old. =/) fri is always highly anticipated. not only it signifies tt weekend is approaching, it's also one of the day we have early dismissal. er. nt the case after we had chem xtra lesson. =/ u'll get to hear all the countdowns of the no. of lessons left till the end of school....

but now. fri is jux another day for me. weekend dun even hold much meaning anymore since most weekend i'm working. except tt sun finished at 630. the only thing to cheer about weekend. lol. but i think for another grp of ppl, weekend still means lots to them ba. which is the army guys. haha. the only time which they can come out and breathe the fresh air outside and gives themselves a break from all the training and all. meeting of frenz and family. haha. i bet weekend is more precious to them now then during schooling times. lol.
photos for yl's bdae celebration nt out yet. as in photo's still wif yl. my kuku phone i only took some random photo nia. like this...

haha. yup. we partied. my idea of making bdae girl wear party hat turn out EVERYONE got to wear. lol.initially i resisted and regretted suggesting tt. haha. i v scared of paiseh. v scared of the eyes of the strangers staring. but in the end it turned out fine. since everyone's wif you. =) even the drink wants a share of the fun. X)

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9:07 PM

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

shopping and it's back to work again. T.T cox one of the colleague fell sick. but tml i WILL be at home. cox gonna fetch my bro home! *grins* i've always enjoy fetching my bro home no matter how lazy i feel. hehe.

work is.... norm lor. today got stock delivery so there's something to kp me busy for quite some time.

nth much to mention but i want to watch sweeney todd!!! someone pls jio me go! i've NOT watch any movie for a LONG time. way b4 prom.(ya. luff all u wan. T.T)

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11:49 PM

hoho. and i discovered guides cookies(mint flavour) in its non-guides tin packaging. nt surprising cox nope. the cookies aint bake by guides. is from khong/kheng/kong guan. the quite famous de confectionary.(ok. the word seems a bit wrong. nvm. i admit my eng lan. chi better. haha. today got praise for my chi again! X) cox the person say"ur chi good leh. cox u even noe austria in chi" she said in chi of course. yup. swarovski crystals are from austria. but where's my A for my chi? T.T) anyway. back to the biscuit. nono. i'm nt gg to show how the packing is like. cox i dun wan spoil. i wan ppl to cont to support guides cookies! X) which comes in pretty guides pic decorated tin! hehe. then someone might jux come say."then y bother mention?" actually i oso duno. haha. but i do get pretty excited bout tt particular cookie. the mint flavour de. is VERY nice can. especially if u chill it in the fridge. yummy! *thumbs up*

and i did a crazy thing today. *grins* cant wait to see wat happens nxt. but no worries. nth to do wif my work. =)

and it's SHOPPING again tml! =)

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12:04 AM

Monday, January 28, 2008

and it happened again... jux when the shop was about to close. two china guys came in. they visited vivo outlet earlier and the shop has called us to tell us wat they wanted. so serving them was a breeze. well. the funny part is one of them asked "wat kind of chinese are there in sg?" i luffed a lil cox i tot the qn was weird. then i said there's no such thing bout diff kinds of chinese in sg (except the part bout chi speaking and eng speaking which i din mention. the guy helped me filled up tt part) i agreed. i think it's the part bout the way i speak tt made him ask this qn. now i really wonder. do i speak chi any differently from others which always give chinese-speaking customers(nt necessarily from china) the impression my chinese is not like norm singaporean? lol. funny.

well. so after work i had this craving for vitasoy. went to 7-11 and headed straight for vitasoy. held it in my hands and was wanted to pay for it. but i told myself to browse a while more. tot water chestnut would be nice. but i settled wif nescafe mocha. i realise i missed it ALOT. it totally reminded me bout all the sheng shiong trips we used to hav. all the stocking of food and coffee. i used to love gg to supermarket a lot. like after school i might jux pop into ntuc to look at the chocox and all. haha. yup. i did mention and i've always hate shopping alone. but gg to supermarket was totally a diff experience for me. though i noe nth bout choosing the greens or the fruits or the meat. but at times i'll still volunteer to help my mummy to go supermarket to get stuff. a bit auntie ya. haha. but i wun forget to give myself lil treats from the SWEET-a-li-cious corner when my craving comes. =) and the happiest moments would probably be when i got my pay and i bought ice cream for my dearest siblings. =) bought twice le. once last yr once this yr. love the smile on my bro's face. (of course this kind of thing excites my bro more than my sis ma.) and i always like to emphasize is I(yes ME) buy for him de. so tt he can love me more. X)

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11:48 PM

Sunday, January 27, 2008

two more days to go. then i'll hav THREE days of rest! weet~! and firstly. i'll hav to survive tml first. boo-ness can. cox tml early morn ard 10 i got to reach vivo to take stock. it's freaking two BIG boxes of pandas. lol. cox urgent ma.(the customer wants the stock so badly she cant even wait until wed. she better turns up tml if nt i kill her. lol. kidding. but this HAS happen b4. got once the customer die die oso wan the stock to come in b4 duno when. stock come le he following week then come. -.-" then say cox he busy. ) then the male colleague on off. then the other one got to open shop since only full timer got keys. so it's down to me to bring the panda over. tt's the bad thing bout having lil man power in the shop. T.T i duno how i'm gg to suvive all the stares from others when they see me dragcarry two LARGE bags. and they aint light la. =(

after tt i've got other things lined up to do. so tml wun be as slack as usual. hope it helps to make time past quickier.=)

i cant believe nxt week IS cny. like so fast can. i've nt yet pick up the festive mood leh. lol. though i noe i've been doing cny shopping. but it has always been MY excuse to go out walk walk. X) spend time wif my frenz. working life is TOO boring le. i cant believe every sun though i end work at 630. i go home straight la. -.-"

but at least i pampered myself to anderson's ice cream today. *grins*

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11:37 PM

Saturday, January 26, 2008

actually i've quite abit to blog about. but i duno where to start. =/ and when i finally settle myself comfortably in front of the com i forgot half the things tt i wanna mention. =(

well. ok. so today i went to suntec to work. work's definitely better there. more crowd. more busy. time past faster. ppl more friendly.

there was once i tot. after the suntec p/t guy leaves after feb. maybe i can request for transfer back to suntec. but now i dun think there's such possibility le. cox the guy din make it to jc like he wanted to. i'm not luffing at him or anything. in fact i pity him. cox he failed his eng. if nt he would hav made it. yup. he's L1R5 is jux borderline case. but like we've always known. if u fail eng for 'o' lvl. tt's the end of it. even if ALL ur other subj is A1 or A2. u still cant go jc de. and i bet he mux be utterly disappointed ba. i dun think he expected himself to fail eng. and wat i heard from my colleagues is tt his eng quite good de lei. hmmm. well. and i'm nt expecting myself to pass GP either. which is also one sad case. i'm NOT looking forward to getting my results. (ok. i noe i repeated this like 53218379 times but i REALLY VERY regret nt studying hard enuff ok....)

even though my eng is v poor. but my chi nt v fantastic either. haix. dun talk bout it... another sad case. but well. still i'm surprised tt today for the second or third time got chinese customer ask me if i'm singaporean! lol. cox they say my chi dun sound like local. in a way they mean quite good la. lol. they shd heard how my manager speaks. she chi sch de. her chi 1000 times more zai then me. and i dun even think mine's good k? cox when it comes to words like size and designs. i duno how to say in chi la. haha. maybe cox i mix less eng then other ppl they've met ba. and since i noe i got to be more formal when serving customers so i use less of LAs and LORs which gave them the impression i nt local. lol. me 100% singaporean k? hehe. and if i'm really tt gd i would hav gotten an A for my chi..... ahhh. stop thinking of the bad things. boo.

when one feels sad.... one shd eat chocolate. they say chocolate got duno wat thing inside which can make u feel happy....

i'm jux trying to make a link to my nxt topic. haha. yup. chocolate. today they gave me eat this GODIVA de dark chocolate wif peppermint... omg.... SO VERY NICE can. i NEVER liked dark chocolate la. but this one is yummy! nt v bitter and all. i hav this urge to buy a whole lot of it to store at home. haha. then v. day buy again to treat others. share the joy... but i realise peppermint nt everyone will like. nt possibly i go ask one by one who like peppermint and hu doesnt rite? lol. so. shall see again ba. and actually i'm nt looking forward to v. day either. cox i've got no date.(luff at me for all i wan) and i've got to work too. and when i go home i'll see all the couples.roses.chocolates.etc. blah. i AM jealous. =( nvm. i'll jux buy myself one whole lot of chocolate, put inside my bag. and pop it into my mouth like i'm eating drugs. waha. chocolate shall be my v. day date. lol. lame. watever. i'm mad. i've always been. X)

and i went crazy again ytd nite....

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11:11 PM

and so. it clashed again. heard some of the class peeps are gg watch movie tml. and last min manager ask me go work again. T.T but tml's at suntec. and is only from 12-8. so nt so bad la. but i cant see some of the guys' new look! haha. botak. i v 3 8 de. X) well. hope u ppl enjoy urself. i do hope one day i'll make it to the outing. *fingers crossed*

i'm still waiting for the pics. think yl busy. so ya. 23rd de post will be delayed.

and today i read from someone's blog.... i was so ENVY when i read bout this la.

there's this 2 girls.... who are best of frenz. so much tt the fren can go to her fren's hse when the fren is nt at home , play wif her game console. slp on her bed. pour herself water and even eat wif her family!! and if she nv visits ,the family would even ask bout her..omg can. they are SO close la. like real sister like tt. pls tell me u're envy too if u noe who i'm referring to and u've read her/their blogs.

and it's time to slp again! and once again. i stayed past 1230. ow. my panda eyes.....

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12:55 AM

Thursday, January 24, 2008

ytd was LOADS of fun. totally enjoyed myself. and i do miss my frenz!!!! long time nv see them le... now everyone's scattered into diff parts of sg. working. i really miss sch! today 'o' lvl result come out. when's our turn? i'm NOT looking forward to tt ok. cox i noe i could hav done better. the only reason to go back would be to see the peeps and the teacher...

more details bout ytd will be up when i get the picx from yl. plus i'm SUPER tired. i no energy to blog. lucky i got two days off. =) can recharge myself. almost had to go back to work. cox manager called when i on my way home to ask if i could work. though i a bit reluctant but i said yes. cox i noe the manpower limited. if this person cannot work and another person cannot work then is v ma fan liao. maybe the third person got to work alone. so poor thing. but my mummy wan go out so she tell me to stay at home. oh well. at least i can slp in. i'm deprived of slp. i almost tot i could fall aslp while standing jux now(at work). lol.

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11:30 PM

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i TOTALLY din feel like gg to work today. i wished i could slp on... slping late is no gd for me. i'm NON-nocturnal. and my dark circles gets darker and darker until i looking more and more like the pandas in my showcase. lol. and well. the panda is actually THIS yr's edition for member's collectibles. so there'll be members coming to ask bout them. and i myself nt only noe bout their details... i'm beginner to look like one of them. lol. and guess wat. swarovski's having sale on their older items. haha. but then there's no crowd to rush to buy these items. lol. and my outlet only sold ONE sale item out of the hundred over pieces. tot sale will attract more ppl. =/ maybe cox the item/design is old de so lil ppl wun wan buy even if it's discounted. if ppl can afford swarovski of course they'll wan the lastest design la. but only coming out in feb. =/ haha. enuff of promoting.

anyway. ytd i jux realised i'm so VERY SKINNY la. i've lost weight! (most probably/highly possible) cox i'm really left wif bones now la. i din really notice until ytd lor.(my wrist is SO small can. and my tummy is so very flat too! i mean last time when i discussed this wif my girls. they say no matter how skinny if sit down sure got a lil tummy de. then i say when i v skinny i sit down no tummy at all de lor. and yup. right now when i'm sitting and typing this... there's NO tummy!) then i so amazed(in a -ve way) by myself tt i cannot accept the fact lor. last time is skinny. now is VERY skinny. T.T like tt how to go bai nian? lol. ltr my relative tot i suffer TOO much at work. (though i did suffer. but my work din affect my appetite. X) it's jux tt since i only got one 1-hr break everyday. my lunch and dinner is tgt de. i RARELY eat after work. tt's y now like tt la. ow. ) i NEED+WANTS to GAIN weight! lol. and i think cny came jux the right time. =) ok la. it's nt all bout the suffering and talking bout me being skinny. but over skinny is really NOT nice de. a lot of clothes wear liao wun look nice. =x

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11:20 PM

first thing first. it's happie birthday to kenny! =) suppose to be a 21st thing but past midnite le. =/ nvm la. i did manage to drop him a friendster comment b4 12. hehe. i mostly blog after 12 de so maybe sometimes a bit late. lol.

nvm. at least i'm early to wish UNCLE happie birthday! waha. i noe u'll love the present tt i gave u. cox it's VERY cute! X) i oso wan a cute present for my bdae hor. hehe. (i noe i say b4 le but no harm reminding u. since ur mem not so good. =p)

and i'm even earlier if i were to wish yinling happie bdae. hehe. hers is on wed. consecutively 3days got ppl bdae. how cool is tt. lol. yl i'll do a proper post for u after the celebration on wed. =)

and yup. today went down to visit wr @ subway wm. she's looking good! hehe. jiayou girl. =) mux find one day when wj working then i oso drop by le. tsk. but does tt mean i got to eat subway again? =/ actually i got nth against subway. jux not very into it. and j1 yr end when working eat a lot until a bit sick of it le. lol. but i'll go for the cookies! hehe. and speaking of fast food. ahh.... today i went to dabao kfc then i jux found out they took out popcorn chicken from their menu le!!! T.T ok. i din see under menu but they dun hav the set le. popcorn chicken is actually my fav food in kfc lor. oso zinger la. but i prefer popcorn chicken. but last time seldom eat cox even set oso quite ex. then now dun hav le. T.T think meltz win popcorn chicken. lol.

time to slp. actually i told myself i mux try to slp at 1230 now instead of the usual 1+ cox i looking more like zombie le. my dark circles are HORRIBLE can. even my concealer CANNOT cover. and i hav to put a few layers la. lol. (but still can see abit) now it's past 1230. ytd i succeed. today i failed. =(

i actually wanted to put this as my msn nick "i wan to slp at 1230 everynite. if u see me online after 1230 pls remind me to slp" but it's so funny can. lol. got to think of better nick le. i like forever using the same nick de. sometimes i wan to change de lor. but cant think of good nick to use. i will NEVER put my name as my nick de. cox i dun like my name. =x then dun put name i wanted to put a fullstop. but like so common like tt. or ltr ppl say i copy leo. lol. tt's y u'll seldom see me change nick. haha. i'm a boring girl. kuakua.

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12:27 AM

Sunday, January 20, 2008

and so i went shopping wif my girl again!

she's none other than....

ms OYQ! hehe. (sorry for the blur image)

and if u're expecting more pic or u think this pic like so formal for a neoprint. sry not showing others cox the others are too comical.(or tt my face too ugly) XD

it's oso yq's bro bdae today. so happie bdae to yq's bro! hehe.

we went to bugis first. i bought more BLACK stuff. haha. today i bought black shoe and black skinny jeans. ytd was black cardigan. lol.

we oso went town after tt. paragon and taka(!!! haha. she'll noe wat i mean. but a v fruitful trip other than the part we ate the super nice chicken wing. =D )

sorry for holding u up. but really thanks for the company. =) cya u on wed! hehe. and some others too!!!

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10:49 PM

Saturday, January 19, 2008

hoho. back to blog. but nono. there's NO photo. zero. so if u're nt ready to read a wordy post the [x] is jux at the top right hand corner.

yup. so. ytd....

three's a party... so for the FIRST time, the three of us(excluding manager) worked together. morning was quite awkward cox the male colleague was emo-ing. v quiet sia. me and the other girl feels tt something is nt right. well. we din really get to fine out but afternoon he was better le. so we were joking ard while doing cleaning. cox everything mux do until nice nice for the event. then packing and stuff. and i got to go home early(at 6) cox after tt manager came to join us and four's a crowd.

then today ma. I WENT SHOPPING! wee~! i really miss YQ and SW lots!!!! *huggx* and yup. i managed to buy my black cardigan! *grins* walk walk chat chat. happie! hehe. then sw had to go work. me and yq walked somemore till evening. she had to go for her wedding dinner and i met my suntec colleague(who's oso on off today) to shop somemore! hehe. (if u're thinking." i tot this girl say her colleagues until like nt so good then how come she still go out wif her colleague,"well. i DID mention is suntec de colleague. nt raffles hotel de colleague ma.)

yup. so i'm almost done wif my cny shopping. this time rd it was quite a quick one. and yup. i TOTALLY enjoyed myself today! hehe.

i like good bargains. i love sales!

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11:54 PM

Thursday, January 17, 2008

i think i forgot to mention bout the part i took 190 home. i really miss taking 190 home lor. LOTS k? i mean i've been taking 190 home(mostly.) for the past two yrs la. even tt time when yr end i work i oso take 190 home de lor. and it's been a long time since i took 302 too! and ytd i was lucky enuff to be on the friendly uncle's bus! hehe. 302 got this v friendly driver who greets everyone he sees. and if he sees u're rushing for the bus, he'll wait for u no matter how far u are. =) or even u're jux walking towards the busstop, if the timing is nt peak period he'll oso wait de. and now mux pay adult fare so cannot take 302 anyhow. i've been walking to and fro mrt station everyday la. T.T last time when i lazy i'll take 302 to mrt station. haha. nw cannot liao. =/

and i do miss lots of things. for one, i miss YQ! waha. X) i'm looking forward to this weekend! wee~!

and i miss my other frenz too. missing lots of them and missing them lots. =)

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11:09 PM

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the girl woke up at 730 800( cox she went back to slp after visiting the washoom. lol.) cox she's heading to HQ @ delta hse. nope. she din do anything wrong this time. she jux went to collect her cheque(like finally) if dun collect today ltr by weekend cannot clear arh. then she no $ go shop. hehe. shopping this weekend is much anticipated! *grins* but nah. she's nt rich. disappointed look when she open the envelope. haix. after paying her bill and some shopping she's back to square one again. and life w/o using hp is TERRIBLE considering the fact tt her sms is ave 1.8k/mth. and did i mention this b4...? tt got once this particular chi newspaper featured a teenager who sms 1k message. and they actually bold the 1k and in big font la. -.-" like so big deal like tt. like tt i 1.8k can oso go newspaper headline liao. really leh. first page lor. and somemore 1k is a lot but not so amazing can. im sure got other teenagerS who sms 2k-3k per mth la.

oh well. anyway. other than me waking up early. i oso got home late. cox i went to paragon after work to collect stock.(but they nv pay me OT lei. lol.) since i at paragon i went to visit qw. she so busy la. haha. i walk the shop duno how many rds le then get to talk to her. lol. but she's grown prettier! hehe. more catch up nxt time k? =)

so yup. nth much to mention. i jux wan my (hp)line back asap. i'm dying w/o being able to sms! especially at times when working no customer i can really bored to death lor. my guy colleague jux bought a new phone and he v obsessed wif it lor. i talk to him he oso no response which make me even more bored now! boo-ness.

i bet these few days the office ppl will be coming down since the event is approaching. ahh... better behave and hope i dun make any serious mistake again le.... *fingers crossed*

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11:44 PM

and ppl. ya. my phone line got cut off AGAIN. and this time instead of cutting outgg first like a warning. they but both! tt means i cant receive sms oso. TT so if anything pls leave a tag. tks. service will resume by sat.

nt i dun wan to pay. but too ex le. sms too much. =x then my nov pay only $200+ nia. bill $100. u think i dun need eat meh? and now is ADULT fare for transport leh. haix.

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1:04 AM

work. no comments. everything seems fine. =)

on the way home. meet a lot of strange ppl sitting BESIDE me.

first it was this uncle and auntie couple. the auntie was dressing v sexily then kp bringing things out from her bag and tell the uncle she wants to buy this and tt la. then occasionally she would speak her UNfluent eng. then she sms dun let the uncle see. -.-" say he cannot peek. anyway most of the time the uncle jux say ok nia. then close his eyes and rest. haha. then at one pt the auntie say a cute bear keychain hanging on someone's bag in front of her and she told the uncle mux find something like tt and buy for her hor. -.-"

after they FINALLY alight, got this four IMMATURED KIDS who talked very loudly one was sitting my side. two was sitting oppo. one was standing cox she angry wif something. then the one sitting my side was telling the two oppo to look at the plastic bag of the person sitting nxt to them. cox it's a SEVENTEEN(the magazine) de bag then he was saying like "the plastic bag got my age leh" -.-" big deal. xiao didi. and somemore when u shout across like tt u oso make the person holding the plastic bag paiseh lor.

then after some time. the trio decided to sit on my side. then the angry girl sit oppo. actually she dun look angry la. cox at times she got sneak a smile. then suddenly she went up to slap on of the guy for duno wat reason. but it wasnt a hard one la. mad la her. and u noe wat? all FOUR ppl are weird looking la. i mean REALLY! i duno how to explain but none LOOK normal.(yup. their LOOKS.) oops. paiseh. but they are really immature lor. u noe the girl who slapped ltr still can smile lor.(cox the trio wasnt angry bout the slapping and was saying duno wat.) she's nt even serious bout being angry y she anyhow slap ppl? diao.

now a days ppl are getting weirder and weirder... lol.

ytd i had a dream...

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12:32 AM

Monday, January 14, 2008

and bad luck jux fell on me AGAIN! rah. i seriously duno wat's happening to me lor. nth seems to be gg the rite way for me....

today off day. they wanted me to go back work cox one of them got urgent things to do but i din go back cox i had to fetch my bro. =) smiley face cox u all noe how much i love my bro la. hehe. he ended at 1. b4 tt my mummy ask me buy food but i say i wait for bro then bring him there tgt. hehe. a chance to spend more time tgt. hehe.

the suay thing is... this happened on my way back....

notice the brown brown part? yup. the thing came off and i couldnt really walk wif tt. the lucky thing is i was oready at my hse downstairs le. if nt i'll hav to walk barefooted home wif my feet burning. well. it might be windy and cold outside when i'm blogging rite now. but it was really very hot when i went to fetch my bro lor.

i'm NOT saying ripples shoes are lan. in fact i LOVE them. this is my second ripples shoe le. and i'll still buy them if i see another design i like. =)

now i hav no black footwear for me to wear to work. and i DONT want to walk ard wif tt cheapo and UGLY shoe tt i wear during work. ( i want my pay! i want buy new black shoe! argh.)

and talking bout being suay. few days back my earpiece spoil AGAIN. and it's the SAME prob! the prob is tt there is NO sound coming out from the right side of the earpiece. so tt day i went to search for a new earpiece. cost $38 for original one. tt time my hse there got pasar malam so i went to ask. the ppl wan sell me second hand de for $30 la. mad. i nv buy. in the end i bought at a shop which sells $25( the previous day i ask the another person tell me $22 lei. but i lazy to argue.) though the person nv say but i presume is second hand oso. but tt time i was thinking budget abit nxt time then buy better one. walao. din even last me for ONE mth la. then oso the RIGHT ear piece spoil. seriously how come arh? but the root of the prob is diff la. i test b4 le. sooner or later my LEFT ear is gg deaf cox only the LEFT side of the earpiece is working. T.T

and yup. ppl. it DOES matter which side of the earpiece u put into which ear. cox there was this once i anyhow stuck into my ear. then the music turn out v nan ting. then i tot the earpiece spoil. turn out is cox i put wrong ear. lol. maybe the diff is nt obvious for most but there IS some difference. maybe our ears work differently on each side ba. hmmm.

ya. so i'm stuck wif one sided earpiece. T.T and SE phone de earpiece is so ex la. then the plug is so diff tt cannot jux buy any kind and use. haix. i got see cheapo de b4 oso. like $5 or $10 but the earpiece they make until VERY ugly can. i then dun wan to use. XD

Painting a PRETTY mess.
3:32 PM

Sunday, January 13, 2008

links updated. pls inform me if there's any mistake or changes or add-ons. tks. =) happy blogging! hehe.

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11:50 PM

gah. work was short. more backstabbing "story" or watever i shd call it. i jux wanna leave. but got to wait till feb. cox mux wait for hh. she oso quitting. then we go find tgt. tt time find tgt end up nv work tgt. -.-" working alone is very poor thing can. well. i noe there's still my colleagues to spend time wif but they dun really noe u well and they live in worlds diff to ours. afterall they are OFFICIAL working adults. i still consider myself STUDENT! X) student on hols. keke. my pt is. getting along and understanding(+acceptance) each other is two DIFFERENT thing lor.

my theory:
getting along- to be able to work along and am able to converse wif each other casually. [they may not like u but they PRETEND to like u.]
understanding(+acceptance)- it's more than jux working along. cox working along can be a false front put by others. they might be talking bad bout u behind ur back. they doubt u in everyway u behave. u nice to them they think u got evil intention. u nt nice to them they talk bad bout u.u dun talk they tot u got problem. u talk a lot they think u very noisy and irritating. [if they understand u, they'll be able to accept and accomodate u]

confusing? nvm. let's jux say i'm nt mature enuff to handle the politics in the working place. i say until like my workplace v bad like tt. i used to be ok wif my workplace and colleagues and the job. but sry. jux like the saying "ri4 jiu3 jian4 ren2 xin1" which translate to something like u'll see other ppl's true colours after spending more time wif them. it's true. u'll nv noe wat's on their mind. when they smile at u it can be:
1. tt they are nice ppl and am gg to treat u nicely-as a family
2. tt u're here for them to bully.

i think tt things are too complicated here. i wan to escape to a place where there wun be such complications. now i'm like "walk one step count one step"-"zhou yi bu shuan yi bu" everyday i go to work w/o knowing wat to expect.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

forget bout the part bout me waking up in the early morn to watch doreamon wif my siblings. when i went back to slp and wake up again it was 1 plus le. and it was my mummy who woke me up. haha. if nt i hav no idea wat time i'll wake up. lol. anyway. tt's nt my pt. my pt is. i caused another trouble at work again! T.T i woke up and found a msg tt says i mux call my workplace and it's written there "urgent!" i din noe wat to expect. turn out i did something VERY wrong ytd. and now i'm suppose to write a report to the office when i go back t work tml. yup. tt's how serious my mistake was. and i'm really dead meat k. my mistake is explainable. it's jux tt i kp causing trouble. so paiseh can. i'm like such a headache to my manager and colleague. =/ now i thinking of leaving my workplace. so today i tried to look for job on the newspaper. but none to my liking. =/ call me fussy or watever. and the issue of changing job like kp appearing but end up i still end up in this job. lol. haix. really duno wat to think now. jux hope everything will be better. 2008 is suppose to be a better year for me. yet barely two weeks after the last incident this thing come up again. ow. i think it's telling me i'm nt suitable for the job and maybe it IS time to change. haha. i need a job to attract me to change w/o much hasitation.....

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Friday, January 11, 2008

OT today cox got technicians coming down to fix the showcase lights. part of preparation for the event on 19th and 20th. many things are being done. they are fixing lights la door la. even new telephone line. lol. much effort is put into it. hope it's a success. wun be there to witness it. hope i'll be doing my shopping at tt time. hehe. but it's provided tt i get my pay this week la. my pay day is nt fixed de. is see the office take how long to calculate all the part-timers' pay. then somemore the office ppl all so busy wif the event oso. duno if they'll drag anot. =/

i'm tired. aint gg on anymore. cox i ended work at 10+ by the time i reach home ard 1120. *yawns* off to slp now. bb.

i'm having a well deserved break tml! =)

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

and so i went back to work. spent the day sms-ing away. oops. =x but i nv use when there's customer in store hor. and i missed this call from sentosa this morn cox few days back i applied for some temp/short term job as ambassador cum usher. i tot the job was fun and since i'll be able to fit in my schedule so i gave it a try. then when they call me i missed it! gah. i tried to call back but the line was engaged for a while. i try again and finally got thru. turn out the person say cox THEY calling a list so he duno who called me(as in duno my name on which list) so MAYBE the person will call again when he or she runs thru the list once. waited but no news. T.T though i admit i'm NOT a sun-lover but i really wanted to give the job a try. being an ambassador sounds fun.... i guess once the chance slips away it'll nt come back again le... haix. bad luck. ow.

tml's back to work again. then finally sat off. so many ppl's falling sick. tml another colleague taking MC again. duno who will be working wif me. but if sat got ppl take mc i'm NOT gg to agree to work. haha. i noe i'm hungry for the money but i've been working 6 days straight le. i need time to rest too. i'm NOT a robot. lol.

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10:47 PM

hello suntec!

so in the end i din work for half day only. in fact, i worked from 12 to 2130 at SUNTEC! hehe. it's been ONE whole mth since i last worked there. i miss working there. though the shop is smaller and darker. haha. cox suntec de is inside shopping mall ma. so no window for outside view and outside sunlight to shine thru. can really see the difference in the kind of crowd. the lvl of spending power, nationality etc it's oso less bored cox at least there occasionally will hav ppl come in and see see look look.

on top of no half day... tml i got to work! tml suppose to be my off day le. like tt i working for 6 days straight le. lol. my manager is sick. poor her. hopes she get well soon.

and today i saw the catalog for the new products this yr le. got one pendant is in the shape of ipod! haha. got lightbulb and headphone oso. lol.

then today on the way home there's this rat tt crossed my path some distance away. it crawled onto the grass patch then come back again leh! hai me dun dare walk. i wanted quickly walk past it but it seemed like it's moving in the same direction as me la. then i stood there for a while and wait for it to stop b4 i move on. i so scared it'll follow me la. though the chancex nt v high. haha. i hate rats! gah.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

hoho. back from work. tml work half day and i hav a day off! wee~!

today whole day very cold la. gah. somemore rain....

yup. tt's raffles hotel from mac's window. i'm spying. XD kidding la. but i like window seat. usually i'll take window seat as much as possible. i dun really noe why. hehe. maybe cox can look at outside then not so bored ba. like when u on the bus or train...

more stock take today. still got lots haven finish. lol. ytd do earrings today do ring. tml doing bracelet. lucky i'm nt assigned to do pendant. tt one can die la. think got 200 or 300+ kinds arh. i do the earring oready wan die liao. lol. cox need to check the display first then do the stored stock. nt easy can. nt like u jux sit there and count lor. lucky all the amt can tally. i then dun wan pay for any missing item lor. i mean if got things missing then cannot find out the reason. then mux divide the cost among the colleagues. then my here only got 3 ppl leh. one thing 100++ divide le still a lot la. diao. i so poor le. lol.

i wan find a job tt only work one day a week or work only weekend lei. ppl gt recommendation ma? i wan hold two job tgt then i can earn enuff for my braces! T.T i like everyday rant bout the same things over and over. haha. tt's cox i now nt much life ma. today i planned my shopping list again lor. so many things yet so tight a budget. ow.

and speaking of cny. any mass house visiting this yr? somebody organise pls... hehe. last yr de was fun lor. somemore the 3rd day of cny is sat so i suppose the army boys wun hav to go back? hm. nt sure...

i jux wanna hav fun....!!!

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Monday, January 07, 2008

another day at work. today the OM(operation manager) came down! lol. well. last time i din noe OM can be quite a impt ppl. er. as in one of the higher ranked ppl in the office. and basically if u work in the office u are generally higher ranked than those working in the shop le. (generally) then if u higher rank than those in the office.... then u like vip liao. haha. ok. b4 i get into more confusion. jiu. high rank la. and omg la. she's less than 30 in terms of age can. young and pretty(really. she v fair somemore.) and capable. really admire her sia. if only i can be as successful in life as her....

well. she din came down alone la. got other ppl oso. they came to do some planning for the 19th and 20th event which i'm not working. wonder how the event would be like... hmm.... but since i nt working on the two days and since it lies on weekend... it means i can go shopping! waha. by then i shd get my pay le. *grins* there's so many things i wanna buy la.... and new on the list. black cardigan!!! waha. cox ms lazy is lazy to change her clothes b4 and after work. and she's tired of walking ard in her swarovski tee so she wants to hide it wif a cardigan. i want it to be black cox my tee and skirt and shoe is black ma. and maybe a black shoe too. now i've been wearing my slippers to and fro work. (i only wear the $10 cheapo shoe DURING work. i leave it there de) and i find it v ugly to wear skirt and slippers la. though my slippers are black too.

so many black stuff but i dun think can wear for new yr so for new yr gonna get another set of stuff! waha. looks like i'm really gg on a spree! wee~! hope the sales are still on. wait for me~!!! tsktsk.

oh ya. i oso think stock count for earrings today. waseh. see the shop small small they got 100 over earrings la. lol. at least tt's something to kp me occupied. more to come tml. duno to be happy or sad. =/

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Sunday, January 06, 2008


it's such a BIG news can. i like VERY (^10000) long nv read a book le. i really CANNOT rmb the last time i finish a book. y i say finish. cox last time i got ATTEMPT to read. go lib wif my fren. asked for recommendation. borrowed. read a bit. din finish then hav to return liao. haha. and today i actually finished this book in ONE DAY! haha. yup. i did work today. i brought it to my workplace to read. am i allowed to do tt? er. i nt sure leh. but today sales was HORRIBLE. only one pathetic sales. nt much walk in either. haha. so i v free to read. X)

see the twist? i'm proud of myself la. keke.

this is actually my sis de lit text. tot the story was familiar. think they got extract the passage for eng textbk. so i borrowed to read. ya. like i said the other time, i TOTALLY can imagine myself picking up books after 432592865 yrs. and i did! haha. i bet many ppl din noe i was quite a bookworm during my pri sch yrs. i used to hide books under my table and read during lesson! haha. my teachers knew bout it too. sometimes they threaten to confiscate. haha. but i wasnt alone la. got other ppl also. tt time we read "mary-kate and ashley" and "baby sitter club" b4 u start luffing. i think i shd remind u tt was when i was in PRIMARY sch. there's really nth funny bout reading these at tt age lor. and becox i read so much, my form teacher even asked me to become reading buddy to my then juniors who are weak at reading. =)

i really enjoyed being a reading buddy. the school even specially decorated a classroom for tt. cute furniture and furnish and inside is equipped wif all the books and educational games and STICKERS! which the reading buddies(us) can use to reward our buddies. =)

i miss those times...

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10:01 PM

weet~! i got my first ad on my blog! waha. and it's NATIONAL TREASURE sia. omg la. been saying i wanna watch even before it started showing in cinema until now i nv watch. T.T now it's appearing on my blog so it's hinting i MUST go watch!!!! =D would anyone be free to pei me go watch? haha.

used my prom pic as my friendster dp. one which i cleverly used my phone to cover my teeth. waha. same old trick which i've been using over and over again. and to think prom was over for like duno how many yrs liao. i only uploaded tt and the class photo. and i mux be fair ma. if i put me and some grp or someone and nv put the others(cox i feel i look ugly in the pic) ppl might think i bias. haha. unless i go put shapes to cover my face then let u all see the other ppl. haha. then u'll see 9 out of 10 pic i cover my face de. X)

10 more hrs and i'm back to work. lucky tml sun only until 630.

i cant wait to go shopping!

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

nah. i'm not hungry. had my branch earlier on and one big pack of soya bean milk. haha. realise tt whether i workin anot i only eat two meals a day now. lol. v skinny liao but getting skinnier again. =/ nt a good thing huh. ltr v hard to find nice clothes to fit. waha. these few days i've been very excited bout new yr shopping sia. yup. as in chi new yr. though still got one mth away but the tot of gg on spree jux perks me up! hehe. endless of rants bout my TINY wardrobe. i'm determined to change it. maybe nt overnite but slowly ba. i need some fashion advice!

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Friday, January 04, 2008

ms sua ku(mountain tortise) strikes again! lol. ms sua ku din noe tt the basement of raffles city is a food paradise. tt's y she was stuck wif fish soup and mac. she din noe RC had her fav cheese sausage wif mashed potato from CHIPPY.(all along she tot only far east hav. =/) she din noe there was loads more other food which she can eat jux by crossing one street. and yet today the sua ku happily tot tt she will walk to bugis(actually bugis nt v far from RH. jux tt RC is nearer to RH.) to check out the basement. cox the other day she saw from the mag got quite a lot of food tt she nv see or hear b4 de. turn out she oso nv buy anything to try cox she scared ltr nt nice. she wants someone to company her to try. lol. end up she ate at toast box. she had an UNGLAM lunch.

i'm nt saying tt eating the traditional toast+egg+tea is unglam. it's the way i'm eating it tt's unglam. nt tt i wan stuff so many tissue there de lor. cox me duno how to crack half boil egg ma. =/ everytime if i eat will hav ppl crack for me de lor. XD or if i eat at ya kun they crack hao hao then give us de lor. then i din know i shd knock the egg against the plate or use the spoon to knock the egg. so i tried using the spoon first. end up i made a mess. kuakua. so throw face can. then the place dun give serviette de la. kuku. hai me got to spend 30cents to buy the "toast box tissue" lol. second time i knocked the egg against the plate. it turned out better. lol. had some difficulty finishing the toast. din wan finish at first de. but then tell myself dun waste so i finished. ordered the peanut topping one which was v sticky. sticks to my teeth often. =x

the food is nt really tt bad la. wat's bad is tt i had to eat ALONE! i HATE+LOATHE+DETEST+SHOOS the idea of eating alone. tt's y always da bao. but duno y today nv. then end up i was caught in the rain by the time i heading back. *shivers* so cold can. boo-ness la. if only i discover the basement of RC earlier. at least i only have to run in the rain for ONE street nia. and they got lots of nice takeaway food or wat ever u call them. u'll HARDLY see me sitting down ALONE and eat PROPER meal. so if alone i tend to go for those finger food or watever la. haha. though today duno why i managed to bring myself to sit down and eat alone.

but i still wan to complain... y RC got jollibean no mr bean?!? haha. i never say jollibean not nice k. i only say i PREFER mr bean. LOVE the pearly soya LOTS!!!! tt time cck interchange open one mr bean i VERY happy lor. but now. open liao i oso nv pass by cck interchange le. -.-"

i miss all my frenz!

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

wee~ another off day well spent! *thumbs up*

afternoon went for interview to hand in application form wif alwyn(was told it was an interview. turn out.... lol. nvm.)then went for last min rush to buy things. ow. sorry girls. due to time constraint couldnt get v fantastic gifts for u all. =/ and tks alwyn for the company. =D

we went to find qw during her break. had to fix the gathering today(postponed from last week) cox other days at least 2 of us would be working le. =/ ate at this new jap food outlet. they have this machines which u use to make order. so cool la. but the food not as cool. lol. most of us think we wun visit a second time. =x

then we did our gift exchange. hehe.

wr forgot to bring cox she had to rush out. but it's ok girl. fedex to our hse k? tsk. kidding.=p

US!!! <33
more meetup nxt time ya. =) take care peeps. off to slp now. tml got work. T.T

and i TOTALLY went crazy over ___ today. XD

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

i'm SO into 2008. y? cox i TOTALLY hav NO prob writing dates at all! i mean u noe last time when sch reopens. u start writing dates on ur assignments. u tend to write the WRONG yr. do u ppl experience tt b4? well. i did last time. but now i duno y i NEVER write wrongly leh! somemore when i work, when ppl buy things i have to write the date on their warranty booklet. i write 07 for almost a mth le but i can jux easily change to 08 now. lol. or izzit cox when schooling tt time hols v long nv write date tt's y when wan to write again will write wrongly? hm. but hor always las min rush assignment de ma.( XD ) then oso will write dao date. watever it is... i DO hope 08 would be a better yr for me.

school reopens today. my sis's first day in her sec sch. but no chance to talk to her bout it lei. cox when i come home the two kids slp liao. but when my mummy go bathe my didi got sneak out to wish me good nite la. how SWEET! hehe. now u see why i always go crazy bout my bro le ba. cox he's shuai and nice. X)

since we no longer goes to sch. (at least for now) it oso means no student concession/fare for us! T.T it cost me $1.60 to travel to city hall la. plus the trip back i one day need spend $3.20 on transport. like tt one mth a lot leh! ow. another source of corrosion of my income. =(

but working there is still pretty much enjoyable. the issue tt took place. somewhat settle le. i do hope i'll nt cause anymore trouble. =x and today tallie kenny dropped by! haha. so tall liao still wear tt tall white chef hat(think got a name for it ba but i duno wat. lol.) i only found out ytd tt he's working at raffles hotel too lor. he oso only ytd then find out. lol. no wonder the other day i tot i saw him walk past my shop. but when i rush out he gone liao. ppl tall leg oso long. haha. and ONLY today then i noe RH got basement. =/ so kuku la. to think i work at RH for nearly one mth le. actually till now i still nt familiar wif RH. lol. i'm confined to my little corner. i noe wat's beside, in front and few doors away. the rest i duno liao. haha. kuku like usual. kuakua.

and i TOTALLY hate myself for forgetting bout the bbq ytd. though ended at 10. but by the time i rush from work ard 9 can reach le. see one hr i oso happie. haha. really miss them alot. ahh.... can i request for more gathering pls.....

and hor. s24 de gathering i always cmi de leh. always happen to fall on the day i working. double boo-ness la. i'm missing out all the fun! ow.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

i wasnt really looking forward to gg to work today. i dragged as much as i could at home so i can jux reach ON THE DOT. i NEVER late hor. =) and i tried to avoid as much questioning as possible to prevent any further conflict or wat so ever. tml i'l hav to face the other person. i'm really crossing my fingers now. cox she really got one nasty temper too. but at the end of the day she's still very nice de. she's somewat like me. at the moment when something takes place which really crosses ur limit, u jux let ur emotion rule ur head. ltr to find out i was too rash which then leads to more unhappiness. boo-ness. it's oso one thing which i wanna change bout myself. i wan to learn to control my emotions better. i hope i can succeed. =)

i bet everyone enjoyed themselves during the countdown ba. for me. no special celebration. while everyone was outside squeezing for a place to watch the fireworks or spending time wif their frenz and family. i was sitting comfortably at home using the com like any other day. i still rmb. though last yr i spend my last few moments of 2006 WORKING. but we were allowed to join in the fun! gosh. it's one of the most memorable countdown for me le lor.

everything looks so near yet so far. like i can totally recall the countdown 2006/2007. but A lvl seems further away! lol. but it's a good thing tt good things are rmb-ed and not-so-gd ones are being left behind. =)

but some things tt are NOT suppose to be forgotten i actually forgot! omg la. i TOTALLY forgot bout the BBQ today! no wonder when i was on the way home i felt like i gg home v early leh... ahhh.... sry ppl. T.T

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few days ago it was "MERRY CHRISTMAS" now it's:


ow. i guess i wasnt in time for my resolution. haha. but i did hav them in my mind... some of them are more like my wishes for 2008. haha. but i noe one thing for sure tt i wan to change is my lateness and my temper and my looks! (haha. can i hav my braces pretty pls....?)

well. i do hope tt 2008 would be a better yr for me. but 2007 din end off well. some really unpleasant things happened at work and i cried la. i knew nth was perfect. but i noe i'm one of the contributing factor to this unpleasant event. seriously upon reflection. i cannot really pt out wat led to this tt's y i cant go into details too. so jux hope tml everything would be fine la. u noe i was SO VERY scared jux now i tot of walking of of the job? cox i duno how to face my colleasgues tml. today i'm working wif a colleague from suntec de. tt's y things din turn out the right way. let's jux put a full stop here. cox it's suppose to be a NEW YEAR. brand new start. =)

so much for new yr. i still got to go work tml. lol. and like any other times. i watched fireworks FROM MY WINDOW! haha. malaysia's fireworks again! haha.

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