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Monday, October 15, 2007

cut my hair few days back. condition is TERRIBLE! argh. duno how to face ppl liao. T.T i wan faster rebond again!!! after A lvl. *grins* which is pretty soon. which oso means tt the dooms day is really approaching liao.omg. only two weeks left la. two weeks ago it was 1 mth to a lvl. now is one mth plus to AFTER a lvl. duno to be happy or sad. =x

ask yourself. are u mugging hard enuff?

Painting a PRETTY mess.
2:04 PM

Friday, October 12, 2007

last day of sch. mixed feelings. well. nobody cried. cox we noe we'll still be seeing each other. jux no more formal lesson. no more slping in class. no more arguing wif the teachers. no more joking wif the teachers. took TONS of photos. when i say TONS it's really ALOT. jux gonna share some of them. cox if i put all i think will take like years to finish. lol.

me and haihui made this for the class. =) actually still got nv-see-b4 de hello panda and some sweets packed nicely de. but din take pic. some other girls wrote notes for us too. hehe. tks a lot. =D

the girls! missing:qw and wj

sitian me haihui.

if u think i'm too bias then me put one guys de photo lor. haha.

i love my pw mates. =)

this is wat happens when the person is not ard. and ppl are trying to take pw grp photos. LOL. i din do this hor. can see it's nt my handwriting....

we love miss tan. =D

and flemming's left hand rule. =D

the last thing we did b4 we leave college is this! our tapestry for this yr.<3>

there's loads more pic de. but then. time limited. haha. after a lvl i put one entry wif all the photo. since got WHOLE day to sit in front of com and do nth. haha. and i bet tt entry will be super long cox of the photos. =) though by then the photos will be outdated. but memories stays. we'll always rmb the times we spent in 06s24. love 06s24. <33

and not to mention the thing tt happen to us when we step out of college. well. a motorbike skiied(i noe i noe. my eng is still as poor as ever)and some auntie pushed the blame to us. so we stood there wif the motorist for some time and indeed caused quite some commotion. i dun deny we were to blame but everyone was at fault k.

we were at fault cox we crossed as a big grp. sort of block the front view.the lady was at fault cox she flagged the cab tt's why the cab had to turn to inner lane and hit the motorbike. the motorist was at fault cox he was sort of speeding. really something like speeding k? could hear it rush past us. but lil did we noe the motorbike crashed jux behind us. lucky no death no serious bleeding. for most of us. it's the first time we came so close to traffic accident and to think we're at fault in a way or two. well. in the end all was fine now. wat an experience.

Painting a PRETTY mess.
5:49 PM

Thursday, October 04, 2007

my blog's stagnant. haven been coming online. =) increase pts for discipline. but nope. w/o my com there's oso other distraction so my mugging hasnt been very fruitful. =/ and i tend to doze off when i'm sitting at my table and revise. turn out i slp in early. attempt to wake up earlier in the morn to compensate. er. 1 out of 2 succeed. but guess it's still better to study ltr into the nite than to wake up earlier. cox it's really difficult!

today me got hold of f.i.r's album! wee~! <3 so long me no new song liao. hehe. and only f.i.r would motivate me to step into the cd shop and get their original album. =) so yup. realise i haven gone into cd shop for VERY long time le. lol. so kuku.

wif every passing day. the nightmare inches closer.

Painting a PRETTY mess.
6:44 PM

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