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Saturday, January 31, 2009

last week day of the week is over~! and i'm not cheering though i have programmes lined up for the weekends. cox my sch work is piling up!!! =( so many things to do so lil time. been hanging out till late v often recently. mon and tue there's the cny. wed sent axg off. ytd was out wif some frenz. then today in sch for steamboat and karaoke! haha. yup. i mention karaoke. when i saw them mention ktv session i was like"ey. how they gg to do tt?" turn out they did! there's the audio equipment locked up in some cupboard. then a senior brought mikes. then there's a projector and a big screen outside LT25 which i nv noticed b4. and connect a lappy and search for vid on youtube and there u hav it! cool huh. but then today i nv sing tough. scared to embarrass myself. muaha. x)

tutorials hav started and jap is really cool~! haha. cant believe i said tt. BUT! it's also quite a headache for me. cox half the time i dun understand wat the sensei is talking bout. cox like i mention, tutorials are conducted in japanese! zzz. i'll try my best though. jiayou le.

got to kp this entry short cox i got tutorial to rush! today(sat) i got make up tut for the one i missed during cny. boohoo. till then~

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

ytd was quite an interesting day~! the last day of sch for the week before the long weekend. ok. the sching part wasnt so interesting. 8am lesson again. and i was like the second last to reach? (but the last was only 10sec behind me. -.-") dozed off at some pt so it's terribly early~! argh. then there was a long 4 hrs break.had a lil meeting. did a lil work. took a lil photo. went for my scamp interview which i was slightly late cox i forgot bout it. =x not sure how i did but oh well~

then 2 lectures back to back and the second one ended after 1hr 15mins! when it's suppose to be ard 1hr 45mins. so i went to msr to do some reading for my math while waiting for yanjun and shaox. dinner-ed wif their frenz whom i duno. then shaox went off for his lecture then me and yanjun started our roaming ard.

yanjun was suppose to head to airport to send chin fung off but he was v kind to company me to rail mall to surprise someone. but since we were early we went to bukit timah plaza to hunt for something first. haha. in the end we were still early. sat at a busstop slightly further away from rail mall so tt we wun get spotted in any case and had a lil chat. suddenly plan change cox the grp at rail mall was rather late for their plan. so i decided i would jux turn up for the surprise and leave for airport! =x so after the thing me and yanjun were on the road again. we took 67 to kallang then change mrt. the journey was rather interesting. y? cox we past by a lot of places we've been b4! as in wif the other seniors over the hols. there was the timah market which we were there for dessert once, then there was newton, then there was lil india. and finally kallang! that's where u'll take bus to the leisure park and that's the kbox tt wun chase ppl out even until 830pm or was it 930 pm? (when the session is suppose to end at 7. x) )

chin fung's taking A380 overseas! omg. so cool la. he say tt the lower deck de cost 1.8k and upper deck de cost 10k+! tt's so ex~! at the airport we took some photos. chatted a lil here and there. but we couldnt stay for long cox the last train leaves rather early from the airport. but in the end we still missed it! T.T so we had to bus home. but then there's no bus for me~! ow. i rmb long long time ago during my sec sch time there was one. cox on few occasions me and my fren took it from sch to airport b4~! haha. but the journey is SO long~ but now the bus no more le. zzz. so the alternative was 858 which would take me to woodlands. then maybe i can cab there? then axg and yanjun decided tt maybe i can try to catch the train to je at khatib. and i did! i mean we did! me and yanjun. cox he got a bus he can take at khatib but then it was opposite. so he wasnt sure if he wan to risk gg over to wait since the last train to je was approaching in 5mins. it's either he get it or he lose both. so he decided to train instead. at least it'll be nearer to home for him.

and since 302 operate till late i had no prob getting home at all. tks for ensuring tt i got home safely~ and i din cab today! the usual me would hav either
1.cab to rail mall since it's kinda outta the way
2.cab home from airport since i missed the last train
or 3.cab from woodlands which is the final stop for 858(if they din teach me to try catching the train at khatib)

and yup. khatib is also one of the places tt we visited! ok. maybe not visited. hm. pass by? ey. dunno. cox last sun we jux went to weihao's hse which is at khatib to play wii ! so interesting~! we actually pass by 5 places tt we've been b4 in one nite! and it shows tt i've been travelling round sg! lol. and i suppose it's cox the seniors are living all ard sg! haha. ah~ the hols is fun~ but school's starting already. time to get serious! jiayou le!

airport again on wed~ =)

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

it's thu again! tt means i hav jap lecture today~! hoho. half the time i din understand wat she was teaching. (those spoken in jap which she din translate) and when tut starts, i'll hav jap from tue to fri! other 3 days are tut. and for some tut we're expected to PERFORM(which literally meaning inclusive of body language) dialogues which is found in the textbook. zzz. and yup. class participation is graded. jap is a freaking 70% for CA and only 30% for finals lor. usually finals stand a percentage of 60% and above. (tt's the norm i suppose). so every tut is impt. and tut is entirely in japanese! ah~! how am i to survive? especially 2 tuts are 2 hrs long. =( got to jyjy v hard le~!and i jux started on my katakana only. =x

on top of that, today was 3 lectures back to back! tiring ey. headed to sch for lunch first wif the seniors+xiaoyu then chiong over to arts since lunch started late. and jap lesson dragged a lil. so had to rush back to sci after lesson. squeezed at the door of the bus. zzz. then it was probability lecture. the lecture which the lecturer always fails to upload lecture notes beforehand and who say he's following the textbook closely which is actually not. cox none of us can find wat he's teaching from the textbook lor. -.-" and one who say will open online forum due to student's request but he will NOT participate(other lecturers open forum voluntarily and DO participate de lei!!!). looks like every sem there's one lecturer which i will blacklist. lol.

ok. enuff of rants. ytd me went shopping~! yay! met up wif haihui aka my advisor to shop at penisula plaza.city link.suntec.bras basah.bugis! and having rough idea bout wat to get makes everything easier. =) by the end of the day my hands are full of shopping bags! great sense of man3 zu2 gan. but after all the LONG~ walking i still went to hav supper~! yay! happy day for me. ^^

and to end it all,
HAPPIE BIRTHDAY TO YINLING THE MEI NU! (23RD JAN). (yinling u better treat me dinner cox i call u mei nu! haha. ok la. shall be my treat cox it's ur birthday~! meet up soon~!)

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11:48 PM

Monday, January 19, 2009

second week of sch has started. got the results of my tutorial balloting too. like finally. but there's one mod which i fail to get the slot i want. i can only fit into ONE tutorial slot and i din get it. zzz. so i'm tutorial-less for tt mod! lol. will see how again tml ba. as for the rest 7 tutorials tt i'm suppose to ballot, 6 are my first choice. =) and nope. i dun hav any free day. but then i think it's better this way. if not my other days would be v cramp. my tuedays and fridays are like 8am to 6pm! T.T and tue only got 1hr break for the whole day! ow. not tt i dun wan to spread out. but then evening is lec. i cant do anything bout it. then 8 am de lesson for tue and fri. non 8am slots i cant fit! total suay-ness. so no choice lor. wat to do but to slot in more tuts in the middle lo. tt's y become like tt. hais. quite chui ey my time table. jux hope tt nxt sem it'll get better ba....

cny is like nxt week?!? but i still dun feel the mood! lol. i hope there's be some reunion dinners coming up jux like christmas gatherings. i totally enjoyed myself during tt period! yay! reunion dinnerS pls.....

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10:25 PM

Thursday, January 15, 2009

bifen did her hiragana~! omg. so cheem~! i only managed to rmb the first 25 characters after 4 hrs of lecture! hmmm. but tt's quite gd le isnt it? considering the fact tt i got to focus on my lec too. xp the words in the book are still so foreign to me. and i've only got two weeks to learn them!!! when tut starts there'll be quiz every week! omg. zzz. i wonder if i'll even be able to read the qns... lol. jiu ming arh~!

ok. anyway. ytd was a free day for me(but not for long when tut starts i'll be gg to sch on wed too.) caught up on my slp. so shuang~! =) then some reading here and there and dinner wif xiaoyu.weihao.yanjun.axg.yujie. except for the cpl and myself, the rest were late... and i started to emo a lil. (b4 the cpl came to meet me.they were at somewhere else) oh no. hm. i also duno y. =( then dinner at shokudo(pasta and pizza) the pizza is nice!!! we ordered 3 sets to share among ourselves. hehe. and the whole meal(plus our individual pastas of course) was a treat by weihao.yujie and yanjun. THANK YOU~! (for one moment i'm thinking how to express this in japanese ._. ahh~! it's arigato wif a dash above the o. hoho. i checked my jap book. )

after dinner was impromtu k session at partyworld. intented to go to the one st senton way. missed our stop and quite a hard time trying to get our way back. and again i emo-ed. ahh... so sorry to those at k. xiaoyu.yanjun.axg.yujie. hope i din affected u all too much. =\ but i hope u all noe y i emo. oops. =x

then it was home sweet home~ i had a great evening. tks to all present. =)

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9:01 AM

Monday, January 12, 2009

it's the first day of sch~! and tt's my new super cute sch bag~! muaha. is cute de lor! x) went to sch wif one textbook and came back wif 3! lol. heavy sia. but i look more like a mugger now rite? =p ok. tt's quite self deceiving but nvm. there's more textbook to come. especially japanese! they are asking us to buy $80 worth of bookS and cd. i think learning a new language is exciting! jux hope i can master it well. it's been a long time since i learn something TOTALLY new! ahh~! *excited* lectures from 2-6pm again tml~! woot~!

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11:11 PM

tick~! and the clock struck twelve. NOW at this very moment it's still 0000. ok. it's 0001 now. lol. so there goes the last day of my hols... and it's hello to sch term again. ow. totally enjoyed myself this hols. though it was short, but it's definitely fun filled. =) and my hols concluded wif a dinner wif some of my seniors at novena. and dessert at bugis! hehe. outing wif them is always filled wif endless laughters. it's jux so fun always! and it's probably the last few outings wif axg le. cox he's gg over to denmark for exchange! so cool can. i'll probably NOT hav a chance to go for exchange. me too poor le. boo-hoo. the least amt spent i heard so far also need 11k la! jux for one sem. omg. wonder how long it'll take me to save up tt amt. =\ but i do hope i'll get to go for overseas graduation trip~! i wanna travel wif my frenz~!

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12:00 AM

Saturday, January 10, 2009

yay! so bidding is finally over for me. concluded wif one last mod today. japanese1!!! bifen is gg to learn a new language~! so cool can. though i dun really hav the confident tt i can handle it. cox my language is jux ave? =\

and my old lappy crashed! T.T but i managed to get into safe mode and transfer my file over. but i duno wat to do wif it sia. i duno how to save it! my computing mod din teach me how to save com! haha. in fact there's totally no link to it la. as in cz is not something u would actually apply. unless u're writing a program for certain purpose and at our lvl, the best we can do is probably write out a calendar(it's suppose to print out a yr of calendar by enter the day of the first day of the yr and viola~ there u hav it. nicely arranged wif the correct no. of days of each mth and the month nicely printed on it.) haha. or solve matrix prob or complex no. ok. sounds quite mathematical. well. it's not a core module for no reason u see.

i've finished packing my notes for the last sem. and printed the first chapter of one of the mod already. tml. the last day of hols, i'm dedicating it to 3 tuition! gosh. wat a bad way to end the hols. oh well. no choice i guess. i've been financially independent for almost a yr now. and it'll be weird and rather inappropriate imo tt if i were to go out of the room and tell my parents. "hey. i dun wan give tuition le! can u gimme allowance?" =\

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10:43 PM

2 more days till sch reopens~! ahh.... sianx. =( and bidding is still on going for me. cox i haven got my 5th mod yet. zzz. wish me luck in getting my last today. if not it'll cont to drag till nxt week la! and of course it jux gets harder as the slots are constantly being filled up.

so ytd was dinner wif the seniors, val and sun1 xiao jie~ aka sun1 mummy, at newtons! yay! we had stingray and satay which we din get to eat during the bbq at chalet. hehe. yummy. the stingray was super spicy. but then i forgot which stall was tt le. haha. been to newton for stingray quite a few times this yr le. and i think ytd's was the most spicy le. shiok. heh. then there was other dishes too. prawn omelette.black pepper chicken and baby kailan. the two cpl had something else cox weihao cant take seafood. =\ ps ey. but like i always say, it's the company tt counts isnt it? x) finished dinner at 10+ but some of us craved for dessert! hehe. abit hard to decide where to go for dessert cox we aint sure which places operates till late. in the end we settled for bukit timah market! since it's convenient to go there and quite convenient for most of us to go home. hehe. it was a short stopover b4 we're on the road again. this time. home. and yup. i had great company home again~! xin fu is the word. x)

i guess there's so more outing for me le. my weekends are jux tuition and more tuition. T.T me.wan.go.shopping.! argh. cny dinner anyone?

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1:21 PM

Thursday, January 08, 2009

yay~! back from chalet. had tonnes of fun at both chalet. yup. got two chalets.back to back overlapping. so i had to leave earlier for one and well. i did leave earlier for the other also. =\ cox was too tired le. but overall it was still a 3D2N stay. mininal slp. but i guess it's part bout gg to chalet isnt it? hehe. then there was also bidding in the midst of chalet. and it's horrible la. duno wat the ppl thinking sia. they actually jerk up CORE modules as high as 457 bid pts!!! but tt's for my lecture grp. the other one was 600++ pts. siao ey. one sem they only help u top up 600 pts and u excees them on one mod. lamo~! i'm a victim. T.T another mod i used 250 pts. so for myself, i used up 707 already. zzz. and i not really sure wat's the 5th mod tt i wanna take. anyhow take oops. not a wise choice. but i hav limited power to choose u see. haix.

nvm. forget bout bidding. so mon met up wif the seniors earlier for lunch and bringing of stuff over from axg's house to chalet. checked in but was given the room beside the one assigned cox the auntie haven finish cleaning yet. and from wat we saw, the previous grp sure did create a big mess. zzz.

slacked a bit. did somemore bidding. then went to ntuc to finish up buying wat we lack of. then back to chalet and played a lil cards b4 the start of bbq. and i'm guilty to say tt i only help to eat. whoops. there was a lot of chicken wing left over cox they overestimated. and otah which was sort of neglected during bbq. so it was till the VERY end then they realise still got some more left. lol.

then some ppl left. the seniors went to airport to send off their fren. only left my og ppl at chalet. so we played more cards. i think the whole nite we jux played cards. lol. but then u got to agree tt it's always the company tt matters. not the game tt we play rather. and the guys were kind enuff to leave the comfort of the aircon room to play downstairs when the girls took their turns to bathe. if not it'll be SO quiet. since we were bathing at like 3-4am in the morning? scary ey. =\
oh ya. forgot to mention ours was a double storey de. hehe.

then after cards we also went to walk walk b4 heading for breakfast. and the experience at the mac was quite a bad one. there wasnt enuff orange juice to go round, one of my fren got a diluted green tea, and i got a mcsaussage muffin w egg BUT there was no egg in it. zzz. con my money.

after breakfast we went back to slp a lil it was really lil. like 2 hours? then we went to kbox! yay! all time favourite pastime. hehe. i think this hols i went 3-4 times le! x) well. considering it's a short 5 weeks break so 3-4 times is quite a lot le isnt it? =)

then played a lil arcade and i had to leave for another chalet. but then in the midst i still went back to visit them. hehe. cox the other grp had early dinner and pool. i was too full for dinner and i'm too tired for pool. so i joined my seniors back after their cycling. (i missed cycling. ow. =( haven cycle for quite a while already. ) and i went to find them once more ltr the nite cox the sow grp came back quite late. and i was feeling bored from watch tv! lol. then we went walk walking at the beach. had a great chat wif yanjun when the both of us went walking randomly. yay! i always enjoy the lil chats we hav here and there. it's jux so interesting. hehe. full of laughter at times. and full of emotions at times.

then i went back to the other chalet. they played pictionary. their all time favourite. haha. they would give 5 words each to the opponent team and would designate certain words to be acted out. so funny la. then i fell flat at duno wat time. oops. morning was subway. ahhh... haha. i'm not one who likes to eat subway. but then there wasnt much choice available early in the morn and i definitely dun wanna go back to mac. zzz. played a lil game wif the other comm members after lunch as in those not from sow de. got rag,DnD and scamp. then after games played a lil mj! haha. i v long nv play mj le.... ahhh~! i hope there'll be mj sessions during the cny period! hehe. and speaking of cny. i've yet to do my cny shopping! ohoh. and sch is starting.... and i've yet to finish my bidding! zzz. so slow lei. and everyday got to worry bout wat mod to take. haix. i'm still lacking one mod! cox i got outbidded for 2 of my backup mods. and the third one i hav in mind is almost like impossible to get. cox according to the past statistics the winning bid pts is way above wat i hav in my acct now. SIANX!

anyway. back to chalet. thing. i left after mj. hehe. and i even enjoyed the journey home~! muaha. though it was a super long journey from the east to the west. but then again. it's the company tt counts isnt it? xp

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

few days of 2009 hav past. am i'm loving it~! been enjoying myself recently. =) and i really am. work has reduced. this whole mth i'm only gg to work for 2 days! lol. but i'm not complaining. seriously. i think my in charge was quite shocked when i say i'm ok wif working jux two days for the whole mth. it means literally i'm not getting much money but well. think of the bigger picture. after seeing my results. i dun really think i would wan to work much anymore. i think ppl would jux tell me to give it up altogether. but one hundred dollar also money two hundred dollar also money. i still rmb last yr ard june ba. all my tuition kids are like asking me to stop tuition for a while. so i was so glad i still holding on to my this job la. if not i'll probably hav to survive on bread. lol. i dun really like the idea of digging into my savings which i've been doing recently. this hols also not much tuition. zzz. cox all of them went overseas at some pt of time. ow. i'm stuck in sg the whole hols! T.T

ok. so anyway. one of the 2 days tt i'll be working is over le. so left wif one more day. so it almost like i wun be working for this mth. jux study study and more study. and speaking of study, the bidding period is here again! and sian la! this time round is so hard to get the modules i wan! the bid pts are quite high for some. not like last sem. i used one pt each for ALL my 5 mods. xp and they open the first round for so many days! so ppl hav so much time to kp jerking up the pts! zzz. it's one of the rare times which they open one round for so long according to my seniors. and got few more rounds to go. but spaces are limited. it jux gets harder. and i'm gg to do bidding at chalet~! lol. how cool is tt. tml is the day! wee~!

and yes, i'm suppose to be at the supermarket wif them now but i'm not. so sorry. cox i met up wif my family for dinner. =\

will c them tml then. haha. actually i've been seeing my seniors quite often recently. few days back. was chinatown, after tt on fri we went habourfront for lunch and then west coast park. then ytd i met up wif two seniors for dinner and chat! so cool la. though half the time when sit down and CHAT, wethey are talking bout math! lol. but the way they talk bout it can be quite interesting at times. but since i'm the only junior, and most of the things they talk about i've yet to learn, i listen much more than i speak. but of course not everytime only math la. they seriously are NOT boring ppl can. half the time they are talking bout math. but MOST of the time i'm luffing la! haha. interesting ppl indeed.

but the best part of 2009 is not jux bout hanging out wif frenz and stuff. and bidding is definitely NOT contributing to my happiness. zzz. it's bout the day that my life changed.and of course for the better. *grins*

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