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Thursday, May 31, 2007


but but. y ytd everyone wish her happie bdae? i tot is today???? i double checked the class list. and her friendster wrote 31th may oso. but her friendster comment ppl all wish her ytd leh!?! omg. so did i get the date rite? ahh.... me such a failure. =x anyway. happie bdae girl. stay cheerful and pretty always. =D


been eating this for 2 consecutive days. nth interesting bout it? well. was jux thinking bout this "when was the last time u ever picked ate ice-cream in a cup?" and "when was the last time u used a wooden spoon to eat ur ice-cream?" haha. some random tots but then ppl cant say me childish or anything got me got one small bro at home!!! hehe.though i admit sometimes the childish-ness in me jux pops out. duno is good thing anot. of course sometimes i get criticised for tt. but then again. it adds colours to ur life ok. a little craziness here and there is all it takes to bring a little joy in life. *grins*

singtel say they gg to double our internet speed for free starting from today. but i still cant really feel the diff. =x or maybe today hols so everyone chiong to use com? lol. anyway. it's good tt they give us such benefits for FREE! hehe.

picked up my notes. ready to mug!

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4:03 PM

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

and time flew again.... cant believe mye is so near... i'm SO unorganised. lol. maybe due to the lack of space. i rmb the other day when i was trying to do my phy. i had a hard time trying to dig out my notes. lol. it's NOT everywhere la. i lump them into one place. wif all the other subj. so have to go thru the THICK stack of notes one by one. and yup. tt cost me some time. and so far i've only organised my phy notes. tt means i hav to do the same for chem and econs and maths and one bad thing bout notes is tt u dun hav a table of content. so if u miss out some chapters and NOT realise tt it's missing. then good luck to ume lo.

mugging season is here.

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9:11 PM

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

i noe ppl mux be excited to see the picx. haha.=p ok la.
maybe cox myself i enthu-ly blog hopped to see ppl's update bout ytd.

though i got more pic. but din put all. =x


ytd was one FUN day~! and the fun started as early as 830.(ok. it din start exactly) but we totally got a shock when wr told us tt she and qw on the same bus as wj!!! lol. we bluff her lesson starting at 9 instead of 930. and told the rest of the class to reach by 830. but the plan din go quite well. cox early morn ma. and the notice was too last min.=x sry peeps. but thanks for being there!

early bdae celebration for wj...

then it was phy. then it was SENTOSA! (miss i-hate-the-sun went to sentosa!!! lol.)

where there's lotsa sand.

to make sulpture? lol. saw this. looked kinda like a mini person buried in sand.

qw and wj's masterpiece. but i dun rmb it looking like this.

we played a childhood game. enjoyed it lots. guess the inspiration came from mrs wee. actually i oso duno. tt's jux my thinking la. cox i wonder if tt time she din play wif some of the classmates during pe. will we play this game? (actually i oso not hu initiated the game during pe tt day. but seeing mrs wee's participation tells us tt age does NOT matters.)

and of course. beach is the place for sun tanning! xcept i chose to in more into the shade. tsk.

the front row boys.

and the girls!!!! <3 id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5069898586107800770" style="DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-ALIGN: center" alt="" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ym_9sqqnXf0/Rlvl5xA17MI/AAAAAAAAAaA/2rtiK5vTtPk/s320/DSC00399.JPG" border="0">
finally it was time to say goodbye. and we took a PURPLE tram(train?) back! cool. =D

dinner at marche! (vivo)

after dinner we went playground to take more photos! *grins*

it was such a long day... fell flat at 12. din touch dao com!!! accomplishment neh! and the day b4(sun) me only use a bit of com only! off-ed it at 9 i think.

today went sch again. for chem. was late for like. 20 mins? oops. =x then me knock the teacher dun even wan look at me! but think he not angry la. jux too engrossed in teaching. haha.

today the guys attempted to watch pirates. but then in the end nv cox some cmi too last min. attempted to watch tml but then me cannot. =x sry guys. other then my curfew. i realise me got CIP!!!! i totally forgot until i typing out leh! tt's y blogging is GOOD! yay-ness!

i finally replaced my atm card! lol. looks like it's the least impt thing to replace. but then it's the easiest one ma.(and the cheapest) and i think i need a card to replace my ic. i rmb there dun accept cash de. so yup. think actually atm one oso quite impt. but maybe ic i not so fast replace ba. replace ez link first. got ez link can liao ma. for now i mean. last time bring my ic ard cox my ez link cannot see the photo. =x so if i get a nice ez link done so shd be ok le lor! hehe.

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4:21 PM

Sunday, May 27, 2007

this cumulative tired-ness is bothering me again...! cant help it. it's not like i dun wan to tuck myself into bed early every nite and i totally noe who is to be blamed for my dark circles. but there's always something to kp me awake till late in the nite.OTHER than gaming ok.

but one good news is tt i'm gaining momentum to study! so yup. short post today. gg off to STUDY le. hehe.

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9:10 PM

Saturday, May 26, 2007

was alone at home for half the day. cox my mum brought the younger two kids to my niece's bdae party. ok. i wasnt trying to be anti-social or anything. but my mother side there NOBODY's ard my age la. and they're holding the party at BB mac. kids party. i'll feel XTREMELY weird if i go. tt's y i stayed at home instead.

my bro. wif the headband. heard it's free. lol. think it comes wif the party goodies ba.

do not comment bout my bro's pose.

and this time i manage to get him to kp his eyes open. lol.

my bro is cute la. admit it. hehe.=p

today a little more productive than usual.

accomplishment: electric field(phy).

found my source of motivation. yay-ness!

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11:22 PM

Friday, May 25, 2007

was attempting to put some some codes into my blog which i failed! gosh. cant believe i'm such a lousy blogger. lol. ok la. not tt bad. jux tt wat i see under the given instruction jux dun fit wat i see under my own blog's template. sent in my email for help. but thinking back. think i din give enuff info for them to noe wat EXACTLY is wrong! lol. hopefully they'll still get back to me. maybe they ask me for my code and edit for me! lol. ok. think too much liao. think they not so free. less one me oso nt impt to them de.

ok. so wat is this i've been talking about. is this thing i saw on the net that u can earn some income by helping to put up ads on ur blogs. lol. ok la. ppl might think it's unrealistic but then again. no harm trying la. like tt u earn jux by doing something u enjoy! good leh. but now i cant even put up the code they wan me to put up. hopes dashed la. but tt doesnt mean i'll stop blogging. i din blog to earn money anyway. or to gain fame or anything. so yup. see how lor. or maybe if i free go change my web layout then can fit their codes le. lol.

anyway. for now. i jux wanna devote my time to update bout my day out wif my girls.... hehe.

so we planned. wif the aim to go arcade! yup. the machine wif fascinated us.(hh.wj and me) spread it's luring power to qw too! she got excited(or maybe MORE excited than us.) tsk. more ppl=more funds. and plus beginner's luck(qw and wr). we DID win jackpot! wee~! haha. tt explains my new doggie la.

our prize possession. tsk. even if some guys are gg to luff at us we oso dun care k. cox we had FUN! tons of them.

ben & jerry's nxt. we shared this. yum!

and we "dismantled" the toy. tsk.

and how can er forget neoprints! lol. we walked from suntec to bugis. JUX to take neoprint. tsk. but actually it only short distance away. ha.

quality not v good cox is taken from the machine directly. tt's y the quality. nth to do wif my phone ok. =p

and finally...

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11:05 PM

Thursday, May 24, 2007

i DID say i will update de. but then i realise i abit lazy.=x

i DID say i'm a little motivated. but then again. it's jux a little. cox in the end i din. and went to help my mum wif her stuff instead.

i DID hav a plan to study on fri. as in go out study. but then i realise. tml fri liao!!! -.-" girls ma. mostly will plan in advance de. haha.

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7:59 PM

it's tt time of the month again! lol. ok la. me not referring to my menses or something. find it rather embarrassing to talk bout such things on blog. i was referring to my monthly planner. today finally took out some time to draw out my plan for JUNE.

ugly. but it's ok. since me not artistic de. and it's for my own reference only ma. always stick it to the wall. helps a lot. pencil markings are the subj i plan to study everyday. even though i've been drawing up study plan for EVERY exam. i dun really follow it la. =x haha. but i still draw them cox i think it still helps in another way. cox then i'll noe how much i'm laggin behind. then will work doubly hard. like study for more hours a day.

then after (or was it before? ) drawing up my plan. i went search for my neoprints! tsk. found it quite frustrating that the whoever-hu-picked-up-my-cardholder din return it to me. or pass it to the police station(unless u've commit a crime i dun think it's v hard for u to step into the police station rite? argh.) i noe it's dumb of me to lose something so impt. and yet. the person who picked it up. see tt it contains impt doc nv return!!!! dumb. then me oso lost my neoprints!( as in i kept some in there ma) ah... all the memories.... lucky me got pick out a few and pasted them in a bk tt xiuxuan bought for guides during p.o.p (thanks xiuxuan! cox indirectly u helped me retain some of my neoprints. if me din hav tt bk i wun go paste my neoprints one lor.) but then i only paste some (more like a few only) leh! i still wan my neoprint! argh. they say. at least losing i.c and atm and ezlink can be replaced. but my neoprints leh??? boo-ness. T.T

enuff of neoprints. close topic. wat i trying to say is the person senseless leh. pick up impt stuff nv return. haix. i noe ultimately i'm to be blamed for being careless. but i jux cant help being frustrated over inconsiderate ppl. impt doc leh! till now i'm still identity-less. tt means even if wan go watch nc16 or m18 de movie mux go those not so strict de. see face then wun check liao. but think m18 they more stingent. will still check ba. cox me dun really look tt old rite? or do i? nvm la. worse come to worse bring passport out. lol. then happie happie go take bus go malaysia. haha no la. me not mad. tsk.

and finally. my new doggie! hehe. the girls will noe it's origin.

tt's all. more updates tonite. am a little motivated to study today. tsk.

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2:01 PM

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


dad flew again today. to thai again. for biz again. this time:2 whole weeks! omg la. he nv left for so long b4....! tt time he leave for 3 days oready v long liao. this time 2 weeks!

suddenly i miss kbox! lol. i admit my singing sux. but i jux love to sing it out at kbox. sing until sore throat. sing until all the troubles go away. sing until throw face oso nvm. cox i've done worst. as in more throw face thing b4. like stepping onto the para para machine. throw my money and throw my face. -.-"

anyway. nxt week looks like fun. some plans are up. yay! starting to enjoy my hols le! =D

and i official pronounce my phone mem FULL! lol. that means cannot take pic le! argh. seriously now the need for mem card is rather urgent le. haha. ytd manage to squeeze in 27 songs(wif space left) into 64mb de mem card! haha. amazing isnt it? tks to my previous 5300! cox got the programme in my com (tt is for 5300 de) to downsize the song file. so now most of the songs like 1+ or 2+ or max 3+ mb nia. hehe.

din expect the downsize thing to work w/o 5300 connected. ytd was like listening to my windows media player. and realise some song missing! then me panic... (as usual. cox me not IT savvy) then someone ask me go under search. haha. manage to find the song. somewhere which i dun rmb moving it to. and also saw the downsized version in some ulu file. then it struck me to try downsizing songs using the programme! wee~! happie me.

but then again. i still need mem card. lol.

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9:47 PM

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

wee~! it's definitely good to step outta my house. since hols started i've been staying at home. =x boredrom.

morn woke up early for econs lecture. found out actually not compulsory de. >.<
after tt some of the guys went to gym. then the rest went lot one to eat kfc. the girls tried the meltz. quite nice. i would say. hehe. manage to finish the whole thing. on top of tt i ate cheese fries too! hehe. call me greedy. but it's jux about the amt of cheese intake. fatty! oww.... haha. but once in a while la. nvm. =p

toward the end they tried mix some of the stuff tgt. chilli. whipped potato. lettuce.(lol) and pepsi(or was it root beer) tgt. think got other stuff oso. then play zhong ju mi ma. haha. today me and xy lucky no tio. dav and gerald oso nv tio. jh tio the round tt the pour the "mixture". (as in we separate the amt the loser gotta drink into a whipped potato container.tt'y y can play many rds.) but one thing i dun understand. y they wan use straw to drink? =x cox i tot one mouth gulp down maybe the taste wun stay in the mouth as long. lol.

after tt went gerald house. saw his fish.

this fish is NOT dead. tot it looks funny lying on its side. but then i was told it was norm. lol. some say this breed of fish is like tt de. either lazy or dying le. and tt sadistic jh say he wan eat the fish after it die. -.-" ok. but i doubt it's truth. jux find it v sadistic.

ATTEMPTED. ya. attempted to watch "300" but did not succeed cox none of us manage to catch wat the story is about. and the subtitle totally dun fit wat the actors are saying. lol. so after a while we totally gave up. it wasnt long b4 we left. cox the rest got cc.

left leo and xy and me. reminds us of PW!!!! haha. it totally looked like tt when we moved to study at mac. cox last yr. every week. lot one mac. pw meeting! lol. and yup. i studied ok. hehe.

evidence! hehe. really la. manage to finish half of monetary policy. lol. wanted to start from fiscal policy de. but then the notes got contradiction. monetary wasnt better either. cox i read. there say. expansionary MP. reduce i/r. will reduce ER then X will be more competitive. but contractionary. increase i/r. will decrease GPL. then X more competitive. -.-"

*leo. u spoilt my stapler! =p

after tt they headed town. me went home. helped mom do stuff until late late.

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9:54 PM

Monday, May 21, 2007

happie full-mth .er. one-mth. to my k800i! wee~! haha. ok. jux being lame here. but then. i'm jux trying to prove my mum tt i can take care of my phone! (oh well. one mth only. my 5300 lasted for ard 2 mth b4 it was STOLEN) .will cont to take care of my phone de. =D love my phone.

it's werid to be at home on a mon morning. lol. woke up uber early. like 7 plus! lol. mux be the body clock. =x

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11:47 AM

Sunday, May 20, 2007

the trend of changing phone. lol. so many ppl change phone in my class. all the comparison and all. now i realise i'm better off wif my k800i. wee~! definitely much better even though it look too "boy" lol. ok la. it's jux tt girls would go for slim and slick ma. or mini in size. done a bit of calculation. actually i think maybe no money then dun target 1gb de mem card lor. since my mem card is like SO ex compared to those for nokia de. think 512mb would be jux fine. so... now i need $39. lol. go where dig sia... -.-"

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9:14 PM

Saturday, May 19, 2007

omg. david beat me to an early morning post! lol. ok. anyway. early post today since i woke up. er. considerably early to me. slept at 8 ytd. lol. like first time this yr. so early sleep. mux be too tired liao. (cumulative tired-ness) since wed nite i slept at 1 and thu nite slept at 2. both times which my mom caught me. so she scolded. and say i cannot on com anymore. lol. so since ytd tired. jux let myself slp. one nite nv use com maybe she'll let me use if i agree. AND stick to the time limit i give myself. *ps. currently she's out to the market. the part bout sticking to the time limit i give myself is tt time thu lor. cox wed she caught me use com until 1 ma. then v angry. but thu i hand itchy wan use com. so tell her. "i on com hor. 11 will close" then the time jux passed. until 2. when she finally woke up cox me careless. while taking my water bottle out from my bag i brushed across my badge then got sound. lol. my mom's too pro liao. no wonder me always get caught and followed by thrash down. oopx. me like v bad leh. say my mom for 3 days liao. haix. but wat can i do. these few days too terrible for me liao. but come home still face my mom's scolding.

ytd she did scold me though. ya. u might wonder wat can she scold me about. i reached home early. i slept early. ytd was quite innocent though. cox she started out scolding my sis. then ltr change to scold me. zzz. she so shun bian one la.

no wonder these few days my entry all so long. cox other than complaining to my blog. (and my sis.) there's nth much i can do liao. study? er. today jux the first day of hols leh. wait a few days more la. tsk. ok. i did say i got study plan de rite? ok la. mon see hu wan go study lor. then go tgt. yup. first week definitely mux study cox lib empty like i said. so last week sure is stay at home liao. cox lib sure a lot of ppl. and wan cut down on travelling time oso. like tt can get the best outta the last week.

so i browsed thru others blog. and saw their picx. wait arh....

hah! the escalator thing i do b4 le. and it was when i was still using 5300. =p ok well. ppl sure say they dun recall or something. but then. let me self entertain la. me these few days v chan liao. show sympathy k. haha. then read xz blog he say something bout "act dun wan copy" which i find it v funny. lol. and this word came to my mind. "trendsetter" i dun refer to me. i referring to the girls. haha. cox we always tease the guys follow our idea. and yup. i acknowledge tt not everything is i start de. so credit goes to my girls too.

tt day at lot 1 jh was like saying"since when u started following others?" ok. this is NOT the exact phrase but is something like tt de. he was referring to the tapping of other's shoulder and pretending u din do it. and another day not long ago. was chatting wif hh. then i asked her "do u recall doing something like this in sec sch? any recall hu started it?" referring to the same thing. oh well. ppl. i started it. zzz. at least i starting this thing in this class. but u dun see me do tt often cox starting me scared ltr ppl revenge on me then they get to luff at me. =p haha. so tt's me. not trying to get the "credit" (i noe sure got ppl say i lame.) but then ltr ppl say "ee. u copy ppl" hah. told u girls are the "trendsetter" liao. omg. say until like i hav something against the guys. wrong wrong. aiya. wat i trying to say is the word "copy" now become a bit sensitive liao. jux like the other day gerald and jh was doing their new version of hi-5 then he told me "u dun try to copy hor" -.-" i wun de la. action too big for girls. =p so yup. "copy" is now the new sensitive word. lol.

so tt's all lo. anyway. ppl if u nt happy wif any part of my entry feel free to tag w/o ur name. i wun track ur i.p de. -.-"

Painting a PRETTY mess.
10:30 AM

Friday, May 18, 2007

another thing tt turned out WRONG... i'm down down down on luck. so MANY bad things fall on me. and nope. miracle din happen. i din get my lost items back. and after discussion wif my sis. she oso suggest i better nt tell my mom. only the one who lives in my house would noe how scary my mom is. i jux pray hard tt nobody misuse my ic.

and it's not only the impt things tt me lost. i oso lost memories too. cox me got some neoprints inside oso. quite old de. then then. got my movie tix! ahh.... nan de this yr watch so many movies but i lost them. ok well. maybe some ppl jux watch and throw. but then i prefer to kp. especially if they contain memories.... suddenly realise there's some magical hand trying to erase my past memories of certain things. so if gg by this theory. my wallet would be at risk. maybe i shd change to pouch. jux bring money can liao. the rest which i cannot afford to lose one. better dun bring it wif me. then now oso no ezlink. so nid bring a lot of coins wif me. haix.

my life is pathetic. any more happen to me i might really jux walk on the road and let the car bang into me. er. dun ask me y mux let car bang. but last time when i emo wil hav the thoughts "wat will happen if i stop in the middle of the road" as in. got car approaching a distance away de. oh well. ppl read liao sure think i v emo. gah. so now u noe. bifen is emo queen. except she has no guts. she dun cut herself despite continous tots of it cox she scared of pain. but then again. haha. dun worry la. she's recovering le. as in now dun hav these tots le. cox she noes tt there's frenz out there who cares. she's more worried tt her frenz hate her cox of her attitude..

today she walked off. feeling guilty and sad. after the uncle said "hu ask u nv say properly" and it's something like if nobody orders the shirt to be make within near future we'll hav to wait. maybe another mth? then lose the purpose le la. as in. in the first place we chose to collect today is cox like tt can wear to sch for the xtra lessons. initially is suggest during hols then collect de. so now. turn out no tee. as in missing 3. boo-ness! tt's the part bout me being sad. u can tell me not to feel guilty bout it. but u cannot gimme enuff reasons to nt feel upset. cox the whole thing is dragged for so long le. and hols wun get to wear. and something bad jux happened to me. hundred and one reason for me to cry over.

this yr is jux NOT my yr.

sorry bout the sad postS. blame it on my luck. blame it on my carelessness. blame it on my attitude.

i used to be such a cheerful girl.

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4:13 PM

Thursday, May 17, 2007

jux when i tot the day turned out to be fine...

except tt it rained at the wrong time. we were caught in the rain after we came back from lot one. missed chem a bit. was feeling guilty but then teacher nv v angry so it was still ok i guess. but nope. it wasnt alright for me. cox i misplaced my pouch? cardholder? aiya. dun wat to call it la. jux lost it. took it out cox contain my ez link ma. then we went lot1 during break. BUT. i'm NOT blaming anyone but myself. cox i was careless. AND it goes to show i'm STILL down on luck. boo-ness. jux when i tot everything was changing for the better. argh.

so when i found out i lost my thing. i alighted the busstop and quickly called up haihui. they still at busstop. they quickly run back sch help me find. but nope. no luck. my thing. last seen on 190 which we took back to sch. i cant recall if i tapped on my way down. but most prob i din. but then qw they go interchange ask oso no luck. so touched they did so much for me. a million thanks to my girls. *huggx* and the guys too. though they din do much. but they waited. ok. maybe not for me. but at least they were there. i'm sorry guys. cox held up u all for so long. then now 9 pm le still nv see them online. mux be they go eat. ahh.... even more guilty. cox i think jux now is only a few say go eat then maybe now is ALL go eat liao! my fault my fault. i'm such a troublemaker.

presence counts. really. even if no word is said.

then jux now went police station. the police tell me actually no need report one. then i was like huh? the policemen kp trying to explain to the y i dun need to. but i still felt uneasy. so in the end the policemen still let me reports. =x so much for the trouble. but i really quite shock leh. y dun need report leh? ltr ppl misuse my i.c then i got nth to show tt i lost it. zzz.

i nv even use my atm once and now i lost it. -.-" cox jux made it like 2-3 weeks ago nia.

the only good thing is i'm now forced to make new ez link. cox mine previous de tt time put in card holder v long nv take out then the colour fade until siao. even the word ministry of education oso cannot see. lol. but lucky tt time the m1 ppl quite good. still let me sign the student plan. even though fade until even the face oso cannot see liao. =x initially the guy din allow. but another girl beside him helped me. thanks. if not i wun be able to get my k800i now. really love the phone. despite the small mem space. after like duno how long i finally touch 5300 again. lol. say until like tt. ok la. is cox i wan kop song from jh ma. so borrow his phone lor. and realise. hey. i love my k800i. hehe. jux am having prob getting bigger mem card. cox mine is M2 de. diff from nokia de micro which is cheaper. mine is like $39 for 512mb de. and me targetting to buy 1gb de. lol. so even more ex. but it still pains me tt i lost my 5300. cox my own pay leh. then a lot of picx inside! and oso memorises...

oh well. looking on the brighter side. it might be a blessing in disguise. so yup. i'll work hard to get my mem card. so much for paying-anything-tt-i-wanna-buy-myself. argh. my strongest determination is still braces! after A lvl. definitely.

i hope tml got some news lei. even though the chance v small. cox last seen was 2 pm. then i went search sch and report police was 6-8 pm liao. but no news. argh. still haven break news to mom cox she'll sure scold until siao. and if u've been kping up. u noe how fierce my mom can be. lose hp. scold. (and it's not my fault! it was stolen. and i paid wif my own money. i felt the pain too! but she scold leh! shdnt she be comforting me?) come home late she scold. (tt time class gathering is cox cannot find seats for many ppl la. ok. u can say if we're big grp shd plan/book in advance. but other than tt. go out wif frens she expect me to reach home b4 6. even if we're meeting late like 1-2 pm.) use com she oso scold.(ok i admit sometimes i use for the wrong purpose.) talk on phone she oso wan scold! (this one xtreme liao la. she dun wan me use com till late. even though i do. but she dun allow me talk on phone at nite de! argh. like 9 10 pm she'll scold liao. say y mux so late talk on phone. even if is female fren she oso say cannot. argh! ask me control sms but dun let me use com. v xtreme lor!)

she's expecting me to be a loner izzit? she totally dun respect my social life la. and i totally think tt she's TOO strict ok. i no longer wan to hide the truth bout me having strict mom. no wonder i've got hundred and one reason to bluff my way thru things sometimes. the devil in me...

so yup. aint sure how i'm gg to break the news to her. and now hols is coming lor. ltr she ban me one mth cannot go out. to be honest. i've some STUDY plan in mind leh. cox nxt week ppl still got sch ma. so lib sure v empty. and like i say. the xtra one week is for me to show the teachers hu rejected me for SLO tt i wun DIE not being SLO. cox i can do better.

then some more tml gg get class tee la. tell her now tml sure dun need go one lor. she nv understands y i mux go town. so everytime go nv tell her de. only once in a while. everytime at most tell her go walk walk. but cannot say town. even though i admit the girls always go out. but the money we spend is minimal ok. cox she'll say things like i(as in me) v rich arh. then everytime she angry wif me will threaten say will check my cupboard see wat i buy and where i spend my money. cox sometimes i'll complain me not enuff money. BUT they oso nv gimme extra la. AND like i say i have to pay-for-watever-thing-tt-i-wanna-buy MYSELF! boo-ness.

but nope. i'm not really in some financial crisis. jux dun hav enuff. and most prob (99.99%) my ic replacement would be paid by me. and i heard it's duno $50 or $100 la. zzz. dun even bare to buy mem card liao lor. haix. then still got ez link replacement oso....

so many complains. the post is VERY long. anyone hu cares pls drop a tag. feel so upset now... my life's a misery.

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8:57 PM

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

ok. i did say i will update de. but then again. play audition until too engrossed liao.
=x then now mum scold then hav to off com soon. anyway. haha. more ppl playing audition! wee~! wait for wj then we got one rm full le!

ok well. even though blogger's back to norm. i mean mine. but then no time to change font change colour cox this has got to be a quick one. so yup.

ok. so today. hm. finally passed by napfa. as in get silver le. cox manage to pass my sit and reach. somehow. lol. even though me forgot to stretch everyday. =x ok. pure luck maybe. then if today i'm lucky. then good leh. cox today oso chem spa. then maybe lucky lucky can get good grades. tsk. not really aiming for lvl 8 la. cox i noe my safety precaution cmi liao. i memorise wrt alcohol de. then nv come out alcohol. lol. guess me not good at spotting qn ba. tt goes to show tt it's nv good to be lazy. but then again. the whole thing not so bad. cox i manage to finish everything on time. =)

my hands trembled a bit. duno is cox nervous scared ltr cannot finish writing lei. or tt morn play tennis until hand muscle pain. ok. i'm terrible at tennis. i played much worse than the first time i try. lol. anyway me not good at sports oso. lol. i think is cox my arms no strength one la. i rmb tt time went netball training. (ok i only went once la. -.-") they say use one hand more strength. but me use one hand always no distance de. lol. arm no strength. then badminton. if i can get the thing over the net v good liao lor. ppl projectile about 45 degrees? 60 degrees? lol. duno la. but mine is like 30 degrees? lol. really cmi. my arms... but there's miracle. jux like my incline. everytime oso do less than 10 de. shh... cox everytime suppose to do 10. tsk. ok. so. in the end i did 17(!) lol. but then ppl say i siao. y give up sia. cox one more then A liao. tsk. doesnt matter la. since i wun be able to get gold anyway. so dun nid hit the 21 pt target.

well. indeed my post quite long. tsk. and yup. someone failed the generiosity(think spelling nt correct. lol.) so much for our effort ytd. lol. shh... ok la. cannot be mean. but at least we did something ok. despite today being our SPA. but then at least in the process i bought gummy! the one tt melody gave to me the other day! yum yum. and yup. today me on high sugar intake. gosh. the countless gummy i ate. (i did give others oso hor. and i think they loved it. tsk. nxt time buy more give whole class. good things worth sharing. hehe.) and other sweets oso. and i ate chocolate hello panda for dinner. and i drank a bottle of green tea. (not everyday i drink a bottle one la.) so there u see. high sugar intake. lol.

two more days to hols! hols= more audition? nah. will play but will NOT obsessed la. cox me tot it thru le. still quite upset bout nt being able to be SLO. so then i kena enlightened by "hua4 bei1 fen4 wei2 li4 liang4" since i got one more week then the rest. use it to study! MUX get better grades. this is wat i tell myself. omg. realise i quite often use the word enlightened. lol. maybe one day i'll be influencial(ok. got this word ma? -.-") jux like "money make the world "spins" " duno if i shd luff at it or wat. but then again. they're quoting it cox of someone and tt person's not me. =p

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omg omg. my blogger has miracle-ly revivedrecovered! back to norm le! wee~! (see can change font size and colour le and the entry space is bigger now. easier to see sia. ) passion for blogging is back! see liao so happy la. tt time my blogger got prob i dun even bother to write my entry's title. lol. was trying to see wat programme i've installed recently and if any could hav been the cause. but then decided to drop by and see it's ok le! haha. actually today got quite a bit to write. but then dad need use for a while so i'll be back ltr. =D

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9:06 PM

jux some infomative photos....

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12:20 AM

ok. this time i shall blog a proper post. even though i now this is definitely not the rite time to be doing this now. time on my clock. 0003. lol. past 12 le. and i'm still here blogging and not studying. oh well. might jux admit i jux came back from a few rounds of audition. lol. yup. and more ppl in the class are playing audition! wee~! let's all dance tgt! ok. i noe the craze is not as hot as maple. but then again. each dance room oso max 6 ppl nia. ltr too ppl play cannot fit in then quarrel. tsk. ok la. think too much liao. cox currently only a few playing. =x

so. today. was a great day for me. NOT. i was conned twice today. first is cox some dumb dumb slpy head overslept. Zzz. so i din get to ride my motorbike. boo-ness. anyway i oso expected it la. lol. so lei. change plan go eat wif classmate. then they say wait for those got retest de. but turn out they nv go eat. -.-" wasted out time. but then again. makes no diff lei. cox even if i had come home earlier i'll still idle it away de. lol. =x

went pizza hut wif hh.wr.yr.xz in the end. lol. nv took photo la. except my food. cox it's yummy! =)

creamy pasta. my fav!

alright. shd be gg back to study my chem SPA lo. wish me luck. =D

3 more days to hols!

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12:01 AM

Monday, May 14, 2007

jux a quick entry. cox mom's scolding me for using too much com lately. and yes i admit i am sort of overusing my com. but then am blogging so little and i duno y. maybe cox blogger is still nt recovering? hm. excuse ba. got chance then i blog more lor.

something happened today. which really woke me up. enlightenment: stop complaining bout life being bored. cox if u're gg to jux sit and wait for something to happen. it's NOT gg to be the case. FIGHT FOR IT. tt's wat i would say. and so i did. =D hopefully it turns out rite.

i'm trying.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

so it's HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TODAY. (oh well. there's nth i can do except put it in caps. cant change font size cant change colour. boo-ness.)

a simple fare for my family since my mom not feeling very well. poor her. hope she recovers soon. =( so on this special day i wanna wish my mom and all the mom out there. happy mother's day and good health to all. there's nth more impt than good health.

one more week till sch hols! omg. so looking forward. wee~!

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

back to wordy entry again. since blogger is still nt functioning properly. guess will jux make more spacing b/w para for easier reading.

so. chem test. dont really wanna mention it but. it was an utter disappointment for me. boo-ness.

oh ya. class tee ready for collection. ppl when u all wan collect? hmm....

ok. i noe tt was random. but today whole day boredom la. nth much to say. =x

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9:56 PM

Friday, May 11, 2007

aim.target. raffles. han's for lunch.

took 190 alighted at oppo CHIJMES(er. not sure how to spell. ) then walk. kinda lost. so walk ard places we nv been before. it took us really v long b4 we reach our destination. lol.

went past clark quay*(ey. izzit like tt spell de? hm... and got to another bridge. lol.

reflection. not blur. is the surface. the only way to take group photo. tsk. for today i mean.

we were walking along er. duno where. jux heading from raffles to marina square. on the way got this place can see the merlion and esplanade and ferris wheel de. lol. we took some photos there. strangely. no pic of us inside. lol.

manage to capture rainbow! =D

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